For MIUI version 8 and newer

This option is not always activated by default. To check, go to Settings, then go to Advanced Settings, and go to Buttons and Gestures. Find the screenshot option.

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Click on it and see the options for activating the screenshot function. Usually leave a three-finger down gesture, but you can customize your own.

Power key down volume key

This is the most affordable option to take screenshots, which is supported not only on Xiaomi, but also on any other Android smartphone. To get a screenshot, just press the lower volume knob and the power button at the same time. You will hear a tone and in the upper right corner you will see a screenshot.

On a side note. By clicking on the thumbnail, you can go to the screenshot editor to customize the shot to your liking.

How to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi

Creating screenshots on smartphones. an often-needed feature for users, with which you can save the information displayed on the screen of the device. However, not all users are aware that there is an opportunity to capture not only what they see in front of them on the display, but also the rest of the information that is outside the display. How to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi. A question that many Chinese smartphone owners ask themselves. [block ]

This time we don’t need physical buttons. To create a screenshot, you need to use the “Notification Barrier”. It can be opened by swiping from top to bottom with your finger on the display. Find and press the scissors icon “Screenshot”. The phone will take a screenshot or page in the browser with the “Screenshot” open.

To take a screenshot on Xiaomi using this method, you need to use the widget bar. To do this, go to the desktop and press the left touch button until the bottom menu appears. Then open “Widgets”, find “Screenshot” and drag the icon to the desktop. Now click on it to create a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 9 and other phones using the touch assistant

Another popular option, involving the use of a special assistant. It is represented by a small black circle, a click on which opens a list of popular options. Among them there is a quick screenshot creation (scissors image).

Assistant activation is performed via the extended phone settings. It is enough to find the desired function and enable it by moving the slider to the appropriate position. In the same menu you can set the desired settings, including setting up gestures and setting the conditions for hiding the helper when idle or when going to full screen mode.

How to take screenshot in Xiaomi Mi A3. 3 Different Methods

  • To turn on the phone screen recording, lower the control center curtain and click on the “Record screen” icon. After that, the smartphone will start recording video, and in the lower right corner there will be a timer and a “Stop” button to stop the recording.
  • It is also possible to record the phone screen through the application “Record screen”, which is located in the “Tools” folder. In the app there is a button to turn on screen recording, a gallery with screen recording and video recording settings.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi phones

Many smartphone users are faced with the question “How to take a screenshot”, this functionality is sometimes necessary for yourself or to show a picture of the screen to someone else. And the happy owners of Xiaomi phones are no exception. Alas, the confusing instructions from the manufacturer do not allow you to quickly find a description of the desired function, especially with an adequate translation into Russian. Usually we have to search on the Internet how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, but even for devices of one company there are dozens of different ways. Let’s try to figure it out in order.

Consider the common options on how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi. It is important that you understand how to take a screenshot in general, and can easily figure it out if you buy a new Android phone. Such knowledge never hurts.

The function of screenshots appeared in Android since version 4. A screenshot is obtained by pressing certain physical or touch buttons simultaneously (analog of the “printscreen” key on computers).

How to take a screenshot in the updated version of Android 11 Xiaomi Mi

Question from Valerie: Not so long ago I updated my phone Xiaomi Mi A3 to Android 11. I think the flight is normal! It seems that the obvious changes have not noticed, except for trifles like missing widget (or whatever it is called) weather. But this is a trifle. What I am interested in is this: once I needed to take a screenshot. But it was not there. I press the Network button, waiting for no result. Three action prompts pop up on a dark screen. And the ability to send a screenshot is gone.

So somehow there is something about this error from the solutions? Can you help? or suggest some clever way?

Yes, Valerie, and I discovered this innovation when I upgraded. To put it politely, I was somewhat puzzled by this futuristic change!

Well, let’s see how to get out of this situation with the least losses:

Now in order to take a screenshot and manage many of the settings on the phone, it is possible to activate the menu of special features Xiaomi Mi phone control from the screen

On the bugs of the OS update to Android 11 Xiaomi: you can not make a call from any SIM card !!

Well here I do not like the Xiaomi Mi A3, I do not give a damn. Testing. from Android 9. And every update has surprised and amazed! the fact that the developers in minor updates somehow eliminated the previous bugs, I will not say. Error correction, that’s logical, what else could it be?!

But not to say that nothing but the inconvenience each subsequent update has not brought me a fact.

For example screenshots After the upgrade you still need to learn how to make screenshots, that is so gracefully press the keys, so as not to mute the entire sound. I once did so, and I thought for a whole day, something I all had forgotten, no one calls me.

But this is just my opinion may be something truly useful in the update 11 Android did not notice

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Ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi with Android

When using a Xiaomi smartphone, as well as any other Android phone, it may be necessary to create a screenshot. You can do this using both standard means of the device and special third-party applications, depending on the version of the operating system. In the course of this article we will talk about several of these methods.