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Many users are faced with the need to record the video from the Windows 10 screen, which can be performed in one way or another. A video for YouTube, presentations or reports, broadcasting a teacher, work in the program, recording of the game, etc. are recorded from the screen. D.

In most cases, Windows video screen is recording using software: specialized monitor screen assignment programs. There are online services that help record videos from a computer screen.

The described methods involve the installation of a special application on the PC, with which it is recorded on what is happening on the screen, and then save the video to the file. A logical question arises whether it is possible to record a video from the computer screen in Windows without the help of

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The Windows 10 operating system has a function: screen recorder, which is designed to record games. The Xbox Game Bar application is preinstalled to the system, with which you can record video from the game on the computer screen.

There are other options to record video from the Windows 10 computer screen: for this, you need to use the tools from the NVIDIA and AMD video cards installed on the computer.

Of course, in specialized programs, as a rule, there is more functionality, but in some cases, the user can do without extraneous applications to record a computer screen.

How to record a video from the Windows screen

Windows 10 has an Xbox Game Bar application, which writes from the screen in games and other applications open to a full screen. Recording desktop and conductor are not available.

Windows 10 video recording from the screen works on computers, whose video adapters support technology:

Record options are configured from the parameters of the operating system and the application itself. First of all, you need to make sure that the game recording function is included in the parameters of the operating system.

  • Enter the Start menu, open the parameters application.
  • In the Windows Parameters window, click on “Games”.
  • In the “Games” section, see if the parameters are included for recording game clips, screen shots and broadcasts.

In this section there are options for changing the combinations of “hot” keys, if you need to change the default settings.

In the tabs “Clips”, “Broadcast”, “Game mode” and “Xbox network” other parameters are set up: recording in the background, sound recording, recording length, video recording, etc. D.

  • Launch the game on the computer. Instead of the game, you can start any program in full.screen mode, for example, a browser, a webinar broadcast, a video from YouTube or T. P.
  • Click on the keys “G”.
  • Several panels with various parameters will appear on top of the screen: “Broadcasting and Recording”, “Sound”, “Productivity”. The display of unnecessary panels is disconnected from the main panel of the Xbox Game Bar, located in the upper central part of the screen.

On the “Broadcasting and Record” panel, buttons are also available for other actions caused by the keys:

  • “Make a screen of the screen”. “Win” “ALT” “PRTSCRN”.
  • “Record the last 30 s”. “Win” “ALT” “G”.
  • “Turn off the microphone while recording”. “Win” “Alt” “M”.
  • Start broadcast”. “Win” “Alt” “B”.

During the recording on the screen, a small panel is displayed, from where you can quickly change some parameters: turn off the microphone or complete the screen grip.

  • To complete the operation, click on the “Stop recording” button. An alternative option to complete the screen recording: re.pressing “Win” “Alt” “R”.

By default, the screen capture records and the screenshots created are stored in the “Clips” folder, which is located in the Video folder. Videos are stored in MP4 format, and screen images in PNG format.

The user can see all the recorded clips from the game mode window, after clicking on the “Show All Posts” button.

Inclusion of technology

Developers identified a number of experimental functions supported by drivers and auxiliary programs. By default, they are disabled, so the overly with Shadowplay is not available without prior change in the settings in the GeForce Experience. You will need to activate one of the parameters, which happens this way:

The start of the recording or direct broadcast using Shadowplay is carried out through overly, where there are appropriate settings and buttons for starting the screen of the screen or window with the application. Before starting the creation of records, they must be edited.

The beginning of the recording

If you record a video for further distribution on the network or carry out a live broadcast, it is first advisable to make a trial capture to make sure the technology of technology. It is simply necessary to do such a check and it will not need anything but an overly and launch of the support for the support of the application.

Through this overly, you can go to the Gallery to get acquainted with the results of the record. If the video turned out as it should, proceed to create rollers and their further processing.

Update: how to record Gameplay using Nvidia Share

Nvidia changed the name Shadowplay to Nvidia Share and changed the appearance. You can manage Nvidia Share (Shadowplay) from Nvidia GeForce Experience overlap. To open the application, click Alt Z.

If you do not see anything, open the GeForce Experience application in the Start menu. Press the green button “Share” to the left of the settings button on the toolbar to open.

If this application has not yet been installed, download and install the GeForce Experience application from NVIDIA. In addition to Shadowplay, this application also offers updates to NVIDIA graphic drivers, the optimization of the game settings in one click and the streaming of the game from your PC. all quite useful functions.

Shadowplay In Game Audio Not Working | How to Fix

To activate the regime of instant playback in which Shadowplay will automatically record your entire gameplay in the background, click the “instant playback” icon and click “Turn on”.

With the instant reproduction mode on, you can press Alt F10 to save the last five minutes of the gameplay into the file. If you do not save manually, Nvidia Share will automatically cancel the recorded gameplay.

To start recording right now, click the “Record” button and click “Start” or click Alt F9. Nvidia Shadowplay will record until you stop.

To stop the recording, press Alt F9 again or open the overly, press the “Record” button and click “Stop and Save”.

To choose whether there will be a video from your webcam or audio from your microphone on, click the microphone buttons on the right side of the application.

To configure the Shadowplay parameters, click the “Instant Play” or “Record” buttons in the imposition and select “Settings”. You can choose the quality, length, fps, bitrate and resolution parameters.

To change the key combinations used. from the ALT Z key combination to the ALT F9 and Alt F10 keys to recording. click the “Settings” icon on the right side of the overlap and select “Key Combinations”. “”

Other settings are also available in the settings menu. For example, you can press the “settings” “Hud Layout” to choose where (or should it be) display your webcam or FPS counter on the screen.

Your entries will be displayed in the folder for a specific game in the video of your default account video. For example, if you record your desktop, you will find notes in C: Users Name Videos Desktop.

To choose another folder, click the “Settings” “Records in the overlay” and change the “Video” catalog.

Check if your computer Shadowplay supports

Update: we updated this article by adding new information about how Shadowplay (now known as Nvidia Share) works in 2020. Check out the above instructions to find out how it works with the latest versions of NVIDIA software. We leave original instructions for older versions of Shadowplay here for historical help.

Related to: How to install graphic settings of your PC without effort

You can check the NVIDIA website to see the list of NVIDIA graphic equipment that supports Shadowplay. Nevertheless, if you have NVIDIA equipment, you can simply check on your computer too.

To do this, open the GeForce Experience application in the Start menu. If it is not yet installed, download and install the GeForce Experience application from NVIDIA. In addition to Shadowplay, this application also offers updates to NVIDIA graphic drivers, the optimization of the game settings in one click and the streaming of the game from your PC. all quite useful functions.

On the My Rig tab in the application, go to the Shadowplay tab and check if your computer meets system requirements. If this happens, Shadowplay will be “ready”. If this does not happen, the application will tell you why.

Frequently asked questions about recording GeForce experience

Question 1. Does Nvidia GeForce Experience affect the performance of the game?

You should know that the recording of the gameplay using Nvidia Share will reduce the performance of your game. NVIDIA said that in more demanding games it will be 10%. You will not feel a decrease in performance if you use a fairly fast computer. In addition to GeForce Experience, other games for recording games for example, Game Bar in Windows 10 will also slightly reduce the performance of the game.

Question 2. How to optimize games with GeForce Experience?

With GeForce Experience you can easily optimize your games. When you open GeForce Experience, it will automatically scan your computer for the set games, and new games will be added to the game library. You can easily optimize games in your game library GeForce Experience. You can simply score the mouse pointer to the game and select “Details”. Now you can see some settings, the current value and the recommended value for each of them. You can press the “Optimize” button to change all the settings to the recommended values.

Question 3. Does GeForce Experience FPS improve?

Yes. GeForce Experience can improve FPS. This can help you get the latest stable drivers with all the corrections for the best game performance. over, he will offer you the best tested game settings for smooth playback. Thus, GeForce Experience can improve FPS for you. Of course, if you need a higher FPS, you need the best equipment.

start, record, geforce, experience

After reading this post, you can learn more about Nvidia GeForce Experience. We tell you how to record a screen with GeForce Experience in detail. over, we present you an excellent registrar of the gameplay that will help you better record your game on a computer.

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Screen Recorder

AISEESOFT Screen Recorder. The best screen recording software that allows you to capture any actions, such as online video, calls from webcams, playing Windows / Mac.

GeForce Experience is recorded through overlay. Launch the game and open the Share tool by pressing the Altz key combination.

Select “Record” and click “Start”. You can also click the ALTF9 key combination to quickly start the video capture process from the monitor screen.

To configure the quality of the SHADOWPLAY source record, go to the video settings. Here you can choose the quality:

Attention! The higher the quality of the stream recording, the greater the load on the system.

Install permission. By default, a “game” resolution has been established for recording on GeForce Experience. This means that the video is captured in the resolution that is installed in the game settings.

Here you can also indicate where to save the GeForce Experience video, the recording is best made on a logical disk in a separate folder.

After that, set the desired number of recording frames. It is not necessary to configure the speed of transmission, since this item refers to streams.

The “instant repetition” function in the overlay of Shadowplay allows you to save the last 30 seconds of gameplay. The tool allows you to record memorable moments during the game.

In GeForce Experience screenshots during the game are much easier. To do this, use hot keys. By default, there is a combination of altf1.

Where the screenshots of GeForce Experience are preserved? Created screen pictures are preserved in the gallery.


Recently, the Freestyle function has appeared in the NVIDIA program. The main task of the tool is to improve the quality of the image by applying the GeForce Experience filters

To activate freestyle, open the program settings and go to the “General” section. Install a checkmark opposite the inclusion of experimental functions.

Launch the overly program GeForce Experience during the game. On the left side, select “Filter” item.

Proceed to the settings of sharpness, clarity, saturation, blur, etc.D. All changes made will be reflected on the quality of the image.

File search

After recording a video or creating a screenshot, many users have a question where the GeForce Experience video saves the video.

There are several options for searching for the source materials:

  • Open overly in the game by pressing Altz. Go to the “Gallery” section.
  • Go to the next section of the computer: C: \ Users \ User Name ”\ Video (Images) \» Game name “.

How to start the record of the GeForce Experience screen

GeForce Experience. This is the easiest way to update video card drivers, optimize games and share your victories. Millions of gamers around the world use this application, and with GeForce Experience 3.0 to share your best game moments is even easier.

Simple access to Shadowplay capabilities with a new overle of GeForce Experience 3.0

How To Record Desktop With Nvidia GeForce Experience

You will notice that everyone’s favorite Shadowplay function has been updated and got the name Share Overly. Just click the combination of hot keys “Altz” or Share icon icon. To open well.known and loved recording opportunities for you.

Using an overly, you can easily record a gameplay with a shift frequency of 60FPS in resolution up to 4K both in full.screen and in window mode. Automatically record the last 20 minutes of gameplay using the “instant repetition,” function (previously known as Shadowmode mode) or record the game process manually with the “Record” function.

Improvenly possibilities for broadcasting the gameplay

Never before Twitch or YouTube Live has been so simple. Just click the “Translate” button and select the streaming service to start transferring your gameplay in resolution to 1080p and the frequency of shift of 60fps. We also improved this function by reducing the resources of the system necessary for the implementation of broadcasting.

Game process screenshots in 4K resolution

Now you can create screenshots and upload them to the service without leaving the game and not using applications. Just click “Altf1” to save the screenshot in the gallery.

You can download your favorite pictures in Google Photo or IMGUR in resolution up to 3840×2160. Through GeForce Experience 3.0 Users can download larger files (up to 12 MB) than directly through the web.

GEFORCE Experience Share Overly: The Boat of Preferences

start, record, geforce, experience

To connect your accounts, for example, Google, Imgur, YouTube or Twitch, or change the settings, click on the “preferences” tab.

You can add FPS display during the game, display from the camera or spectators who can view your broadcasts, as well as change the key combinations for quick access to GeForce Experience capabilities.

You can also connect Google, Imgur, YouTube and Twitch accounts using the “Connect” button.

And you can add indicators and cameras through “overlay”.

Select the key combinations (general, recording, broadcast) in the “Combination Combination” section.

You can turn on the video from the desktop in “Private settings”.

Play with friends (experimental function)

We offer you a new possibility of cooperative playing with friends, even if they are with you not in the same room. You can provide your friends with access to your screen and control buttons or play in cooperative mode. All they need to do. This is opening the Chrome browser, and they will immediately be able to join your game session.

To enable this function, go to the “preferences” tab and turn on “experimental functions”.

Open overly using the “altz” keys, and you will see a new function called “stream gear”.

Indicate the email address of your friend, and he will receive an invitation that will install and open the GeForce Experience application in the Chrome browser.

After that you can play together on one screen. So, you can play together or just let your friend watch the gameplay. This is a new and very interesting way to play PC.

Download GeForce Experience 3.0 right now

How to start the record of the GeForce Experience screen

GeForce Experience allows you to easily broadcast online gameplay from your PC to the selected service. GeForce Experience supports online broadcasting in Live, YouTube Live and Twitch. Although each of these services is unique and has its own rules for creating an account, the user integration and audience, the GeForce Experience combines access to them in one convenient intensity, allowing you not to waste time on installation and not remember many passwords.

In addition to the requirement to have an GFE account, this leadership implies that you already have an account in. Twitch or YouTube. If you still do not have an account on the service that you want to use, please register for http: // wwwcom, http:/www.Twitch.TV or http: // The creation of the GFE account is a one.time process that must be completed after the first installation of GFE, following the instructions on the screen.

To configure the broadcast using GeForce Experience:

    Click Altz to call Share overlays, and enter the parameters:

Pay attention: if the share overlaps does not appear on the screen, perhaps it is disconnected. You can turn it on by going to GeForce Experience to the General Share parameters and switch the toggle switch. The green indicator will light up, signaling that the shared overlays is turned on.

Please note: you can change the key access keys to the overwhelm Share. To do this, go into the parameters of the key combination if you do not want to use the ALTZ combination.

GeForce Experience supports broadcasting in Live, Twitch and YouTube Live. In this section, you will learn how to configure a broadcast for these services.

    Make sure you have completed the initial setting. Then open (or return) in the overlay of Share in the menu parameters and click connect:

Depending on the throughput of your network, you can lower or increase certain broadcasting parameters, for example, resolution, frequency of frame or bitrate. To change the broadcast parameters:

    Click Altz to call Share overlays, and select the Settings Broadcasting menu:

Please note: you can configure the broadcast quality separately for each service.

If a webcam and a microphone or webcam with a microphone are connected to the PC, you can use them during a broadcast using GeForce Experience.

    Click Altz to call share overlays, and click on the microphone badge:

  • Click Altz to open Share overlays and select the Parameters menu.
  • Select the overlays here.
  • In the menu, you can choose the sector in which your webcam will be displayed or turn it off. You can also configure the size of the webcam display:

Please note: you can turn it on or off the microphone and webcam at any time during the broadcast by just by pressing Altz (this will open the share overlap) and clicking on the microphone or chamber icon.

For example, we will broadcast the gameplay in Live, although all the steps that need to be performed for this are similar to the steps for broadcast on Twitch or YouTube Live.

Before starting the broadcast, make sure you have connected and set up all the necessary devices. See the section initial settings and connection to broadcast services.

To start broadcast in Live:

  • Launch the game on PC.
  • When you start a broadcast, click Altz to open the share overlap.
  • Select the broadcast menu and click Start.

Now your game is broadcast in ! Please note that during the broadcast, the broadcast icon burns green and the status has changed:

Please note: if you want to configure the broadcast or make changes to general settings, you must first stop the broadcast.

Please note: you can translate the gameplay at one point in time only for one service.

During the broadcast of the gaming process, your friends or any other users (depending on what you have chosen in the audience option) can watch your gameplay. Your broadcast is available through a web browser and an application on any supported mobile device.

To watch your broadcast in. Users need:

The optimal capture device

The second trump card in the Shadowplay sleeve is that the same technology for optimizing system resources is used here as for GeForce video cards. As a result, it does not matter how high the graphic requirements for the game you write down. FPS will practically not fall! Your games will be started smoothly and with the maximum possible quality. In this sense, Shadowplay is better than the legendary Fraps. Installation of the highest recording setting means a drop in liquidity by 5-10 percent. For Windows 7, the maximum file size is 4 GB, Windows 8 eliminates this restriction. Plans also include automatic publication of the Internet game on the Twitch website.

  • The new GeForce Experience option, compatible with the GeForce 650 cards or newer;
  • a buffer of 10-20 minutes, which records game progress;
  • a small decrease in performance;
  • In development, the ability to broadcast the game live.

Shadowplay will allow you to save a dozen minutes of the gameplay, bypassing programs (such as Fraps, Camstudio or Xfire). Thanks to the decoder h.264, built in the GeForce series 600 and 700 (Shadowplay will be compatible only with them), the program will record the last ten to twenty minutes of the current game to a temporary file. If you manage to do something amazing than you want to share with the world, everything you need to do to save the current session as a video in MP4 format is to press the ALTF10 combination.

Shadowplay will process all games using DirectX 9 or higher libraries. The image is stored in high resolution (up to 1920 × 1080 pixels) with 60 frames per second. With the highest recording quality settings (50 Mbps), this function can reduce the performance of the game by 5-10%-not so many compared to popular recording programs. In addition, you no longer need to store many huge video files on the hard drive, trying to capture some good moment.

Shadowplay also allows you to manually record games. ALTF9 key combination will begin to save the current game without time limits. For Windows 7 systems, these files will not be able to weigh more than 4 GB, but for Windows 8, the restriction will only be for the number of free disk space. The existing GeForce Experience functions include updating graphic drivers and the recommendations of optimal graphic settings in recent games.

How to enable Shadowplay

After the PC rebooting, many users are wondering what kind of program it falls into a bus load. First of all, you need a video card compatible with the Shadowplay function. This option is available only on the GEFORCE GTX 600, 700 and 900 video cards or for laptops. on models 600M, 700M, 800M and 900M. The next step is to make sure that GeForce Experience software has been installed. This is part of the GeForce Gameready Drivers package, so it should be installed by default. GeForce Experience can be found in the “Start” menu. Otherwise, it can be separately downloaded from the official site.

Settings NVIDIA Shadowplay

How to enable Shadowplay? After activating the program, click the “Shadowplay” button in the upper right corner of the window. Shadowplay window will appear, which will enable this function and configure its parameters. Firstly, we need to activate Shadowplay-for this, press the switch on the left side of the window. Then select the recording mode. The following modes are available:

  • Manual. the recording is activated and stopped using the button on the keyboard. Until we do it, the program will not write down anything. This mode works as a regular, classic recording software. Fraps or Bandicam.
  • Shadow. Shadowplay constantly records our progress and remembers in temporary memory up to 20 minutes of the last game. The video will be preserved after pressing hot keys. The advantage of this option is to maintain part of the gameplay, which we have not yet planned to record.
  • Shadow Manual. a combination of the above modes. Shadowplay performs a constant entry in temporary memory, and if we want to save, for example, for the last 20 minutes, just press the corresponding key. At the same time, a normal recording mode is also available, activated by another button, so at any time you can record ordinary videos, setting the beginning and end of the recording.
  • Twitch. the mode does not record the video to the disk, but instead passes it to the channel on Twitch.TV. You need to register on Twitch in advance and go through the authentication of the channel.

In addition, you can choose the quality of the recorded video (the higher the quality, the larger the size of the video file) and the mode. Shadowplay can record only sound (“in the game”) or a voice from the microphone, which is useful when we plan to create a record with Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If you have chosen a shadow mode, you can choose how many minutes of the last game you want to save in the Shadow Time field.

The next step is to set up the key combinations and the saving place. To do this, click the gear button just below the Shadowplay switch. Settings will appear in which the combinations of buttons that activate the beginning and stop recording or preserving the last minutes from the shadow mode can be installed in the corresponding fields.

A little lower you can choose a disk and a folder in which our video materials should be saved. In addition to the location, it is also worth indicating the directory for temporary files. if you have little space on the disk C, the recording can be limited, so in both fields it is worth indicating a disk and a catalog in which there is enough memory. If desired, you can add an image from a webcam to the recording. In the settings, the parameters of the size and place on the screen are available where the image should be displayed.

Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay only works with the GEFORCE GTX 600 and 700 cards and only on personal computers. Unfortunately, GeForce Shadowplay causes many problems and sometimes flies out. Despite the fact that the program has long left the beta testing phase, it still generates many errors, starts wrong, sometimes not recorded even after turning on. Despite the problems mentioned above, Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay definitely should try every gamer. First of all, because it is software for free.

View Gallery

The GEFORCE Experience menu has a section with the name “Gallery”, which displays the records you created or loaded from the Internet. Accordingly, you can use this section to view the video or the transition along the path of their location, which is carried out like this:

Solving problems while saving video

If you recently recorded a video using GeForce Experience, but now it cannot be found and there is also no recording when moving to a standard location, most likely it has not been preserved at all. First, try to change the path manually, make a test video and find it. In case of its absence, proceed to the implementation of the following methods.

Drivers update in GeForce Experience

The first thing to do is to check the updates of the drivers in GeForce Experience. The program can find new versions of both the drivers for the video card and for itself, and you only have to confirm the installation.

Automatic update GeForce Experience

Developers offer to use GeForce Experience as a means of automatic renewal of NVIDIA drivers. In addition to the files necessary for the video card, it will download a new version of the aforementioned program if this has already been released. In some cases, this helps in solving the problem under consideration, since sometimes records are not preserved precisely due to the use of an outdated version of the software.

Cleaning the registry keys

Sometimes during the work of GeForce Experience there are errors associated with temporary files and program settings. The parameters are stored in the register in the form of separate keys, which interfere with the correct functioning of the software during the recording of the video. To correct the situation, you need to manually delete files so that the next time the functions are used, they are created automatically without errors.

Reinstalling the video card driver

It is worth resorting to this method only if the recommendations performed previously did not bring the proper result. The recording problem can be associated with an incorrectly working driver of the graphic adapter, and after its reinstallation, the error will disappear by itself. Both OS and solutions from developers are available for use, designed to automatically reinstall the video card driver from NVIDIA.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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