How to take a screenshot on iPad 2020?

  • Press the top button and the volume up button at the same time.
  • Release both buttons quickly.
  • After taking a snapshot, a thumbnail will temporarily appear in the lower left corner of the screen. To view the photo, tap on a thumbnail, and swipe left to remove the thumbnail from the screen.

How to make a screenshot on iPad 2018?

To take a screenshot on the 2018 11-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, hold down the Top button and the Volume up button at the same time. If you have an old iPad Pro with a Home button, you need to hold it down at the same time as the Power button. If sound is enabled on your iPad Pro, you will hear a distinctive camera shutter sound.

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How to Record Screen Video on iPad?

  • Go to Settings and open the “Control Center”.
  • Click “Customize Controls”.
  • Pay attention to the list ” controls”, there you will see the item “Screen recording”.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung if the home button does not work?

This method is suitable for Samsung smartphones and tablets without a mechanical Home button (bottom center). To take a screenshot, press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. On some models, these buttons must not only be pressed at the same time, but also held for one or two seconds.

How to Record iPhone Screen Video with Sound?

Open Control Center and hold down the record switch. you will see a button to activate the microphone. 3. When recording the screen, set the volume to maximum and the sound will be recorded through the iPhone microphone.

How to take a picture on the screen?

If you want to take a screenshot of the active window (program) only, press “Alt” and “Print Screen” on the computer at the same time; Alt, Print Screen and Fn are on laptop. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. Now you can paste it into a letter, photo editor or Word (press simultaneously the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons).

How to take a screenshot on iPad

Similarly, you can take a screenshot on iPad mini (iPad mini) and on the new iPad Pro (iPad Pro).

And if you have a computer from Apple. Macbook, iMac or Mac mini, then you can find out how to take a screenshot on any of them in one of our previous articles.

You can take a screenshot: an image showing how the screen looks at the moment, or record actions on the screen, and then send to other users or use in documents.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on iPad

Taking a screenshot on the new iPad Pro is not the same as before. This is not surprising, because the new tablet does not have a Home button.

To take a screenshot, simultaneously hold down the power and volume up buttons. just like on the iPhone XS and other Apple bezel-less smartphones.

Go to the screen you want to capture.

Move the switches to the required position, enable specific functions or activate other features that you want to show in the screenshot.

Press the power and volume up buttons at the same time.

The screen will blink white, you will hear a shutter sound if the minimum volume is not set on the tablet, and the screenshot is ready.

The thumbnail of the screenshot you just took will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on it and you will be taken to the familiar editing menu and can add any marks you want to the snapshot. [i]

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The user of any electronic gadget, sooner or later, but most likely will need to take a screenshot of the screen of his device, and iPad users are no exception.

The reasons can be very different. to send a friend the results in the game, to save important data when there is absolutely no time to copy or write them, as well as many other cases when you need to take a screenshot on your tablet. Therefore, it is advisable to know in advance how to do this in order not to waste time in an urgent situation.

You will learn exactly how to take a screenshot on the iPad in this small instruction.

Recently, we have already talked about how to take a screenshot of the screen on an iPhone. In the tablets of the “apple” company, the process, in principle, is not particularly different. Following these instructions, you can take a screenshot on any version of iPad, from the very first iPad 1 to the new iPad Pro.

The iOS mobile operating system has built-in tools for taking screenshots, so you don’t need any additional applications, and the process itself is quite simple and can be solved by pressing just a couple of buttons, so anyone can handle this task without any problems.

Take a screenshot

Do one of the following:

Models with a Home button. Press and then release the Home button and the top button at the same time.

Other models. Press the top button and the volume up button at the same time.

Tap the screenshot in the lower left corner, then tap Done.

Choose “Save to Photo” or “Remove Screenshot”.

If you save the photo, you can view it in the Screenshots album in the Photos app, or in the All Photos album if you are using iCloud Photos.

Advice. To quickly create a PDF file from a web page, document, or email, take a screenshot, tap a thumbnail, then tap the Entire Page option

Create screen recording

You can create screen recording, including audio, on your iPad.

Go to Settings Control Center Customize Controls and tap the button next to Screen Recording.

Open Control Center, tap the button. then wait for the three second countdown to end.

To stop recording, open Control Center, tap the red status button or menu at the top of the screen, then tap the Stop button.

Open the Photos app. then select screen recording.

How to make a print screen with AssistiveTouch on iPad

Despite the fact that the control of the option to save screenshots is quite simple, it is still less convenient than on other devices. The difficulty is that you have to use two hands at once to create a picture, and this is not always possible. That is why Apple, in order to keep up with competitors, decided to offer its users a simplified option for fixing the picture on the display. To do this, you can use the Assistive Touch feature that users love on iPad. The step-by-step instruction for creating screenshots includes several steps:

  • First you need to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of this function and enter the settings in order to activate it (in the general menu, select the item “Universal access”, and then the desired option is there).
  • There is a power lever next to Assistive Touch, you need to press it.
  • In the same window on the iPad, you need to go to the item with the name “Top Level Menu”.
  • A button with a picture of a user with a star will appear in the menu that opens, you must click and activate the function of creating screenshots.

After all these manipulations, you can normally take pictures from the display by pressing only the Assistive Touch button. This is a more convenient built-in function than the standard keyboard shortcut. Therefore, most users use it to create screenshots.

How to take a screenshot on iPad mini

For iPad mini owners, simply save the screen image they want. To do this, you just need to know the specifics of controlling the function on devices of this type. The instructions for iPad mini are almost the same as for other Apple devices:

  • At the bottom of the device, you need to find the Home button.
  • Hold it down and at the same time click on the lock key.

That’s it, the screenshot is ready. you can go to watch, send, change it, if necessary. You can also rename, trim, move the file to any other folder so as not to accidentally delete it during the regular cleaning of the device.

There is an alternative option for Apple iPad mini owners, which can be used for the convenience of saving pictures. It is any of the dozens of variations available in the Apple Store. Typically, such programs run in the background and can be used to create screenshots even when watching videos or playing games.

Attention! The user who installed the application for creating screenshots can independently set the path for saving the received files in the settings. This will greatly facilitate the management of images and their search.

What is Screenshot or Screenshot on iPad

The function of taking screenshots is not new, it has been around for decades and was first used in technology running on the Windows operating system. Android developers have also successfully implemented this option in their devices and Apple decided to keep up.

The standard combination of buttons for creating a screen

The earliest iPhones and iPads had a separate Home button that was used to capture screenshots. It was only necessary to hold it and at the same time press the lock key once. The image was saved automatically. But later, gadget developers improved some functions and such a simple and familiar technology has lost its relevance on many new devices.

Since it is sometimes necessary to take a screenshot of the screen on the iPad for further processing or sending to other users, they often use specialized programs that greatly facilitate the task. Regardless of which device they are installed on, they can be used to take screenshots with just one click. over, the software allows you to choose the format for saving the images received from the screen, crop them immediately and use other tools: add text, stickers, edit pictures.

Attention! Such applications are especially convenient for MacBook Air and Pro users, which are used to create infographics, step-by-step instructions for applications, reviews. An ordinary user does not need to understand professional software.

How to take a screenshot on iPad. detailed instructions

Appliances from Apple have the same capabilities as the usual smartphones and tablets on Android, the only difference is the interface and methods of controlling gadgets. You can also take a screenshot on the iPad, just like on other devices with a different operating system. But you can only learn how to take a screenshot on an iPad if you know its model. Different gadgets have different control methods. Below is detailed information on all models.

How to take a screenshot on iPad

Each model from Apple has its own distinctive characteristics, unique functions and control methods, so there is no universal instruction that would work on all devices. That is why you need to know how to make a screen on an iPad of a specific model, so that at any moment when this option comes in handy, you can use it. In the very first models, a single, universal instruction was used for a long time, which worked for almost all mobile devices from Apple. Everything was extremely simple:

  • It was necessary to open on the screen the program or page on the network that needed to be fixed.
  • After that, press the “Home” key (on different models of the device, its location may differ).
  • Then press the power off button just once.

Immediately after these simple manipulations, if the silent mode is not selected on the device, the shutter is heard, and the screen blinks white for a minute and a shortcut with a thumbnail of the picture is displayed at the top, which also indicates the current date and exact time of the file creation. If you want, you can click the shortcut to view and make sure that the program saved the desired image correctly. The quality of photos obtained by the standard method is not worse than when using special software.

For MacBook owners, the task of saving the screen image is simplified, there is a universal key combination. CommandShift3. Pressing these buttons simultaneously captures the image of the entire screen at the time of pressing and saves it in JPG format.

Attention! On MacBook Air and Pro, it is possible to take a picture of only a small part of the screen, that is, a selected area. To do this, in a standard combination, you need to hold down the 4 key, instead of the three.

How to take a screenshot on iPad Pro

Before making the first screen on iPad, you need to read the instructions. Users who have been using Apple gadgets for more than a year usually intuitively navigate all the functions and find them even after buying a new model. But for those who have just started to master this technique, there is a ready-made instruction. Here’s a step-by-step algorithm on how to take a screenshot on the iPad Pro screen:

  • The first step is to open the desired function or application that you want to capture in the picture.
  • It is worth fixing the desired part on the screen, since the screenshot will display the exact picture displayed at the time the function is activated.
  • It is necessary to hold down the power button and volume control, and this must be done at the same time.
  • Immediately after successfully pressing two keys, the screen should momentarily light up white, and the device itself should emit a characteristic click sound at this moment.
  • The screenshot is taken, it is automatically saved in the device memory in the folder specified for storing screenshots by default.

Immediately after the print screen was taken on this iPad model, its thumbnail appears in the upper left corner of the screen. You can click on it and the saved image will open, which can be edited if necessary, renamed or sent in a message.

Important! This device has exactly the same control of the screenshot function as in the popular iPhone XS models.

Where is the captured screenshot saved to iPad

All screenshots on iPad are automatically saved to the specified root folder. Usually it has the name “Screenshots”, but if necessary, you can go to the settings menu and select other options to change.

Screenshots can also be saved to cloud storage, but this requires the use of special software. For example, the Joxy program is the best option for those who need to make such pictures often. In order not to clog the device memory, you can send them immediately “to the cloud” and at the same time not worry about the safety and security of information.

Attention! Those users who have iCloud are automatically synchronized with their other devices running on iOS, so you can take screenshots on one gadget, but still have access to saved pictures on other tablets or smartphones.

There is nothing difficult in saving screen images on Apple devices. Problems can arise only due to the fact that the option is activated by different key options on each model. That is why the manufacturer recommends that immediately after purchasing the device, read the translation of the official instructions for it, so that you can use all the functions of the gadget to the maximum from the very first days.

How to take a screenshot on iPad

Taking a screenshot on the iPad is a very popular feature among users. It is very convenient to be able to take a screenshot and share the image with your contacts. Or, with the help of a screenshot, fix some kind of application error and demonstrate it to the developer. By default, the user has this option on the iPad without installing a third-party application from the App Store collection. In this article I will tell you how to take a screenshot on the iPad.

Screenshot with iTools

Owners of Apple gadgets can boast of their advantage over the owners of Android devices. Only they have the ability to use the iTools file manager to create a screenshot. Such screenshots are of high quality and are saved in png format.

First you need to download and open iTools on your computer, connect it to your iPad via a USB cable. After that, the screen of the iPad connected to the PC will be displayed on the computer monitor. To create a screenshot in the program interface on a PC, you need to click on the “Screenshot” button. If the user does not have a task to save a screenshot on a computer, but only needs the contents of the clipboard for use on a tablet, then you need to select the appropriate parameter in the menu item to the right of the “Screenshot” button.

IPad Standard Features

Tablet owners do not need to go to App Store. You can create a screenshot by using the physical buttons of the device. “Power” and “Home”. To create a screenshot, you must press a combination of these buttons. The screenshot will be automatically saved to your tablet’s Media Library:

The next step is to go to the “” section:

Note! Only owners of gadgets with iOS have the ability to edit and save the screenshot after making edits.

You can also take a picture of the screen using a combination of buttons, then click on the thumbnail image to enter the edit mode. To make additions to the screenshot, you can use a set of tools: for drawing, adding autoshapes and text fragments.

In the window that opens, you need to select the path to the folder where the file is saved and click on “Save”. By default, the file is saved in png format.

Important! If you set “Screenshot” in the “One touch” setting instead of the “Open menu” value, then the virtual button on the desktop will function only as a screenshot, and there will be no need to travel through all the sections of the menu of this function. This value should be selected if the AssistiveTouch button will only be used to capture an image of the tablet screen. In other cases, it is better not to change the “Open Menu” value.

How To Screenshot On iPad Air 4!

Taking a screenshot on iPad

The process of capturing the screen on a tablet is not very different from that on an iPhone. Taking and editing screenshots on iPad is also a standard iOS feature.

IPad Standard Features

When creating a screenshot on the iPad, third-party applications are usually not used, since standard functions allow not only capturing the screen, but also changing the resulting screenshot in a special editor.

The easiest and fastest way, requiring only the availability of functional “Power” and “Home” buttons. Click on them at the same time, and the screenshot will be automatically saved in the device’s Media Library.

After that, by going to “Photos” and clicking on the screenshot taken, you can go to the editing section by clicking on “Edit” in the upper right corner.

In iOS 11 and higher, the developers added the ability to edit the screenshot after it was created and then saved. The capture also occurs using a combination of buttons, after which a thumbnail appears in the lower left corner, clicking on which, the user will go to the editing window. Here you can use special drawing tools and add text, caption and various shapes to the picture.

Editing brightness, adding effects, cropping images will not work here. To do this, go to “Photos”, click on the desired screenshot and click “Edit”.

After that, you can click the “Done” button to save to the “Photos” section of the iPad or “Share”. In the latter case, the screenshot can be sent by mail, in notes, social networks and for printing.

If for some reason the buttons for performing the method do not work, go to the next step.


If the user does not want to use the standard keyboard shortcut “Power” “Home” or the buttons are currently broken, then there is another way out. To do this, you must activate the function of displaying a virtual button on the screen. It is also used if you want to control the device through gestures.

Go to “Basic”. “AssistiveTouch”.

Slide the switch to the right to activate the function. Make sure that the Open Menu option is selected in the Action Settings under One Touch. Now a so-called virtual button has appeared on the right side of the screen. Click on it. In the menu that appears, tap on “Apparatus”.

Here we need the item “Screenshot”. If you click on it, the system will automatically capture. The user will hear a distinctive sound. You can edit the resulting screen by clicking on its icon in the lower left corner. How to do this and save the result, we described above in the paragraph about creating a standard screenshot.

Please note that if you set the function “One Touch”. “Screenshot” in the settings, the virtual button on the desktop will immediately automatically take a screenshot. The user does not need to go to special sections in the menu. This option is useful if the button will only be used for capture. In other cases, it is better to leave “Open Menu”.

Taking a screenshot on iPad

Using iPad, you can save important information from a website, social network or messenger by taking a screenshot. This does not require third-party apps from the App Store.

Using a computer

Many people mistakenly believe that a screenshot can only be taken using the device itself. The iTools file manager provides its users with the functions of creating and saving screenshots from iPad in PNG format, which ensures a high-quality image.

  • Download and open iTools and connect iPad to computer via USB cable.
  • The screen of the connected iPad will appear in the program. Click Screenshot. If you do not need to save the screen to your computer, but copy it to the clipboard, select the appropriate option in the menu by clicking on the arrow next to the “Screenshot” section.

In the window that opens, select the save folder and click “Save”. The screenshot will be with the PNG extension.

In the article, we analyzed not only the standard ways to take a screenshot on the iPad using the device itself and the computer, but also the ability to edit pictures and save them.

For iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 plus

Updated and more current models are able to take a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone in the same way. The required combination of buttons. “Home” “Power”.

screenshot, ipad

The difference lies in the location of the last key. in this case, the display lock button is installed on the right side of the phone.

Ways to Take Screenshots on Different iPhone Models

Any modern gadget is endowed with the function of photographing the screen. Any photo of the screen on a tablet or smartphone can have: a web page, a desktop, a full-screen application. For iPhone owners, manufacturers offer many ways to create screenshots.

For iPhone X

Version X involves taking a photo with a different combination. For this you need:

  • Prepare display.
  • Open the required web page or application that runs in full screen mode.
  • Then press and hold “Volume Up”, “Power”.
  • A screenshot successfully created using iOS tools is accompanied by a flash of the screen, a sound signal.

Taking a long screenshot

Elongated snapshots are screenshots of site pages, a long list, personal correspondence. It is not always possible to fit such images into the format of a regular photo. You can create scrolling snapshots using the free Tailor app. This requires:

How to take a screenshot on your iPad

  • Download the program via AppStore.
  • Take some regular screenshots of the required page on iPhone 5 or other device models. Images must be overlapped: the bottom of the previous picture should duplicate the top of the next.
  • Next, you need to launch the application, allowing the program to access graphic files stored in the iPhone memory.
  • The program itself recognizes similar photos, then performs the “gluing” of the pictures.

Screenshot by pressing two buttons

The simplest method is a combination of phone control buttons. Modern and outdated devices support this method of photographing the display. The keyboard shortcut depends on the smartphone model.

For iPhone 4, 4S, 5S, 5SE

You can take a screenshot on iPhone as follows:

  • Prepare the gadget screen.
  • Disable extraneous programs.
  • Remove labels that make it difficult to read the future image.
  • Hold the key combination “Home” “Power”.
  • Hold buttons for 1-2 seconds.
  • There will be enough information that the screen has been created. blinking screen, camera shutter sound.

Screen capture

Apple technology owners sometimes need to capture part of a working display on an iPad. Such needs arise from large screens, and also in cases where scaling of a full-screen application is not possible (error messages, desktop state). Manufacturers suggest taking a screenshot on an iPad, then “cropping” the borders using a basic image editor. Sequencing:

  • Display the desired picture or “Status Indicator” on the display.
  • Open a newly created snapshot with a standard viewer.
  • Select the “Change” option located under the top panel of the gadget.
  • The main window of the photo editor will open. Activate the “Cropping” function, the icon of which is at the bottom of the display.
  • At the end of scaling in the editor, select “Save”.

Usually the phone saves two images. original and edited.