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As a confirmation, the screen will blink 1 time, and in addition you will hear a characteristic sound. All screenshots are saved to the folder with your photos.

Now let’s look at the second way to take a screenshot.

Screenshot by pressing 2 buttons

You just need to press the lock key and “HOME” at the same time:

Screenshot via OSD

To display the menu, follow the steps:

7 Now we go to the place that needs to be filmed (for me, for example, it will be just the main screen with icons), then click on the menu icon, after which an additional menu will open.

For ready-made screenshots, you can make a beautiful frame in the shape of an iPhone. For this there is a free application called “Screenshot. Frame Maker”.

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus. how to screenshot

Making a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone in 2 ways

Taking a screenshot on iPhone is easy. The smartphone itself already has this option, and the screen photo can be taken in 2 ways: by pressing the buttons and using the additional menu (the menu itself will not be visible in the finished screenshot).

Screenshots on the iPhone can be taken for almost any task: viewing SMS messages, on the main screen with application icons, and even during photo / video shooting.

Making a frame for a screenshot in the “Screenshot. Frame Maker” program

After installing the program itself, we do the following steps:

3 A folder with your photos will open, where a ready-made screenshot should be located. We choose it.

6 Now we choose what needs to be done with the finished screen. I chose “Save to photo folder”.

Never took a screenshot on an iPhone. Now I will know how to do it. It turns out. it’s not that difficult. I usually take screenshots on my computer. For this I have a special program.

Everything is so simple, but I was tormented)), before that I only had smartphones. Setting up with the help of hints is nothing complicated.

I take a screenshot of the video on iPhone 6. In addition to the lower and upper bands with the movie player, I have an entire black screen. What to do?

iPhone 6S. How to screenshot

I just did a YouTube video screen and from the built-in camera. everything is fine. Also iPhone 6. The player is standard?

[Instructions] How to make Print Screen (screenshot) on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch?

Many users are faced with how to take a screenshot of the desktop on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. It is very easy to make a print screen (screenshot) of your iPhone, iPad, iPod desktop. To do this, we need to hold down two buttons at the right time. Home and Power, and then copy the photo we need from the memory of the gadget.

How to take a screenshot of your desktop with AssistiveTouch?

First, you need to activate the Assistive Touch button itself, if you have not activated it. To do this, follow these steps:

  • We go to the Settings of the phone / tablet / player, go to the category General. Accessibility. Assistive Touch or when entering Settings in the search term we enter “AssistiveTouch”
  • To activate AssistiveTouch, move the shortcut to the “On” position and pay attention to the appearance of a transparent black button on the screen.
  • In principle, you can already use this button to take screenshots, or in order to speed up this process (pressing in one click), you need to perform a few more steps:

In this tab, open the item “Customize the top-level menu”, select the subsection “User”, where from the list that appears, select “Screenshot”. After that, PrintScreen on your gadget will be executed after clicking on the transparent black button.

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How to take a screenshot of the desktop, screensaver, Safari page and more on iPhone X?

  • We find the information we need that we would like to take a screenshot, it can be text, a picture, a splash screen on our gadget, etc.
  • To take a screenshot of the selected area, simultaneously hold down the Power button (right) and the volume up button (left)
  • Subsequently, after the actions taken, the screen will blink white and you will see that the screenshot you have created is ready, you can find it in the general photo library.

How to take a screenshot of the desktop, screensaver, Safari page and others on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch?

  • First, we find the information that we would like to “remember” on the device, text, picture, clock, screen saver, part of a running program.
  • To take a screenshot of the selected area, simultaneously hold down the upper button (Power) and the lower button (Home)
  • Then you will see how the screen blinks completely white and when the sound is on on the phone you can hear the sound of the photo you just took.
  • The screenshot is ready
  • Go to the “Photos” application
  • Go to the “Albums” tab, then open the “Screenshots” album and select the screenshot that we need from the list

In order to copy the necessary screenshots from the phone to the computer / laptop, for this we connect our smartphone or tablet to the computer, start my computer, and the iPad or iPhone will be visible there, like a flash drive, now we will need to go in and copy the desired photo. You can also share an already created photo with other users by sending it by e-mail or using Dropbox, for this you need to click on the “square with an up arrow” in the selected item.

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How to take a screenshot of an entire page on an iPhone with iOS 13

Before iOS 11, screenshots on iPhone and iPad were just screenshots. The standard tools of the operating system did not allow cutting them, highlighting the necessary fragments, and generally editing them in any way. But with the advent of the screenshot editor, working with screenshots has become much more productive and until now has almost not caused any complaints. However, with the release of iOS 13, Apple proved that there is no limit to perfection by integrating into the OS even more advanced toolkit for working with screenshots.

An important innovation in iOS 13 is the ability to create swipeable screenshots. They are saved in PDF format, not PNG, but at the same time they allow you to capture not only the visible part of the screen, but also the one that goes beyond it. This is very convenient, for example, if you need to screenshot an open web page or a dialog in the messenger in its entirety, but you do not want to exclude important messages from the screenshot that were written a long time ago.

How to take a scrollable screenshot

After the thumbnail of the screenshot appears in the lower left corner, click on it before it disappears;

At the very top of the editing window, switch to full screen mode, as shown in the screenshot;

  • This action will open a screenshot of the entire page with the ability to scroll, enlarge, save and forward.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot save the swipeable screenshot in PNG format as before. This limitation stems from the size of the captured image, which would not only weigh an unreasonable amount, but also load the hardware of the device on which it is viewed. But such a PDF screenshot can be saved even in the memory of your iPhone, or immediately upload it to the cloud.

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    How to take a screenshot on iPhone 12, 11, XS, XR, X

    Apple’s newer phone models, iPhone 12, 11 XS, XR and iPhone X, have lost the Home button (which on previous models is used for screenshots), and therefore the method of creation has changed slightly.

    Many functions that were assigned to the “Home” button are now performed by the on / off button (on the right side of the device), it is also used to create screenshots.

    To take a screenshot on iPhone XS / XR / X, press the on / off button and the volume up button at the same time.

    It is not always possible to do this the first time: it is usually easier to press the volume up button a fraction of a second later (i.e., not quite simultaneously with the power button), also, if you hold the on / off button for too long, Siri may start (its launch is assigned hold this button).

    If you suddenly fail, there is another way to take screenshots, suitable for iPhone 12, 11, XS, XR and iPhone X. AssistiveTouch, described later in this guide.

    How to take a screenshot on iPhone 12, 11, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, and more

    If you needed to take a screenshot (screenshot) on your iPhone in order to share with someone or other purposes, it is not difficult to do this, and, moreover, there is more than one way to create such a screenshot.

    This tutorial details how to take a screenshot on all Apple iPhone models, including the iPhone 12, 11, XS, XR and X. The same methods are also suitable for taking a screenshot on iPad tablets. See also: 3 Ways to Record iPhone and iPad Screen Videos.

    Take a screenshot on iPhone 8, 7, 6s and more

    To take a screenshot on iPhone models with a Home button, just press the on-off buttons (on the right side of the phone or at the top on the iPhone SE) and the Home button at the same time. this will work both on the lock screen and in applications on the phone.

    Also, as in the previous case, if you cannot press simultaneously, try pressing and holding the on-off button, and after a split second press the “Home” button (personally, it’s easier for me).

    Screenshot with AssistiveTouch

    There is a way to take screenshots without using the simultaneous pressing of the physical buttons of the phone. the AssistiveTouch function.

    • Go to Settings. General. Accessibility and turn on AssistiveTouch (near the end of the list). After switching on, a button will appear on the screen to open the Assistive Touch menu.
    • In the Assistive Touch section, open the Top Level Menu and add the Screenshot button to a convenient location.
    • If desired, in the AssistiveTouch. Configuring Actions section, you can assign a screenshot to be taken by double or long press on the button that appears.
    • To take a screenshot, use the action from step 3 or open the AssistiveTouch menu and click on the “Screenshot” button.

    That’s all. All screenshots taken can be found on your iPhone in the “Photos” application under “Screenshots”.

    Awesome Screenshot

    Awesome Screenshot is a free extension to the Safari mobile web browser. With its help, you can take pictures of the entire page of the site opened in the browser or only its visible part.

    After installation, the program icon will not appear on the desktop. it will be hidden in the “Actions” section of the Safari browser. To activate the function of creating screenshots, go to the specified section and move the “Screenshot” slider to the “On” position.

    As soon as the picture is ready, it will be immediately sent to the mini-editor built into the program. With this editor, you can crop the edges of the image, mark the necessary places with arrows and add text labels to the picture.

    Awesome Screenshot is officially supported on devices running iOS 8: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPad, iPad Air and Air2, iPad mini, iPod Touch and more. Support for iOS 9, 10 and earlier is not declared by the manufacturer.

    How to take a screenshot with AssistiveTouch

    AssistiveTouch is a standard iOS feature for using gestures to control your device. It is inactive by default.

    To enable AssistiveTouch, go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad, open the “General” section and then. “Accessibility”. Next to the item “AssistiveTouch” (in the section “Physiology and motor skills”), check “Enabled”.

    When you do this, a floating AssistiveTouch button appears on the display (you can position it anywhere on the screen and move freely around it). Touching this button opens a menu of available actions, including the command “Take a screenshot”.

    How to take a screenshot on your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone Hacks

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    Software alternatives

    If the universal method seems inconvenient to you or one of the buttons does not work on the device, you can take a screenshot in other ways: using the operating system tool. AssistiveTouch, or third-party applications.

    Activator from Cydia (for jailbroken iPhones)

    Activator is another free app, or rather a jailbreak tweak for iPhone that allows you to take screenshots without the lock button. Rather, the creation of screens is not its main function: it simply gives the user the opportunity to assign this action, for example, to the “Home” button. And when “photographing” the screen, press only it. By the way, instead of buttons, this operation can be assigned to any gesture (swiping the screen, pinching, stretching, etc.) or movement (shaking the phone).

    Activator officially supports iOS 9 (iPhone 6s) and earlier releases of the system. IOS 10 support has not yet been announced, but will likely be implemented soon.

    How to take a screenshot on iPhone, iPad or iPod in five ways

    We recently discussed how to take a screenshot (i.e. a screenshot) of an Android smartphone or tablet. Today, in continuation of the topic, we’ll talk about how to take a screenshot on an iPhone, iPad and iPod running different versions of iOS. Consider options for all occasions.

    Universal way

    This method is called universal because it works on the vast majority of Apple devices: iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, 5s, 4, 4s, 3, iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch. The exception is the first generation iPhones, as well as the iPod Classic and Nano players.

    To “take a picture” of the screen of the “apple”, just press the combination of buttons “Lock” plus “Home” on it, hold for a second and release.

    On phones with a touch Home button (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus), press down on the Home button with moderate force. A weak touch will most likely not be recognized by the phone, and the screenshot will not work.

    While taking a screenshot, the device emits a sound reminiscent of a camera shutter and “winks” with the screen (to be more precise, the screen turns white for a second. imitating a flash). The finished photo is saved in the same folder with the photos taken by the camera.

    How to take a screenshot on iPhone via computer

    You already know that there are applications that are capable of capturing a picture of the display of a mobile device and displaying it on a computer screen. In the last article, you got acquainted with such an application for Android. Today is the line of apple gadgets, and the program in question is called Reflector.

    Reflector uses Apple’s standard AirPlay technology, which enables wireless media streaming from one device to another. For example, from an “apple” or “apple tablet” to the PC screen. It simply emulates an AirPlay receiver, even on devices that do not support this technology.

    The function that allows us to take a screenshot from the iPhone or iPad is called “video replay”. a dynamic repetition of everything that happens on the display of the gadget in a separate window on the PC.

    So, to “screenshot” the iPhone via Reflector, do the following:

    • Install the application on your computer.
    • Make sure your mobile device and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • On the iPhone (iPad), go to the “Control Center”, open the “AirPlay” section and select the computer as the signal receiver. Activate video replay here (slide the slider to the “On” position).
    • After these manipulations, a window in the form of an iPhone or iPad will open on the PC screen, inside which everything that happens on the gadget display will be displayed.
    • Reflector has a built-in function for recording video from a mobile device (the “Start recording” command in the context menu), and to take a screenshot, you just need to freeze the frame and use any tool that is on your PC (for example, the Scissors application in Windows or the AltPrintScreen hotkeys ).

    Reflector is compatible with all iOS releases from 5th (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4c, 1st generation iPad, 3rd generation iPod Touch and newer).

    The Reflector installer comes in four flavors. for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, and Android. The app is paid but inexpensive. for mobile devices. The free trial version is valid for 7 days, but it will not be possible to use it during this short period. When recording video from the screen, the program displays its logo on its background, which cannot be removed without activation. Therefore, those who are determined to use it face some expenses or searches for old versions, where such an outrage has not yet happened.

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