What is a long screenshot (scrolling)

Before moving on to the question, it should be clarified what a long scrolling screenshot is. This term means a screen shot that allows you to capture not only the visible area of ​​the page, but also its hidden part in one frame. A similar function is useful if the need arises:

  • capture a long dialogue or SMS-correspondence, several posts in the feed, a list of contacts;
  • save the entire article or web page;
  • capture all program settings with one photo.

Taking screenshots, especially from mobile screens, is a useful feature. Until recently, it had one significant drawback: an image or text stretched over several screens had to be removed in parts and subsequently joined together.

On Xiaomi

Despite the fact that these devices are running Android, the instructions for taking a long screenshot will be slightly different. At the same time, it does not require the execution of any complex actions. The procedure is as follows:

  • First, you need to display the page to be saved;
  • Then take a normal picture using the same standard keys;
  • When you hear a click, a miniature copy will appear in the upper right area of ​​the display;
  • You need to quickly touch her so that she does not disappear;
  • In the displayed window for managing the created photo, select the “Advanced” option;
  • The image will begin to slide down gradually. You can wait until the page has completely scrolled, or you can stop it by clicking the “Finish” button.

This completes the process of creating a long screen. For the correct execution of the procedure, it is advisable to use the built-in browser.

Screenshot Touch

Another fun application that can take screenshots and capture screens in video format. When photographing a web page in its own browser, it is able to capture the entire amount of information.

There are several ways to take a screenshot of your phone screen:

  • by tapping the icon in the notification area;
  • by overlaying the program icon on the shooting area;
  • shaking the apparatus.

The photographing of the web page is done as follows:

  • Open the program and launch the browser;
  • Insert the URL into the search box and go to the web resource;
  • Start shooting by clicking on the application icon, which is located near the settings menu.

After completing the operation, go to the editor to correct images using the built-in tools: cropping, cloning and rotating images, adding text, drawing, geometric shapes.

Unlike previous programs, the user can independently select the path and folder for storing ready-made screenshots.

On Honor

The built-in “Long Screenshot” function is also present on Honor smartphones. The process of creating an elongated snapshot that allows you to capture not only the visible area of ​​the screen, but also cover the hidden part of the page, consists of several stages:

  • First, all the actions are performed as when creating a regular screenshot (the keys are held down until a characteristic click appears);
  • As soon as the picture is taken, its preview appears on the screen, that is, a small copy;
  • Now you need to go to the bottom settings panel and find and activate the “Long screenshot” option in the right corner;
  • The actual process of creating a “Long Screenshot” will start, while the screen will slowly scroll down;
  • Depending on which part of the text you want to cover, you should choose one of two options: stop at the right moment or wait until the operation is complete.

As soon as the screen stops moving, the picture is ready.

How to take a screenshot on Android Honor

Taking screenshots (screenshots) is a great opportunity to save useful information placed on the smartphone screen for later personal use or sending to other people. It can be some pictures, texts of correspondence on social networks, instructions and other useful information. How to take a screenshot on Honor (Huawei)?

There are at least three ways to take screenshots:

  • via the quick access panel;
  • using mechanical keys;
  • swipe with three fingers;

Method 2. using mechanical keys

The second method is suitable for gamers (although, due to its convenience, it is used by a huge number of people who have nothing to do with games), since most games block the notification curtain and it is impossible to get to the “Screenshot” button.

In this case, to take a screenshot, you must simultaneously hold down the power button together with the volume down button. The method is universal and works on all Android smartphones.

Method 1. through the quick access bar

The easiest way is a special button on the quick access panel in the notification shade.

screenshot, android, honor

It is enough to open the shutter and click on “Screenshot”, after which the picture will be created and saved in the device’s memory.

Method 3. swipe with three fingers

The third method is not very popular, but it also has a right to exist. To take a screenshot, you need to swipe down (swipe) from the top of the screen with three fingers.

How to Take Screenshot on Honor 9 Lite

This option can initially be disabled in the smartphone and requires activation for its operation.

To do this, go to the settings of the mobile device and in the “Management” section, select the item “Movements”.

In the window that opens, click on “Screenshot with three fingers” and activate the switch near the item of the same name.

It is worth noting that each screenshot takes 150-450 kilobytes (and long ones can even take several megabytes), which over time will lead to the filling of the internal memory of the smartphone. Therefore, it is better to delete unnecessary screenshots as soon as there is no longer a need for them.

You can find screenshots saved on your phone in the Internal memory \ Pictures \ Screenshots folder.

How to take a screenshot on Honor?

A screenshot of the screen is an image that accurately conveys everything that the user sees on the display at the time of taking a screenshot. Overall, the feature is very useful. A screenshot of the screen can be created on any Android smartphone, and the “recipe” for creation may vary. How it works on Honor smartphones?

Using the curtain

Swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom to trigger the curtain. Find the “Screenshot” icon in the curtain and click on it once to take a screenshot.

In this case, the curtain can be called in any application. Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way.

Knuckle screenshot

With this method, you can take a screenshot by swiping your knuckle across the display. Doesn’t work on all firmwares.

Find the section “Management” and go to it.

The functional description is in front of you.

Click on them at the same time and wait about a second until you see the created image on the screen.

If the sound is on, you will also hear a corresponding click.

How to make a screenshot on an Honor phone

There are several ways to take a screenshot of the home screen on Honor phones:

  • use of buttons;
  • fast access;
  • using three fingers;
  • use of knuckles.

Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

What is a long screenshot, how to take it

Honor phones have the option to create a long screen. Its peculiarity is that with the help of special actions it is possible to capture even an invisible part of the display. To create such an image, follow a series of steps:

  • Use any of the above methods for Honor (except for the knuckle screen).
  • Click on the preview that appears at the bottom left of the display.
  • In the menu below, select the Long Screenshot section (bottom right).
  • Scroll through the area you want to save. The movement starts automatically and can be stopped at any time. To do this, just touch the screen with your finger.

In this way, it is easy to photograph the required part of the Honor display. As in previous cases, the data is saved on the internal memory of the device.

Using the buttons

Many people still use the standard way of creating screenshots. using a combination of buttons. It is convenient, because there is no need to install additional settings and install applications. the option is available “out of the box”. To take a screenshot on your Honor phone, find the image you are interested in. Then follow these steps:

  • Hold down power and volume down at the same time.
  • Wait for the click (should appear in a few seconds).
  • Pay attention to the animation indicating that the image is frozen.
  • Go to the Gallery section and find the picture you made earlier.
screenshot, android, honor

In the future, the image received on Honor can be sent, processed, transferred to other devices and other tasks.

Where to find screenshots

In all smartphones running the Android operating system, screenshots are stored in the Screnshots folder, which is located in the Pictures directory of the device’s root directory. There are two ways to access them.

  • From the gallery. After creating at least one screen, the corresponding subsection will appear in it.
  • Using a file manager. Screenshots can be opened directly from the folder in which they are stored. This is done using a preinstalled or third-party file manager (i.e. explorer).

The latter method is preferable, since it allows you to perform much more actions with images.

Screenshot through the notification shade

Honor and Huawei smartphones with proprietary EMUI and Magic UI skins have the ability to create a screen through the notification curtain. To do this, you need to make sure that the information necessary for copying is on the screen, and then:

  • Open the notification shade with a swipe down.
  • Click on the “Screenshot” button.

Done! The captured snapshot is now available for viewing and editing in the gallery.

Screenshot on Huawei using hotkeys

If at the moment on the screen of your mobile device there is something that needs to be captured, then simultaneously hold down the power button and the volume down key for about 2 seconds, after which a sound signal will sound and a notification about saving the image will appear. The saved screenshot can be viewed by going to the gallery.

Also, with the screenshot just taken, you can perform some actions:

  • Send. instantly share the captured area of ​​the screen using instant messengers, or send it wirelessly.
  • Edit. edit the image in the built-in editor, resize it, add text, etc.
  • Long screenshot. if the displayed area does not fit the screen and you need to scroll to view it.

As an illustrative example, you can see how to take a screenshot on Honor10 in the video below:

Smart screenshot function

In the more expensive Huawei and Honor models, you can perform various actions with your knuckles. Among these there is also the “Smart Screenshot” function. To activate, go to Settings. Management. Movements and find this item there. After activating it, you can quickly take a screenshot on Honor and Huawei simply by double-tapping the screen with your knuckle. It is also possible to select a specific area of ​​the screen by drawing a closed circle or square with your knuckle. The selected area can be edited by increasing its size and shape.

How to take a screenshot on Huawei and Honor

Quite often, the user needs to take a screenshot of the screen on Huawei and Honor. For example, you have installed a new theme, a splash screen on the main screen, or your smartphone displays incomprehensible messages, and you need to quickly share this right now. then the help in this situation will be provided by such a function as a screenshot of the screen in the Huawei and Honor phones. In fact, everything is quite simple: we take a screenshot, find it in the gallery and share the finished image. There are several options for taking a screenshot and in this manual we will take a closer look at the most popular.

Taking a screenshot using the icon in the notification shade

You can also quickly take a screenshot by going to the notification shade by swiping from the top of the screen. Among the quick launch icons for various functions, there is also a “Screenshot” button. Just click on it and get what you want.

Screenshot by swiping across the screen with three fingers

In some inexpensive models, there is the ability to take a screenshot using three fingers simultaneously swiping across the screen. Just swipe three fingers from top to bottom on the running screen at the same time.

How to take a screenshot on Honor?

If the question arose to take a screenshot, then we recommend following simple guidelines. In fact, it is quite easy to take a picture of the screen. The movement algorithm is the same, the main thing is to remember the combination. Now you will not need to save information, waste time saving the file, and then look for where you saved it. The screenshot will be sent directly to the “Gallery”, and a notification will be displayed at the top. There are several ways to perform an action.

  • The first and easiest option to create a screenshot is to press a key combination on the device. Simultaneously hold down the “Volume Down” and “Power On” buttons with your fingers. In a second, you will receive a notification about saving the image to the mobile gallery;
  • Another way is to find the function to automatically create a screen photo. Often, the button is located on the control panel, which opens with one click on the device. Look for a key called “Screenshot” and feel free to press it. In addition, this method will allow you to select the area to save, in contrast to the first, where the entire picture is saved;
  • Thanks to advanced technology, Honor phones let you take a photo of your desktop with your knuckles. To do this, lightly touch the screen. Next, the scan area will be highlighted by the cursor. Click “Ok” if you are satisfied or edit it. Now it is convenient to photograph certain files or parts of something;
  • Try also pressing the file with three fingers at the same time to scan. Then you will receive a notification about the successful completion of work with the program;
  • Another option involves downloading a special application from the Internet. Here you can not only take a screenshot, but also edit it. Convenient for a variety of images.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on Honor phones

How to take a screenshot on Honor is a question that the owner of a smartphone may ask if it is necessary to urgently send important information. Any modern Android can take a picture, text, address placed on the smartphone screen. Honor phones, be they models 7a, 8x, 9, 9 lite, 10 can do this with ease. With this function you can share useful information or news with your friends.

How to make a long screen?

Have you seen the title “Long Screenshot” on the Internet, but don’t know what it is? The long screenshot function helps you take a photo of any image, regardless of the screen size. For example, keep correspondence at work. In this regard, a long screenshot is irreplaceable. You can take a screenshot of the screen on Honor by following these steps:

  • decide on the file for the screenshot;
  • there is only one way to take a photograph of a long image. Find the “Screenshot” icon on the Control Panel, click on it and go to the menu;
  • choose the “Long Screenshot” function, it is built-in on Honor’s model;
  • set the screenshot area by selecting the beginning and end of the image;

Honor 9X (3 Ways To Take A Screenshot Share & Edit Them)

  • the screen photo is ready and saved in the “Gallery” folder.

This is how easy it is to share information from the screen with friends and colleagues.

How to make a long screen

Now let’s figure out how to take a long screenshot on Honor 8 Lite or another model that supports this feature. You can also use the Knuckle Sense technology for this (it is assumed that you have already activated it as described above).

The easiest option is to touch the screen with your knuckle, and then, pressing it tightly, slide it across the display in the form of the Latin letter “S”. It is not required to strictly adhere to the form, the smartphone quite confidently recognizes arbitrary spelling.

After releasing your finger, the system will switch to the mode of taking a long screenshot: the image will automatically scroll, capturing successively screen after screen. If you want a snapshot of the entire page, wait for the process to complete. If, for example, half is enough, touch the screen again at the moment when the desired part is captured. Then you can edit / save / send it as usual.

An alternative way to launch long shot mode is to knock twice to bring up a screenshot, and then click on the icon at the bottom right. Scrolling will start similar to the previous method.

Finally, you can hold down the volume down and power keys. Further actions are the same as when calling through tapping.

Screenshot with Knuckle Sense

If you don’t like the standard method, you should master the proprietary approach, like taking a screenshot of the screen on an Honor phone. The technology is called Knuckle Sense and involves the use of gesture control. Please note that for the first time the technology was presented only in Honor 8, it will not work on earlier models of the line.

Before taking a screenshot on Android Honor with a gesture, you first need to activate the corresponding item in the settings (on some models it is already enabled by default): open the control section using gestures and enable “smart” screenshots. By the way, this same setting makes it possible to remove a part of the display or save several scrolls of the screen to a file (for example, if you want to get a screenshot for a long page on the site).

After activating the function to take a screenshot, just tap the display twice with your knuckle. A preview window will appear where you can save the snapshot, make changes, or immediately share it.

Sensitivity may vary depending on the smartphone model. Somewhere a very light tapping is enough, so that sometimes false positives occur during normal typing. Somewhere on the contrary, you need to quite seriously venerate the knuckle. It is recommended to start with light taps and gradually increase the force in order to find a comfortable level for you, at which the smartphone will reliably detect the gesture.

How to take screenshot on Huawei Honor

Popular lines of smartphones often have specific features. Huawei developers have made the creation of screenshots such a convenient and memorable “chip”. In this article, we’ll look at how to take a screenshot on Honor 10, 9, 9 Lite, 8, 8 Lite, 7, 7a, 7c, 7x, 6, 5 using standard and non-standard methods, as well as how to capture only part of the display, or vice versa. take off a long page.

First, we list the different options for implementing this function:

  • hold down a special key combination (a universal method for most devices, including Huawei Honor 8, for example);
  • use the proprietary development of Knuckle Sense (a more modern version, it will work on Huawei Honor View 10);
  • apply the button in the system menu;
  • install a dedicated screen capture app.

In all cases, you can find ready-made files through the gallery.

Using the button in the menu

Another option, how to take a screenshot on Honor 10, is available through the menu shade. For this, a special screenshot icon is used.

It brings up the same preview menu as other methods.

How to take screenshot in Huewai Honor 7S

How to take a partial screenshot on Huawei Honor

A more interesting use of gesture control is to remove a partial screen, as can be done on Honor 9. Pre-activation is performed in the same way as in the previous paragraph.

To obtain a part of the image, you need to open the desired screen, and then press your finger firmly against the display and trace the desired area, returning to the starting point of the touch. It is best to use your knuckle for this purpose, this will make it easier for the phone to recognize the contour.

In the preview window, a colored outline will show the area you selected. You can leave it as it is, or you can use the icons at the top to get, for example, a heart shape or a circle. The size of the selection can also be adjusted by stretching or shrinking the borders.

The finished picture can also be saved, edited or forwarded.

How to take a screenshot on Honor by holding the buttons

The most common option, since it allows you to make a screen on both Android Honor 5 and later models. It is based on the traditional method for Android OS, namely, simultaneously pressing the device power and volume keys.

It is advisable to combine the time of holding down the power button and volume down. In practice, you can press the keys and with a small time interval. To master this method, how to take a screenshot on Honor 6 or any other device, it is recommended to practice. someone’s system immediately reports about the picture, some smartphone owners get it after 3-5 attempts.

screenshot, android, honor

The way how to take a screenshot of the screen on a phone in Android 9, which will receive Honor 9 Lite, 8 Pro and more advanced devices of the line, is implemented in a slightly different way. In it, the creation of a screenshot is called through the menu, which is shown by pressing the shutdown button for a few seconds.

Using App Screenshot Easy

If the previous options, how to take a screenshot on Honor 7 or other devices of the line, are not suitable. use special applications. For example, Screenshot Easy (https://goo.gl/oviiur) allows you to capture an image or video from the display, and you can customize the capture in a variety of ways.

Also, the program has rich capabilities for editing the finished screenshot.