icarefone: transfer data from iPhone to computer and vice versa

With all the gloss and all the “lip of” Apple products, the company is famous for one very unpleasant feature for many consumers. constant restrictions in the scenarios of using their gadgets and operating systems. Almost everyone has their own list of complaints about iPhone and iOS, especially for experienced Android users, and ITUNES desktop software package did not know about it.

how to transfer files from iphone to pc using itunes

Apple has been persistently offering IPhone users for several years to forget about the desktop computer, synchronization and backups through iTunes, and trust the cloud service of iCloud. ICLOUD’s paid cloud service, which does not suit everyone. If you have unstable or even limited Internet access, then unloading photos and backups in iCloud will cost nerves or big money. The choice is, as it were, ITUNES, but the stability, convenience and speed of this program does not withstand any criticism. hm.

To general happiness, Apple did not introduce hard restrictions on connecting iOS devices to the file system, so third-party developers release their alternatives to iTunes-quick and more convenient. One of these applications, Icarefone from Tenorshare, deserved our attention.

ICarefone package is able to completely replace iTunes in the area of ​​copying between devices, and the App Store and Apple Music does not. The program is intended for full or selective copying of content with iOS devices to a computer running Windows or MacOS and vice versa. She works with all modern IOS versions, and also supports all current devices, including the latest iPad Pro and iPhone XS/XS Max/XR.

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  • Provide access to files on iPhone/iPad via file manager.
  • Make a complete backup system and restore the device from it. and back. and back
  • Selectively manage photos, videos, applications and books on iPhone.
  • Restore the unloading iOS device after unsuccessful manipulations with it.

For comparison, using iTunes, you can only make a backup device, and in a strictly defined program folder on a system disk, and synchronize all content with a computer without the possibility of choosing. And there is no question of any access to the file system.

To work with iCarefone, you need to connect the iOS device to the computer via cable. Wi-Fi, as in the case of iTunes, is not supported. However, the problem is not great. The laconic Russified ICAREFONE Inte We tab is divided into tabs, the most popular functions are displayed on the main screen. In the “Management” tab, you can see the iOS file system openly for access from the outside, which is divided by type: photobibliotek, music, cinema, applications, contacts, books, notes and messages. It is impossible to get full access to the entire file system due to Apple’s restrictions-you can bypass protection only with the help of Jailbreak, but in our time the situation with it is no longer so clear. Jailbreak Icarefone does not.

Content from sorted categories can be viewed, selected individual elements, transferred them to a computer or delete. This is very convenient if you want to copy several hundred photos from vacation in the source quality on the computer. to do this from the phone or even more so through iTunes would be incredibly inconvenient.

With music the situation is as follows. It can be copyed from the phone to the computer, you can go back. But due to the struggle for copyright, the music soon copied to the phone will disappear from the “Music” application on the iOS girl, although it will remain in the memory of the device. Therefore, it is easier for reliability to put some third-party media player type VLC.

Contacts, call history and messages are transferred as XLS tables.

Creation of backups is the strength of icarefone. The fact is that iTunes, firstly, creates a complete backup of the device with the exception of music, and, secondly, saves it in its folder on a system disk, on which there are usually no extra dozens of gigabytes. You can’t change the backup folder forces, which means that if your system disk is catastrophically lacking space, then without some “shamanism” (like creating a symbolic link on the place of the folder through powerShell) you cannot do local backup. If you have made an iOS device for a Windows-computer, ask how much space is now occupied by the C: \ Users \%Username%Appdataroamingapple ComputerMobilesync

In Icarefone, you can choose the right content from a large list, and then also select a folder to save a backup. The process of backup is not unable and takes more than an hour. Then, in the Icarefone integration, you can choose the created backup for recovery. Interestingly, the application sees backups made by iTunes, but iTunes does not see the backups made in icarefone. Which, however, does not matter, since the result of the restoration of the device is both iTunes and iCarefone the same. By the way, using the application you can view the contents of the backup of iTunes and selectively get data from there.

The last Icarefone tab is devoted to the restoration of the system. At the time when Jailbrek practically passed away by the owners of iOS devices, the need for recovery function has decreased. But if you still experimented with your gadget, and now the iPhone does not load (for example, shows an apple and reboots), Icarefone will be able to download and restore the gadget firmware, preserving all the content on it.

Synchronization of Mac and iPhone devices using iTunes

The iTunes program installed on macbook helps synchronize iPad, iPhone and iPod smartphones, as well as transmit music, files, photos on Mac. In addition, you can use a personal computer with Windows system.

Before using iTunes for synchronization, you need to save all the important information using iCloud. So the files will be available even when the iPhone is far away.

Using the iTunes application, you can synchronize such files, documents and programs as:

  • Photos and video files.
  • Musical files, albums, playlists, books, audiobooks, films and television shows, as well as podcasts.
  • Calendars and contacts.
  • Backups of devices that are created using iTunes.

Synchronization procedure using PC and USB cable.

  • iPhone or Mac are connected to the PC using a special USB-Lightning cable and the iTunes program opens.
  • A special icon will appear in the upper left corner of the program, you need to click on it.
  • On the left there will be a list of options, select “Settings”, and then the type of contents for synchronization, after which you need to click “Synchronization”.

Synchronization procedure using Wi-Fi

Even in the process of configuring PC and the ITUNES program via USB, you can configure synchronization using Wi-Fi. This will help in the future to avoid connecting the device to iTunes via cable, you only need to connect to the Internet. You can protect your connection and data by installing a VPN on MAC, before synchronization, since it is necessary to transmit data via the Internet. The process of synchronization in this case looks like this:

  • Mac or iPhone connects to a computer using a USB cable. Then you need to open the iTunes program, select your connected device in it.
  • On the left side of the program, select the “Review” option.
  • Then you need to select “Synchronize with this iPhone or Mac Wi-Fi”.
  • Then you need to click “Apply”.

For the Wi-Fi synchronization procedure, it is necessary that the device and PC are connected to one network. Then the device with iOS will be displayed in the program. After that, the iOS gadget will always conduct automatic synchronization when the phone or macbook is connected to the network, and the ITUNES program is open to the PC.

How to move photos from iPhone to PC via mail

You can send photos to your electronic box, and then save them on the computer by opening a letter to the resettled. This method does not need a third utility. And you need to have a connection to the Internet. Secondly, in this way, a lot of photos to send uncomfortable.

We go to the photo tape and click the button to choose. Choosing photos that need to be sent by mail.Note. You can attach only 5 photos at a time.

Press the button in the lower left corner (square and arrow up) and select the Mail from the opened menu. Now it remains to enter your electronic box and send a letter.

How to transmit books from a computer to iPhone or iPad using iTunes

The case is a little different with books. We have already described in detail three different applications for reading books on iPhone and iPad, this is iBooks, Bookmate and Aitchek. Go on the relevant links to get detailed information about this process.

Download and install the latest version of ifunbox.

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Open the program and connect the iPhone or iPad to a computer. In order for ifunbox to see your device on the computer must be installed iTunes.

The device will be determined in the program and you can throw off absolutely any files on it using iPhone or iPad like a flash drive.

Throw off the files that you need to “transfer” to the “General Storage” folder.

A very convenient solution that can help out at the most crucial moment. For example, there are no flash drives at hand, but you need to throw off an important file with a “weight” in a few gigabytes. Not by mail to send. iPhone or iPad, coupled with IFunbox, copes with this task perfectly. the files are not damaged and are thrown away safely and safe.

Users who made Jailbreak their devices were lucky. Thanks to the huge selection of Cydia tweaks to work with the file system, they can unpack files using special managers, download files from Safari and much more. A striking example of such a tweak is Ifile file manager. With other useful tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the installed jailbreak, you can familiarize yourself with this link.

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Sometimes you urgently need to transfer files from a computer to your phone: programs, books, films, music, photos, presentations, television shows, etc.D. Even if this is personal data. Word and Excel office documents, home photos and videos, contact lists, the history of the correspondence by mail and in messengers. the task is the same: to transfer files from the computer to the phone to have them at hand. There are several ways to do this, it remains to choose the simplest and most affordable for your situation.

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File posting via a USB-integse

This method is the simplest of the above. To transfer data from via a USB-integse, you need to connect the phone to PC.

After connecting the iPhone to the PC via USB, you must wait until the devices are associated. The smartphone should be identified as a removable drive

After the iPhone was identified in the system, you can perform any operations with it by working with it as a removable disk. This is how easy it is to resolve the question of how to transfer data from iPhone to a computer.

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How to copy photos from iPhone to a computer or laptop with Windows

The simplest and fastest way to convey videos and photos from the iPhone on Windows will be the use of a cable. what you use for charging. The steps will be as follows:

  • Connect your iPhone cable to the computer and unlock the phone if it is blocked.
  • On the iPhone screen, you can see the request “Allow the device access to photo and video” or “Trust this computer?”, Allow access if such a window appears.
  • After a short time, Windows will set up a new device and your iPhone will be available in the conductor.
  • In the conductor, open the Apple iPhone. Internet Storage. DCIM, there inside you will find additional folders that contain your photos and videos that you can copy to the location you need.
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Usually this method works without any flaws, but sometimes a problem is possible, the essence of which is described in a separate instruction: what to do if the Internet Storage and DCIM folder is empty on the iPhone when connecting to the computer.

Transfer photos from iPhone to Windows computer using iTunes will not work (but possibly copying in the opposite direction). If the method with the cable is not suitable for some reason, go to the section about online synchronization of photos.

Why itunes Photo Transfer is not recommended?

“As soon as you have several thousand photos, Apple products do not allow you to easily manage”.

If you go to the Apple network communities, such negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев on iTunes are usually visible. ITUNES unfriendliness is agreed by almost all Apple fans, especially with regard to photographs and difficulty synchronization. Mostly iTunes is hardly a satisfactory PIC transfer tool from iOS to laptops when you have a large number of photos for transmission. If you need to move photos in parties or photo albums, and at the same time you need to choose certain images before their transfer, iTunes. The last tool you want to try. Since many users need mass and selective transmission of photographs, we will rather try to use the following methods instead of iTunes.