How to solve pop-up windows on Mac

You have any problems with the website in MacOS, because your browser blocks pop-up windows for it? Fortunately, you can turn off the pop-up blocking block in the main browsers, such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox, on your computer.

After turning off the blocks, any sites that you open in these browsers will be able to run pop-ups. You also have the ability to enable pop-ups only for certain sites on your Mac.

Setting the start page options

The first thing you will see by opening a new window or tab is the start page. Of course Apple.COM looks masterpiece and apple’s official website is nice to see, but it will be useful to configure the start page based on your preferences. This can be done in the settings, on the main tab. open in new tabs (windows). There are several options here:

  • open an empty page;
  • open the same page;
  • open a homepage;
  • open top sites;
  • open bookmarks;
  • Open all sites from your favorites (this applies only to new windows)

If you are using TOP SITES, then the number of displaced premises is configured in the same section. By default, Safari shows 12, but you can easily set 24 or 6, depending on your preferences.

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Block the pop-ups on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Safari pop-up blocker can be enabled and disabled on the iOS device:

On the main screen, open the settings app.

Scroll down and click Safari Option.

In this new list, find the General section.

In this section there is an option called blocking pop-ups, click the right button to enable this option. It will become green to indicate that Safari blocks pop-up windows.

For macos


This is a plugin for the MySimbl application, which can configure the transparency of the MAC windows and fix the desired windows on top of the other. To install it, first download and install MySimbl.

To the MySimbl utility worked correctly, you need to disable the System Integrity Protection of your Mac.

  • Restart MAC. Before the Apple logo appears, press and hold COMMAND R.
  • The system will go to Recovery Mode. Select “Utilities”, then “Terminal”.
  • Enter the command:

Then download the AFLOAT in the archive.ZIP by selecting Clone or Download on the download page. Open the archive and drag the AFLOAT file from the Bundle folder.bundle in the application window.

Now in the Windows menu of your Mac new items will appear:

AFLOAT is compatible with most applications.

If for some reason you no longer want to use MySimbl, you can enable System Integrity Protection. To do this, go to Recovery Mode again and enter in Terminal:

How to solve pop-up windows in Safari

Pop-up windows in the first years of the Internet they became a nightmare for many millions of users. It was rarely a web page that did not start showing windows of any kind with advertising, suggestions or any other content type, windows that filled the screen of our monitor and which we needed a lot of time to close them.

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Fortunately, today all browsers, they initially block pop-up windows. However, oddly enough, we can still find a strange web page at which you urgently need to open a pop-up window to show part of your content, content that is sometimes necessary to access its services.

In these cases, if we use Safari, we can deactivate the built-in blocking installed by this browser to, when a specific web page is trying to open a pop-up window, it is blocked instantly. If you want to know how we can resolve pop-ups in Safari, below we will show you all the steps you need to perform:

  • First of all, as soon as we opened Safari, we go to the browser configuration parameters through the menu on the top panel by clicking on Safari settings.
  • Then go to the Site tabs.
  • In the left column, choose pop-up windows.
  • Now let’s turn to the speaker on the right. This section displays all web pages that have ever tried to open a pop-up window.
  • To resolve them, we just need to click on blocking and notify and we choose to allow.

From this point on, all popup windows will be displayed. exclusively and exclusively on this website. This option allows us to always control, on which web pages we allow you to show pop-up windows, and which no.

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Allow downloads from specific sites

1) Open Safari on Mac, click Safari settings in the menu bar.

3) On the left, select Download.

In the right window will appear sites open to the data moment, and customized sites (on the screenshot only customized sites, because we did not open sites in Safari). For each site in the drop-down list, you can choose the option: ask, prohibit or resolve.

Select Allow for sites that you want to access.

How to unlock pop-up window?

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What is a pop-up window?

HTML pop-ups allow users to access the formatted content, including web content, such as a circuit with references to the URL, by clicking on objects on the map.

In the Safari application on your Mac, select Safari settings, then click Sites. Click pop-up windows. To block pop-ups for: Website in the list: Select a website in the right column, then select the option you want.

How to disable pop-up blocking?

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