How to display a smartphone screen on a TV?

This article contains the simplest methods that will allow you to easily display an image from a mobile device to your TV. You can stream videos and photos from your phone directly to your TV!

The easiest and most reliable way to transfer pictures from the screen of a mobile device to TVs with Smart TV support. If you have a smart TV, then it will be enough to install an application on it called Smart TV, and, for each TV manufacturer, the program is called differently. Samsung. AllShare, Philips. Philips MyRemote, Sony. Media Server, and for owners of LG TVs. Smart Share.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, then you can connect your phone to a TV using the Apple TV set-top box or the proprietary AirPlay application.

In this case, you must not forget about connecting all devices to the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise you will not succeed.

stream, tablet

Most modern smartphones have a built-in feature called Broadcast. With its help, you can display the contents of your gadget’s screen on a TV display in a matter of seconds using a wireless connection. As in the previous methods, the main thing is to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Connect Tablet to TV using HDMI. Easy & Fun!!!

stream, tablet
stream, tablet

You need to enable the [Broadcast] function in the notification curtain by clicking on the icon of the corresponding name. After that, you will be asked to turn on Bluetooth, or activate the Internet connection. In the list of found devices, select the TV you need and click on the [Connect] button. Do not forget to confirm the pairing of devices on the TV so that the picture from the phone can be displayed on the Smart TV screen.

Actually, there is only one way out and it is very simple. you need to use wires to connect the smartphone to the TV. You can use one of the following adapters, for example, USB Type-C to HDMI, or Mini USB to HDMI / VGA (remember to check the connectors on your TV).

stream, tablet

After connecting the smartphone to the TV through the adapter, in the TV settings, it will be enough to select the current signal source (HDMI or VGA port, depending on the connection you choose).

If the TV does not have a Wi-Fi module and there is no Smart TV in it, then you can connect one of the set-top boxes with Android TV or Apple TV, depending on your preferences. The simplest and most popular solution is the Google Chromecast media player, which will allow you to display photos, videos, and more on the TV screen.

For the convenience of connecting and working with Google Chromecast, you may need a program called Google Home, which has an intuitive interface and the ability to quickly pair several devices with each other.

How to connect with cable?

It is more convenient to transfer video to TV and watch movies in the best quality using a wired connection due to the high data transfer speed and high-quality connection. To display the image on the screen for watching movies, the tablet can be connected to the TV using various cables and adapters. There are several different ways to do this: HDMI, USB, SlimPort, MHL, RCA, VGA.

HDMI connection is the most popular type of wired connection because it allows you to transfer both picture and sound in high quality. In addition, this connection is universal. any not very old TV must have an HDMI input.

It is for such cases that there are special adapters from micro USB or mini HDMI to HDMI, into which the wire itself is connected.

The other end of the cable is connected to one of several corresponding connectors on the TV (you can choose any, just remember the input number).

Once connected, you will most likely need to do a little connection setup. The TV remote control always has a connection setup button (usually located at the top). Click on this button and from all the options select the HDMI connection with the required connector number to which the wire was connected, thereby switching the priority signal source, after which the TV setup is completed.

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It is advisable to completely turn off cable TV for this time.

In the tablet settings, set the signal output to the HDMI connection. After that, you can enjoy what you see.

Another equally popular transmission method, which has much less functionality. If the HDMI connection was streaming to the TV in real time, then in the case of USB, the tablet acts as a storage device. Only those media files that are already in the tablet’s memory are available for viewing on TV.

An ordinary USB cable is required to connect. We connect the tablet and the TV with it, and then set the file access permission on the tablet.

Despite the fact that most TVs have a USB input, you need to keep track of its format to transfer video.

Some older models only support a specific video format, so for transmission, you need to change its settings in the tablet before connecting.

Wi-Fi Direct

Perhaps this is the most popular and high-quality method of wireless connection, which directly depends on the speed of data transfer over Wi-Fi. The TV must have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. For example, all TVs that support Smart TVs have this adapter. To sync with your tablet, you first need to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

You can transfer both accumulated and streaming information, duplicating the tablet screen to the TV.

Next, we set up the TV, including the Wi-Fi Direct function. In the list of devices available for connection, you need to find the tablet, after which the data transfer will be established. Possible connection problems are associated with interruptions and blocking of the signal, so you need to deal with them first of all.

Wireless options

In the modern way and rhythm of life, there is always a desire to get rid of unnecessary wires, for which various options for wireless connection were created. With a wireless connection, device management is much easier, because the tablet can be moved and left where it is convenient.

The disadvantages of this type of connection include, first of all, the instability of signal transmission.

There are a number of factors that may interfere with connection and the quality of information output, depending on the selected wireless connection option. You need to constantly monitor the speed and quality of data transfer, especially Wi-Fi.

Nevertheless, syncing the tablet with fairly new TV models with your own hands without wires is not difficult at all. The connection itself and additional devices depend on how new the TV and tablet are.

How to connect a tablet to a TV?

There are quite a few ways to connect your tablet to your TV. Some of them allow you to transmit an image in the form of a stream (in real time), others can play on the screen files already in the tablet’s memory.


A connection reminiscent of the HDMI option. All Android tablets have a microUSB connector. It is he who is used for such a connection. This connector accepts a SlimPort adapter that converts the USB connection, and the picture can be output from almost any connector on the TV. This method is very convenient in the absence of mini HDMI, however, both the tablet and the TV may sometimes not support this technology. Once connected, the device setup is the same as for HDMI connection.

Similar to the previous connection method, the function of which is the same. signal conversion. An adapter is also needed here, only it must be of a different type (from microUSB to HDMI).

With MHL connection, you cannot output the signal to VGA and other ports. exclusively to HDMI.

If the TV supports this technology, then at least one of the HDMI inputs must be written: MHL. The tablet must also support this type of connection. After connecting the HDMI cable and adapter with devices in the settings, we indicate the appropriate type of connection. and the connection is complete.

In addition, after connecting to the TV, the tablet will begin to charge slowly, which is an undoubted plus, since the device will restore battery power during operation, and you can use the display of an image or video on the TV screen without time limit.

Tri-color RCA connectors are found in any old TV. If your TV model is not equipped with a USB or HDMI port, you can use this technology.

Information through such connectors is transmitted exclusively in analog format, which significantly reduces the quality of both picture and sound.

And since all tablets are digital, a converter is needed to transfer to RCA.

Such a converter includes 4 connectors: one for HDMI, the rest for RCA. To connect, respectively, you need 2 cables.

The HDMI cable is connected to the tablet in any of the above ways. RCA is a 3-wire cable with multi-colored plugs (image is transmitted through the yellow cable, sound is transmitted through the red and white). With this wire, you need to connect the TV and the converter. and the connection will be completed. To set up the connection on the control panel, you need to find the button labeled AV (or RCA) to switch to the analog data transmission channel, and set the signal transmission to HDMI on the tablet.

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How to connect your Android tablet’s Screen on your TV | How to screen Mirroring a tablet to the TV

The least functional and rational way of connection, which, unfortunately, can only transmit an image without outputting audio information.

In addition, tablets generally lack a VGA-out; it was retained only in older notebook models. This means that to connect in this way you will have to use an adapter.

After the mechanical connection, we configure the devices in the same way as when connecting via HDMI.

Other options

Additional sync options include various set-top boxes such as Google Chromecast. The set-top box will have to be purchased separately, it is never a component part. Google Chromecast connects to TV using HDMI cable. And with the tablet, the device is synchronized through a Google account. Just like with Wi-Fi Direct, the connection must go over the same shared Wi-Fi network.

Through the Play Market, you also need to install the Google Home application on the tablet, through which the set-top box is configured and controlled. We start the device, having previously connected it to the power supply, open the application and follow the further instructions. The tablet should detect the TV, after which the sync code will appear on the screen, which must be entered into the application. Connection setup completed.

There is another method of wireless connection, which is available only for Apple tablets. The system is designed in such a way that absolutely any iPad can be connected to a TV that has an Apple TV function. Synchronization takes place over one Wi-Fi network. To control Apple TV from the AppStore, you need to install the AirPlay app on your tablet. In the application, you must select the device it found, then turn on the video repeat function, which duplicates the actions performed on the iPad.

By the way, this application allows you to synchronize the work of not only a tablet and a TV, but also any other devices of the Apple brand.

stream, tablet


The newest connection technology available, respectively, for the latest devices. We can say that Miracast is an improved version of Wi-Fi Direct. It differs in a simpler and faster connection, as well as a higher level of connection quality. In addition to the obvious advantages in the form of direct connection and economical consumption of the tablet‘s charge, you can broadcast streaming information not only from tablet to TV, but also from TV to tablet.

Since not all TV models have a built-in Miracast function, manufacturers have come up with a set-top box adapter that connects to the TV via USB and works in exactly the same way.

We turn on the Miracast function on the TV and synchronize it with the smartphone after the connection notification appears. Naturally, it is necessary that the tablet and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to connect a tablet to a TV via USB

So, in order to use a tablet to connect to a TV via USB, we need the presence of the MHL standard for the tablet. Otherwise, the TV will not give the device control and will perceive it as an ordinary USB flash drive. MHL protocol combines HDMI and USB interface.

We go into the tablet settings, turn on the MHL transmission, then connect the adapter via USB-HDMI to the corresponding ports and start the dive. In this mode, we can communicate with our friends in messengers, including streaming video services, launch high-resolution video. Unfortunately, you cannot use the MHL interface for both HDMI and USB connections at the same time, so take care in advance if your phone is running low.

How to connect a tablet to TV through a tulip

If you are not a special fan of modern TV with a bunch of advertisements and your TV is old and Soviet, none of the above options will suit you. But certainly on any TV you can find an RCA interface, called “Tulip” in everyday life. To combine a tablet with such a TV, you will need not a simple adapter, but a converter adapter, which, unlike a modern adapter, is a little more difficult to find on the market.

  • You will not be able to control the old TV through the tablet, but you can use it as a screen, play music and watch movies, the same scaled image is displayed as the tablet
  • RCA adapter converts a higher order image (digital) into a signal for analog TV

We need to connect the output device (in our case, a tablet with an HDMI connector) to the TV through the corresponding colors in the tulip connectors. video and audio. In the TV settings, select the output device mode. If everything is done correctly, make sure that even an old TV can be connected to a modern device, although admitting the signal quality will be lame, due to the fact that the analog signal precedes the digital one in the hierarchy.

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Connecting your tablet to a TV using Wi-Fi and USB

stream, tablet

  • 1. How to connect a tablet to a TV via HDMI
  • 2. How to connect a tablet to a TV via USB
  • 3. How to connect a tablet to TV through a tulip
  • 4. How to connect a tablet to TV wirelessly
  • 5. Wi-Fi Direct
  • 6. Wi-Fi Miracast

An ordinary modern tablet can be used not only as a compact media center for watching movies, listening to music and playing games, but also as an output device connected to a TV, allowing you to do all of the above on a large screen. How to connect a tablet to a TV, what wires are needed for this and what this will give us in the end. we will tell you about everything in this article.

Wi-Fi Direct

  • We go to the gadget settings. In the section “Wireless networks” we find the option “Wi-Fi Direct”, put a tick in front, then go to the settings of the TV transmitter.
  • In the TV settings, we find the “Network” section. The path to this section may differ depending on your TV model. Choosing “Wi-fi Direct”.
  • In the open settings window for this function, put the slider in the “On” position, find our device, synchronize with the TV.
  • If you are going to control the TV, you will need to download the corresponding applications in the market, in other cases you can only view photos and listen to music, broadcast non-streaming videos.
  • How to connect a tablet to a TV via HDMI

    • After we have connected both devices, the audio and video signal setting will start automatically, if this has not happened, we need to automatically enter debug mode on the tablet and TV receiver and do the following: specify the input value for the HDMI port in the TV settings, and on tablet to designate this port for signal output.
    • In the event that the generations of HDMI ports on the TV differ, you may need HDMI adapters for Microusb, but in this case the quality of the signal transmitted through the cable will not be the best.
    • The latest HDMI 2.0 standard provides the best signal quality, supporting up to UltraHD, which will increase the bandwidth to 18.2 Gb / s. It is a pity that this standard was introduced quite recently, and has not yet become widespread on devices, while increasingly replacing the first generation.

    When the connection setup is completed, the image from the tablet is displayed on the TV, and the tablet becomes the control panel of the media system. Since the signal going through the cable is digital, we can watch a high quality image even without resorting to the services of a Smart set-top box. over, by activating the “display mirror” function, we get a replica of one image on the TV and the device. Instead of a bunch of wires. just one cord, but it is the cord that becomes a stumbling block for the widespread adoption of HDMI. so the tablet‘s working space is occupied by an additional slot.

    How to connect your tablet to TV wirelessly

    You will say that cords and wires are the last century, and you will be right. Already, wireless technology is helping us eliminate tons of unnecessary accessories while speeding up the setup process. In some TVs with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, by default, the manufacturer has preinstalled special utilities that make it easier to connect the TV to any device. We will take a look at 2 of the most popular ones: Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Miracast.

    Wi-Fi Miracast

    An absolutely innovative protocol that allows you to display a live image from a tablet on a TV. It is just starting to appear on mobile devices, but deserves a mention. So far, additional testing is underway, but now you can find out if there is a function in your gadget. To do this, go to the tablet settings, in the “Screen” section, find the “Wireless Projector” menu.

    Due to its so far experimental distribution, the function can cause malfunctions of equipment or conflicts in the software, and then you have no choice but to connect the tablet to the TV in a simpler way.

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