How to watch movies on iPad

iPad is Apple Tablet. The corporation annually updates its iPad model range by adding new features and increasing the display diagonal. But, despite the fact that Apple offers to use the tablet as a laptop replacement, this device “in the people” appeared another main purpose.

The vast majority of people buying an iPad use a device to watch movies. And it is easy to explain. The tablet has an impressive screen and it is very easy compared to a laptop. In addition, the iPad is easily placed even into a small backpack, so that the device can always be taken by.

As a result, it turns out that the iPad is one of the best devices that allow you to reproduce the media content. And new models with an improved screen make it possible to watch movies and videos to the maximum possible quality and using technologies that improve the image.

But iPadov has a very big drawback. It is the use of IOS and iPados operating systems. They really limit the user, without allowing free download movies from pirate resources.


And although we gradually come to the culture of legal viewing of content, now there are people who do not accept Apple’s approach. Especially for this category of iPad owners, we collected the best ways to both absolutely legal and free watching of movies when using pirate resources.

Part 1. Transfer MP4 on iPad without iTunes

Way 1: Transfer MP4 on iPad with iPad video transmission

The best way to solve MP4 transfer problem on iPad without iTunes. Use apeaksoft iPhone Transfer.

This is an alternative iTunes software, but superior to iTunes for data transfer for iPhone / iPod / iPad. You can transmit data not only between different iOS devices, iOS devices and computers, but also between iOS and iTunes devices. This allows you to flexibly transmit almost all types of files. importantly, it is absolutely safe and reliable software, so you can rely on it without risk.

Now you can execute the following detailed steps to find out how to download MP4 on the iPad without iTunes.

Using the download button above, you can easily download this powerful software to transfer iPad MP4 video to your computer. It provides versions for Windows PC and Mac. Select the appropriate version and start downloading it to your computer. When finished, just finish the installation.

Now you can run it on your computer. And you need to connect iPad to a computer via USB cable. When your iPad is detected, you can see its information in the iPhone transmission intees.

Now you can transfer MP4 on the iPad. Click on the media in the left list. And then click Add, at this stage you can easily add MP4 on iPad. When the process is completed, you will see that these MP4 files are downloaded to your iPad.

Way 2: Transfer MP4 to iPad using Waltr 2

Another transmission software that you are strongly recommended is called Walter 2. This is not free software you can get. But powerful functions are really worth paying for them. It supports the transfer of all types of file formats to your iOS device, even some unsupported files.

Because this wonderful software converts these files to MOV format. Waltr 2 has a very clear user inteeis, and there are no buttons or tabs for pressing. Many users are lost and confused with this software. Fortunately, you can perform the following steps to transfer MP4 to the iPad using Waltr 2.

Step 1: Start Waltr2 after buying and downloading this software.

Step 2: Before downloading MP4 on the iPad you need to connect iPad to a computer via USB cable. When it is detected, you will see your device in Inteeis Walter 2.

Step 3: You can simply drag files to this program. Or you can click “Select Files” to add MP4 files that you want to transfer to iPad.

Blue execution indicator will keep you informed during the entire transmission period. If you download files in other formats that your iOS device does not support, Walter 2 converts them to MOV.

Step 4: After completing you can watch the MP4 file on your iOS device without other video player.

How to download a movie from a computer on iPad

iPad, like any other tablet, can be used to watch movies. But, users who previously had no experience with Apple appliances often arise difficulties with downloading films from a computer. If you also encountered such difficulties, we offer you two ways at once, how you can download the film from the computer on the iPad.

Method for downloading the film in third part video player.

To begin with, consider a simpler way to download a movie from a computer to iPad. It consists in using third-party video player on iPad and iTunes programs on a computer. The advantage of this method is that you will not need to convert movies before viewing them on the iPad, and the disadvantage, the fact that the downloaded movies will need to look through the video player from the third-party developer, use the standard video application will not work.

So, first, you need to install a video player from some third-party developer on the iPad. Almost any player will fit, the main thing is that it supports a large number of different video formats, otherwise you may encounter the fact that after downloading the movie on the iPad it will not be just open.

For example, you can install the VLC for Mobile player, it supports all common formats and it usually does not occur with it. In order to install this video player, go to the App Store application store, enter “VLC” and set the found application.

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After you installed the video player, you need to connect iPad to a computer and run on the computer iTunes program. In iTunes, you need to click on the iPad icon, which should appear in the upper left corner of the window.

So you will be taken to the iPad settings. Here you need to go to the “Programs” section, the link to which you can find in the left side menu, immediately under the image of your iPhone.

The “Programs” section will have a lot of different information, scroll through it at the very end, to the “General Files” block. This block consists of two parts. In the left part of the application list, and in the right files that belong to the selected application. In order to download the film from a computer on the iPad you need to highlight the video player you installed (in our case it is VLC), and select a movie using the “Add File” button.

Immediately after selecting the movie, it will start its download on the iPad. You can monitor the process of downloading the indicator that will appear at the top of the iTunes window. After the download is completed, the film will appear in the video player you selected on the iPad.

You need to add that this method of downloading files is universal. With it, you can download not only video on iPad, but other types of files, such as books. Install on the iPad application for reading books, download the books in it described above and read.

Method for downloading the movie in Standard Video Player.

The second way of downloading films is slightly harder and takes more time. It is to use the standard video application on iPad, program for converting video and iTunes programs to download movies from a computer.

So, in order to throw a movie on the iPad in this way, the film must be previously converted to MP4 format, which is supported by the iTunes program and the video application. For conversion, you can use any program convenient to you. We will demonstrate how it is done on the example of the free iwisoft Free Video Converter program.

To begin with, we start IWisoft Free Video Converter on the computer and add a movie to it to be downloaded on the iPad. Movie can be added using the “Add” button or using normal file drag.

Next you need to select the format to convert a film. To do this, open the “Profile” drop-down menu and select MP4 format (it is in the iPhone section).

After the format is selected, select the folder for the MP4 file and run the conversion using the “Start” button.

After converting the movie in MP4 format, you run the iTunes program, open the “File. Add File to Medics” menu and select the MP4 movie

Further, the selected movie should appear in the iTunes program in the “Movies. Home Video” section.

Now the film can be downloaded on the iPad. To do this, connect iPad to a computer and click on its icon in the upper left corner of iTunes.

How to download the movie on the iPad

There are many ways to download a video file with a movie on iPad. Conditionally can be divided into two categories:

Please note that this article disassembles video file transfer methods that the user has downloaded from third-party resources for iOS. If the Owner of the iPad acquired a film in the official Apple store or on other online cinemas, it is enough just to download this document on the tablet, using the functionality of the application used.

Since each filming processes are very different from each other, each method should be disassembled separately.

Through iTunes

IOS operating system is extremely protected from any external risk factor. Therefore, in the development of the first versions of the iPhone and iPad, Apple decided to prohibit the use of the device as the device to transfer files via USB connection. Since this method of communication with a personal computer can transfer viruses to “apple”.

The iTunes software was invented as a replacement, which not only connects two devices, but also is a platform for managing a smartphone or tablet. Despite this, the design of the program was confusing for an ordinary user, which pushed Apple’s owners from this software.

This method is suitable exclusively for video files in MPEG4 format, that is, for the extensions MP4, M4V, as well as MOV. If you need to convert the file better before transferring from the computer to the tablet.

So, to transfer the movie to the tablet via iTunes, you must execute the following instructions:

  • Start iTunes software (when there is no download from the Apple official site. https: // www.Apple.COM / RU / iTunes /).
  • Press the File tab.
  • Select the “Add file to the library” option.
  • Select the desired movie.
  • Connect the tablet to a personal computer via a USB cable.
  • Click on the tablet icon that appears in the upper left corner of the program window.

For this method, it is not necessary to connect to the Internet.

After that, it will synchronize the iTunes software library and iPad internal memory. Upon completion of the process, the film will be transferred to the tablet.

With cloud storage

If the user does not want to understand the confused iTunes software intees or the tablet owner does not have a USB cable, a cloudy repository can serve as an excellent option for transmitting the film. These are special Internet services for transferring and storing files of different sizes.

The user can download a file from any cloud storage convenient for it. Here is the list of the most popular of them:

Please note that data transfer through the presented services occurs exclusively via the Internet.

So, to transfer the movie on the iPad using the cloud storage, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Register on any customer service.
  • Create folder for movies.
  • Transfer the file that interests there.
  • Open cloud storage on a laptop gadget.
  • Go to the desired folder.
  • Watch video online or download Apple tablet.

Do not forget about the format of the film. Recode file to iPad much more difficult than on a personal computer.

What kind of cloudy storage is not so important. Although each service has certain functions and features (for example, some cloud programs are paid). The choice depends exclusively by the user.

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Through file sharing

Similar with cloud storage Method for downloading a video file on a “apple” tablet. Using file sharing. These services are specialized to transmit information using the Internet.

List of most popular file sharing:

The process of transferring the film is practically no different from the injection method through the cloud storage:

  • Create an account in any file sharing.
  • Download the Film Interest.
  • We get a download link.
  • Use the address to download the movie on the iPad.

Data transmission through file sharing currently is not the most popular way to obtain information to understand why this service happens and is suitable for this service to download the film on the iPad, you should consider the main advantages and disadvantages of file sharing.


To copy movies and TV shows on the iPad, turn on iTunes movie filming.

Open iPad from iTunes by clicking the icon at the top of the program, just below the menu items.

Select Films on the left panel iTunes.

Check in the field next to the shallonization of movies to copy certain iTunes videos on the iPad, select them manually, otherwise you can use the ability to select all your videos simultaneously.

To use in iTunes to update and synchronize movies on the iPad.

You can make similar changes to the VTV show section iTunes for synchronization.

Discover the show of the iTunes area.

Check the checkbox next to the Synchronization TV show.

Choose which shows and / or time of the year are synchronized with your iPad or check the above screen to synchronize them all.

Synchronization of television shows with iPad with apply in the bottom of iTunes.

ways to download movie on iPad

To download movies on the iPad, there are six different ways. Most users choose a couple of comfortable methods for themselves, and only use them.

Through iTunes

The easiest option of how to download movies on the iPad. use iTunes software installed on the computer.

  • Install the iTunes program on your computer. The latest version can be downloaded from this link. If your computer runs under the operating system from Apple, then iTunes already have in it.
  • Now you need to download a movie on a PC to subsequently download a movie on a tablet computer. As mentioned earlier, you need to download M4V or MP4 format file. If you cannot find the necessary video of this format, simply download the other type file, and then convert to M4V or MP4. Conversion is carried out through the relevant PC program or through the online service. And the other, in prosperity.
  • On PC you need to create a folder, and then move the movie from the computer to the created folder.
  • Now you need to connect the tablet to the computer through the wire, and open the “control panel” in iTunes.
  • Here you need to install a check mark opposite the inscription “Processing video manually”, and click on the “Apply” button.
  • Then you need to find the tab “Movies” under the heading “on my device”. Click on this tab.
  • It will only be left to drag the video file from the previously created folder in the open tab “Films”.

This method does not even have to synchronize iTunes with the device. In my opinion, this is the most convenient option for downloading video on iPad for free.

Using Apple Connection Kit

Apple Connection Kit is an adapter for downloading photos from a memory card on iPad. But you can use this technique and for downloading movies.

Since the originally Apple Connection Kit is designed to download photos from a memory card, which was operated on the camera, you will have to use some tricks:

  • Create DCIM folder on memory card via PC.
  • Download files only in MP4 format.
  • Rename these files as it would be called photo on the camera. For example, PICT0001, PICT0002, PICT0003 and T.D.

After that, you can insert a memory card in Apple Connection Kit, connect an adapter to iPad and move movies for iPad.

Third-party players

The two above-described methods applied only to how to download and watch the films format only in MP4, for other formats The standard iPad player does not support. But you can use third-party players that can play not only MP4.

  • Install on the device third-party player with the App Store. For example, AvPlayer.
  • Download the necessary video on the computer.
  • Open iTunes on PC and connect to it Tablet.
  • Open the Applications tab in iTunes settings.
  • Select avplayer.
  • Find a bookmark “Shared Files” and click on “Add”.
  • Select already downloaded object to watch it without internet.

This method is good because iTunes allows you to download files directly into the application, and not on the gadget as a whole.

Cloud storage

You can watch movies on the iPad using quite tricky, and at the same time an obvious way.

This option implies the use of cloud service, for example, Dropbox. This cloud service needs to load the desired file through a computer or third-party device on Android / Windows.

After that, it will only be left to open a cloud from a tablet and play the previously loaded file. At the same time, it must be MP4 format.

Directly from the Internet

You can download the movie on the iPad directly from the Internet, without a computer. To do this, you need to use the appropriate application with the video file download function. For example, “Offline video player”, which is in the Appstore.

  • Install the application.
  • Most of these applications are an improved boot browser. Therefore, when viewing the roller, you will need to click on the download icon.
  • When the video is loaded, it can be reproduced from the same application.

How to upload videos and movies with YouTube

YouTube platform is poorly suitable for watching movies, but some pictures in it are.

There are several ways to download video from YouTube. I will describe the most relevant:

How to put movies on the iPad using iTunes from a computer

iTunes from Apple. One of the most useful services for iPad and iPhone users. Using iTunes, you can back up your phone on your computer, access the ocean of music, movies and video and purchase. In addition, iTunes can also download movies on the iPad and iPhone from your Windows or Mac.

WAY 1: Put movies on the iPad from iTunes from a computer via USB cable

First, whatever iTunes you use, you can quickly transfer movies from a computer to iPad or iPhone using a cable connection for this.

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Connect your iPad to a computer using a Lightning cable in a box when you bought an iPad. Open the latest version of iTunes on your computer. This method is available for both PC and Mac.

After iTunes recognizes your iPad, click the “iPad” icon in the upper left corner, find the “On My Device” section on the left sidebar and select the “Movies” option to open the films library.

Then open the Explorer window and find the folder in which the movies you want to transfer to the iPad Pro are stored. Press the “Ctrl” button in Windows or “CMD” in Mac and select all the desired movies. Drag them to the iTunes library.

Now you can see the row of the process in each movie that displays the transfer status.

When the process is completed, exit iTunes and disconnect the iPad and computer, and you can watch movies on the iPad at any time.

Way 2: Transfer video to iPad from a computer via iTunes without wires

In the latest version of iTunes Apple introduced a wireless synchronization function. This means that you can place movies on the iPad and iPhone using iTunes, without even connecting the phone to the computer.

To configure the Wi-Fi synchronization feature in iTunes, you also need to use a USB cable to connect iPad and a computer.

Run the iTunes application and click “Help” “Check availability of updates” in Windows or iTunes “Check for updates” to get the latest version.

Click the “Device” icon and go to the “Summary” tab on the left tape. Be sure to check the box next to “Synchronize from the iPad via Wi-Fi”. Click the “Apply” button down to confirm this. Then remove the iPad from the computer.

After executing the settings, you can import data from iTunes on the iPad next time on a wireless network, especially when your iPad is not detected iTunes in the future.

Anytime, when you want to transfer movies from a computer to iPad, open the iTunes application and make sure your computer and iPad are in the same Wi-Fi network.

After your iPad appears in iTunes, import the movies you want to look at the iPad, to the iTunes media. They will automatically be transferred to your iPad.

How to throw off video from a computer to iPad via iTunes

This method of swinging video from a computer on the iPad is a bit more difficult, because it requires a preliminary video coding in order to change its format. For video encoding, we will use the free iwisoft Free Video Converter program. But it is not fundamentally, you can use for this another program.

We encode video in MP4 format.

Run the iwisoft Free Video Converter program and add a video file to it. This can be done using the “Add” button or using the usual drag and drop.

After the video is added, open the “PROFILE” drop-down menu, which is in the bottom of the window.

After that, specify the folder to which you want to save the video in MP4 format and click on the “Start” button.

Add video in MP4 format to the iTunes media.

After you received a video file in MP4 format, you need to add to the iTunes library. To do this, run iTunes and add a video file using the “File. Add File to Medics” menu.

After adding a video file, it should appear in the iTunes media library in the “Movies. Home Video” section.

Throw off video from computer on iPad.

After adding video to the iTunes media, you need to connect iPad to a computer and click on the iPad icon in iTunes.

And turn on there movie synchronization. Also do not forget to mark the video file that you added to the iTunes media.

Now you can throw off the video file from the computer on the iPad. To do this, click on the “Synchronize” button and wait until iTunes will finish synchronization. After this video can be opened in the video “Video” application on your iPad.

We throw off the movie on the iTunes media

Now consider the way it’s more difficult. This method is to use the iTunes library. Its advantage is that to view the movie you do not need to install third-party applications, you can watch movies through the standard video application. But, there is also a disadvantage, movies can only be thrown in MP4 format.

If a movie in another format, then it must be pre-converted. To convert movies to MP4 format, you can use any convenient software. We will show how it is done in the free program IWisoft Free Video Converter.

First you need to add a movie to Iwisoft Free Video Converter. To do this, you can simply drag the video file to the program window or use the “Add” button.

After adding a movie, you need to choose the format you want to get after conversion. In order to select the format, open the “Profile” drop-down list, which is located at the bottom of the window.

In the list that appears, you need to select the “iPhone” section and the iPhone H format.264 VIDEO (.MP4) “. This format is optimally suitable for watching movies on the iPhone.

Next, you need to select the folder to save the converted movie and click on the “Start” button.

After the video conversion is completed, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer and run iTunes. Next, you need to open the “File” menu, select “Add file to the library” and add a converted MP4 file to the iTunes media.

As a result, the film will be added to the library and will be available in the section “Films. Home Video”.

After that, the film can be thrown off on the iPhone. To do this, click on the device icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes window.

After that you need to go to the “Movies” section.

Enable movie synchronization there and click on the Apply button.

Next, you need to wait until synchronization and the film can be found on the iPhone through the video application.