Top 5 best GoPro cameras

2 GoPro Fusion (CHDHZ-103)

For those who need a camera that seamlessly glues panoramas, converts 360-degree photos and videos into ordinary ones, automatically hides the monopod stick from frames, has a long battery life and has high-quality software stabilization, this model will be the best solution. The main disadvantages of the model: high price, unprotected lenses, defective copies that come across (check carefully before buying a GoPro camera).

5 best GoPro cameras

In recent years, photo and video cameras can be found in almost every device. In addition to commonplace smartphones, tablets and laptops, they can be found in game consoles, smart watches and even refrigerators. This became possible due to the very small size of the camera module and a significant reduction in cost. However, professional cameras are aimed at one task. the creation of high-quality photos and videos. and do not plan to disappear from the market.

Today we will talk about a specific subclass. Action cameras. These devices have recently become increasingly popular not only among extreme sports fans, but also among professional operators and ordinary users. And here to each his own: athletes value devices for their security, operators. for compactness, thanks to which the camera can be installed in the most unexpected places and get fascinating shots. Finally, ordinary cyclists and bikers buy action cameras to use as a dash cam.

The overwhelming majority of people associate the phrase “action camera” with GoPro products. It was the Americans from California who were the first to introduce a camera of this format, which made them leaders for many years.

There are quite a few Action Cameras on the market, but they are led by the founder. GoPro. Models of this brand are better than competitors for the following reasons:

  • waterproofness. Whereas competitors from Sony, Garmin and Xiaomi offer a waterproof case, the GoPro is designed for diving by default, with no additional attachments;
  • software support. GoPro has developed cool PC and smartphone apps so users can quickly and easily process footage;
  • electronic stabilization. The manufacturer has implemented electronic rather than optical stabilization in the top models;
  • voice control. Competitors have similar functionality, but the voice assistant from “GoPro” speaks 7 languages, while the models of other brands speak only English;
  • famous brand and universal recognition.

4 GoPro HERO5 Black

The company has abandoned the division into Silver, Black and “similar editing” and introduced one, but very good camera. Unlike its predecessors, the HERO5 Black can shoot UltraHD video at 30 fps. There is also a slow-mo. in a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, a beginner produces almost 240 frames per second. This became possible thanks to the processor update, while the matrix itself has practically not changed, which means that the recording quality has become slightly better. Also worth noting is the emergence of digital stabilization. Yes, it does not work perfectly, and the image is cropped by 10%, but at least it is here. Of course, with the update, we have added many other nice and useful features.

  • Good video recording quality and high frame rate
  • There is digital stabilization
  • 3 microphones, noise cancellation
  • Supported shooting photo panoramas
  • There is a speaker
  • 2-inch touch display
  • Voice control (does not work with Russian)
  • IPX8 water resistant without protective case

3 GoPro HERO7 (CHDHX-701)

One of the most popular action games. cameras today. This “GoPro” is famous for its HyperSmooth stabilization, which predicts movement and corrects for camera shake. Because of this, the video is clear and smooth. HERO7 seamlessly shoots in water at a depth of 10 meters, while maintaining the sharpness of the picture. There is voice control, which is very convenient when using a selfie stick.

5 GoPro HERO5 Session (CHDHS-502-RW)

The GoPro‘s battery lasts for an hour and a half. There is auto exposure, Time-lapse function, white balance and widescreen video mode. This is the best action camera of its generation.

1 GoPro HERO6 Black (CHDHX-601)

This is the best “GoPro” camera for extreme sportsmen and all those who have to record video on the move and in any weather. The camera supports 4K format, at Full HD resolution it writes at a speed of 240 frames per second. Sound is recorded in the wind without typical interference. the device automatically turns on the windproof microphone.

5 essential rules for shooting with GoPro

So friends, we see that our articles on each of the modes are not very popular: work, worries, etc. do not allow you to calmly deal with your action camera and its settings to the end.

In what mode to shoot your videos?

An excellent question that just needs to be solved now.!

So, here you bought your GoPro action camera, before you buy, you read that it has the coolest 4K shooting mode. Yes, all its beauty and power is there, but let’s figure out what you need to enjoy this power.

For a truly immersive 4K experience, you’ll need:

  • Monitor or TV with 4K support.
  • A system unit, or a laptop with the following characteristics: the latest generation memory card (with memory from 1 gigabyte), 16GB RAM or more, the latest generation processor.

Thus, we can safely say that if you are not engaged in professional video shooting and this is not your job, then the standard 1080 mode at 48 or 60 frames per second will be enough for you.

1080 at 60fps. this is the optimal mode, since such videos take up little space on the memory card, are easily played on any computer and can be quickly edited.

You should understand that this is a full-fledged HD video that can be comfortably viewed on plasma of any diagonal.

4K mode in your GoPro action camera. this is not bad, because it gives you a power reserve for other modes, which improves picture quality, light sensitivity and other parameters, but this does not mean that you need to work only in this mode.

Therefore, our first conclusion: if you bought a camera “for yourself” and your active life, then choose 1080 at 60 frames per second to shoot your videos.

And what are 1080S and 1080 without the letter “S”?

We have covered this issue extensively in this material. read and see if you have a minute.

But in a nutshell, we can make the following conclusion:

  • 1080. this mode is used for normal shooting “from the side” (let’s say you decided to shoot yourself in a boat, leaving the camera on the shore)
  • 1080 SuperView. this mode is used for shooting from the first person (let’s say you decided to shoot how you fish with a spinning rod, fastening the camera to your chest)

And what is the best way to shoot at night?

We think and hope that you understand the point that GoPro action cameras do not have a built-in backlight or flash, so it is always advisable to have a light source next to you: a flashlight, lamp, car headlights, or even you can simply turn on the flashlight in your phone and highlight the place you are filming.

But that’s not all, and GoPro has not forgotten about those who like to shoot in the dark, so inside the video settings you can find the wonderful “Low Light” mode.

You can read and see more about it here. But in a nutshell, it affects light sensitivity and makes the transition from a dark room to a light one and back smoother without distorting your frame.

Everything else happens in automatic mode.

GoPro HERO 5 Tips

If you are shooting during the day, then you can leave the resolution at 12 MP and calmly take your wonderful shots. this is the optimal resolution for photos.

But, if you have a GoPro Hero4 series and you need to take a photo in the evening, at night or just in low light, then you need to use the wonderful “Night” mode. this is a special mode. Read more about it here.

It significantly increases the sensitivity of your camera and makes night photography more natural. Do not use it during the day, as it can lead to “flashing” of the frame. And here is the night. it is completely his element. Be sure to try!

And what are these settings?

When you open the video and photo settings, you see a lot more items. But today we talked about the most important, everyone should know about them.

Regarding other settings, we can say that they are recommended.

About the “Field Of View” mode. you can find out here.

Finally, a few words about the glorious “Protune” mode, which many users accidentally or deliberately turn on.

You need to understand what this mode is. this is the manual setting mode. By activating it, you completely turn off the automatic mode, that is, now the camera will not adjust to the shooting conditions itself, and you yourself need to set the light, white balance, delay and other parameters depending on the shooting conditions. These parameters may only be known to operators with extensive experience. so just do not turn on this mode and trust the automatic mode, trust it knows its work.

How to Shoot with GoPro: Pro Tips

Recently, GoPro cameras have become increasingly popular not only among adherents of extreme sports, but also among ordinary photographers who are fond of outdoor activities. These devices allow you to get high-quality pictures and videos in almost any situation. Shooting is possible even in the most extreme conditions. underwater, in the air, on the run or while driving in transport. Let’s take a look at the professional tips on how to get high quality footage with your GoPro.

Correct fixing of the camera is important both for its safety and for the quality of shooting. The device can be attached to any part of the operator’s body, but the most popular is the installation on a helmet. It is important to point the camera in the right direction, otherwise the wrong thing will get into the frame, or the subject will be cropped. The best option for installing the camera is one in which it is directed to a point located at a distance of two to three meters from the operator’s eyes. With this arrangement of the device, the frame will mainly include what the shooter sees.

The type of fasteners does not make a fundamental difference, but they must be made of high-quality materials and provide reliable fixation without backlash. For greater safety, you can use an additional belt attached to the ammunition. It will not let the camera fall in case of failure of their standard mounts.

It will be easier to shoot a moving subject if you determine the focal point in advance. It is desirable to fix it on a certain part of the human body or in a place where some kind of action will take place. The focal point can periodically shift or be stationary, while it is desirable that the operator roughly understands at what moment and where he needs to turn the camera.

The best way to get a clear image when shooting action with GoPro is to use reliable mounts. Tips for shooting handheld with relaxed wrists are often inappropriate for active recording. Artificial stabilizers (telescopic monopods, SwiftCav stabilizer, etc.) will be more useful in such a situation.

There is a wide range of mounts on the market that allow you to fix the camera to any surface, up to the roof of a car or snowboard. There are also special suction cups that allow you to attach the camera to a surfboard, kayak board, or an airplane wing. For the most demanding operators, there are quadcopters. they make it possible to shoot from the most incredible angles.

Frame duration control

The duration of a frame recommended by professionals should not exceed ten seconds. If this requirement is difficult to comply with (when snowboarding, boating, etc.), the camera position should be changed regularly. The advantages of this recording method are obvious. it allows you to subsequently edit interesting material from frames taken from different angles and at different time intervals. Time-lapse photography will help extend the life of the battery (it overheats and breaks down faster if you use it continuously). It is not recommended to shoot footage less than three seconds long. too frequent changes of angles and events will make the finished material difficult to understand.

Features of audio recording when working with GoPro

The built-in microphone capabilities of GoPro cameras are often not enough to record audio in good quality, especially if the device is mounted on a monopod. An external microphone, which has a standard head mount and connects to the camera with a cord, will help to solve the problem.

This removes the protective cover, which makes it impossible to use a standard box, which means that you need to purchase an additional housing for the GoPro. Post-processing can help improve audio quality. With Adobe Audition or similar software, you can enhance the bass and midrange by using the equalizer function. Experienced users often resort to a trick. they record the sound sequence separately, and then overlay it on a previously shot video.

Common beginner mistakes when shooting with a GoPro

  • The mounts are not tightened enough, which leads to a change in the angle of the camera during dynamic shooting.
  • The view of the camera is blocked by foreign objects (this often happens when installing the device on a helmet).
  • Insufficient battery power or insufficient memory card space before shooting.
  • When flipping the camera, the corresponding shooting mode is not activated.
  • Shooting is carried out in a vertical position, which is less convenient for post-processing and video editing than horizontal.
  • Shooting at dusk without additional lighting. the resulting material will be of poor quality.
  • Many beginners ignore the photography function and only record video. Remember that one well-taken picture can convey the atmosphere of the scene as well as several videos.

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Camera position

Now you need to decide where the camera will be in relation to you: in front, behind, on the side, above you. It is better to decide on this before starting the trick, so as not to make any decisions in the last seconds. I say to myself: “I’m going to raise the camera above me, and gradually lower it.” When shooting rails, an excellent angle is from the front and almost at the rail level. Think about how you will stretch your hand, in this position it should be the whole trick.

Sun direction

First, I decide in which hand I will hold the camera or where I will point it depending on the position of the sun. I love the classic glare of the sun, so I aim the camera at myself when the sun is behind me. With 30 streaming photos, you are sure to get one shot when the sun’s rays diverge from behind your back.


Sun position. camera position. facial expression

To get interesting, beautiful photos, you need to think about three things: the position of the sun, the camera, and the facial expression or posture.

How to take pictures with GoPro?

Getting good action photos has always been a time consuming task. But you are guaranteed to get excellent action photos if you have all the necessary tools at hand and you know a couple of key things.

When I film my skiing, I use an HSP mount for the GoPro (easier to say, a tube mount). Now these mounts come with rubber bands, thanks to which the mount securely holds the camera even on very thin tubes, such as the end of a ski pole. And this mount is a great solution. I just pull the camera out of my with this mount at the right time and put it on one of the ski poles and start shooting. If I want to shoot myself, I just turn the camera in my direction. And then I take the camera off the stick and just put it in my .

In this video, I show you how you can use your GoPro to take streaming photos. If you do not have a remote control at hand, you can use the time-lapse photo mode with a difference of 0.5 seconds. with this mode you can get pretty good photos (but with the 30 streaming photo mode, you will get incredible frames). I use this setting: 30 photos in 3 seconds (instead of 30 in 1 or 2). A full trick usually takes about 1-2 seconds to complete, but the extra time helps you get some pretty interesting shots and finish the trick. But, you still have to go through a lot of photos to choose the most worthy ones. Also, do not forget that after starting a streaming photo, there is a delay of about 1 second before the camera shoots photos. And you need to get used to it and get used to it. And I always use 12MP WIDE for photos.
I also usually rotate the camera 90 degrees when photographing myself. This is how I get full-length photos. And I really like them. And when I shoot myself, I always aim the camera with the center at the navel! So, I find myself roughly in the center of the photo. People often try to point the camera at their face and get half the sky and half themselves.

Five GoPro Hero 5 Tips and Tricks

Facial expression and posture

It sounds silly, but it also needs to be thought out. How do you want to look on

If you are not going to do tricks, then these tips will still be useful to you even in everyday photos. even if you are just taking pictures with friends while standing still. You will find that taking a great photo is easier than it seems! Try just jumping off a small ledge and streaming it. You will get unforgettable photos!

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Author Abe Kislevitz

How to make a video with GoPro?

I tried to collect all the material necessary to create a video clip in one place. How cool, cool, fashionable it is to have a GoPro, I will not paint it. this good is enough both on the Internet and in some articles on this site (to penetrate, start with this one). And I will describe my own workflow (buzzword) i.e. workflow from start to finish. I will describe exactly how I shoot my videos (I am far from a professional, but I think it will still be interesting). You can always speak, correct me or advise something, all this is only welcome! Go!

Step one. Preparing to shoot

Yes, this is an important aspect. You need to charge the battery (it is advisable to have a second one, especially when it comes to GoPro and long outings), think over (purchase) the equipment that you will need for shooting. For me, some of the most vital things to do when shooting with a GoPro are:

  • Head mount (helmet option).
  • Telescopic monopod (why Abe Kislevitz always uses a monopod).

Without these things, I do not go on any trip. Even on the trip, I take an external hard (where I throw off the footage) and a laptop (an old mininout in my case).

Ideally, it would be nice to read also the theoretical part about the capabilities of GoPro cameras and video modes.!

Step two. Shooting

On a trip, I usually take off something every day and each time I drop it into a separate folder on the hard drive (day-1.2, etc.). This is how I gather material. I try to shoot, experimenting with angles, camera position, video modes. In general, I do what I like and enjoy it.

You can read all the most basic shooting tips in this article.

Step three. Processing captured video

This step is optional. For some, it will be enough just to shoot a video and leave it in the folders. But if you want to collect the juiciest moments from the adventures and combine them into one video file, then one way or another you cannot avoid this step.
I shoot with GoPro. I don’t have any other cameras, so I process all captured videos using CineForm, a free program that can be downloaded from the official GoPro website.

Primary processing in CineFrom

Video recorded by the camera and saved to the memory card is automatically processed and compressed to take up less space. Therefore, before you start working on a video, you need to convert all videos (to get the best quality). This is all done very simply and almost automatically.

After the video has been processed, you can proceed to the next step. And here you have 2 ways to choose from:

You do color correction in CineForm using filters and certain settings from the right panel, then CineFrom converts the video into compressed formats and you can send them to the video editor to stitch them into a single movie, or enjoy the footage, but with minimal color correction (in this In case, you follow this instruction to the very end!).

In this step, you stop working in CineForm (just close the program after completing the first part of this instruction). Open a video editor (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, or whatever you like) and start editing the video.

Now I have videos that have been “expanded” from compressed formats and can work with them. At first I worked in Sony Vegas, but now I work in Adobe Premiere because I do special effects and color correction in After Effects. The logic of the work is to view all the video footage, mark yourself (on paper!) The time when something interesting happens, or some beautiful moments. Then, in the video editor, all this is cut out and a single video is stitched from this (you can also add music to make the video dynamic). I recently described how to do all this in Adobe Premiere.

This is where we can finish. You now have a finished, single video (with or without music). But you can continue to refine it (as I am doing).

After finishing the video sequence, I start applying special effects and color correction. To do this, I open the project file saved in Premiere in After Effects and work with it directly here. Those. I’m already working with cut pieces, and not with the entire volume of video footage.
As soon as I apply the effects and credits, I get the finished video (of course, after the final conversion).

This is how I make my videos. I would be glad to receive comments, advice, criticism and thanks! And I will also answer all your questions!

  • I would advise you to buy an external battery, when filming in places where a waterproof box is not required, it provides uninterrupted power anywhere. I use a long enough cord, so the battery lies in the backpack behind my back and does not hinder my movements and does not occupy my hands.
  • You need to plan what equipment you take with you. It is very convenient to use a tripod on hinges if you need to appear in the frame as well.
  • Monopod will provide you with unique angles and more.
  • The dynamics and harmony of the finished video will be added by a suitable sound track, and if the splices fall on the drums or correspond to the musical theme, then it will turn out to make a good video.
  • If you plan to share your videos on youtube, then pay attention to the copyright of the composition that you have chosen. The video may be banned or restricted in some countries. And remaking a video on a different musical theme is very difficult both physically and mentally.

P.S. Special thanks to Timur for the photos!