How to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer working on Windows 10

You took a photo on the phone? What to do when many pictures are going to in the iPhone memory? How not to lose them. Transfer to PC. Consider how to copy photos from iPhone to a computer working on Windows 10.

Transfer of images from iPhone to PC running Windows 10 occurs:

Consider in more detail how the transfer of photos from iPhone to the computer occurs.

Step 1. ICLOUD DRIVE Settings

For photos to be transmitted from the iPhone or iPad in iCloud, you need to configure data unloading.

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  • Open the settings window on the iPhone;
  • Go to the “Basic” tab and select the icloud field;
  • In the new window, include synchronization for ICLOUD DRIVE and ICLOUD Photo.

If earlier synchronization with the cloud was disconnected, you will have to wait some time so that photos and other data on the smartphone are loaded in iCloud.

To speed up this process, connect to Wi-Fi or 4G. You can check the level of loading the pictures in the cloud web version or in the computer application.

Next, we consider all the available ways to transfer photos from the ICLOUD storage to any computer.

How to throw information from iPhone to a computer through file transfer applications

If standard transmission methods using iTunes do not suit the user, he can load a application to perform the operation. For example, Icarefone.

The principle of operation is practically no different from Aytyuns, but the program gives more opportunities. With its help, music is transferred to a couple of clicks. The same applies to other types of files.

How to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone (iPad, Mac) to another using AirDrop

AirDrop technology (data transfer by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) will perfectly cope with the data transfer between iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. Data transfer speed is quite decent.

Фото iCloud, облачное хранилище, фотопоток, что лучше и, что выбрать?

Transfer from iPhone to iPhone

Apple has implemented Airdrop function as convenient as possible.

Check that Bluetooth modules are included on both iPhone.

On the accepting device, open the control point, slip wireless intenses widget, and then click on the Airdrop button and select the necessary option “for all” or “only for contacts”.

On the iPhone (iPad) from which the photo will be sent or

Slide by the “Select” button in the upper right corner.

Instead of Airdrop icon, a list of available contests for sending content will appear. Select the necessary contact from the list, after which the transfer of photos and videos to another iPhone (iPad, Mac) will begin.

Transmission of photos and videos from iPhone (iPad) on Mac

On the MAC, open the standard conductor Finder and in the left side menu, select AirDrop item. It remains only to press the “Turn on Bluetooth” button (if it is turned off) and send files from the iPhone or any other iOS gadget in the way described above.

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If the Airdrop item is absent in the side menu, go to Finder → Settings (or click the combination of the Comand (⌘) comma (,)). There, open the “lateral menu” tab and in the section “Elements of the lateral menu” put a checkplace opposite the Airdrop.

How to move photos via iCloud and other cloud services

ICLUD pictures are available on any devices that are connected to the “apple” cloud. In the phone you need to enable the storage of photos in the cloud.

On Apple devices, including AppleTV, it is enough to update the version of the cloud program and log in to the system.

On PC with Windows OS, you can copy photos in two ways:

In the browser, it is enough to enter the icloud website, enter ID and password.

Go to the “Photo” tab, highlight the pictures and save them on PC with the right mouse button.

Launch the ICLOUDSETUP installation file.EXE.

Put in the parameters of the “photo” a checkmark opposite “Mediathek ICLOUD”. Folders in which files will be stored will be created automatically.

Open the iCloud icon with the right button, which is located in the Windows tasks, and select the command “Download Media Feals”.

You can move pictures from iPhone to a computer through cloud services:

The program must be downloaded to the phone and log in to the cloud storage.

Enter the gallery and choose photos that need to be postponed. Add the cloud to possible methods of sending, then select the storage for moving the pictures.

The saved files can be copy to any device connected to the cloud service.

Cloud storages

Another option for quick and easy transmission of media.dummy between Apple smartphones. using the capabilities of cloud storages. Available Dropbox, Google disc, Yandex.Disk, cloud, etc. Options.

And how then with the help of cloud storages move photos from iPhone to iPhone?

  • Select the relevant pictures.
  • Click the “Share” button and select the “Copy link” item or immediately send a link to photographs through the IMessage service or by e.mail.

How to convey photos and videos from iPhone (iPad) to a MAC computer using AirDrop function

On the MAC open the Finder application, go to the Airdrop section on the side panel and set the “Allow my detection” parameter instead of “only for contacts” at the bottom of the AirDrop window.

Understanding iCLOUD PHOTOS Syncing iPhones, iPads, and Apple Computers IN-DEPTH

On the iPhone or iPad, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

On the iPhone or iPad, turn on the Airdrop from the control point, for which press and hold the button with wireless intenses, and then activate the AirDrop switch.

Open the photo application. Go to the required album and click the button to choose in the upper right corner.

Select a photo or video for copying on a MAC computer (photos and videos can be highlighted with swips without tearing your finger).

Click on the icon to share in the lower left corner.

After a few seconds on the left in the middle of the screen, available devices will appear for transmission via airdrop.

Tap the icons of the Mac computer.

A pop.up window will appear on Mac in the upper right corner. Click to accept, after which file transfer will begin. Uploaded files will be available in the download folder on the Mac.


Another convenient way to upload photos to the cloud storage and download them to the computer. use the ICLOD DRIVE application. Its plus is that you can download the pictures individually. The same is the minus: the mass download of files is not provided.

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  • Open on the iPhone photo you want to save in the cloud.
  • Press the button with an arrow in the lower corner.
  • Select “Add to iCloud Drive”.

You will have to repeat the operation for each photo that you want to send to iCloud. Then you can use the instructions on how to transfer data from iCloud to a computer via a web-integer, or install the iCloud program for Windows on a PC. MAC owners are not required to install additional software. the iCloud program is built into the system.

The second option is preferable if you are going to constantly transfer the files of their cloud storage in the computer’s memory. In iCloud for Windows, files are displayed immediately after loading on the “cloud”, you can view them without downloading.

You can view files, but they will be stored on the “cloud”. If you remove them from there, then on the computer they will stop displaying. So if you want to free up space on iCloud, move the files to another folder on the computer with simple drag. After that, you can fearlessly delete photos from the cloud storage.