How to make a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi’s phone

In simple terms, a screenshot is a photograph of what is shown on the smartphone screen. This may be a picture of a text article on the site or an episode from the game, video or movie. You can take such a picture using standard system capabilities, and without the need to install additional applications without the need. However, in addition to a simple method using keys, there are a number of other ways. Let’s take a closer look at how to take a screenshot of the screen on the Xiaomi Redmi Mi phone, step by step by step by step by each of the methods.

Let’s start the article with the simplest way to create screenshots, which is familiar to the practical user of the Android smartphone and which works on Xiaomi phones. To make a screenshot, it is enough to press the power button and the key of the sound volume button at the same time. After this action is performed in the upper right corner of the screen, a screenshot miniature will appear, which will subsequently be saved in the phone gallery.

On old Xiaomi phones, you can go the other way. Its essence boils down to simultaneously press on the volume reduction key and the touch button. The latter is understood as a key that has a icon in the form of three vertical strips or points.

The next option for creating a screen of the screen on the Xiaomi phone is not entirely convenient, but it is suitable for a breakdown of any of the keys. To make a screenshot, we will use the recommendations of the following instructions:

Please note that before starting the creation of the screenshot, you need to go to the right application or service, the photo of which must be saved.

Sometimes some users cannot find the desired icon in the notifications panel. It is possible that she simply was not added. To correct the situation, again, we turn to a step-by-step leadership:

  • We open the notifications curtain.
  • Click on the icon “Sorting”.
  • In the lower part of the menu we find the “screen of the screen” icon and drag it from the gray background to white.
  • In conclusion, we retain the changes by pressing the “Ready” button.

It would seem that you can really somehow take a picture of the screen? And yes, in the firmware of Miui, which is used on Xiaomi phones, an interesting function has been implemented to create screenshots using gestures. The default mode is not activated, so it must be enabled. The following instruction will help you to do everything correctly:

  • We go to the settings.
  • Open the “Expanded settings” tab.
  • We go to the “buttons and gestures” section.
  • We click on the line “Skill’s picture” and go to the page with a huge number of options.
  • Here you yourself choose a convenient option for yourself, the most popular of which is a gesture using three fingers.

And finally, we will consider a very convenient method using a sensory assistant. First of all, we activate it in the settings:

  • We go to the “Extended settings” section.
  • Open the “touch assistant” tab.
  • We translate the slider to the right near the paragraph “Sensor Assistant”.

After that, a small black circle will appear on the screen. To create a screenshot, click on it, and then select the scissors icon.

As you can see, the MIUI shell provides a large number of tools to create screenshots. Choose the optimal option for yourself and regularly use it.

Instructions for creating a long screenshot

    Go to the page where you want to take a screenshot with the so.called “scroll”. As an example, we use the Systems “Settings” application.

How to make a printekrin on Xiaomi

Screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi, Redmi and gene are made using:

The combination of buttons

This method to take a screen picture standard for all devices based on Android.

  • With an unlocked screen, simultaneously click and hold the swing of the volume down and power.
  • After creating the picture, it will be displayed in the upper right corner.
  • If you slip in the image, it is offered to edit, delete or send it to friends.

Regardless of the method of how the screen was made, it will automatically get into the Screenshots folder available for viewing through any gallery.

Special gesture

The function migrated in Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro along with the Miui shell:

The speed of creating a screenshot depends on the load on the device. Printskrin is created in the games with a delay compared to the desktop or web page.

Fast access curtain

Controlled with Xiaomi Redmi laptop 8t or 8 about one hand, images can be made through the notification curtain:

  • Open the menu with quick access to functions again;
  • Make a swipe from right to left, select in the list “Sorting”;
  • Sweet the page down to the “gray zone”. Click your finger with a label with the image of the scissors and pull it into the first or second line;
  • Now you can capture the image as described above.

Touch assistant

This function is represented by a transparent ball, when activating which the user receives quick access to 5 devices. To activate it:

  • Open the settings of the device. Sweet the list down and go to the “additional functions”;
  • Choose “touch assistant”. Depending on the firmware version, the function can be located in “advanced settings”;
  • Activate the switch next to “Turn on the touch assistant”;
  • A transparent bubble will appear on the screen, click it. access to the list of quick functions will open.
screenshot, xiaomi, redmi, phone

In the tab used to activate the assistant, it is allowed to change the method of calling a quick panel, add other shortcuts and so on to the list.

The fourth method is the use of external applications

You can take a screenshot on Poco both through a tool and through programs. Their advantage is a wider functionality. We list the best such applications:

  • Lightshot. A functional utility that is available not only for smartphones, but also on computers. So that you can start using Lightshot, you must have a valid Google account or account. The program is suitable for all smartphones of the series, including POCO M3, X3 NFC, X3 Pro. You can download the application here.
  • Screenshot. Paid application on Android. It has a good set of functions to preserve screenshots of any complexity with the possibility of adding drops. Download here.
  • Ezscreenshot. Another interesting program for Android. She knows how to create screenshots, including long screenshots with scrolling. Ez Screenshot has a convenient editor that allows you to add notes to the created pictures and other editing elements. Download the utility here.
  • ScreenMasterPro. A popular paid application that boasts of advanced functionality and an intuitively simple intensity. Download in Google Play.

The fifth way

Assistant “Quick Ball”. this method can be used if the MIUI 8 shell is installed on the Xiaomi smartphone. The function can be activated in the “menu”. “settings”. “sensory assistant”. If you click on Quick Ball, you will open a list of control buttons where SCRENSHOT will help, which will help create a screenshot on the phone.

We make a screenshot on Xiaomi


For example, a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is made by squeezing the “power” buttons (VCL/Off) and “READS OF TOME”. On the phone case, they are very close and especially clever users can clamp them with one finger. But it is also worth considering that the buttons should not only be pressed at the same time, but to clamp (without releasing) for 1-2 seconds. With a successful manipulation of the fingers in the center of the display, a “black flash” will appear, and the finished picture of the screen on Xiaomi will remain in a separate “Screenshots” folder in the gallery.

screenshot, xiaomi, redmi, phone

Accordingly, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 users rarely work the first time to clamp two buttons at the same time due to increased dimensions of the device. Another disadvantage of this method is that due to the constant presses of the “Reducing” button, the device (for example Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro) activates a soundless mode. As a result, the Mute icon (without sound) crawls over the screenshot, which outwardly violates the overall picture.

Notifications curtain

There is an alternative option, Xiaomi Mi 5, Xiaomi Mi Max and other new devices can use the method easier (perhaps it works on your device). In a quick menu in the notification curtain on Redmi and Mi, a series of phones there is an icon in the form of scissors and with the inscription “Screenshot”.

It is easy to guess that when this menu button is pressed, the phone will take a picture of the screen, displaying it with a “visual shutter”.

To open the notifications curtain, draw a finger from top to bottom, starting on top of the screen.

Different phones have different versions of the firmware (MIUI 7, 8, 9), so the Inte Weese can visually differ from the screenshots given.

Sometimes you need to expand the curtain to the bottom of the screen.

Menu key key of volume

Remove the screenshot on other Xiaomi phones (for example Xiaomi Redmi 3 or Xiaomi Mi5), you can clamp the buttons “TOLLOOTE-” and “menu” (instead of “power”).

screenshot, xiaomi, redmi, phone

The “menu” touch key on Xiaomi devices is usually located on the lower panel on the left and is indicated by 3 lines.

Quick Ball

If you have a firmware Miui 8 or 9, then a screenshot can be made through an interactive assistant “Quick Ball”, which is very flexible tuned. In the settings of this function, you can add an icon of the screen of the screen (as in the notification panel), when you click on which a screenshot will be made. In the very picture, Quick Ball will not be visible,

The settings of this option can be located differently. Here are the most popular locations:

Menu. Settings. Advanced settings. Quick Ball (Quick Ball). Turn on

Xiaomi Mi 11 (Pro): How to take a screenshot/capture? works also for Mi 11 Ultra

After turning on, a transparent circle is displayed on the main screen, clicking on which we get the “fan” of options. This works as follows.

In addition to the blocking function, you can add other useful functions to Quick Ball, such as “Blocking”, “Return”, “Menu”, etc.

Starting with Miui 8, another way to take a screen of the screen appeared in the system. This is a gesture with three fingers. Everything that’s needed. take three fingers from the center of the screen down.

If this function is disabled, then the system will offer to activate it.

This option is not available on all devices, so if something does not work out, it is better to check this option in the settings. Additionally. Screenshot. There you will need to click on the slider so that it becomes blue.

The work of this option is presented in the animation.


Button that screenshot can be brought directly to the desktop. Activation occurs in the menu with widgets. You need to pull the desired icon on the desktop and that’s it.

How to make screenshots

An integrated application for creating screenshots can be supplemented or replaced by software from Google Play like the program “Light screenshot”.

Keyboard shortcut

A method found on all Android smartphones:

  • Unlock the phone. Click the swing of the volume down and the power button;
  • The captured picture will be displayed in the upper right corner, click on it to send, edit or delete it.

How to take screenshot in Xiaomi Mi A3. 3 Different Methods

Long Probeskrin

When you need to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 7a to save the Internet page or text document:

  • Again, use a combination of volume keys “-” and power buttons or use any of the options below;
  • Click on the “scroll” under the miniature of the screenshot, which was displayed after the creation of the screens in the upper right corner;
  • after the end of the capture, slip along the “stop”;
  • Use tools to cut the image.

Cutual system

The mentioned gesture is used not only in the line of the Xiaomi Redmi line, but also in the devices of other brands.

The speed of creating a screen depends on the load of the device: In games, the pictures will be created delayed compared to the desktop staff.

Users can change the method of creating personnel for this:

  • Pass on the “Settings”, from there to “Expanded settings”;
  • Sweet the page down, select the “buttons and gestures”;
  • Open the “screen of the screen”;
  • Install a new method of creating a screenshrow by slipping one of the proposed options.

Notifications curtain

On the phone Xiaomi provided the creation of a screenshrow with one hand:

  • Having unlocked the device, make a swipe from top to bottom;
  • Pull the window with quick access to additional functions;
  • In the curtain with functions, select a “screen of the screen”;
  • The upper tab will automatically curl up so that the smartphone takes a picture.

When the screenshop function is submitted to the second page of the notification curtain or is not at all:

  • Call the notification curtain, expand the function of the functions;
  • Make a swipe from right to left and slip along the “sorting”;
  • Sweet the page down. Pull your finger with a “screen of the screen” icon and transfer it to the first or second row.

Interactive assistant

The Xiaomi smartphones contains a touch assistant who plays the role of a fast access panel.

  • Go to “Settings”. Find the category of “special opportunities” and select “additional functions” in it.
  • Then go to the “sensor assistant”.
  • Activate the function.
  • A point for calling additional functions will appear on the screen. Tap it and click on the screenshot icon.

Using external applications

If the pre.installed functionality is not enough and there is a desire to expand the capabilities of the smartphone, then you can download additional applications for shooting the screen in Google Play, some of them have additional functionality, which can be successfully applied in work.

The most functional applications from manufacturers:

    Free and applications “Screenshot” and “Ez Screenshot”. have a sufficient set of functions to create pictures of different complexity, with the addition of marks and text.