AZ Screen Recorder

The most convenient application for smartphones on Android also works with Samsung products: with its help, the user can not only take screenshots, but also record video from the screen, as well as edit ready-made pictures.

To make a screen with AZ Screen Recorder, you need:

  • Download, install and launch the application. five round icons will appear on the left side.
  • Going to “Settings” (gear icon), set the display of finger clicks, text labels and logo on the screenshots.
  • Choose how the buttons for creating screenshots and recording video should be presented.
  • Tell the app whether to display toast notifications after each new snapshot.
  • Determine where to automatically save snapshots.
  • Internal memory (recommended) or external card.
  • Close “Settings” and click on the green button with the camera icon.
  • To temporarily hide the screen creation panel on Samsung. tap on the oblique cross to the left of the buttons.
  • And to turn it on again. by a half-hidden “video camera”.
  • When the screenshot is taken, the Samsung owner can close the program by going to Settings again and finding the Exit item in the side menu.
  • Or by tapping on the oblique cross in the notification shade.

The most significant drawback of the mobile application is the inability to set the format of the saved screen (by default it is PNG, which provides excellent quality and takes up little memory space) and its dimensions: the width and height of the image will exactly correspond to the number of pixels on the screen.

  • Any of the above methods to take a screenshot.
  • Press the “Capture Scroll” button.
  • Continue pressing until the screenshot captures all the information you need from the scroll bar, or until you reach the end.
  • Click “Save” for final gluing and saving the long screenshot.

Samsung Galaxy S6. How To Take a Screenshot

Function Keys

As before, you can take pictures of what is happening on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy, Grand Prime Duos and other models from the South Korean company using the keys located on the case.

Doing this is as easy as finding out where screenshots are saved on Windows; just hold down at the same time:

  • on all Samsung models. “Volume down” and “Screen On / Off” keys;
  • on smartphones or tablets with a physical Home button. this key and “Screen On / Off”;
  • on some older Samsung smartphones. Home and Back buttons.

As a result of user actions:

  • An icon will appear on the notification bar to notify you that the photo has been successfully created and saved.
  • The screenshot will be saved in the DCIM system folder. in a subfolder with the appropriate name.

Important: although phones running Android do not have a separate Printscreen key, you can take a picture of your device’s screen with one action, without holding several buttons at the same time. Below we will talk about alternative ways of taking screenshots.

Bixby Help

The voice assistant knows the command to take a screenshot, which means he can be asked about it. If your smartphone is paired with a smart assistant:

  • Activate it by saying clearly “Hey Bixby”.
  • Then give the command “Take a screenshot”.
  • Additionally, you can combine the two commands, for example by saying “Take a screenshot and send”.

Screenshot locations

Depending on the smartphone model, pictures can be located in the directory:

  • Device memory / Pictures / Screenshots;
  • Device memory / Pictures / ScreenCapture.

It’s easy to access them using the built-in My Files manager. And you can view the taken pictures:

  • Through the “Gallery” application, in the “Albums” tab. “Screenshots”.
  • Using “Google Photos”, in the “Photos on the device”. “Screenshots”.

Files are saved in the device memory, in PNG format

In some models of smartphones, the company introduced additional functions that directly or indirectly related to the creation or editing of screenshots (for example, the Smart Select function in the Galaxy Note line or in the Samsung Galaxy S9).

Although, as practice shows, these methods are quite enough to create screenshots on Android Samsung. But, if you want to learn more about your smartphone, or satisfy the information hunger in the field of high technologies, then add the site to your bookmarks and visit us more often.

Samsung smartphones are one of the most popular touch devices in the world, and even their owners often do not know how to take a screenshot of the screen on their smartphone or, as it is also called, a print screen. In fact, the process of creating a screenshot is extremely simple. However, it may differ depending on the device model.

How to take screenshot on Android Samsung Galaxy

Samsung products are diverse and extremely heterogeneous: the manufacturer offers some of the best smartphones up to 10,000 rubles, and premium-class devices. everything for the convenience and good mood of the consumer. There are no difficulties with setting up a smartphone or tablet: most of the options are available in one or two clicks. This also applies to the creation of screenshots; we’ll talk about the easiest and fastest ways to take a screenshot on Samsung.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)? How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)? How to save a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)?

Simplest way to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018). After saving screenshots, you can edit / share / delete saved screenshots in Android 8.0 Oreo gallery. Click here for more details on screenshots.

Third method:

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How to take a screenshot using a hand gesture

Besides hotkeys, Samsung has another cool way to take screenshots on mobile phones. Many even believe that this is the easiest way they could think of! So here it is:

  • Place your hand to the side next to the device, just slightly off the screen;
  • Swipe the entire edge of your palm from one edge of the screen to the other (left to right or right to left. your choice);

As in the case with the previous method, you will hear the sound of the camera shutter, which will confirm the successful capture of the screenshot.

This method is enabled by default, but you can deactivate it in the settings if you want.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Scroll through the list of items to the Movements section. Select the Movements and gestures item;
  • Find the point about taking a screenshot using the movement of your palm;
  • Deactivate the switch;

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7 using keyboard shortcuts

The traditional way of using hotkeys has not changed in Galaxy S smartphones for many years, so let’s repeat it:

  • Open the app or screen you want to capture;
  • Press simultaneously 2 buttons: Home (on the front side) and the power button (Power). The first time on a large phone it can be inconvenient, but you can get used to it. In a moment, you will hear the characteristic sound of the camera shutter. Your screenshot is ready!
  • You can find a screenshot using the Gallery application, or Samsung’s proprietary My files application. The full path to the screenshots folder looks like this: / pictures / screenshots.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7

Complete Guide on Three Easy Ways to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

At the end of February, the main flagships of Samsung of this year were officially presented and now, when sales have already started actively, it is time to understand the important issues of use. If you have been using Samsung smartphones for a long time, then you probably know the answer to this question. If not, then below you will find 3 simple recipes for taking screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

How to take long screenshots of an entire page on Samsung Galaxy S7

Some important things that you want to show friends and colleagues may not fit on one screen, even one as large as the Samsung Galaxy S7. For example web pages! So that you can shoot more than one screen at a time, Samsung has adapted the function from the Galaxy Note 5 and is now available in the Galaxy S7.!

  • Take a screenshot in any convenient way;
  • Click the “Capture ” button to complete the screenshot with information from the next screen;
  • Keep pressing the button until you uncheck everything you wanted;

Please note that such a screenshot from several screens can weigh a lot.!

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy

Now I will tell you how to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy and why it might even be needed. For example: 1. You want to save the text of the provocative SMS, but not on your smartphone, but in the photo. 2. You want to share information from the screen of your phone, but verbally (and at a distance) it is difficult to do it. And with the help of a photo it is very easy. To do this, we need to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy and send it to our interlocutor via Skype (by e-mail, upload on the VK website, etc.). 3. Think for yourself why you still need to make a screen on your Android.

So, briefly about how to do all this, and as a result, get a high-quality screenshot from the phone screen.

In fact, everything is surprisingly simple and is done with one press, but simultaneously two keys on your smartphone. This is the “On / Off” key, which is located on the top right of the center Back key, located at the bottom in the very middle. By pressing these two keys at the same time, you will get a high-quality screenshot from the screen of your Samsung Galaxy.

Freshly taken screenshots from your Samsung will automatically go to the “Gallery” section

Convert them with any photo editor (I use FastStone Image Viewer) to the desired format and use them for their intended purpose (for example, send to a friend).

Options for other smartphone models

Samsung Galaxy M20. on / off button and volume down button. Xiaomi Redmi. button “Volume” and “On / Off”, swap three fingers down (configurable). Android 6.0.1-7, MIUI 8.1. There are other options as well. On Android 3.2 onwards. hold the button “Recent programs” for a long time. Android 4.0. 4.2.2 (5.1). Pressing the Volume Down and Power On keys at the same time. Example: screen on Doogee X6. On the Samsung Galaxy S II. key “Home” simultaneously with “Lock” (saved, as in the above method, in the ScreenCapture folder). HTC Desire S. Power key and Home button (look in the folder with other photos). On Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. the standard combination of pressing the “Volume Down” keys simultaneously with the “On-Off”.

Do you know more ways for different smartphones. write;)

Where screenshots are stored

To view the resulting screenshot, just open the Gallery application and go to the Screenshots or Screenshots album.

Another way to quickly find a screen is as follows:

  • Launch “File Explorer” or “File Manager”.
  • Open the “Pictures” folder.
  • Go to “Screenshots”.

In the menu section that opens, screenshots will appear that have been taken over the entire time of using the smartphone.

The way to take a screenshot through the notification bar

This method will be the best way out of the situation when the smartphone buttons for some reason do not work, and the screen is not created. Alternatively, it is proposed to perform the following actions:

  • Unlock Smartphone.
  • Go to the menu section where you want to take a screenshot.
  • Lower the notification curtain with a swipe from top to bottom.
  • Click on the “Screenshot” or “Screenshot” icon.

As in the case of a snapshot via hotkeys, a notification about the creation of a screenshot will immediately appear on the screen of an Android smartphone. The resulting screen can be opened or taken another frame from this or another menu.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S21 phone

A modern smartphone has a number of useful features. For example, the owner of a mobile device can take a screenshot of the screen at any time. Performing such an operation will help when the user finds interesting information and wants to capture it. In such a situation, you do not have to photograph the screen on another device, since it will be enough to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone.

Taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S21 using the keys

The easiest way to create a screen capture is to use a specific keyboard shortcut:

  • Open the section of the menu you want to capture.
  • Hold down the power button and the lower volume rocker at the same time.
  • Wait until the information appears that the picture is ready.
  • After completing the specified actions, a graphical notification about the successful creation of the screen will appear at the bottom of the screen. The resulting frame can be immediately opened by clicking on its icon after holding down the volume down key and the power button.

    If you cannot take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S21, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the alternative button combinations that are given in this material. In addition, there are other ways to create a screen without using the phone keys.

    When to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21

    The phone manufacturer does not limit the owner with the options for creating a screen. You can take a screenshot at absolutely any time: while watching a movie, playing a game or chatting in a messenger. The main condition for taking a picture is that the smartphone must be turned on and unlocked.

    Delete or share a screenshot

    At the moment when the user opens a frame through the “Gallery” or “File manager”, the full functionality of interaction with the image appears in front of him. For example, a phone owner can delete one or several screenshots at once in a couple of clicks:


    • Open the folder where the screen is located.
    • Keep your finger on its icon.
    • Click the “Delete” button.

    Another way is to open the image itself through the “Gallery” and select the “Delete” option from the available options. After confirming the operation, the screenshot will be deleted from the phone memory.

    In the case when you need to transfer a screen through a messenger or in another way, you can use the same instructions. The only difference is that instead of pressing the “Delete” button, you need to click on “Send”, select the method of sending and the recipient’s coordinates. Thus, sending a screen is no different from sending any other image from a phone.

    How to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung Galaxy S21

    The smartphone is relatively new, the system has been familiar for a long time, the brand is familiar, the task is required quite trivial, but it so happens that the solution is somewhat non-trivial. But we were still able to learn how to take screenshots on the Galaxy S21.

    Every day we write something about Android, we test new devices almost every day, but you won’t believe it. there was a problem when trying to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone to illustrate one of our articles. It happens. What can we say about less sophisticated users?

    You pick up the device, press the usual key combination “Power” “Volume down” and nothing happens. precisely, what you expect is not happening. Instead of a screenshot, we fall into the reboot / shutdown screen of the gadget. In addition, we see that at the bottom of the screen, which we carefully block with our hand, a pop-up message flashes briefly, saying something about the screenshot.

    What to do? Let’s try again, now opening the screen for ourselves, so that when a pop-up appears, we can read what is written there. Nothing like this! The second time he does not appear. Well, do not reset to factory settings, do it!

    It turned out that Samsung was “pinned”. The screenshot is actually created using the same combination. Recall: “Power” “Volume down”, but on the Galaxy S21 this is a little specific. If on most devices you need to hold down this combination of buttons after waiting for the screenshot, then on Samsung you need to press it very quickly and lower it. And there will be a screenshot for you.

    There are alternative ways

    In addition, if for some reason the new method of taking screenshots is not very pleasant, then you can use the option Screenshot can be made with a gesture recognized by the system with One UI 3.1.

    Just slide the edge of your palm across the screen from left to right or right to left, it doesn’t matter. Voila, the screenshot is ready again!

    There is, of course, a third option, which you probably already thought of. download some application for taking screenshots from the Google Play Store. But today we will not specifically give names, because standard methods will be more convenient. But if suddenly, for some unthinkable reason, they are not for you, then the Play Store has an abundance of programs that will come to the rescue. If you use these, then share the names in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will choose the best.

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    Screenshot Galaxy S20 using smart capture / screenshot toolbar

    The next thing to know about taking screenshots on the Galaxy S20 (and older models). it’s a smart grip. now called the Screenshot Toolbar. will do a lot more for you. It’s something pretty unique to Samsung and lets you instantly do something with your screenshot instead of opening it in the gallery app.

    • Make sure Smart Capture is enabled in Advanced Capture & Screen Recording settings (it will be enabled by default)
    • When you take a screenshot (using buttons or swiping with your palm, below), you get additional options at the bottom of the page in the form of a banner (as shown above). You can draw, crop, or share, but the most useful is the scroll capture, marked with downward pointing arrows.
    • Capture scrolling by touch to include parts of the display that you can see, for example, on a long web page. this is really useful.

    Best Ways to Take Screenshot on Any Android Phone

    We will show you how to take a screenshot on Android. Choose between default shortcuts and apps to capture your Android phone.

    You have many different ways to take screenshots on your Android device. Some of them depend on the manufacturer, some are. for the entire operating system, and some rely on dedicated apps from the Google Play Store.

    It can be difficult to sort through the options and determine which one is best for your specific device. Let’s go over the most common Android screenshot capture techniques and introduce you to two of the best third-party apps.

    The first way

    This method is suitable for models without a mechanical Home button (bottom center).

    To take a screenshot, simultaneously press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons for one or two seconds.

    On the Galaxy Note 10/10, press the same buttons at the same time, but only briefly.

    Super Screenshot

    Super Screenshot is free to use and contains no ads, making it a great choice for users looking for a clean and easy-to-use screenshot app.

    Perhaps its best feature. it is the ability to crop your screenshots before they are saved in memory. It also allows you to resize pictures, draw on them, add text notes and set various filters. To achieve the same results using the standard Android method, you need to download a photo editing app.

    You can save photos directly to your phone’s SD card to save space where needed.

    You might be interested in scrolling screenshot apps and OCR based screenshot apps to help you find screenshots quickly.

    Third way

    In addition to the first two methods, you can take a screenshot with the palm of your hand, but this function is not available on all devices. For more information, see the article “How to take a screenshot with the palm of your hand”.

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A30 using the menu wizard. step by step guide

    You can also take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A30 using the Assistant menu. But for this, you will need to activate this feature first. Here’s how to do it.

    • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon to access settings. Otherwise, go to the menu and tap the “Settings” icon to access the settings.
    • In settings go to Accessibility and open it.
    • Now find Interaction and Dexterity and click on it,
    • Find the Assistant menu and switch it to blue to activate it.
    • A small help menu will appear on the screen.

    You have successfully activated the Assistant menu, you can now start taking screenshots.

    • Open the content you want to capture on the screen.
    • Click on the helper menu and click on “Screenshot”
    • The system will take a screenshot and save it to the gallery.

    Guide: How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A30

    The Samsung Galaxy A30 is a budget smartphone that comes packed with useful features out of the box that will come in handy in your daily life. The device also offers various ways to take a screenshot of the screen.

    In this guide, you will learn how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A30 in several popular ways and choose the most convenient for you.

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A30 using buttons. step by step instructions

    It’s a versatile way to take a screenshot on Android smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy A30 is no exception. If you have been using Android smartphones for a long time, you are already familiar with this method, but let’s introduce it to those who do not know it.

    • Open the content you want to capture on the screen.
    • Now press and hold the Power button and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
    • The system will take a screenshot and will be saved in the gallery.

    How to take a screenshot using a swipe on a Samsung Galaxy A30

    In this method, you swipe your palm across the screen and the system takes a screenshot. Here’s how to activate the feature on your Samsung Galaxy A30.

    • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon to access settings. Otherwise, go to the menu and tap the “Settings” icon to access the settings.
    • Find the “Additional features” section and open it.
    • Now click on the “Motions and gestures” section to open it.
    • Find Swipe to Capture and switch it to blue to enable.

    You have successfully enabled “Screenshot by Siping” on your Galaxy A30. Now you can easily take a screenshot using gestures.

    • Open the content you want to capture on the screen.
    • Place your palm on the side of the screen and drag it across the screen.
    • The system will take a screenshot and will be saved in the gallery.

    Here are three popular ways to take a screenshot on the Galaxy A30. If you have any questions please let us know in the comment section below.

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