Additional methods

Above are the standard ways to make a long screen on smartphones from Huawei and Honor. But there are a number of additional options worth mentioning:

  • With your knuckles. To activate the option, go to Settings, there go to Management, and then to the Quick access and gestures section. After that, go to the Capture screenshot section. After that, move to the right toggle switch Screenshot with your knuckle. Now, to take a long screenshot on Honor or Huawei, draw the letter S on the display. Immediately after that, the option is activated, and the screen will begin to move down until it stops. After the process is completed, a long screen is saved on the smartphone.

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Each user has the right to choose the option of creating a screenshot on their Huawei device. In terms of convenience and speed, standard methods are generally appropriate. If you need more functionality, you can install and use one of the many apps from the Play Store. Before installation, it is advisable to study the description and make sure that the necessary function is available.

How to take a long screenshot on Huawei

Before taking a long screenshot on Huawei, you need to capture a regular screen using one of the available methods. Today, smartphone owners have a number of options at their disposal:

  • With the help of hot buttons. The simplest method to make a screen is to hold down the power and volume down button for a few seconds.
  • With three fingers. To enable such a function in Huawei, go to Settings, and then to Management and quick access and gestures. Go to the Capture screenshot section and move the required toggle switch to the right. After that, select the desired image and swipe down from a position slightly above the center with three fingers until a characteristic click.
  • Through quick access. Lower the top curtain, find the Screenshot icon on it and click on it. These actions are enough to freeze the image on the display.

In all cases, a characteristic sound is emitted, and a small image of the screenshot appears at the bottom of the screen. To take a long screenshot on Honor or Huawei, click on this picture. After that, do the following:

  • Find the name Long Screenshot in the bottom menu.
  • Wait for the image to descend to the point of interest.
  • Stop the process by pressing your finger on the screen.

Upon completion of these actions, Huawei issues a glued ready-made screen.

How to take a long screenshot on Huawei or Honor?

One of the most important questions for many users is how to take a long screenshot on Huawei. The importance of this option can hardly be overestimated, because it allows you to save an image that goes beyond the visible work area. In other words, you can fix the entire site or an important document, and then use it taking into account existing interests (copy, modify, transfer to other users, etc.).

What is a long screenshot

The ability to take screenshots on Huawei and Honor phones is a useful option that was introduced a long time ago. But the developers didn’t stop there. In the new versions of EMUI, it became possible to take a long screenshot of the screen on Huawei, which expanded the capabilities of the owners and made it possible to avoid installing additional applications.

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Long screen is a special function that allows you to save the necessary part of the image. This also applies to the section, which is located in the invisible part of the display. This function allows you to save a long description, text, large picture or other information that does not fit into the display workspace.

How to Take Screenshot on Honor Play. Capture Screen / Scroll Screenshot

Now you know how to take a long screenshot on Honor and Huawei, saving any part of a website page, document or image that interests you. At the same time, the capabilities of built-in methods are not limited only to the visible part of the screen. The owner of the smartphone himself chooses which option to use to solve the problem. built-in methods or an additional application. The decision is made taking into account the current task.

What is a long screenshot (scrolling)

Before moving on to the question, it should be clarified what a long scrolling screenshot is. This term means a screenshot that allows you to capture not only the visible area of ​​the page, but also its hidden part in one frame. A similar function is useful if the need arises:

  • capture a long dialogue or SMS-correspondence, several posts in the feed, a list of contacts;
  • save the entire article or web page;
  • capture all program settings with one photo.

Take a long,scrolling screenshot easily of your latest huawei mobile

Taking screenshots, especially from mobile screens, is a useful feature. Until recently, it had one significant drawback: an image or text stretched over several screens had to be removed in parts and subsequently joined together.

Screenshot Touch

Another fun application that can take screenshots and capture screens in video format. When photographing a web page in its own browser, it is able to capture the entire amount of information.

There are several ways to take a screenshot of the phone screen:

  • by tapping the icon in the notification area;
  • by overlaying the program icon on the shooting area;
  • shaking the apparatus.

The photographing of the web page is done as follows:

  • Open the program and launch the browser;
  • Insert the URL into the search box and go to the web resource;
  • Start shooting by clicking on the application icon, which is located near the settings menu.

After completing the operation, go to the editor to correct images using the built-in tools: cropping, cloning and rotating images, adding text, drawing, geometric shapes.

Unlike previous programs, the user can independently select the path and folder for storing ready-made screenshots.

Stitch share

The free utility can also help you with taking a long screenshot in just a couple of clicks. It is available for download from Google Play, is compatible with all Android devices and does not require any special skills to work. The algorithm includes several simple steps:

  • Launch the application;
  • Open a dialog, text, image or web page that you want to capture;
  • Click on the floating application icon;
  • Start to slowly scroll the screen from top to bottom;
  • As the contents of the screen change, small snapshots will be created;
  • After the process of photographing is completed, you can start viewing and editing the created screenshot. For these purposes, a simple editor is provided.

The finished picture can be saved in the phone memory or shared with friends.

On One Plus

Trying to keep up with the manufacturers of flagship devices, the developers of the One Plus models decided to build this option into the functionality, which they did well. Now, to take a long screenshot, you need:

  • Open the application or page you want to capture;
  • Take a normal screenshot using the combination of the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys;
  • When you hear a characteristic click of the camera, go to the bottom of the display and tap on the “Scroll capture” icon;
  • The phone will automatically scroll down the page, and continuously take a picture;
  • To stop movement, you need to touch the screen with your finger.
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If this is not done, scrolling will stop after the bottom of the file or page appears.

On Huawei

Huawei Mate devices, starting with EMUI 5.0, also received a built-in long screenshot function in their arsenal. For owners of such models, the process of photographing correspondence, long reads or long dialogues has been simplified as much as possible. This is how it should look:

  • Display the file or page, the photo of which you want to take, on the display screen;
  • Take a normal picture by holding down the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time;
  • When a colorful notification appears that the photo has been successfully taken, you need to click on the “Scrollshot” button;
  • The page will automatically start moving from top to bottom, and the information that appears on the screen will be added to the area of ​​the future screen;
  • Scrolling will continue until the user touches the display.

After stopping, the process will be considered complete, and a snapshot will appear on the screen, which can be sent for storage to the archive or to friends’ accounts.


This application is considered no less popular, has a simple functionality and an intuitive interface, and is also designed to create snapshots of web pages expanded over several screens. You can download it from Google Play and get started right away. For this you will need:

  • Run the program;
  • In the search box of the built-in browser, enter the URL of the site whose page you want to capture;
  • When the page opens, click on the icon with a closed camera lens;
  • At this moment, the image will disappear, instead of it a solid purple background will appear, along which the cursor with the image of a paint roller will move randomly. This is how the process of scanning the page content and taking a screenshot is performed.

As soon as the background disappears, a long screenshot will be created and automatically saved to the application directory: “/ Picture / Scroll Capture”.

How to take a long scrolling screenshot on Android and iOS

A scrolling screenshot will allow you to take a screenshot of the entire page at once. To do this, you can use either the corresponding smartphone option or an additional application. How to do this on Android and iOS devices, see the article.

How to take a scrolling screenshot on a smartphone

A regular screenshot only takes a screenshot of the smartphone screen. To take a screenshot of an entire web page or a large note, you need to use a scrolling screenshot.

This is how it works on Apple devices:

To take a long screenshot on iOS, you need a dedicated app. Among the various programs, some of which are paid, we chose Tailor. Once the app is installed, take screenshots on your iPhone as usual.

In Tailor, you can combine screenshots into a single long screenshot. The app automatically detects where you need to crop your images for a neat, seamless shot.

Long screenshot on Android devices:

With your Android smartphone, you can also take a scrolling screenshot. The feature is available on Samsung and Huawei without an additional app: to get started, just take a screenshot as usual and open the preview of the screenshot.

On Samsung devices, to take a long screenshot, click on the Capture icon. If you have a Huawei smartphone, make a long swipe down the preview or click on the icon on the right to activate the corresponding function. The scrolling screenshot will be saved in the gallery of your smartphone.

If you have an Android phone from other manufacturers

On Android smartphones other than Samsung and Huawei, the scrolling screenshot function is not available without an app. As a free application, we can recommend, for example, the LongShot application from the Play Market.

  • Launch LongShot and go to the site you want to take a snapshot of. This also works with, for example, chat history and the like. The application will make an overlay.
  • Click “Start” and define the end point.
  • You will find your screenshot in the attachment. Alternatively, with Auto Scroll you can easily combine multiple screenshots.
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How to make skirshots on Honor 9 and similar Android smartphones and tablets.

Screenshot on Huawei Honor a few easy ways. On this page you will find information on how to take a screenshot on Honor 9 and similar Android devices. There are several ways to save a screenshot from the Honor screen, you can not only just screen the screen, but also take a long screenshot with scrolling of the screen, for example, when you need to take a screenshot of the entire web page.

The first method is usually suitable for all Android smartphones and tablets, including Honor. You must simultaneously press and hold the “Power” button and the “Volume Down” button for several seconds. If you successfully capture the screen, you will see a notification on the screen and hear a click as when taking photos. If this is your first time taking a screenshot on a smartphone, you may have to make several attempts.

The second method also allows you to use the screenshot function on some Huawei Honor smartphones. You need to press and hold the “Power / On” button until a menu appears on the screen where you must select “Screenshot” in the list, opposite which you will see the scissors icon. This method is not supported by devices, but you can try all possible options and choose a more convenient one.

Method three. To take a screenshot of the entire Honor 9 screen, you need to open the notification and quick access panel on the phone by pulling down from the top of the screen, then click on this icon and you’re done.

The fourth method allows you to take a screenshot on Honor using your knuckle. To take a picture of the screen, you need to double-tap (knock lightly) with your knuckles on the screen, as shown in the attached picture below.

The fifth method makes it possible to take a screenshot of a part of the smartphone screen. You need to touch the screen of Honor 9 with your knuckle and, without letting go, circle the required part. The screenshot saves what’s inside the mowing line you outlined. Look at the picture below, you can select one of the proposed forms at the top of the screen, which you want to save a screenshot. To save the screen, click on this icon.

The sixth way how to take long screenshots on Huawei Honor, you can use the icon or knuckle. We open the notification panel on the smartphone by pulling the screen down from the top and click on this icon and we get a regular screenshot. Next, we need to click on this icon, after which you will see how, as a long screenshot is taken, the screen will automatically scroll. (Important! After taking a screenshot, the icon must be pressed no later than 3 seconds).

To save a long screenshot from the Honor 9 screen with a knuckle, you need to touch the screen with your knuckle and without releasing draw the letter “S” and then remove your finger. Next, you will see the automatic scrolling start on the screen. When you see that the part of the screenshot that has already been scrolled is enough for you, you can stop scrolling by touching the screen after which the screenshot will be saved on your phone.

The screenshot taken from the Honor 9 screen can be edited immediately, if necessary, to do this, click on this icon and save it. See all the screenshots taken in the gallery where you usually see other photos.