(Verified) How to Erase the iPhone without password / password icloud

You have an old iPhone on sale, but you forgot your password or password to remove it? You can not use your iPhone properly due to the fact that you have forgotten password or password? Do not worry, this manual will show you how to delete data from your iPhone without password or password icloud.

Usually you install the screen lock on your device, and password. This is the one that unlocks it and allows you to enter your iPhone.

Password icloud. This is what you use to enter your ICloud account, and it also applies to the password for your Apple ID, you need to enter it when you are trying to enter your account on devices or buy certain items in the App Store.

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In most cases, to reset the iPhone settings, you will need access and password. Because you need to enter the iPhone with a password and reset it with a password. But you can still erase with some special methods, check the following sections of this manual and find one method that will help you the most.

How to activate iCloud on iPhone

In order to connect “Cloud Service”, you need to have an account. Apple ID. If it is not registered before that moment, it should be done before performing further steps according to the instructions.

On the iPhone main screen find a gray gear icon opening access to smartphone settings.

The list of settings contains an item called iCloud. The system will propose to configure iCloud on the iPhone, logged under the personal account of Apple ID. You must enter the email address and password. If all right, the iPhone will show a message that the “Find iPhone” feature is activated.

Do not underestimate the importance of this function. First, it allows online to track the location of the smartphone on the map. And secondly, if suddenly the iPhone is lost or stolen, it can be blocked. Then the attacker or the found “loss” will not be able to sell the iPhone.

ICLOUD settings contain information about the number of available space on the server. 5 GB is provided free, but for an additional fee, it is proposed to update the tariff plan:

If you follow the link “Warehouse Management”, you can view details than the space on Apple servers:

This is a useful feature to determine which of the programs “litter” the backup warehouse, then clean.

Storage of files in the cloud

With the eighth version of the IOS operating system, Apple has provided users with the ability to download any files in the storage, turning it into a file sharing. The service was named ICLOUD DRIVE. In the menu item of the menu, you can see which installed programs have access to it, as well as a list of files and download status:

If you enable the display feature on the main screen, access to the disk will be at hand.

Storage of photos

ICLOUD photo item allows you to configure unloading and storing photos on a backup disk space:

You can activate the full unloading of pictures in iCloud (first menu item) or unload photos (second item), or customize the photo (third item).

Uploading Application Data in ICloud

By default, phonebook data, mail, calendars, reminders, wallet, notes, built-in browser files are synchronized with the “cloud” disk:

This menu includes selection of the desired synchronization options.

Creating a “cloud” backup

Useful function that allows you to download on Wi-Fi to another device when you migrate and install data on a new device:

Backup backup on iCloud happens while charging the iPhone.

Smartphone search function

Service, the main purpose of which is to prevent theft or loss of smartphone. In addition to displaying the position of the device on the map, the service allows you to block a mobile phone, send a message to return or remotely erase the data:

You can activate this feature in the iCloud setting to find iPhone.

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How to upload messages from iCloud, restoring your iPhone

ICLOUD backup includes your iMessages, text messages and MMS messages. So it will upload messages from iCloud when restoring your iPhone.

If you want to restore a backup from iCloud, you will need an empty iPhone. You can delete all the contents on the old iPhone or using the iPhone.

Click the side or upper button to turn on the iPhone. You will see the Hello screen, select Language and Region, then click Manually Set. And he will ask you to configure Wi-Fi, Face ID, password and t. D.

After executing multiple settings, applications and data will appear. Touch recovery from ICloud backup. Log in to your Apple ID, follow the pop-up window. Agree to the Terms.

Click a backup that includes messages, click Continue and continue the process until you see the recovery from iCloud and the execution indicator. Wait a few minutes, and you can view messages on your iPhone.

How to check iPhone binding to iCloud account?

The first step in checking for active icloud begins with the “Home” button. If, after clicking, the device requires log in to the Apple ID account or enter the password on Touch ID is a clear sign that the iPhone is not untied. Second Verification. Perform iPhone Cleaning. For this:

  • Enter the settings
  • Main
  • Reset
  • Clean the content and settings
  • Enter the password code
  • Press Erase iPhone (twice)
  • Enter password from iCloud.

Of course, this method requires the prior consent of the device owner. After all actions we go to the iPhone settings and, instead of the name of the owner, a window should appear with an offer to log in to ICLOUD account.

For what you need to leave iCloud?

Reasons for exiting icloud may be set, below we give the most common.

Planned transfer of the device to the new owner (sale, gift and t.D.).

Go to the new Apple ID account.

Delivery of the device to the service center (most SCs take on service and repair only with “empty” iCloud).

How to completely erase the account in ICloud

Sometimes users need not just to untie the iPhone from the cloud service, and delete your account, for example, if they no longer use products from Apple or registered a new account, and not to duplicate them, they decided to erase the old data. Fortunately, Apple developers have provided such an event outcome and provided all the necessary tools for self-deletion of your ID. What you need to do:

  • The whole process is carried out on the official website of the corporation in a separate section. From the tablet or computer, follow the link https: // Privacy.Apple.COM / and log in to the Top Topics you want to delete;
  • As soon as the authorization is passed, you need to scroll down the page down to the “Delete Account” item;
  • Click this tab, confirm the consent to the removal of your account. At this stage, the code of 12 characters will be generated, which can be informed of the support service, for example, if you change your mind, within 7 days. This is a very important point, especially when your account decided to remove someone else. If you do not tell them this data, after a week ID will be completely removed!

Clean iPhone and prepare it for sale

To fully clean your iPhone, delete from iCloud (and dislocation from it), just perform the following simple steps.

  • Go to the settings, at the top, click on your name, go to the ICloud section. find the iPhone and turn off the function. You will need to enter your account of your Apple ID account.
  • Go to Settings. Basic. Reset. Erase Content and Settings. If there are no documents unloaded in iCloud, you will be offered to save them. Then click “Erase” and confirm the deletion of all data and settings by entering the password code. ATTENTION: Restore data from the iPhone after that it is impossible.
  • After executing the second step, all data from the phone will be very quickly erased, and it will restart how you just purchased an iPhone, the device itself will no longer need it (you can turn it off, long-retention button).

In essence, these are all basic actions that are required to reset and dislocate iCloud. All data is erased from it (including credit card data, fingerprint, passwords, and the like), and you can no longer affect it from your account.

However, the phone can remain in some other locations and there it can also make sense to remove:

  • Go to https: // appleid.Apple.COM Enter your Apple ID and password and check if there is a phone in “devices”. If it is present there, click “Delete from an account”.
  • If you have a Mac computer, go to the system settings. iCloud. account, and then open the Device tab. Select a discharge iPhone and click “Delete from an account”.
  • If you enjoy iTunes, run iTunes on your computer, select “Select the” Account “-” View “, enter the password, and then in the account information in the iTunes section in the cloud, click” Device Management “and delete the device. If the device’s deletion button in iTunes is not active, contact Apple Support on the site, they can delete the device for its part.

On this, the procedure for resetting and cleaning the iPhone is complete, you can safely transmit it to another person (do not forget to remove the SIM card), access to any data, ICLOUD account and content in it will not receive. Also, when deleting a device from Apple ID, it will be deleted from the list of trusted devices.

How to remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID in iCloud remotely

Go to ICloud website.COM from any device with a browser and log in with Apple ID and password of the iPhone or iPad owner;

Select the “Find iPhone” section. Click on the All Devices button at the top of the screen. a list of devices attached to this account will appear, select the desired one;

In case the device is offline, click Delete From Account.

If the device is online. in the window that appears on the right, select “Erase iPhone data”.

Confirm deletion and complete the procedure by pressing the “Delete account” item.

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What you must always remember to enter the Apple ID data in the iCloud section

Sooner or later it will be necessary to enter data from the iCloud account on the device. Remember the main rule in this matter. never enter data from Alien Apple ID in the ICloud section. There is a big chance to get a blocked device (“Brick”).

If you wish, in the iTunes Store and App Store section, you can use someone else’s account Apple ID.