How to throw a photo from iPhone to a computer

Photography on smartphones has become an ordinary part of our life. If ten to twelve years ago cameras were used for this, and the cameras on the phones were unable to give out a picture of good quality, now everything is different today. Particularly good pictures are obtained on the iPhone. And with each new generation they become better and better. That is why many may have a question about how to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer. In this article we want to consider simple, effective methods that work for all PC.

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We think that it should be started with the official utility. Yes, for some it may seem difficult. Especially if you have recently acquired your iPhone and still really have time to figure out anything, but you should not be scared. With our instructions, everything will quickly become in circles of its own. So, you must perform the following actions:

  • Connect your device to the PC by means of Lighting Cabel;
  • Run the iTunes program;
  • Click on the icon icon shown in the screenshot;

We transfer photos from iPhone to computer

Today we will talk about a variety of methods that allow you to transfer digital photographs from phone to computer. Each of the presented solutions is simple and allows you to quickly cope with the task.

First, let’s talk about the standard method of transferring pictures from phone to computer. An important condition: the ITUNES program should be installed on the computer (although it is not needed in this case), and the phone is associated with the computer (for this, on the requirements of the system, you will need to enter the code-paralle).

    Connect the iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. Wait for the connection and then start the Windows conductor. The list will be displayed in the list of connected devices.

How to transfer all photos from iPhone to Mac

Launch the iTunes application in old versions of MacOS or Finder at MacOS Catalina.

Connect the iPhone to Mac using a cable.

In the dialog box on the smartphone, click trust this computer and enter the unlocks code.

In the section with connected iPhone, select the photo tab.

Indicate the synchronization folder on the computer and transfer all the photos and videos from the iPhone to the computer.

throw, photo, laptop, iphone

This method is convenient when you need to transfer all the photos, and only then choose the necessary on the computer.

throw, photo, laptop, iphone

Transfer of photos using the Yandex application. Disk

To work with this application, it is necessary to install the Yandex program. The disk on PC and iPhone and register in it, or enter the login and password from the Yandex account. Download by link:

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After registration, you need to connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi. Next, update the list of folders. To do this, you need to pull the list down.

Tear off the folder in which you need to upload photos from the iPhone and click on the “” button “.

Mark the photos in the album. As soon as you select all the photos you need, click on the “Ready” button.

Now files are stored in the Yandex Appendix. Disk. It remains only to open the program on PC and download the photo. You can make automatic loading from the iPhone to the cloud using Wi-Fi or any Internet connection.

throw, photo, laptop, iphone

Transferring photos from iPhone to computer

In order to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, just use the file manager built into the system. “conductor”. The very connection of the mobile device will be carried out through a complete USB cable or its high-quality analogue.

    Connect your iPhone to the computer and unlock it. If a window appears on the screen with the question “Trust this computer?”, Slip” trust “, and then enter the protective code-paralle.

  • 100Apple. photos and screenshots taken directly on the iPhone and are now stored in his memory;
  • 100Cloud. images loaded from the Internet, applications and cloud storages. If you have more than one Apple device and synchronization is included between them, even those graphic files that were uploaded from another device can be stored here;
  • 101Cloud-synchronized images from other Apple devices, if you have those. For example, if you have an iPhone and iPad, the files contained in the 100Apple folder on the first will be in 101Cloud on the second, and vice versa.

Note: the first part of the name of the folders (numbers) may differ in the most way, but these are always serial numbers, starting from 100.

  • Open another “conductor” window and go to the location where you will transfer the files and place it next.
  • Select individual photos using a mouse and a clamped “Ctrl” (to indicate) or “Shift” (to highlight the range) or everything at once with a combination of “Ctrla”.
  • Move them to the next window of the file manager, opened at the first step of this point of the instruction, or click “Ctrlc” for copying, go to the destination folder and click “Ctrlv” to insert.

There are other methods of transferring photos from iPhone to PC, analogues of iTunes are especially effective with this task, including the ITOOLS program. If you do not want to connect devices to each other via a USB cable, the most simple and convenient solution will be the use of cloud storages-not only corporate iCloud, but also Dropbox, Google disk, OneDrive, etc. D. In more detail, all the options available by us were examined earlier in a separate article.

Despite the fact that iTunes does not provide the possibility of transferring photographs from iPhone to a computer, this problem is solved quite simply. it is enough to contact a “conductor” in Windows.

How to transfer photos from a computer to iPhone?

Run the iTunes program on the computer and connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable or Wi-Fi synchronization. As soon as the device is determined by the program, click in the upper area of ​​the window on the resulting icon of your gadget.

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In the left region of the window, go to the “Photo” tab. In the right, you will need to install a checkmark near the point “synchronize”. By default, iTunes offers to copy photos from the standard “Image” folder. If in this folder all the images are located that must be copied to the gadget, then leave the default point “All folders”.

throw, photo, laptop, iphone

If you need to transfer to the iPhone not all images from the standard folder, but selective ones, then mark the “selected folders” item, and put the checkmarks near those folders below, the images in which will be copied to the device.

If the photos on the computer are located and not at all in the standard “Image” folder, then near the “copy photos from” the current selected folder to open the Windows conductor and select a new folder.

If, in addition to images, you need to transfer to the gadget and video, then in the same window, do not forget to put the box near the point “Turn on the video in synchronization”. When all the settings are set, it remains only to start synchronization, clicking on the “Apply” button.

As soon as synchronization is completed, the gadget can be safely disconnected from the computer. All images will be successfully reflected in the iOS device in the standard application “Photo“.

How to download photos to a computer with iPhone

There are situations when you need to download photos from iPhone to computer or laptop. For example, when it is necessary to edit and retail images in a professional photoshop and other editors. To do this, you can also use several simple ways.

  • iTunes. As in the first case, when it is necessary to throw the images from the computer to the smartphone, the program allows you to easily download the photo from the iPhone. To do this, open the application, perform the synchronization of the devices, go to the “photo” section and transfer the necessary pictures from one device to another. This method is carried out both using the Wi-Fi wireless network and using wired.
  • icloud. This is a cloud storage with which you can download photos and videos from iPhone in a matter of minutes. The program allows you to store backups of images, videos, notes, etc.D. The transfer of the pictures is carried out in a few steps:
  • attach the smartphone to the device;
  • On the PC go to the “computer”, select the INCOUNCE of the connected device, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Import”.
  • In the line “Imprise the images” select a place to unload the pictures and confirm imports.
  • In the window that appears, put the flags on those photos that need to be downloaded to the computer.
  • “Photos” in Windows. The easiest way. It is enough to connect the device to the PC via cable, allow access to images on the smartphone, enter the internal storage of the smartphone, select the necessary pictures and copy them to the computer.
  • Social network “. How to download photos from iPhone to computer? The principle is identical to what is performed when transmitting pictures from PC to a smartphone.
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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

Options with which you can convey images from one device to another, many. The main thing is that the quality of the photo does not decrease in the process of downloading.

Why download photos from a computer on iPhone? For example, so that all the most important and significant pictures are always at hand. Or to make cool gifts using the Mimigram application. In a unique program, you can order the manufacture of a beautiful photo book, mugs or T.shirts with your own photo only a couple of clicks. The application is available for download in the App Store or Google Play.

The reverse situation in which we want to download a photo from an iPhone on a laptop or computer, arises when you need to edit images using professional programs before printing. In addition, the phone’s memory is not unlimited, and often you have to transfer pictures, videos, large files to free extra megabytes.

Find out even more opportunities for your smartphone in our blog. Here you will find materials not only about how to download a photo on a computer and on the iPhone, but also how to beautifully process photos and quickly print pictures from the phone.

IPhone synchronization with a computer via Wi-Fi

In order not to spin with the wires that love to be lost and transmitted, you can establish a connection using a Wi-Fi Direct.

But for the first synchronization, the USB cable will all be needed. We connect the gadget through the cable, go through identification and open the iTunes application. In the Inte We, we need to choose our device in the left menu, and go to the “Overview” tab to the “Parameters” section. Here we need to activate the function “Synchronization of this iPhone by Wi-Fi”.

You can connect synchronization through the iPhone itself. Open the “settings”, then the “Basic” section, and there is the subsection “Synchronization from iTunes by Wi-Fi”.

From this moment, the files will be automatically copied to PC every time both devices (desktop and smartphone) will be connected to one Wi-Fi wireless network. The message about this will hang in the smartphone notification line.

Copying and synchronization of media files for iPhone is not a complicated thing. But in order not to lose important photos, select one type of copy: either through a cloud storage, or through iTunes. One type of synchronization excludes another. So, if you first copied the files via iTunes, and then activated the ICLOD photo, the system will propose to delete data synchronized from iTunes. Each species has its own negative aspects. Using iCloud, remember that only 5 GB of cloud storage can be used for free. But copying through iTunes ties you to one desktop. The choice, as always, is yours.