How to throw off the iPhone settings if you forgot the password

What to do if I forgot the password from the iPhone is a question that can focus on any owner of Apple products. Solutions of the problem. in the material of RIA Novosti. RIA Novosti, 24.12.2020

Moscow, 24 Dec. RIA Novosti. What to do if I forgot the password from the iPhone is a question that can focus on any owner of Apple products. Solutions of the problem. in the material of RIA Novosti.How to unlock the iPhone through the iTunes.special program for owners of Apple products can help with a forgotten password from the gadget. This does not need a specialist consultation or a campaign in the service center.If I forgot the password from the iPhone, it is enough: with the help of the remote ICLOUDLE service, ICLOD is installed on the phone and the data transfer is turned on, you can restore the gadget with the help of a personal account when I forgot the password on the iPhone. To do this, you need: after the end of the setup process, the question “How to restore the password on the iPhone” will disappear by itself.The reset of the incorrect meter is trying to synchronize with the computer through iTunes, you can unlock the iPhone by dumping the counter of incorrect attempts to enter. The method is suitable if the password is not forgotten, and until the next attempt to enter the screen, not minutes, but hours and days are displayed.The algorithm of actions is as follows: we note that if the iPhone has not previously synchronized with the PC, then it will not work to drop the counter.IPhone recovery mode for unlocking, if you forgot the password of the phone settings, you can in the recovery mode mode. This is another answer to the question of what to do if I forgot the password from the iPhone. In Recovery Mode, the gadget will roll back to the recovery point.This will be required: it is important: if an error 3004 appears when installing a new firmware, close all the browsers and make Internet Explorer by default browser.Note that for the models of the iPhone 8 and higher the recovery mode is launched differently. The smartphone needs to be turned off and connected to the computer, then quickly clamp and release the sound addation button, and then do the same operation with the volume reduction key. At the end you need to clamp the “Power” button, and the recovery mode mode will start.Installation of a new firmware via DFU mode on the iPhone, if you forgot the password iphone, you can also using the DFU mode. True, in this case, he will return to the factory state and the information will have to be restored from scratch.It will be required: an example of how to convert the iPhone X to the recovery mode of DFUIIFON of the 10th model with a forgotten password can be restored as follows: After that, you can perform the same actions as in the recovery mode mode: install a new firmware.What to do if nothing helps?If there is no access to a computer with an authorized iTunes, then you can use applications to restore blocked iPhone, such as Imyfone Lockwiper or 4ukey. The first is recovering through the DFU mode, replacing iTunes, and the second allows you to drop the iPhone to factory settings without iTunes and install the firmware.If nothing helps, it remains to contact professionals. they know what to do in the service center if I forgot the password on the iPhone. During a visit with you, you need to have documents confirming the right to own iPhone. Only in this case, experts will be able to tell how to unlock the iPhone if you forgot the password.Why the iPhone can be blocked iPhone blocking is possible if:

Recovery methods

The password to the smartphone is easy to forget, because after 4S the fingerprint scanner appeared in the models, and often you no longer need to enter the password. But in modern models, many out of habit install a digital password. which they can then forget.

Also, the password will come in handy in the winter season, when to unlock the phone in the cold with a finger print is a little problematic. After installing the entrance code, many iPhone owners understand that they have forgotten it. We will talk about all the ways with which you can unlock the iPhone.

Through itunes

This is the most preferred way to restore password. All that is needed is a computer on which they made synchronization and a USB cable. If a computer is used on which synchronization was not carried out, it will be necessary to enter the password from iTunes.

The restoration instructions are this:

  • Connect the phone to the computer using the cable.
  • Launch iTunes by entering a password.
  • If everything is done correctly, then synchronization will turn on automatically and you just have to wait. If this does not happen, you should select the device from the list and independently start synchronization.
  • Wait a few hours, but it’s worth it.
  • After successful synchronization, you will be invited to make a recovery through the created backup. we agree.
  • As a result of recovery, you can get full access to your phone. It remains only to install a new password for entering.

Using the remote ICloud service

You can use this method of unlocking, provided that in the iPhone the active option “Find the phone”. At the same time, the undoubted plus of this method is that the device can be unlocking remotely. A personal computer on which synchronization was constantly carried out is not required.

To restore the password you will need:

Forgot Your iPhone Screen Time Passcode? Here’s How to Recover It!

  • Enter the official portal icloud.COM through any device with Internet access.
  • Enter your iPhone ID. Without this, the entrance is impossible.
  • Go in section “All devices” All Devices.
  • If several phones are displayed, you should choose your device.
  • Choose “erase the iPhone”. Thus, the password on the device will be removed.
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After that, the phone is available. You can make recovery from the last backup copy.

Important! If the blocked phone has a ban on using a mobile phone and connecting to Wi-Fi, then restoring the password in this way will not work. Almost all access recovery options are relevant in the presence of the Internet.

Resetting the counters of incorrect attempts

This method is suitable if there is only one (well, or several) attempts to introduce the correct code. To zero the meter of incorrect input of the secret code, you will need a computer or laptop, to which the phone for synchronization has been connected.

  • Using the cable connect the phone. Wait a little while the program “finds” your device.
  • The “Devices” menu will need to choose “synchronization with xxx (there should be the name of your iPhone).
  • With the onset of synchronization, the counter will be reset and you can again enter the password for entering the device.

This option of unlocking the device is not suitable for those who want to use someone else’s computer. As you know, when connecting to the new device, select the “Enjoy” button, which will open on the phone. Since the screen of the device is blocked, click “Enjoy” will not work.

It is important to take into account that you can’t just reload the password’s resurrection counter.

Using the recovery mode

The password restoration option is suitable even for those who have never done synchronization with iTunes and have not connected the function to find iPhone. It should be borne in mind that after recovery, not only the password will be removed, but all the data on your device.

It is also important to consider that you can restore the password provided that you remember the ID of your device and password to enter the iCloud menu. If the indicated information does not remember, then do not take risks. Otherwise, you can literally “bury” the device.

  • Turn off the device and connect it to the computer.
  • Select recovery mode recovery mode.
  • Turn on iTunes.
  • Select OK, and restore the iPhone.
  • If the program offers to make an automatic verification of updates, do not ignore. Just click “check” and wait a few minutes.
  • Select “update”. Please note that warning information will appear at this step that all data from the device will be deleted.

If the error “3004” appears in the process of updating. then you should close all the browsers. After that, install Internet Explorer by default and start it. For further work, agree with the opening proposal.

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Through DFU mode

If the previously these options did not give the result, then you can consider the hardest one, the essence of which is to establish a new firmware. This is available exclusively in DFU mode.

  • Connect the phone to iTunes.
  • Turn off the device, while clamping the volume decrease button and off.
  • A proposal for checking updates will appear on the computer screen. You should agree, click OK, and reinstall the firmware.

It should be borne in mind that in DFU mode the screen will be completely black, without the ITUNES icon. If there is an icon, you are not included in the desired mode. In this case, an attempt should be repeated.

Password protection in iOS is worse in dfu mode

DFU (Device Firmware Update). a special mode that gives access to the engineering menu allows you to restore the firmware, etc.D. Focus is that DFU has no restrictions on the number of password entry attempts.

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Thus, if you set the goal, you can choose the code and unlock the smartphone. If you are too lazy to enter numbers manually, you can buy a gadget for an auto.transmission for 500 (already cheaper). But there are more professional systems, they are much more expensive.

Let’s see how professionals do it. For educational purposes, of course.

Remove the password through the 4ukey Appendix

To unlock the iPhone, if you forgot the password, you can use programs. for example, 4ukey. If your device works on iOS from 10.2 to 11.4 versions, then 4ukey will make a backup copy of all data, and will not bother it, as in the case of iCloud or locator. Please note: on iOS 12 and above, the program works only with the “Find iPhone” function turned off the function.

This method is suitable in cases where the iPhone cannot connect to iCloud or does not have access to the Internet.

When blocking iCloud activation

A more serious and complex option. iPhone requires the Apple ID account password, which was configured when activating the device. You can’t use the device without entering a password. neither the resetting of settings, nor recovery using a computer, nor flashing via dfu mode will help.

With iCloud Activation Lock, the gripmates turns into brick. It can only be disassembled for spare parts to use them as donor during repair. Yes, and then not all the details.

Only Apple technical support staff or the legal owner of the iPhone can remove such a lock. All data on the lock are stored on the servers of the company, and not on the device, so unlock it with the help of “wonderful” programs and gadgets, mentioning on the Internet will not work.

The device blocked in this way cannot be activated, and if it is activated, you can not get out of the iCloud or disable the “Find iPhone” function.

In addition, there is a Lost Mode loss mode, which is part of the “Find iPhone” function and an addition to blocking. When it is turned on from the smartphone, you can only call the number indicated by the owner, the incoming calls are available.

What to do

There are only two ways to disable this lock if you do not know the password from Apple ID. The first is to restore the forgotten password and enter it on the device. The second is to call the Support Apple by providing a purchase check and ask a specialist to unlock the gadget.

The last option is the only one in cases where you are not the original owner of the iPhone, but bought a device from hand in this state or it was blocked when using. At the same time, there is little chance of success, but they are.

Reset the password from Apple ID

Go to the account page and click “Forgot the Apple ID or password?””. Enter the login from your account and click “Continue”. Next, select one of the recovery methods: answers to control questions, sending a message to the IWIL specified when registering or using the recovery key. Follow the hints to set a new password.

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Remove activation lock through Apple support

Prepare a box, a check from the purchase and other documents that will allow you to prove your right to own the device. Open the support section and fill out the application online by describing the situation in detail. Be prepared for Apple experts can request additional information and offer to contact you by phone.

It is better to immediately call on your own by number 8 800 333-51-73, having previously created an appeal on the site and record its number. If the iPhone is not in the loss mode, and you have a cashier check in your hands indicating the name of the goods, with a high probability everything will be allowed successfully and the blocking will be removed.

In case of refusal, it makes sense to try some time after some time. All applications are considered individually, and probably another employee will be able to help. You can also contact the local, but to the English.language support service.

Like in iOS 15.2 Reset iPhone without a computer

This will work only if there is a password from the Apple ID account used on the account smartphone.

Attention! During the reset, all data, applications, content and settings will be erased from the gadget. Everything that did not have time to get into the last backup of the smartphone will be lost.

Enter the incorrect unlock code several times so that the smartphone goes into the “iPhone is temporarily unavailable”.

See the IPhone wrap button at the bottom of the screen, click on it.

In the dialog box, select the IPhone device and enter the password from the Apple ID account to get out of it.

Wait for the end of the gadget erasing process.

Get a discarded smartphone without data and content. You can configure it again or upload an actual backup from iCloud.

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Reset via iTunes

If your device does not include the “Find iPhone” function, not everything is lost. First of all, you need to transfer a smartphone or tablet to the recovery mode. For this:

  • iPhone x or newer, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons until the shutdown slider appears. Pull it to turn off the device. Connect to the computer, holding the clamped side button. Keep it until you see the recovery mode window.
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPod Touch 7: Turn off the device. Connect to the computer, holding the closed volume button. Keep it until you see the recovery mode window.
  • iPhone 6s or older, iPod Touch 6 and older, iPad with the “home” button: turn off the device. Connect to the computer, holding the closed button “Home”. Keep it until you see the recovery mode window.

After that, open itunes (or to Finder, if you have already switched to MacOS Catalina). The program will say that a problem arose with the device, and will offer to update or restore it. Click “Restore” to erase all data and settings.

After that, you can restore data. or, if you do not have a backup, configure the device as new. In both cases, you can set a new security code and return access to the device.

How to erase through iCloud

So it turns out to remove the password from the device on which the function “Find iPhone” is enabled. Blocked smartphone should have a connection and Internet. The mobile Internet included earlier or the connection to the familiar Wi-Fi network is suitable, which will happen automatically within its radius of its action.

When the iPhone “caught” the network, do the following:

On another smartphone/tablet/computer, go to icloud.COM/FIND. Enter Apple ID to which the iPhone is tied and password. At the top of the window, click on the list of “all devices”. Select the desired iPhone. Click on the “Watch iPhone” button.

When the process is completed, there will be no blocking password on the iPhone, the device can be configured as new or restored from a backup copy.

This method is simple and fast, however, the data that has accumulated on the device since the creation of the last backup will disappear without a trace.

Try to forget the password unlock your iPhone!

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