How to throw music from a computer on iPhone

Users who first bought iphone very often face problems when trying to throw something from a computer to their smartphone. Especially often problems arise when working with music. If you also get into a similar situation, then this article should help you. Here we will consider two ways at once how to throw music from a computer on the iPhone.

The first method is the main one, it involves the use of the ITUNES program and it is most iPhone owners use it. The second method is alternative. In order to use this method, you will need the ITOLS program created by Chinese developers.

How to add music to iPhone through iTunes

At the first acquaintance with the iPhone, many users have difficulties with the implementation of some operations. For example, not every user himself will figure out how to add music from a computer to the iPhone through the iTunes program. Especially if the user used to use smartphones based on Android and added music with simple copying of files.

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If you also face similar difficulties, then this material should help you. Here we step by step will consider the whole process of adding music to iPhone through iTunes.

We launch iTunes and go to the “My Music” section.

If you want to add music from a computer to your iPhone, then first you have to install iTunes. Download the iTunes program to your computer (download link) and install it. Then start the iTunes and immediately open the section “My music”.

If you did not add any music before, then in the “My Music” section you will not have any musical compositions. This is normal, it should be.

Add music to iTunes media.

Then you need to open the “File. Add File to the Media Text” menu (in order to add only one composition) or the “File. Add the folder to the media” (in order to add a whole folder with music).

If you select a folder with a large number of musical compositions, the “Add files” window will open, in which it will be possible to observe the process of adding files to the iTunes media.

Before starting the next step, wait until all files will be added to the iTunes media.

Synchronize the iTunes media text with iPhone.

After the necessary music was added to the iTunes media, it can be synchronized with the iPhone. To do this, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable and press the iPhone icon in the upper left corner. Thus, you will move from the iTunes media text to your iPhone settings.

After pressing the iPhone icon on the left side of the iTunes window, an image of your device will appear, and under it a menu with settings. In this menu, you should choose the “Music” section, and then activate the “Synchronize music” function and confirm the action by pressing the “Ready” button, which is located in the bottom of the window. If you do not want to add all music from the iTunes media text to the iPhone, then you can turn on the function “Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres”. In this case, you can choose which musical compositions you need to load on the iPhone and which.

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After clicking on the “Ready” button, another window will appear with a request for confirmation. Here you just need to click on the “apply” button.

After the end of synchronization, the music added to the iTunes media will appear in the memory of your iPhone.

throw, music, iphone, itunes

How to add music to iPhone through iTunes (iTunes)? Just!

Hello everybody! You are probably looking for how to add music to iPhone through iTunes? Then you are at the address, just writing an article about this. Probably everyone who purchased the product of Apple for the first time does not know how to download music for it. iTunes is the main software product with which users can save on the iPhone with their favorite musical works.

throw, music, iphone, itunes

To find out 100% how to add music to iPhone through iTunes, you need to carefully read this article and repeat everything that I do. Go? What do we need to download the muzonchik?

  • iPhone
  • synchronization cable
  • laptop or computer
  • First of all, you need to download and start the latest version of the application from Apple. At first glance, it is quite simple, but the pitfalls are waiting for an inexperienced buyer in fact at every step. Focus on the default iTunes is looking for multimedia data in the “My Music” folder. You have the opportunity to change your way yourself and choose any other catalog containing media files.
  • After that, you need to copy all the audio files on one directory and start the application.
  • On the screen that appears, select the “File” item, then “Add files to the media”. In the resulting window, indicate the directory or the file that you need to save on the iPhone in order to save the audio files on the i-gadget, in the main menu follow the “music” section and click “Apply”.

How to add music to iPhone from iTunes if drag & drop doesn’t work

  • We’ll have to wait some time while the application is synchronized with the phone and save the audio files in its inner memory. At the end of the download, disconnect the iPhone from a personal computer, open the “Music” directory and enjoy the updated spectrum of choosing music files.
  • If you want to free your memory on a mobile device by removing media files, then enter the “music” section in the iTunes application and take out the tracks from the list, in the audition of which you no longer need. Then connect the iPhone to a personal computer and select your device, go to the “Music” section and click the “Apply” button. Ready!

On a note! I recently told how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, be sure to read. I also said how to untie the iPhone from Apple ID in just a couple of minutes. Well, for those who do not know how to create a recovery point, I also finished the article.

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On this I have everything. Now you know exactly how to add music to iPhone through iTunes for just a couple of mouse clicks. Do not forget to introduce your email at the end of the article and get new lessons directly by mail. Be sure to write a comment and ask what. I wish everyone health and peace!

How to create an Smart-player for iPhone and other Apple devices

ITUNES also forms SMART playlists. They are based on the conditions set by the user. For example, you can record a playlist weighing up to 500 MB, which contains tracks reproduced at least 15 times. In ITUNES, by default there are several such collections: “Last added”, “Classical music” and “25 most popular”. To create such compilations, you need to do the following:

The main items that must be taken into account when creating a Smart playlist in iTunes

Manually via iTunes

This method is slightly different from the previous. He needs it, if you do not want to carry out synchronization every time, but you want to manually load the necessary songs yourself.

Make Ringtone for iPhone using iTunes! [2019] [EASY METHOD]

  • We connect the device to the computer and go to iTunes. Now we go to the gadget settings and put at the very bottom of the gallery to process music and video manually.
  • Now we go to the media and just begin to pull any song or album. A panel with devices will appear on the left. We tug around what we chose on the desired gadget in the list and the songs will be loaded into it.

As you can see, this method is much easier, however, if you have many tracks from different albums, then there will be a lot of time. And automatic synchronization of music will not work. In general, each method has its pros and cons of.

Loading songs on iPhone

It is necessary to start the iTunes program. Open the “Mediathe” section, and then switch to the “Music” tab.In this window, throw any musical compositions that you will then listen to on a mobile device. Please note that audio recordings can be sorted, play playlists, add covers for them and all that.

Synchronization with iPhone

The main part of the instructions on how to move music to iPhone through iTunes is completed. It remains only to enable synchronization from Apple with a smartphone. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Attach the iPhone to the computer via cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Then you need to run itunes.
  • In the device section, click on “review”.
  • Find the parameter window there, activate the option of processing musical compositions in it.
  • Then open the “Music” tab and turn on the “synchronize” function.
  • Set all the tracks that you need to move to a smartphone, and then press the confirmation button.

This is the easiest option on how to transfer music to iTunes. Now get acquainted with supported audio formats.

throw, music, iphone, itunes

How to transfer audio files to iPhone via iTunes

    Install the point at the “entire media” point and click “apply”.
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First, get acquainted with the concept of a playlist.

Playlist. an opportunity that allows you to create separate music collections. In iTunes you can create unlimited playlists for every taste and color. The subjects are completely different: for work, running, outdoor activities, tourism, extreme sports, etc. D.

For an inexperienced user, the entire process of moving music on the iPhone may seem difficult. When using the program, you can qualitatively position the iTunes media text, because the correct layout of music is always convenient and pleasant.

Music of music via iTools

In addition to the above method, there are other alternative methods of transferring music from a computer to iPhone. For example, you can use the ITOLS program. This program is not official, it is being developed by Chinese programmers. This is followed by both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the ITOLS program is much simpler than iTunes, and on the other hand, it has compatibility problems, sometimes it just refuses to work.

You can download the ITOOLS program on the website Pro.Itools.CN or on the 4PDA forum. There you can also get more information about this program.

In order to transfer music from a computer to the iPhone using the ITOLS program, you need to connect the iPhone, start the ITOLS program and switch to the Music tab. Here you need to click on the Import button and select the desired music.

Direct download from the Internet

The method is suitable for users who have a jailbreak on the telephone operating system. Of course, you can do without hacking a file system by uploading an IDOWNLOAD PRO application, however, in this case, the music will be heard only through the player of the program.

On devices with a jailbreak, it is necessary to install a tweak called Bridge. Then:

  • Using a browser on the phone, find a site in which downloading songs is available.
  • Copy a direct link to loading the composition. a long slippers along the icon, then select the “copy” item. It is important that she leads straight to the file, without forwarding.

Ready. The file will be moved to the media and is available for listening through the standard “Music” application.

The presented article allows you to figure out how to throw music on iPhone through itunes. In addition, to perform the plan, you can use numerous alternative methods. So, the ITOLS program acts as an excellent replacement of the product from Apple developers, and the use of a special VLC player function completely eliminates the installation of software on the computer. The use of cloud services can also be a good compromise before the standard movement of documents to smartphones running iOS. Jailbreak unties the hands of the owner of the mobile device, allowing you to download the compositions directly from the Internet, but its implementation requires appropriate knowledge.