WHENS OF THE WHETSAPP from Android to Android

If you need to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android. congratulations, there are opportunities to eat! We will tell you in detail how you can send data from one device to another. follow the instructions, everything will work out.

Want to know how to transfer WhatsApp from android to Android if you purchased or received a brand new device? I don’t want to deprive the messenger and start work on a new one. so you need to understand the possibilities of copying information!

Experienced users of this operating system know that information from a smartphone can be copied on a Google disk. this is a convenient cloud storage that guarantees data safety. Do not forget to register in the system, otherwise you will not be able to use the cloud.

The transfer of WhatsApp from Android to Android is possible using backup copy. How the system works? You unload data into a cloud storage, then you are logged in on another device. the system will automatically upload the previously copied information.

Let’s get down to business. To transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android, you first need to turn on the backup option on the old device. this step cannot be missed, otherwise the data simply will not be.

Make sure in accordance with the following conditions:

  • On the smartphone you need to activate the Google account. If it is not, take a simple registration;
  • Install Google Play services on the smartphone (usually they are default);
  • There is enough free space for downloading data on the phone;
  • Internet connection is stable, without disruptions and disconnects. We recommend using Wi-Fi connection, not mobile Internet to avoid traffic consumption.

The first step in the process of WhatsApp from Android to Android is to create a copy on Google disk. We work with the old device:

  • If the profile is not connected, click on the “Add” button and enter the login and password for authorization;
  • Select a network that will be used to transfer data-Wi-Fi or mobile.

The transfer of whatsApp from Android to Android can be done manually if you do not want to work with automatic settings.

Now we proceed directly to the answer to the question of how to postpone whatsApp correspondence from android to Android. We take a new smartphone in your hands:

  • Download the WhatsApp application from the Google Play program store;
  • Open the messenger and take the rules for using the appropriate button;
  • Enter the phone number with the right code of the country and confirm using the code that will come to SMS community;
  • The recovery proposal will arise on the screen. answer consent;

Do not forget, you must use the same mobile number and Google account!

You were able to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android. a simple and affordable way that can be used an unlimited number of times. By the way, this method also works as part of one device when reinstalling the messenger.

Local reserve copy

On any smartphone, whatsApp applications are stored in the last seven days. you can use the desired backup copy. We want to figure out how to transfer whatsApp from android to Android. so the process is a little complicated.

  • Connect it to the computer and put the file into the corresponding internal storage folder. If this device has never used a messenger, the folder needs to be created;
  • Transfer the previously downloaded file;
  • Now install the application (or delete and reinstall);
  • Enter the phone number and confirm the identity with the code from the incoming SMS message;
  • An automatic recovery is an offer on the screen. you need to agree and wait for the end of the procedure.

An alternative answer to the question of how to transfer the history of WhatsApp to another Android phone is ready! If you cannot use the Google account for certain reasons, you can restore data from a local copy. A little more complicated, but feasible.

Why synchronization is needed on two Android devices

WhatsApp synchronization with another Android phone is very convenient when two devices are constantly used and more: phone, tablet, clock, stationary computer, laptop, etc.D. The easiest way is to synchronize Watsap between two Android smartphones. If one of the devices is not a smartphone, but a tablet, the process will be a little more complicated.

Synchronization helps to solve the following problems:

  • You get access to your account from nowhere. this is convenient if you constantly use several devices in different places (for example, at home and at work).
  • Fast transfer of chat archives when changing the phone (device, not numbers).
  • Convenient saving any files for Google Correspondence from the device that you currently use.

How it works: if the WhatsApp from Android on Android is synchronize, documents, correspondence and media files from Watsap on a smartphone will be visible on all other gadgets.

Example: If you have WhatsApp with synchronization on two smartphones, then when sending any message you can immediately see it in the chat and from another device.

WhatsApp synchronization

The answer to this message will also come to both phones. But you cannot use them at the same time, t.to. The account is used one. Whatever device you go to WhatsApp, the interlocutors will see the same thing.

If you delete some information from the correspondence, this will also happen on all devices related to the phone.

Synchronization options

If you plan to use your account from several devices, you need to think about synchronization in advance. even before connecting the second smartphone to immediately transfer all your information (contacts, history, files).

The main thing to take care of is the transfer of contacts and correspondence. This is carried out by the staff of the messenger and the devices-backups, exports using a VCF file, google tools.

Contact transfer

To transfer contacts from one Android smartphone to another, it is convenient to use direct export VCARD. During the export process, a format file is created.VCF. it opens on any smartphone, you only have to import all the contacts into the phone book of the new device.

Contact export is performed as follows:

  • Open contacts on the device desktop;
  • We go to the menu. three parallel horizontal at the top of the left;
  • In this menu, select the settings item;
  • Select the desired account if there are several;
  • Find the line import/export of contacts, click on it.
  • In the menu that appears, select to export to the VCF file.

Further, when the contacts are saved in the VCF file, they should be imported into Google accounting. This is done about the same:

  • Come into contacts;
  • Open the menu;
  • We go to the settings;
  • Here we choose to import and select a VCF file;
  • Indicate the desired account;
  • Select the VCF file from which data import will be executed.

When adding their contacts to the Google, they are preserved in the “source”.

Export.VCF file

Contact transfer from SIM card:

  • We insert the SIM card into the smartphone;
  • Open contacts;
  • Open the menu, go into the settings;
  • Select import/export of contacts;
  • Select copy B. and select SIM in the list that appears;

If necessary, indicate the account to which the contacts will be saved.

Restoring contacts from backups:

Using backups is the most universal and reliable option. To use this method of transferring contacts, the following actions must be performed:

  • We go into the smartphone settings;
  • We find Google, click on it;
  • Here we select the installation and reset of settings;
  • Click to restore contacts.

If there are several counts, select the necessary, click from the account and indicate from which the Akauts the contacts will be copied.

Next, select the phone from which the information will be copied. Select copying of contacts from the storage or from SIM card. unnecessary parameters are disconnected.

Click to restore and wait for the message “Contacts restored” the message appears.

After performing these actions, only those contacts that there were no before. Restored contacts will be synchronized with the current Google account and other devices connected to it.

Correspondence transfer

Default correspondence files are stored in the device’s memory or on the memory card. To transfer correspondence, it will be necessary to create a backup copy for its subsequent restoration on the new device.

When creating backups, you need to use only your account. the one used for synchronization. If the backups were created through another account, WhatsApp does not recognize them, you cannot transfer such correspondence.

If you are going to change not only the device itself, but also the phone number. first complete the number of the number by all the rules, and only after that begin to create backup copies to transfer chats to another device.

Correction of correspondence using backup copying

Without changing the phone number

To perform this procedure, you need to export the data from the Watsap to the Google disk and restore it on the new smartphone.

First we take the “old” device and act like this:

  • Open WhatsApp;
  • We go into the settings through the main menu (an icon with three points at the right on the right);
  • We go to the chat section;
  • Choosing a reserve copy of the chats.

At the bottom we see the account point. here the address of the mail, which is attached, will be indicated here. If e.mail is not displayed, you need to go to your Google account and give the application access to all the necessary information, clicking “allow”.

Now press the backup and wait for its completion.

Next, you need to prepare a new smartphone for data transfer. We act like this:

  • On a new phone, we go to the same Google account as in the old one;
  • Install WhatsApp. If it has already been installed before the entrance to the desired Google account. reinstall the application.
  • Sutting in WhatsApp by old number.
  • We see a request to search for a backup and access to contacts and files. press further and allow.

After performing these actions, you will see the message “discovered a backup copy”. Click to restore, wait for the completion of the procedure. ready, the chats are transferred to a new device.

Transfer of correspondence with a change of number

In this case, the first step will be a change of number. it must be performed using the “Change number” function. This is done before you start creating backup copies.

  • On the old device, open WhatsApp;
  • We go to the menu, open the settings;
  • We go to the account;
  • Choose change the number and see the form in which both numbers should be indicated. old and new.
  • We confirm the entered information and receive SMS on the phone with a new number. there will be a code that should be entered in the corresponding field on the old phone.

Everything, the number is changed, and you can proceed with the creation and transfer of backup copies, as we did without changing the number.

Is it possible to transfer the application without loss of data

Transfer WhatsApp to another phone without data loss. To do this, you need to copy all the information. correspondence and a list of contacts. in a cloud storage or on Google Drive.

The messenger itself creates backup copies of chats. This is convenient for the user: you do not have to go into “settings” every time and activate the function.

To go to the “backup” section:

  • Launch the messenger.
  • We click on 3 points in the upper part of the screen to go to the “settings”.
  • If the phone based on Android, select “Account”. If the user prefers iOS, you should select “Account”.
  • We find “backup” and set up it. choose how often a copy of all chats will be created and where they will be saved.

Now, even if the user loses access to the account, he will be able to read his correspondence in WhatsApp.

The second method of transferring WhatsApp without data loss is a change of phone number. The user updates the number tied to the account. After that, he will be able to use the messenger on the new device and not lose important information (for example, a chat with colleagues).

After changing the number, the user will be able to use the Watsap for another device without loss of data. A new phone number will be tied to the account.

Preparation for the transfer of Watsap to another phone

The first stage when transferring Watsap to another phone is preparatory. WhatsApp developers have provided the problem of data transfer and facilitated this process for users. Before preparation, you need to decide on the goals of transfer. For example, a person wants to go to his account from another device or he purposefully decided to change the phone.

The first case is simple. It is only necessary to change the binding to Watsap, and not to the phone itself.

The second is more complex. You need to prepare for it so as not to lose all the data. Namely, create a backup copy of chats in the cloud or in the messenger itself. Such a function is in WhatsApp.

Preparation for the transfer of Watsap from one phone to another consists of 2 steps.

The first is a change in phone number. The new combination of numbers must be fixed in WhatsApp. No need to go into the cloud or download an additional program. To save the number, you will need only WhatsApp. At the same time, all the contacts that were stored on an old SIM card will remain in the messenger.

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • We click on 3 points in the upper part of the screen to get into the “Settings” section.
  • Choose an “account”, then. “Change number”.
  • Follow the instructions: enter the old phone number, and then new.
  • We confirm the change in the number. enter a combination of numbers from SMS and click “Ready”.

It is recommended to inform friends, colleagues and relatives about changing the number. They may not recognize it in the chat list and count for spam.

To change the number in WhatsApp, you need to have access to an old phone: SMS with a confirmation code will come to it.

The second step is backup. Dialogs, profile and contacts that were on the old phone are preserved.

The backup is created when the transition from one phone to another. By authorized in WhatsApp, the user will be able to easily restore all correspondence.

The backup helps out when taming the phone. When the device has failed, it is impossible to access Watsap. But all correspondence is saved in the cloud, and you can read them at any time.

The backup is stored in a virtual space convenient for the user, such as Google Drive.

To create a backup:

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Click on 3 points to go to the “Settings” section.
  • Choose “chats” and then. “backup”.
  • We set up backups for our requests. Indicate the storage for data and time interval. how often a copy will be created.

In order not to lose chats, it is recommended to make their backup copy. This will take 5-10 minutes, but he will help the user when losing access to the account.

How to restore chats in WhatsApp

If for some reason you cannot use the method using Google Drive, another method of backup of data is also available to you.

  • Open the WhatsApp settings menu, click on the “Chats and Calls” item, and then find the inscription “Reserve Copy”.
  • If your Android phone has a memory slot, you can create a backup copy of the chats on the SD card. You need to insert this card into the new smartphone and in the settings of the messenger select the data recovery point from the SD card.
  • For smartphones that have only a built-in memory, for example, connect a smartphone to a computer via a USB cable. On PC, open the internal memory of the device, go to the WhatsApp / Database folder. All backups and files are stored here. They will look like “MSGStore-2013-05-29.DB.Crypt “.
  • All copies will be sorted by the dates of creation. Copy the latest file on your computer, and when you download WhatsApp on a new device, be careful. Do not launch the application!
  • Connect a new device to PC via USB. Pass on the WhatsApp / Database folder. Copy the WhatsApp backup file to this folder.
  • Now run WhatsApp on your new phone and confirm your phone number. You must receive a notification that a backup is found. Just click “Restore”, and all your messages and files will have to appear on your new gadget.

How to tie WhatsApp to another number

But sometimes we change not only the smartphone itself, but also the phone number. Despite the fact that it is now quite easy to move to a new operator with an old number, from time to time some of us have the need to start. what is called. from a clean sheet. Therefore, it is logical not only to transfer the chats, but also to re.ify the account to the new phone number. To postpone WhatsApp messages when changing your phone, you can use the Icarefone For WhatsApp Transfer application.

You can also use this instruction:

  • Insert a new SIM card into your old smartphone with WhatsApp (re-raising the number on the new smartphone will not work);
  • Launch WhatsApp and go to “Settings”. “Account”. “Change number”;
  • Enter your new number in the lower field and click “Next”;
  • Click “Ready” and confirm your phone number with a code from SMS, which will come to a new number.

After you re.re.ify the WhatsApp account to the new telephone number, users from your notebook will not know about it automatically, so it will be better if you inform them yourself. To do this, at the stage of the WhatsApp number attachment allows you to send all or selected subscribers a notification that you are changing the phone number and now you will only be available on it.

Why I do not like sensory smartphones, so this is for their outright unreliable. Any, not even the most serious fall, is almost always fraught with negative consequences. The best that you can count on in such situations is dents and burrs on the frame of the case. But you can run into larger problems. Either the display will crack, then the back panel, then the camera lens will split. In short, there are a lot of problems with them, and the solution is only one. to roll the device into films, protective glasses and covers. But why go half measures if there is a ready.made decision?

Smartphones have already become more powerful than PC. these are not speculation, but facts. And they are more compact and more convenient to use, do not discharge longer and it’s easier to figure it out. Who would have thought, for example, 10 years ago, that smartphones would replace computers to us? Already, many of my friends do not even use PC in work, limited to a smartphone. Perhaps some tasks are not so convenient to perform on the phone screen, but in most cases it copes well, helping out in the most difficult situations. In 2021, performing tasks with a smartphone is much more convenient than using the same laptop.

Do you protect your smartphone? I. must. Despite the fact that I do not glue neither film nor glass on the screen, I use the case without fail. He solves two problems. Firstly, the apparatus protects from damage, which there would be countless ones without a case. And, secondly, it makes the appearance of the already nonsense a little more interesting. Another thing is that choosing a normal cover is still the task. After all, the vast majority of decisions available in the market are complete gloom.

Transfer of Watsap chats from android to iPhone

You can transfer the vatsap chats from android to the iPhone 3 ways in 3 ways.

The first. using the Icarefone For WhatsApp Transfer. The application is free, supports more than 8,000 devices based on iOS and Android OS.

You will need Android and iPhone, USB-shnur and computer.

  • Download icarefone on PC. We go to the official website of the manufacturer and install a free application.
  • We finish the installation: click “install” in the window that opens and consent to the processing of personal data.
  • We prepare phones for chat transfer. On the iPhone we go to the settings, then. iCloud and turn off the function “Find my iPhone”. In modern models, it is called “locator”. We set up Android: go into the settings and turn on the “USB debugging”.
  • Download WhatsApp on the iPhone, but do not authorize in it. do not enter the phone number and do not launch the application.
  • We go to Icarefone. We launch the program on the computer. There will be a list of applications from which you can transfer data: line, kik, weChat. We find WhatsApp among them and click on his icon.
  • First connect Android, and then the iPhone to PC by USB. So that the program recognizes the phones, enter the lock password.
  • Check if the system recognized the phones correctly. The phone from which chats are transferred is on the left. And the one that receives data is on the right.
  • Press the “transmission” at the bottom of the computer screen. We are waiting for the program to start transferring chats.
  • Create a backup. Launch WhatsApp on Android. Click on 3 points in the upper part of the screen to go to the settings. Choose “Chats” and “backup”. Set the function and start it.
  • When a copy is created, the inscription “Continue” will appear on the computer screen. Click on it.
  • We are waiting for the program to transfer chats. When the transfer is completed, we are logging in the system from the computer. we enter the Watsap number and confirmation code. Click “Check”.
  • Launch WhatsApp on the iPhone, enter the phone number and confirmation code. Chats will be postponed.

The second method is backup. It will take a few minutes. Android and iPhone will need.

  • Create a backup. We run WhatsApp on Android, click on 3 points in the upper part of the screen to go to the “Settings” section. Choose “chats”, then. “backup”. We set up a function.
  • We take the iPhone and remove whatsApp from it if the messenger was previously installed. Then download it again.
  • We take out a SIM card from android and insert it into the iPhone.
  • We launch the application and log in. enter the phone number to which the account is tied. We indicate the confirmation code.
  • The system will automatically offer: “Restore data from a backup copy?””. We agree. click “Restore”.
synchronize, whatsapp, data, android, another, phone

When performing these actions on the iPhone, WhatsApp with all correspondence will be opened.

The third way is manually transferring. Android and iPhone will need.

  • Launch WhatsApp on iPhone.
  • We go to the “Chats” section. Choosing a correspondence that needs to be sent. Hold it with your finger and look like it to the left. so that the action menu appears.
  • In the menu that opens, select “”, hereinafter. “Chat Export”.
  • A list of messengers will appear at the bottom of the screen where you can send correspondence. Select “Email”.
  • The system will create a letter addressed to the user himself. It will have a correspondence.
  • Click “Send”.

Each correspondence is sent separately. Repeat the actions for all chats. Then we go with the iPhone in e.mail and download the sent correspondence of Watsap.

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Message of WhatsApp from iPhone on Android can be 3 ways.

The first. using the Icarefone For WhatsApp Transfer. You will need PC, iPhone, Android and USB-shnur.

  • We download the Icarefone For WhatsApp Transfer program on a computer. It’s free.
  • We prepare phones for chat transfer. On the iPhone we go to the settings, then. iCloud and turn off the function “Find my iPhone”. In modern models, it is called “locator”. We set up Android: go into the settings and turn on the “USB debugging”.
  • Download WhatsApp on Android, but do not authorize in it. do not enter the phone number and do not launch the application.
  • We go to Icarefone. We launch the program on the computer. There will be a list of applications from which you can transfer data: line, kik, weChat. We find WhatsApp among them and click on his icon.
  • Connect the iPhone and Android to the computer. So that the program recognizes the phones, enter the passwords of the blocking.
  • Check if the system recognized the phones correctly. Android should be on the right, and the iPhone on the left.
  • Press the “transmission” at the bottom of the computer screen. We wait until the transfer of chats begins.
  • Create a backup. We take the iPhone and run WhatsApp. Click on 3 points in the upper part of the screen to go to the settings. Choose “Chats” and “backup”. Set the function and start it.
  • When a copy is created, the inscription “Continue” will appear on the monitor. Click on it.
  • We are waiting for the program to transfer chats. When the transfer is completed, we are logging in the system from the computer. we enter the Watsap number and confirmation code. Click “Check”.
  • Launch WhatsApp on Android, enter the phone number and confirmation code. Chats will be postponed.

The second method is backup with subsequent restoration.

  • Launch WhatsApp on iPhone.
  • Create a backup: go into settings. Next, select “Chats” and “backup”.
  • Create a copy. select automatic creation. As a storage, we indicate Google Drive.
  • We insert the SIM card from the iPhone into Android. Download the messenger on the second phone and start it.
  • We log in to WhatsApp with iPhone: enter the phone number to which the account is tied. We indicate the confirmation code.
  • The system will offer: “Restore data from a backup copy?””. Choose “Restore”.

The third way is manually transferring. The user sends one chat from iPhone to Android.

  • We go to WhatsApp with iPhone.
  • We go to the “Chats” section. Choose correspondence that needs to be sent to Android.
  • Sying the desired chat to the left. The action menu will appear. Choose “more”, hereinafter. “Chat export”.
  • In the list that opens, we indicate the method of transfer. It is recommended to choose e.mail. this is a universal and convenient option.
  • Click “Send”.

We repeat the procedure with all other correspondence. Then we go from the Android to email and download all the chats.

You can transfer the WhatsApp chats to another phone in 3-5 ways. This is a change of phone number, a backup copy of chats, special Icarefone or DR programs.Fone, manually transfer. Which of the methods is better, the user decides.

Synchronization configuration with cloud storages

WHATSApp with cloud storage synchronization allows you to restore data when you lose access to an account. For example, a person lost a phone. WhatsApp stored working documents and photos with loved ones. Synchronizing WhatsApp with cloud storage, he will be able to restore information.

There are three main cloud storages. Google Drive, OneDrive and ICLOUD (for iPhone). Which of them is more convenient. the user decides.

HutsApp synchronization with Google Drive:

  • Launch Google Drive. Choose Google Photo.
  • We go into the cloud storage settings. Choosing “parameters”.
  • We find the item “backup and synchronization”. We set up backup parameters: frequency, file type.
  • We create a folder in which a backup will be stored. We go to the “backup backup” and indicate whatsApp.

ONEDRive synchronization:

synchronize, whatsapp, data, android, another, phone
  • Launch OneDrive.
  • In the lower panel, select “Parameters” to configure copying.
  • We adjust the synchronization parameters: frequency and type of files. From applications, select WhatsApp.

The official website WhatsApp says that copies of chats are not stored on the servers. Therefore, users cannot see old correspondence or remote media files. In order not to lose data, you can configure the synchronization of Watsap with iCloud. cloud storage for iPhone.

ICLOUD can not synchronize whatsApp with all devices. First you need to check the parameters.

  • IOS version. from 7 and above;
  • Activation ICLOUD DRIVE: To check it, you need to go into the iPhone settings, select iCloud and find ICLOUD DRIVE;
  • free space on the iPhone: a backup copy will not be created if there is no memory on the phone.

WhatsApp synchronization with iCloud:

  • Launch WhatsApp on iPhone. We go to the settings.
  • We go to the “Chats” section. Find a “backup”.
  • Information about the backup will appear on the screen. the number of megabytes that it will take. The more chats and files synchronizes, the more space you need.
  • Put the slider “automatically”: the data will be copied regularly. So the user is guaranteed not to lose information.
  • Choose “Create a copy”. We are waiting for the synchronization to end.

Contact synchronization error

WhatsApp users complain about the error of contact synchronization. Instead of the names of the interlocutors, their phone numbers are displayed. Most often, Samsung and Android owners face the problem.

Contact synchronization error occurs due to failure on the server. Technical support eliminates the problem. and contact names are returned. Sometimes the problem does not disappear, and the user has to solve it on his own.

We solve the problem with synchronization of contacts in WhatsApp:

  • We update the list of contacts. The names of the interlocutors are not displayed, because you need to update the list of contacts. To do this, launch WhatsApp and create a new chat: click on the icon on the right side of the screen. Next. at 3 points at the top of the screen. Choosing “update”. Adhering to this instructions, the user will update the list of contacts in WhatsApp. If the problem is related to this, the names of the interlocutors will return.
  • Reset synchronization. This is the advice from developers, published on the official website of the messenger. It is recommended to update synchronization and contact names will return. Open the settings on the phone, find the section “Accounts”. In the list of applications, select WhatsApp. We set up synchronization: we are convinced that the contacts are included in the list. In the same section, select “Additionally”. In the upper part of the screen, click on “synchronize now”.
  • Give WhatsApp access to the phone book. Contact numbers may not be displayed due to the ban on using the address book data. Open the phone settings, scroll down to the “Appendix” section. Choosing “Applications Manager”. We find WhatsApp in the list of programs and click on its icon. We go to “permission” and give access to the contacts. put a checkplace opposite. Access to the address book will allow Watsap to recognize the names of the interlocutors. The program will be able to recognize them.
  • Update WhatsApp. Synchronization problems may appear due to the old version of the messenger. It needs to be updated. We go to the app store. App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for android). In the search bar we introduce WhatsApp. We update the application if a fresh update has come.

You can use WhatsApp on several devices at the same time. PC, tablet, laptop or second phone. To do this, you need to synchronize the messenger. To synchronize WhatsApp with a PC or laptop, you need to install the application or go through the browser and scan the QR code. From a tablet or second phone, you can only enter the messenger through the browser version.

How to copy chats with Android on Android in WhatsApp. throw the dialogs to a new phone, untie from another device and transfer data


When using the new device, you need to know how to transfer “WhatsApp” to another phone, preserving correspondence and chat media files. The methods of solving this problem depend on the OS of the gadgets and, accordingly, their functionality.

Chat transfer possibilities to WhatsApp

The complexity of the synchronization and export of dialogues of the WhatsApp messenger is that the service does not save these messages in its archive. All information is contained only on user smartphones. However, options to cope with the current issue still exist.

To figure out how to transfer “WhatsApp” to another phone by maintaining correspondence will help instructions for all types of operating systems. You can copy the history of communication from the platform in the cloud (archive) or on the SD drive drive.

With Android on Android

Moving chats from Android to Android is easy by using the Google disk.

  • Log in a Google Profile.
  • Go to the WhatsApp app and open the settings tab.
  • Click on the “Chat” item and activate the “Reserve Copy” section.
  • Enter your Google account and choose the type of network.
  • Wait for the end of download.

It remains to enter the specified Google Profile from the new gadget, download WhatsApp, and give consent to a request for history restoration.

C iPhone on iPhone

IPhone owners need only iCloud to resolve the problem.

This method implies the following actions:

  • Entrance to the Aiklava account.
  • The transition to the iCloud Drive tab and the inclusion of the WhatsApp option.
  • Opening the “Reserve Copy” menu in the settings of the messenger system.
  • The choice of the “Create copy” function.

At the end of the procedure, you should restore the account in your iCloud on the new smartphone, go to the platform and confirm the operation of copying files from the cloud.

With Android on iPhone

When changing the phone from Android OS to the iOS OS, it is important to pay attention to the fact that there is no official method for extracting backups from the service here.

But there is one life hack consisting of such steps as:

  • Installation and launch on the PC Apptrans program.
  • Connection 2 gadgets to a computer.
  • Transfer now and the choice of WhatsApp (while Android and iPhone should be displayed in different windows of the resource).
  • Leaving a positive response to an offer to archive.

When the data transfer process is completed, the Vatsap version will be loaded on Athos with all the necessary information.

Transfer from android to iPhone using a third.party program.

From iPhone on Android

It is possible to officially transfer the history of correspondence from the iPhone only to the Samsung device.

synchronize, whatsapp, data, android, another, phone

To move the chats from the gadget from the IOS OS, you will need:

  • Download and enter the PC in the Samsung Smart Switch service.
  • Connect smartphones to the computer and scrap the iPhone QR code from android.
  • Click “Start”.

After the end of the import, you should go to the messenger from the mobile Samsung, log in to the existing account and slip off “Import”.

With Windows Phone on Android

Backup messages from Windows Phone on a new Android phone is much more complicated than in other OS. However, the instructions, how to do this, is.

It consists in performing the following actions:

  • Inclusion of the Options option in Windows von settings.
  • Installing the Interop Tools utility and the transition to it to Interop Unlock points.
  • Activation of 2 functions. Engine Unlock and Interop Unlock.
  • Data archiving via App Data Manage Tool by pressing Create Backup at WhatsApp.

Having waited for the full load of the copy, it must be redirected to Android. To do this, use 2 services. File Manager and 8 ZIP. In the first one, you should find the Device-Backups file, and in the second-to open the Data catalog and send the Messages file.DB by your email. Then, in addition to Watsap, install the Wazzapmigrator application on Android and find information copied from mail in it. Now it remains to enter the messenger and give consent to restore a copy.

Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer

The fastest, simple, and from the experience of a huge number of users and the most unlimited method of transferring WhatsApp from one mobile device to another, it involves the use of a desktop according to this desktop. Among the many solutions of this orientation, Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer is especially popular, and then the instructions show how to work with this program.

    Follow the link above to the Icarefone For WhatsApp Transfer page of the official web-resource of the Tenorshare developer company. Click on the “Download for Windows” button (or “Available for MacOS” to select the appropriate version) under a brief description of the program to obtain its distribution.

Read more: how to enable the “USB debugging” mode on the Android device activation of the “USB debugging” mode on Xiaomi smartphones

Secondly, check that the WhatsApp application has not been installed on the smartphone-receiver, and if this is not the case, deinstall it.

Messenger funds

Further, the article will consider two methods of complete transfer of the messenger (account, all existing chats and correspondence history) without the use of additional software, that is, by means of WhatsApp itself. In general, we can talk about the absence of special obstacles to the effective operation, which is provided by the presence of a bicopian system of backup in the messenger of the data.

Cloud storage

The easiest way to transfer WhatsApp from one Android Smartphone to another by means of the messenger himself is the following instruction, where the means of creating baccas of correspondence in the cloud service of Google Drive is involved in the application.

Initiate the creation of a backup of the current chats currently and its unloading into a cloud storage,

Having fulfilled in full of the instruction available on the following link.

Confirm the number by entering the digital code that came to it in SMS.

Local copy

Another option for transferring the WhatsApp messenger and the information generated during its use from one device to another, by the way, available only to Android users, involves conducting manipulations with a local (in the memory of the device) a backup, which is formed automatically at 2:00 daily, daily, and can also be created by the user on its own at any time.

Next, open the “Chats” section, tape the “Reserve copy of the chats”. On the opening screen, click “backup”.

Wait for the current local backup of the history of correspondence, after which you can close whatsApp.

    SD card. If your old smartphone is equipped with a removable drive, and there is also a slot for it on the new one, in order to transfer data, you can act like this:

Using any file manager for Android (in the example of ES File Explorer), copy the Databases folder from the WhatsApp catalog in the internal memory of the old smartphone

Remove the drive and install it on a new device, and then conduct the reverse operation described above,

That is, place the Databases folder from the memory card in the WhatsApp catalog in the internal storage of the device.

If there is no messenger folder in the root directory, it must be created manually.

Through the Windows conductor, open the internal device of the device, go to the WhatsApp folder.

Copy the Databases catalog from the messenger folder

to the computer disk and then turn off the smartphone from the PC USB port.

Synchronization with a computer

First, try to connect a smartphone with a laptop or PC. the desktop version is very popular. It is so convenient to use the messenger without interrupting work activities.

Web version

Remember. you can synchronize WhatsApp on a computer and phone in two different versions. If you use a browser, you need to do the following:

  • Click on the “Scan code” button;
  • The device camera will start automatically. bring it to the computer screen;
  • Integration will occur in a few seconds!

Nothing else needs to be done. you do not have to synchronize contacts in WhatsApp, or to transfer correspondence. Complete data update is carried out in a fraction of a second. you can have no doubt.

Why is it important to have a smartphone for synchronization at hand? You need to have work on the computer, you must have an account previously created in the mobile application. since the phone number is your unique identifiers. Only one profile can be tied to one SIM card, so the developers impose such restrictions.

Let’s move on to the second method and figure out how to make WhatsApp synchronization on a computer? Below the instructions for those who downloaded a separate desktop application!


It is important to note: when entering the desktop application, you can click on the “Stay in the system”.

This will maintain current authorization data and save time in the future. Most likely, synchronization will still happen automatically. but it will not hurt to play it around.

  • Take the smartphone in your hands, open the settings and go to the “Web” section;
  • Click on the “scan code” button and run the camera;
  • Scan Kewar. Ready!

Many users have the question of how to disable WhatsApp synchronization. There is no such opportunity. it always works by default!

We finish with a desktop device. and go to smaller devices. Let’s discuss tablet devices and try to figure out how to synchronize WhatsApp on two phones at once!

Synchronization with tablet and phone

Why did we combine these two devices? Soon you will understand. the instructions have no differences. First, try to synchronize WhatsApp on the phone and tablet. and immediately encounter certain difficulties.

There is no official application of the messenger for tablet devices. you will be convinced, barely open the program store. But you can use the account, synchronization is also available: there is a little trick.

  • Open any browser;
  • Go to the developer’s website and click on the web icon;
  • Kewar will appear. open the application settings on the smartphone and scan the code as we taught above.

Now you can use the accounting account through the browser. all the data will be automatically updated. Similarly, you can synchronize WhatsApp on the Android/iPhone phone. It is impossible to officially install a client on two devices-but the web version will come to the rescue.

Unfortunately, this option of synchronization is not very convenient. but if necessary, you can quickly gain access to the profile on other mobile devices.

They told in detail how to synchronize WhatsApp on another phone, tablet or computer. they outlined all available instructions. We advise you to save the review in the bookmarks so as not to lose a lot of useful instructions. do not forget why it is necessary to periodically do synchronization!