Taking a screenshot on Samsung devices (instructions)

Communicating on the Internet today requires not only the ability to correspond, but also the knowledge of how to make graphic content for sharing it online. One of the most popular ways of sending graphic information is a screenshot. In other words. it’s a screenshot. It is appropriate to use it if you want to show the interlocutor exactly what you see at the moment on a smartphone, tablet or computer. And it may be required not only in a friendly correspondence for fun. A screenshot may be used to prove your legal standing, if the dispute involves the Internet.

Today we will tell you how to take a screenshot on Samsung. Surely you are well aware that this manufacturer produces a large variety of technical means. You or your friends must have a Samsung laptop, tablet or phone. And on each of the mobile devices you can take screenshots. In this procedure for each of the gadgets has some differences. So let’s see in detail how to make a screenshot on your Samsung phone, tablet and computer.

The traditional buttons

This method is used most of all, but not all. Some people do not like it, others do not like it, but it is very simple.

In your phone Samsung Galaxy A72, there is also a wonderful opportunity to make screenshots by voice. I recommend simple, fast, efficient. You can surprise your acquaintances with the instructions.

It is enough to simultaneously press two buttons on the Samsung a72. to silence and ON / OFF and immediately release.

You need to delay the combination a little before, now it is vice versa, the faster, the better chance that the screenshot will work.

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Exactly through the delay method does not work. Do it quickly and you’ll be fine, and I’ll move on to the next.

The first way to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy a7 2018 button

Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 can be very useful for saving a map of the city, sending the latest notes in image format and

In your phone Samsung Galaxy A7, there is also a wonderful opportunity to take screenshots by voice. I recommend simple, fast, efficient. You can surprise your acquaintances here are the instructions.

The first way is the most popular, so I’ll start with it. However, you may not like it because it requires some finger dexterity.

How to Take Screenshot SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 2018. Capture Screen Method

The essence of it is to simultaneously press the power button and volume down (in the 2017 model, instead of the sound button you must press “Home”).

Be careful: press these two buttons at the same time, so as not to activate one or the other alone.

At first it may be a little difficult to do, but after a few trials you will make a screenshot, as if nothing is easier.

Once you press these two buttons at the same time, you will see a picture and hear a kind of sound. this is a confirmation that your screenshot was taken.

Screenshot using third-party programs

In addition to the above two methods, it is possible to take screenshots through third-party applications. The advantage of this option is that you can not just screenshot the display. Depending on the program, there are such options as taking a screenshot of a certain place on the screen, editing the pictures taken, sending screenshots to other applications, and many others available to the user.

For clarity of use, below is a sequence of operations for the popular application to take screenshots of the display. Screenshot touch. It is fully localized into Russian.

Step-by-step steps for Screenshot touch:

  • Once again tap on the caption “Start Screenshot”.
  • Now you will see the icon of the running program as a camera lens in the upper right corner. To take a screenshot of the display, you need to click on this image.
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For convenience, the icon can be dragged and dropped. In order to stop the program, you have to slide the upper notification curtain down and click on “Stop”.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core? How to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A03 Core? How to save a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A03 Core?

The easiest way to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core. Once you save your screenshots, you will be able to edit/share/delete saved screenshots in Android 11 gallery. Click here for more information on screen shots.

  • When starting up, go to the screen you want to save.
  • Then swipe the edge of your palm from the left side of the screen to the right.
  • Big! You can find your screenshot in Samsung Gallery.
  • If this method doesn’t work, open the Settings app.
  • After that, select Advanced Features and the Motions and Gestures tab.
  • Now press the palm of your hand to grab the slider.

With Samsung Bixby, you can take screen shots with a voice command.

  • First, make sure voice wakeup is turned on.
  • After that, select the screen to save.
  • Then say “Hi, Bixby” and say “Take a screenshot.”.
  • Well done! The screenshot will be in your gallery.

Scroll capture option:

If you want to capture a larger portion of the page or app, you can use Scroll Capture.

  • Select the screen you want to save.
  • Press the volume down and power button for a while.
  • Click the scroll capture icon several times.
  • When you have all the content you want, stop clicking the icon.
  • Perfect! Now you know how to use Scroll Capture. Your screenshot will be in the Gallery.

How to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Note. instruction

To take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note devices, follow these steps:

  • Press ” Home ” and ” Power ” buttons simultaneously for one or two seconds if you use a Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy Note 7.
  • Starting with the Galaxy Note 8, there is no home button, so press the power and volume down buttons instead. Know instantly if you took a screenshot, and access it in your photo gallery.
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You can also use the S Pen to take a screenshot on Samsung Note devices:

  • Press and hold the S Pen button.
  • Holding down the S Pen button. Touch the S Pen screen and hold it for one or two seconds.

The screen will flash or otherwise confirm that you took a screenshot.

If you want to capture more than the screen, most Note devices offer “scroll capture”. You can find it in the options bar after the screenshot, usually at the bottom left.

Ways to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung A32 smartphones are popular touchscreen devices that allow you to take pictures in a variety of ways. Often Android users do not know how to save useful information in the phone, namely: interesting posts, fare map, QR-code of purchased e-tickets, recipes, messages from correspondence and many others. A screenshot is a photo (image, information) recorded as a picture that can easily be shared with other users at any time. There are several options on how to make a screenshot on Samsung A32, applicable to the phone of this brand.

You can save pictures quickly and easily by choosing one of the convenient ways. I wonder what you can use:

These are the most popular ways to save important information in the Samsung A32 2021, by studying which you can choose the most convenient option for you.