Multi Screen split screen app

In order to split the screen of an Android tablet, you need to download the Multi Screen application. After installing it, the system will allow you to split the screen. to use the ability to view files in different windows. You can download this application using the Google Play service.

splitting the screen into parts

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  • If everything is done correctly, after a couple of seconds, a notification will appear about the inclusion of the System UI Tuner;
  • We select “Settings”. “System UI Tuner”, where we activate the split screen option.

Thanks to this method, the screen will now be split by swiping up on the multitasking button

How to split the screen into 2 in Android

The proposed material discusses several ways to divide the smartphone screen into 2 parts, which are relevant for most models, such as Samsung, HTC, Asus, etc.

Dual screen with Android apps

The Multiscreen Multitasking application will help to make 2 screens, it will allow using the tablet as a personal multitasking tool. The most relevant use of this application, as you might have guessed, is on tablets. Due to the fact that the application is not translated into Russian, difficulties may arise during operation, therefore, in case of any difficulties, we advise you to turn to the resources of YouTube.

Today, in the assortment of Google Play, applications for splitting the screen and multitasking are not the last in diversity.

Among this variety, there are both free and paid versions, with or without Russian localization, so the choice is yours, which application to give preference to.

How to split a screen in two in Windows

In the Windows operating system from Microsoft, there are several ways to split the screen image. Starting with Windows XP, this opportunity has appeared thanks to the windowed mode of the programs being launched. For example, you can run Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. Then, using the windowed mode, move the two running programs into place. Use the button in the upper right corner “Minimize to window”. If you need to open two folders and work with them at the same time, then the Total Commander program is perfect for this.

convenient options for creating a screen with two running programs appear in later versions of Windows.

How to arrange multiple windows side by side in Windows 10

In Windows 10 (and 8.1), you can create a multi-window display by simply dragging and dropping programs to the desired location. In this case, a “floating” frame appears on one side of the window. It shows how it will be located. You just have to release the mouse button so that it locks in this place. In the latest release of the popular system, you can split into parts not only windows of folders and programs, but also desktops.

This is a very handy feature. With its help, you can make several tables with icons of different programs. And change them based on the current task. The split window function supports the hotkeys WIN. left, right, up, down arrow. You can even place the window on a quarter of the monitor by pressing WIN up and right at the same time. The direction can be changed depending on the corner in which you want to place the window.

How to open programs in one window on an Honor smartphone

Opening 2 applications at the same time on mobile devices can be very useful. With this function, you can simultaneously watch videos on YouTube and write SMS messages to the girl. The Honor smartphone also has such an opportunity.

  • Open one of the apps. which needs to be placed at the top or bottom of the screen;
  • Now use your knuckle by pulling the screen in the desired direction;
  • Parts can be resized by holding the intermediate strip and adjusting the screens.

If you have just started using your smartphone and it does not work out for you, this does not mean that the function is missing. You may simply not succeed the first time. Try again. If it doesn’t work again, use not the “knuckle” of your finger, but the touch of two fingers at the same time. And do the same. pull the running application from one edge to the other. You can change the application in one of the halves. To do this, you need to close one and open a new one.

How to split screen into 2 on Android, Windows, Samsung, Honor

Today, digital devices allow users to do a lot: go online, create videos and photos, play games, send messages. But manufacturers do not even think to stop there. With each new version of the operating system or device model, more and more new features are added. And today you will learn how to split the screen into two parts in Android and Windows operating systems, as well as on Samsung and Honor phones.

How to create 2 Android desktops using settings

There is a special mode in the settings of Android version 7 and above.

It allows you to split the screen in two with a simple swipe on the multitasking key on your mobile device:

  • Lower the curtain and find the smartphone settings button (gears);
  • Select it and hold it for a while until the notification about the inclusion of “System UI Tunner” appears;
  • After that, you can get into the two-window mode by swiping your finger over the button with two horizontal stripes.

On your mobile device, you can set up a gesture to open two programs in one window. Check out the official manual of your smartphone and find out how to do it.

Split screen in two in Android OS

Owners of mobile devices with the Android operating system can use the function of dividing the screen into 2 equal parts. starting with version 7. Unfortunately, previous versions do not allow this. Having placed 2 applications on the screen, you can fully work with them. This is quite convenient, because often we have to communicate on social networks through the application and at the same time search for information in the browser.

If you don’t know what version of OS you have on your device:

  • Lower the shutter and select the gear. settings icon;
  • Lower the screen to the very bottom and find the item “About device”;
  • Choose it. All the technical information you need will be here.

Like Windows, Android has several ways to split the screen into 2 parts.

Consider the standard and universal:

  • Among the buttons on the panel of the smartphone there is a square one, depicted in the form of two horizontal stripes. When you press and hold it, a list of running programs appears;
  • Select one of the programs and drag up the screen or down;
  • Place the second program accordingly in the opposite part;
  • The strip between the windows can be adjusted to their size. If you move this bar up or down as much as possible (right, left), you can return to the usual full screen mode.

The programs you want to place on the split screen must already be running. If the auto rotate mode is activated, you can change the orientation of the two screens by rotating the smartphone.

Screen zoning in Samsung smartphones

Few people know, but Samsung smartphones are the pioneers of the function of dividing the smartphone screen into 2 parts. For the first time, such an opportunity appeared among users who purchased Samsung smartphones in 2012. But then it was still not so popular and in demand. Nowadays, the demand for working with two applications at once has grown significantly.

In Samsung smartphones starting with Android 8, each window has a dedicated multitasking button. It looks like the one that is located on most smartphones right on the body. two horizontal stripes. If, after launching the application, you click on it, then the current program will be located on the half of the screen. Expecting the second one to be occupied by the next app you open. As we can see, it is quite simple to work with two programs at the same time in phones and tablets of this manufacturer.

If there are a lot of open applications and it is difficult for you to navigate in them, you can close some of them. To do this, select the Home button (central key) on the smartphone panel and you will see the desired list. You can close any application with a simple swipe to the right or left. There is also a small cross on each tab. Click it to close the selected program. In these ways, you can split the screen into two parts on any device. Samsung, Honor, Android or Windows.

Separation through the settings of the active she application

You may not do as described earlier, but simply select a specific application for this and apply the split screen mode to it. This is done like this:

  • Click on the multitasking button (square) to view a list of all running applications on your smartphone;
  • Hold the window with the product you want to split on the screen for a few seconds, after which three buttons will appear on the side of it. You need to click on the button with two rectangles, as in our screenshot;
  • After these steps, the application will be docked at the top of the screen and can be used regardless of other open windows. Other programs and games on your smartphone are shared in the same way.

Attention! If you minimize applications, but at the same time you are in split-screen mode, you will receive a corresponding notification at the top. It will read “Back to split screen”. You can click on this tab to immediately return to this mode from any active window and continue working with your smartphone.

Multitasking button

  • On your smartphone, press the multitasking button (the square that shows the list of running applications) and hold it for a few seconds;
  • A list of applications will appear in front of you. All you need to do is click on the “Split Screen” tab at the top of your smartphone (we are looking at the example of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite);
  • You will see a notification at the top “Drag the app here”. You need to select an active window with a running program, hold it for a few seconds and drag it into this window, after which it will be fixed at the bottom;
  • The remaining lower part of your smartphone will also contain running applications in the form of a tile, which can be changed and also pinned, but only in the lower area;
  • Then you can already adjust how they should be located on the screen. For example, in our case, we pinned two applications in the separation, and then we stretched one of them, and the other narrowed.

Attention! Some developer products may not support this option, as it should be built into the application by default. If the option is not supported, then when you try to split the screen, a notification will appear in the window of this product “Application does not support split screen”.

Split screen on Honor

For owners of Honor devices, there are several more ways to start the multi-window mode on their gadgets, and these are the standard features of the EMUI operating system:

Knuckles. All you have to do is just slide your knuckles across the middle of the screen. This option is turned on in the “Management” item, then in the “Enabling multiple windows”. It will be enough for you to do one action to activate this mode;

Swipe. Another interesting way is to swipe down with two fingers. That is, you launch the application that needs to be switched to split-screen mode, and in the running window mode, simply swipe down with two fingers. If the program does not support this mode, this will be indicated by the corresponding notification below;

Player mode. All Honor smartphones of the latest generations have a built-in player that allows you to minimize the active window while watching the video into a small floating window, and at the same time launch other applications. That is, you can easily watch a video through this application, as well as launch other programs or games.

For Android 7.0

If you are unable to start split screen mode, you can use another simple method. In Android 7.0 and higher, this option is also used in developer mode in many smartphones, so it can be activated to start multi-window at any time:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone and go to the tab “About device” or “About phone”, depending on the name of the menu;
  • Find the item “Build number” and click on it 7 times to activate the developer mode;
  • Next, go to “Developer Mode” and find the item “Resize and multi-window mode” there, then set the slider to “On”;
  • Now you can run any application in split screen mode, whether this option is present from the developer by default or not.

Using third-party utilities

If you want to split the screen, but at the same time the capabilities of your smartphone do not allow this, you can download a special application. One example of such software is the Floating Apps Free product. It supports the work of multitasking several applications at once, and these are not two, or even three windows, but many times more! You yourself will customize the workspace as you like:

  • Download the Floating Apps Free app on Google Play and launch it on your smartphone;
  • Grant all the rights requested by the program, necessary for correct operation;
  • Click on the “Applications” item and select from the list what you want to launch;
  • For example, you need to run the Calendar and the launcher at the same time. Just press them one by one, after which you will see two open windows on the screen, which you can control, drag, close, stretch;
  • In some cases, additional rights are required. For example, when you start a camera, the system will ask you to grant access to it.

Attention! If this utility does not work for you, you can try another one. For example, the Split Screen Launcher copes well with these tasks.

Why do I need to split the screen

Here, each user has their own specific tasks for this option. There are many specific examples, but we have described the most interesting ones:

  • Messengers and YouTube. You can chat with friends on social networks or messengers and watch videos on YouTube;
  • Books and browser. For example, you need to find a concise retelling of a particular piece. You open a book with the original on your smartphone and find explanations or a condensed retelling in the browser on some website;
  • Text editors. Let’s say you need to transfer data from one application to another, for example, from Word to Excel. It is enough to start the multi-window mode and do it in a few clicks.

Split screen in Xiaomi

On Xiaomi phones, there is a separate option that allows you to set a specific gesture in order to launch this mode in the way that suits you best. For this, there is a corresponding parameter in the settings:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone and go to the “Advanced settings” tab;
  • Then click on the item “Button functions”;
  • Find the “Split Screen” tab in the list and click on it;
  • Here you are offered three options for starting this mode with one button, namely: “Home”, “Menu” and “Back”. They all need to be held for a long time to trigger the split screen. over, a preview is also available on Xiaomi so that you can see exactly what actions you need to perform.

DIY Split Screen or Split Screen Mode

Many of us spent our evenings in front of a warm tube TV with friends, playing on consoles. It was always especially pleasant to play together at the same time, without waiting for their turn.


Samsung Galaxy A20 How to enable Split Screen Multitasking

Unfortunately, currently many game developers do not add such a mode. new games with splitscreen can be counted almost on the fingers of one hand. One spring evening, I got the idea to try to bypass the restriction imposed by the developers and make the split-screen game mode more accessible.

I chose World of Tanks as a guinea pig for the game for several reasons:
1. The ability to play together, this mode is called “Platoon”.
2. The game on the minimum settings is not demanding enough. any average performance PC should pull 2 ​​copies.
3. The gameplay of the tanks is quite simple, although the developers are positioned as a “massively multiplayer online action game with elements of RPG, shooter and strategy” (Wikipedia). But as for me. an arcade game for puff-puff.
4. Probably the biggest reason is me, a few hours a week, and my youngest son loves to shoot. With the older one, we sometimes run in Portal2, there is a split screen mode for TV.

I hope many are familiar with these guys;)

A more detailed study of all the components for tanks together on TV led to the following:
1. Configure the game client for the possible launch of two copies
2. It is necessary to divide the TV screen into two virtual.
3. Solve the problem of sending button clicks / deviating sticks from the gamepad to an inactive window.
4. Send vibration to different gamepads from different clients.

about the solution process.

Launch of 2 clients.
By default, the developers from Wargaming removed the ability to run two copies at the same time. I will not describe all the delights of the “sandbox”. Sandboxie to help you.

Dividing the TV screen into two parts.
“WoT” in windowed mode can have a minimum resolution of 1024×768, in the case of splitting a FullHD TV in half, the resolution of each window is at least 960×1080, and given the window frame and title, even less. Those. Using the standard “hot keys” through Snap, spreading the windows in different directions, we get a partial overlapping of the windows. Any other utilities for splitting the desktop into two parts use similar functionality and in no way can affect the minimum resolution of the game in width.
Having tried a huge amount, I came across Virtual Display Manager, won over by the absence of the word desktop in the title.
The utility did the right thing. by adding the configuration of two virtual displays and moving the window to the desired one. the game takes the value we need, namely, it occupies exactly half of the screen. By the way, you need to check the division into a larger number.

Sending keystrokes to an inactive window.
This decision was the most difficult for my mind. Two clients are running, the windows are spaced apart and do not overlap each other, but one of the windows is active, accordingly accepts button presses and mouse movements, but the second is not active with all the consequences.

Resolution 1366×768.

My acquaintance with AutoHotkey prompted me to solve this problem. Truly, “AutoHotkey is a free, open-source Windows utility and a scripting language with enormous capabilities, which, in principle, does not even require installation.” (link)

The reasons why the script worked, I still do not know.

After many unsuccessful attempts, a solution was found. Through SendMessage, inform the window that it is active and send keystrokes. Such a peculiar deception.

I ask you to constructively criticize the code there is no limit to perfection.

JoyMultiplier = 5
JoyThreshold = 5
JoyThresholdUpper: = 50 JoyThreshold
JoyThresholdLower: = 50. JoyThreshold
SetTimer, WatchAxisFirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom, 10
SetTimer, WatchAxisFirstJoyMoveRotate, 10
SetTimer, WatchAxisFirstJoyCameraRotateVert, 10
SetTimer, WatchAxisFirstJoyCameraRotateHoriz, 10
SetTimer, WatchAxisFirstJoyShoot, 10
SetTimer, WatchFirstJoyPOV, 10
SetTimer, WatchAxisSecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoom, 10
SetTimer, WatchAxisSecondJoyMoveRotate, 10
SetTimer, WatchAxisSecondJoyCameraRotate, 10
SetTimer, WatchAxisSecondJoyShoot, 10
SetTimer, WatchSecondJoyPOV, 10

^! s ::
WinWait, WoT Client
WinSet, Style.0xC00000
WinWait, [#] WoT Client [#]
WinSet, Style.0xC00000

;;;;;;;;;;;; first gamepad move forward / backward in an inactive window and zoom

GetKeyState, 1JoyY, 1JoyY
GetKeyState, 1JoyZ, 1JoyZ
GetKeyState, 1Joy2, 1Joy2
GetKeyState, 1Joy3, 1Joy3
FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoomPrev =% FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom%

if 1Joy2 = D
GoSub, FirstJoyConsumables
else if 1Joy3 = D
GoSub, FirstJoyConsumables
else if 1JoyZ 70 if 1JoyY 70
FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom = PgUp
FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom = else if 1JoyY 70
FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom = vk53
FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom =

if FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom =% FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoomPrev%

if FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom IfWinNotActive, WoT Client SendMessage, 0x06, 1. WoT Client
ControlSend ,,% FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoom% down, WoT Client
if FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoomPrev IfWinNotActive, WoT Client SendMessage, 0x06, 1. WoT Client
ControlSend ,,% FirstJoyMoveForwardAndZoomPrev% up, WoT Client

;;;;;;;;;;;; first gamepad move left / right in an inactive window

GetKeyState, 1JoyX, 1JoyX
GetKeyState, 1Joy2, 1Joy2
GetKeyState, 1Joy3, 1Joy3
FirstJoyMoveRotatePrev =% FirstJoyMoveRotate%

if 1Joy2 = D
GoSub, SecondJoyConsumables
else if 1Joy3 = D
GoSub, SecondJoyConsumables
else if 1JoyX 80
FirstJoyMoveRotate = vk44
else if 1JoyX 80
FirstJoyConsumables = vk36
else FirstJoyConsumables = else if 1JoyX between 40 and 60 if 1JoyY 90
FirstJoyConsumables = vk35
else FirstJoyConsumables = else if 1JoyX 80 if 1JoyY 80
FirstJoyConsumables = vk34
else FirstJoyConsumables = else FirstJoyConsumables =

if FirstJoyConsumables =% SFirstJoyConsumablesPrev%

if FirstJoyConsumables IfWinNotActive, WoT Client SendMessage, 0x06, 1. WoT Client
ControlSend ,,% FirstJoyConsumables% down, WoT Client
if FirstJoyConsumablesPrev IfWinNotActive, WoT Client SendMessage, 0x06, 1. WoT Client
ControlSend ,,% FirstJoyConsumablesPrev% up, WoT Client

;;;;;;;;;;;; first gamepad view left / right in inactive window

GetKeyState, 1JoyU, 1JoyU
GetKeyState, 1Joy5, 1Joy5
FirstJoyCameraRotateVertPrev =% FirstJoyCameraRotateVert%

if 1Joy5 = D
GoSub, FirstJoyCommandMenu
else if 1JoyU 70
FirstJoyCameraRotateVert = Right
else if 1JoyU 70
FirstJoyCameraRotateHoriz = Down
else if 1JoyR 80
FirstJoyCommandMenu = Numpad6
else FirstJoyCommandMenu = else if 1JoyU between 40 and 60 if 1JoyR 90
FirstJoyCommandMenu = Numpad5
else FirstJoyCommandMenu = else if 1JoyU 80 if 1JoyR 80
FirstJoyCommandMenu = Numpad4
else FirstJoyCommandMenu = else FirstJoyCommandMenu =

if FirstJoyCommandMenu =% FirstJoyCommandMenuPrev%

if FirstJoyCommandMenu IfWinNotActive, WoT Client SendMessage, 0x06, 1. WoT Client
ControlSend ,,% FirstJoyCommandMenu% down, WoT Client
if FirstJoyCommandMenuPrev IfWinNotActive, WoT Client SendMessage, 0x06, 1. WoT Client
ControlSend ,,% FirstJoyCommandMenuPrev% up, WoT Client

;;;;;;;;;;;; first gamepad shot in an inactive window

GetKeyState, 1JoyZ, 1JoyZ
FirstJoyShootPrev =% FirstJoyShoot%

if 1JoyZ 70 if 2JoyY 70
SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoom = PgUp
SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoom = else if 2JoyY 70
SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoom = vk53
SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoom =

if SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoom =% SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoomPrev%

if SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoom ControlSend ,,% SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoom% down, [#] WoT Client [#] if SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoomPrev ControlSend ,,% SecondJoyMoveForwardAndZoomPrev% up, [#] WoT Client [#] return

;;;;;;;;;;;; second gamepad move left / right in the active window

GetKeyState, 2JoyX, 2JoyX
GetKeyState, 2Joy2, 2Joy2
GetKeyState, 2Joy3, 2Joy3
SecondJoyMoveRotatePrev =% SecondJoyMoveRotate%

if 2Joy2 = D
GoSub, SecondJoyConsumables
else if 2Joy3 = D
GoSub, SecondJoyConsumables
else if 2JoyX 80
SecondJoyMoveRotate = vk44
else if 2JoyX 80
SecondJoyConsumables = vk36
else SecondJoyConsumables = else if 2JoyX between 40 and 60 if 2JoyY 90
SecondJoyConsumables = vk35
else SecondJoyConsumables = else if 2JoyX 80 if 2JoyY 80
SecondJoyConsumables = vk34
else SecondJoyConsumables = else SecondJoyConsumables =

if SecondJoyConsumables =% SecondJoyConsumablesPrev%

if SecondJoyConsumables ControlSend ,,% SecondJoyConsumables% down, [#] WoT Client [#] if SecondJoyConsumablesPrev ControlSend ,,% SecondJoyConsumablesPrev% up, [#] WoT Client [#] return

;;;;;;;;;;;; second gamepad overview and mouse in active window

MouseNeedsToBeMoved: = false
SetFormat, float, 03
GetKeyState, 2JoyU, 2JoyU
GetKeyState, 2JoyR, 2JoyR
GetKeyState, 2Joy5, 2Joy5

if 2Joy5 = D
GoSub, SecondJoyCommandMenu
else if 2Joy5 = U if 2JoyU% JoyThresholdUpper% MouseNeedsToBeMoved: = true
DeltaU: = 2JoyU. JoyThresholdUpper else if 2JoyU% JoyThresholdUpper% MouseNeedsToBeMoved: = true
DeltaR: = 2JoyR. JoyThresholdUpper else if 2JoyR 80
SecondJoyCommandMenu = Numpad6
else SecondJoyCommandMenu = else if 2JoyU between 40 and 60 if 2JoyR 90
SecondJoyCommandMenu = Numpad5
else SecondJoyCommandMenu = else if 2JoyU 80 if 2JoyR 80
SecondJoyCommandMenu = Numpad4
else SecondJoyCommandMenu = else SecondJoyCommandMenu =

if SecondJoyCommandMenu =% SecondJoyCommandMenuPrev%

if SecondJoyCommandMenu ControlSend ,,% SecondJoyCommandMenu% down, [#] WoT Client [#] if SecondJoyCommandMenuPrev ControlSend ,,% SecondJoyCommandMenuPrev% up, [#] WoT Client [#] return

;;;;;;;;;;;; second gamepad shot in active window

GetKeyState, 2JoyZ, 2JoyZ
SecondJoyShootPrev =% SecondJoyShoot%

if 2JoyZ Xbox 360 Control Settings

Split screen gameplay video:

The video was recorded with a draft script. when there was only control of the tank, turret, sniper mode and a shot with a space bar.

Setting vibration for gamepads.
Here I already wrote about adding vibrations to the game on the gamepad. Since this modification of the game uses a web service to send vibrations, then to send to the second gamepad, you just had to change the Flask port.

But, to play in the “Split Screen” on vibrating gamepads, you need to run in the “sandbox” a full copy of the client (copy the folder next to a different name) with your own separate mod, also copy it to the “sandbox” Python27.

It seems that this solution can be applied to many games. The solution turned out to be very inconvenient. all sorts of “buts”. But I can say that the game was a success for the “fan” Good luck to everyone in battles.!

I would like to express my gratitude to the Gray Forum and separately to the moderator teadrinker, Korean Random and inj3ct0r separately. Thank. And also to all those who advised, helped and supported me.