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How to transfer all data from old iPhone to new iPhone

In this instructions, I described the easiest and best way to transfer all data from the old iPhone to a new? Step by step.

So, you bought the new iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, and now you need to transfer all your data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. Now you want to transfer the data that were on your previous iPhone to a new one, but how to do it? There are several different ways to do this, for example, using iCloud or using a wired connection with Mac or PC. Below are the best ways to transfer data to the new iPhone.

Before the beginning

Before transferring data from the iPhone to the iPhone, it is necessary to carry out a couple of manipulations so as not to lose information. If earlier the smartphone is synchronized with the smart watch of Apple Watch, then the connection with the old phone should be broken. When performing this action, the clock in the automated order perform file saving. After installing a connection with the purchased smartphone, load the information from the copy. the clock is again ready for use. It is important in the process of receiving a spare copy not to interrupt the work, otherwise the archive will not be preserved, and information packages will be lost. We’ll have to be patient and wait.

Transfer of files from iPhone to iPhone

In the same case, if you need to copy on another phone, not all the data, but only certain files, for example, music, photos or documents, then recovery from a backup may not be suitable for you. However, you have access to many other effective methods of data exchange, each of which was previously covered in detail on the site.

With each new version of iOS iPhone is improved, receiving new interesting opportunities. If other convenient methods of transferring data from a smartphone to a smartphone appear in the future, the article will be supplemented.


The main problem that the owners of smartphones faces when transferring data using a “quick onset” is the abolition of the process. To correct the situation, you must not give the equipment:

  • Go into sleep mode. during the display procedure of both devices should glow. The problem is solved by regular pressing on the screen.
  • Overheating. with severe heating, the system displays the corresponding message, after which the transmission of the information will be automatically interrupted, and the device may freeze. To correct the situation, you must first remove the cover from the equipment, carry out full charge and do not arrange the procedure under direct sunlight.

With prolonged expectation, it is better to stop and cancel the synchronization of information. After a while, you can try to move/transfer data again.

Not all malfunctions and errors can be solved independently. Sometimes the problem is solved by contacting the service center and subsequent adjustment by its specialists.

Possible options

Option 1. Airdrop

You can transmit images from iPhone to iPhone or iPad using AirDrop function. It allows you to exchange various multimedia content between Apple mobile devices. We wrote about how to use Airdrop earlier, such an opportunity appeared in iOS for a long time. However, not all owners of apple mobile devices use it.

Airdrop. The best way to transmit photos between two devices. It does not require an Internet connection.

iPhone 14 Pro Max First Look

So, to transmit images using Airdrop, you need:

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The transmission process itself is very fast. However, there are a number of features:

  • First, Airdrop is needed for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be active.
  • Secondly, the maximum range of the Airdrop is only 9 meters.
  • Thirdly, Airdrop has a number of requirements-the function will only work on the iPhone and iPad with the Lightning connector, and the version of the operating system should not be lower than iOS 7.

Copying data using iTunes

This is the first method that ensures copying documents on the computer and their safety. With the help of this utility, the question of how to transfer data from iPhone to a computer is solved in several ways.

  • Creating a backup. In this case, you save files and settings of the gadget, in the future having the opportunity to restore the system. This is done like this:
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  • We open itunes;
  • We go into the “Parameters of the device”;
  • click “Create a backup”, noting the “on a computer” checkbox.
  • Data synchronization. It must be taken into account that when using this method you save files, but when they are deleted on a computer or phone, they will disappear on the second device. To perform follow the instructions:
  • We download, install and open it on iTunes;
  • Connect the device via USB;
  • Log in Apple ID;
  • We go to the “Parameters”, the “Review” section and open information about the device;
  • Next, put a checkmark opposite the item “synchronize with this iPhone on Wi-Fi”.

How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

After that, when connecting to the Internet, the phone will automatically synchronize with the computer, and you will not lose files. But when deleting documents from iTunes, they will disappear with the iPhone the next to connect.

If you need to postpone data from one iPhone to another, you are a novice user and poorly own a computer or do not have a PC, then use the icloud service. Cloud storage will transfer the necessary data, if there is free space in the cloud.

There is more information on the phone than can accommodate a cloud, and there is no desire to buy additional space? There is no Apple ID? Then use the ITUNES program or an analogue with a suitable intese.

As a convenient alternative to iTunes, programs are also suitable for recovery. Such utilities will allow you to extract data from a damaged device. Also choose which information to restore, and not save all the data without exception.

If you still have questions, then in the block below the “user Комментарии и мнения владельцев” you can ask the author a question, leave a comment or share your experience. We will try to answer.

Mobile applications for sending contacts

It is not necessary to use software for PC to transfer numbers from a telephone book. There are many mobile applications with which this will also be done. Among them, the following can be distinguished:

  • Copy My Data. This is a fairly popular program that is often used in exporting contacts. Among its features, one can highlight the fact that it works without problems on the mobile phones with Android OS.
  • Contaker. This utility was developed specifically for the iPhone. Its main purpose is import and export of phone numbers. With its help, it will be possible to transfer all contacts at a time.
  • Move to iOS. This is a universal application that allows you to transfer absolutely any content. Therefore, it is suitable for sending contacts, photos, videos and other media files.

IPhone owners periodically face the need to postpone contacts. However, before doing this, you need to familiarize yourself with instructions that will help to do everything right.