How to make a great video if you’ve never done it before


Get rid of the shake in the frame

When you shoot without a tripod, the camera, and behind it the picture in the frame, will shake. You can pretend that this is an artistic technique, but it is unlikely that such a video will collect millions of views: constant shaking quickly tires.

Movavi Video Editor will smooth out this effect. Open the clip you want to process in it and select the Stabilize tool. Here you can reduce the degree of shaking in the frame, and at the same time adjust the analysis accuracy; the higher it is, the better the result will be, but processing will take longer. To make things go faster, it is better to cut long videos into separate fragments and process each separately.

Record reviews and reactions

If you want to feel like a commentator for a football match or share your impressions of a popular movie, Movavi can help. With this program, you can even shoot a video with a friend: everyone records the reaction to the webcam, and the video editor will put it all together.

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What is Movavi

Situation: you are going to try yourself in video blogging, you want to edit a video greeting to a colleague or assemble a video from photos. In a word, you have the original footage that needs to be brought into a decent look. Shooting a video is only half the battle, the fun begins at the processing stage. Professional editing programs are called professional for a reason. it can be difficult for beginners to master them. Have to read instructions or learn basic functions blindly.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021 eliminates the need for a long learning curve. This is a multifunctional, simple and convenient tool for creativity, which even a person who has never done editing can figure out. Add video to the timeline, remove unnecessary frames, replace the background, provide the video with music. all the possibilities are at a glance. Thanks to the intuitive interface, it will be possible to figure out the settings in literally an hour. or even faster, if you do not stick to different transitions and effects. The finished video can be saved to a computer, adapted for smartphones and tablets, or immediately uploaded to YouTube, Google Drive or Vimeo.

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If you dream of becoming a video blogger, but have no idea how to shoot and edit, this article is for you. Everyone can create awesome videos with Movavi Video Editor.

How to use Movavi

Use stickers and effects

You can also add effects to the video to stylize it, for example, for a sci-fi movie or horror. For this, Movavi has ready-made sets of effects. an annual subscription for all sets now costs 2,190 rubles per year instead of 22,000.

Create a video about anything

Travel reports, recipes, workshops and tutorials are all easy to do with the video editor. At first, you can do without fancy equipment: shoot with your smartphone, and Movavi will turn your amateur video into a job that you will be proud of.