What to do, for example, for those who do not work one of the physical buttons? It’s simple, in this case you can use the functionality of the operating system. Let’s see how to do this:

  • First we need to go to the settings of the phone and reassign the function of the button. Before that, pull the shutter down and click on the gear icon.
  • After that we click on the item of individual settings. Then select the recent apps button.
  • In front of you will appear another small window, which will be only 3 options. We need to select “Press and hold to take a screenshot“.
  • After that, in order to take a screenshot on Asus, we will only need to hold down the last applications button.

Let’s look at another way to quickly take a screenshot of your Asus.

By the way, if you are interested in how to take a screenshot on a computer or laptop Asus with Windows 7, 8, 10, we also have a simple step-by-step instruction for this case.

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How to take a quick screenshot on your Android tablet

Recently, users of both smartphones and tablets often have questions: “How to take a screenshot on your phone?”And, accordingly, “How to take a screenshot on your tablet?”. This article was written to help solve this problem.

After reading it you will be able to make a screenshot on fly, HTC, digma, dexp and any other models. There will be considered several options on how to take a picture of the screen on Android.

The second way is through the dropdown top menu

The second way is also uncomplicated. yet it requires some actions in the settings area. But if you have not changed the settings in the menu shortcut since the purchase of the device, then you can find the button that allows you to take a screenshot in Lenovo, in the same menu.

It opens with a top swipe (slide your finger down) and has many useful features: WI-FI connection, Bluetooth, screen backlight level adjustment, and more. Among them you can find the button with the image of scissors or something similar (in some models the caption Screenshot). Click on it to get the desired photo in the Pictures/Screenshots folder.

It may be that there is no button. Go to settings item Quick Menu or Manage switches (can be located as a sub-item in the Notification panel). There is no need to be alarmed if you do not find a button to take a photo in some models may simply not have such a function. There is nothing you can do (except ask the seller about it beforehand), you will need to take a screenshot in other ways.

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How to take a screenshot on a Windows Phone tablet

Mobile devices with the Windows operating system have a pre-installed functionality that allows you to take screenshots. The manufacturers offer the following keyboard shortcuts:

Due to the specific position of keys on tablets not everyone will feel comfortable taking screenshots using this method. For such users we will consider how to take a screenshot on the tablet with the help of app from third-party developers.

Hotkeys. the easiest way to take a screenshot on Windows Phone devices

QuickCapture is a program for creating screenshots of web pages. There is a feature that will help create a full screenshot of the site. The software is available on personal computers and mobile devices, easy to use, allows you to quickly share screenshots of your contacts.

How to take a screenshot on your Asus tablet

A screenshot is a screenshot of the screen of any device you use (computer, phone, etc.) and you can take a picture of it.д). All modern gadgets have such an option as a screenshot. A screenshot gives you the ability to send the necessary information quickly with the help of a photo. In this article we will teach you how to take a screenshot on your ZenPad.

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Step by step instruction. How to take a screenshot on Asus Zenpad?

We will consider two of the easiest options that can be used in the Zenpad models of the manufacturer Asus. Here we go!

Press and hold down the two keys simultaneously The key that increases the volume (volume up key) and the key The key that turns on / off the device (Power key) for just one second. You can find the screenshot taken in the gallery (Photos) on your tablet.

Also, we can activate the Screenshot function in the system itself on the used device, to do this perform the following steps on your device: go to the Settings menu, then select Individual settings Asus. The next step is to choose a Screenshot. Press and hold

which will take a screenshot on your device.

Important information. This feature may not be present on all Asus Zenpad models.

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How to take a screenshot of your Android screen: Ways to take a screenshot of your Android screen for tablets and smartphones of different companies and models

Many of the features that we regularly use on the computer have become available in the phones, but it is not always clear how to enable them. Until recently, I did not know that it was possible to take a screenshot on my smartphone, and I was puzzling over how to save the image. I had a few ideas but as it turns out, there is no need to re-invent the wheel, it was invented long ago. Now I regularly use this feature and today I will tell you how to take a screenshot on Android.


If your tablet has the Windows operating system, use the skills of creating screenshots on laptops and desktop PCs. It is enough to press the cherished button PrtScr, and the task will be completed.

screenshot, your, asus, tablet

For Windows it is easy to take a screenshot, you just need to press the right button and then save the picture

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Only you should not now scold the manufacturers of your tablet that they “forgot” to introduce you this button.

How to take a screen shot on an Asus Android Tablet

The whole secret is that you “ask” it to appear on the screen. To do this, first call the on-screen keyboard. Only emphasize that it is the on-screen keyboard that you must call, not the unsuccessful search for a button on the touch-sensitive counterpart.

Now you can press the PrtScr button and along with it the Windows button. After that, your screenshot will fly to your “Downloads” folder, from which you will just have to extract it.

If you do not have the necessary button, then call up the onscreen keyboard and press PrtScr and the Windows button

Some of the latest models with this kind of OS come with new features. If you have a newer model of tablet, try taking a screenshot by holding down the Windows key and the shutdown button.

Show Recent” button

One of the coolest features of the ZenUI interface, installed on Asus devices, is the additional configuration of the navigation bar, which allows you to display a quick screenshot button there.

Taking a photo of the tablet screen

Many users, who have a tablet with the Android operating system, sometimes have a question: how to take a picture of your screen, how to take a screenshot on your tablet? Especially inexperienced users are interested in such a question. What is a screenshot?? Screenshot is a screenshot of the device screen. So, in order to take a screenshot on an Android tablet, users are offered a variety of ways.

Tablet manufacturers include the function of taking a screenshot by simultaneously pressing several buttons on the device. However, it all depends on the gadget itself and its features.