On newer models

How to take a screenshot on Windows Phone if you have a new phone model:

  • Take your phone and unlock it. I think the meaning of this action is very clear and there is no need to explain it;
  • Now press and release two buttons simultaneously: the on/off button and the volume up button;
  • After the above action you will hear a characteristic sound, similar to the shutter of a camera.

Alright, the screenshot is made, then it is sent to a special folder on the phone, but about this a little later.

Sometimes there are problems when making screenshots (t.ч. The complete lack of response from the OS), but almost all have a method of correction. Consider the most common problems and solutions.

Early versions of the operating system do not provide the ability to create screenshots. In this case you can use third-party applications (unofficial ones are meant, i.e.е. not from Microsoft), which will help take a screenshot.

You can find a detailed solution to the problem in the following section.

If this system message appears, you can try the following:

Often such an error occurs if the system cannot find the folder in which the screenshots are saved. The problem can be solved by rebooting.

If you need to take a screenshot on a personal computer, you can use the following methods:

Level of difficulty: for beginners.Everybody knows how to take a screenshot or a screenshot on computer, but the similar functionality of mobile devices can cause difficulties for novice users. The way to take a screenshot may vary depending on the operating system and manufacturer, and in this article we will look at the most common and universal ways to take a picture of the display on your smartphone or tablet.

Applications for screenshot in Windows Background

Using the Microsoft Store you can find a number of handy applications for creating screenshots, which not only perform their intended purpose, but also provide tools for editing the resulting image. The most popular is the “Screenshot Snipping Tool”.

This application has the following features:

  • Allows you to share the captured screenshots on social networks, messengers and other programs that support this function.
  • Has the ability to set the file saving path.
  • Before saving, the screenshot is shown to the user, allowing them to confirm or reject the action.
  • A special tool allows you to select a part of the screen to take a picture.
  • All the created images are written into the history for future viewing and editing.

Another handy application is “Screenshot”. With it you can not only create pictures, but also add your own text captions.

“Screenshot Join!”provides a screenshot of the whole screen with scrolling to the end. In addition, the resulting images can be converted to pdf.

Where to find a screenshot taken

screenshot, your, lumia

Created snapshot gives a notification by the shutter sound, notification and blinking of the screen. If you cannot get an image, you have two possibilities: either a warning message is displayed, or there is no notification.

Thus, creating a screenshot on the Nokia Lumia smartphone is not difficult. It is necessary to remember the key combination for a certain OS version or resort to the help of a screenshotter.

Screenshots by means of third-party software

Play Store has a lot of programs to create screenshots. Before making a screenshot on the ZTE smartphone, it is recommended to read user reviews to choose a utility with optimal functionality and simple interface.

ScreenShot Easy is one of the most handy mini. Its main advantages are quick display photo, full-featured editor, adaptation to social networks. Additional triggers:

  • Combination of screen volume and power buttons.
  • Combination of “Home” and “Power on display” keys.
  • “Shaking” gadget.
  • Adaptation of Tasker and Locale plugins.

Screenshot. maximum simplified utility, proving that it’s quite easy to take a screenshot of the smartphone ZTE A510 and other non-standard models. Main abilities:

  • Adjustable combinations of buttons, necessary for fixing the screenshot of the phone.
  • Creating separate directories in the gadget’s file system where saved images will be sent.
  • Advanced preview functionality.
  • Single-frame screenshots.
  • Add visual effects, text.

Screenshot Capture. simple tool for capturing screenshots of ZTE V7, A5, A610 and other Android gadgets of this class. Free utility has a lot of advantages:

  • Choice of one or more buttons to capture a picture.
  • Creating screenshots without external buttons. the “shake” function.
  • Full-featured photo editor: cropping, drawing, filters, graphic themes.

How to delete or transfer a screenshot

The moment the user opens a frame through “Gallery” or “File Manager”, he gets the full functionality of interaction with the image. For example, the owner of the phone can delete one or more screenshots at once in a couple of clicks:

How to Take Screenshot on Microsoft Lumia 535 or ANY Windows Phone

Another way is to open the image itself through “Gallery” and select the option “Delete” among the available options. After confirming the operation the screenshot will be deleted from the phone memory.

In the case where you want to send a screenshot via messenger or by other means, you can use the same instruction. The only difference is that instead of pressing the “Delete” button, you need to click on “Send”, select the method of sending and the coordinates of the recipient. So, sending a screenshot is not different from sending any other image from your phone.

How to take a screenshot on Windows Phone?

The question of how to take a screenshot on Windows Phone, asked by every owner of the device who wants to save important information from the smartphone screen. And if on the computer there are a lot of programs and keyboard shortcuts that allow to take a screenshot, the search for means to make a screenshot on Windows Background will puzzle even an advanced user.

However, everything is much easier than it seems. You can take a screenshot on Windows Phone by pressing only two keys on your smartphone. We will tell you how to do it in different versions of the mobile OS.


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