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Samsung (Samsung)

This manual applies to smartphones with Android 7.0 and higher. However, on older versions of the system, only the names of the items in the settings will differ. What should be done:

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  • Open the shade by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen.
  • Turn on mobile internet if you haven’t already.
  • Click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner.
  • Next, go to the “Connections” section.
  • Then in “Modem and access point”.
  • Slide the switch in the Mobile Hotspot line to the on position. If you are connected to Wi-fi, the system will offer to turn it off, since the simultaneous use of these functions is impossible.
  • The smartphone will generate the network name and password itself. To change them, click on the line “Mobile hotspot”.
  • In the window that opens, you can change the items you need. Any network name can be set, but only in English, and the password must be at least 8 characters long.
  • That’s it, now Samsung works for you as a router.

How to connect a network to a device with Smart TV via Wi-Fi?

After you have set up the distribution of the Internet, it remains to connect the Smart TV to the network. In this article, we will look at the connection process on more popular Samsung models. Connection:

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control or the TV itself.
  • The settings menu will open, select the “Network” item in them, then “Network Settings”.
  • A window will appear on the screen where you will need to select the type of connection, select wireless and click next.
  • Smart TV will start searching and display a list of available networks.
  • In it we find our phone, which acts as a router. Enter the previously set password and connect.
  • Everything, the TV is connected to the Internet, click “Ok”.

On other TV models, the connection differs only in the name of the items in the settings.


According to the developer himself on the official website, this manual is suitable for almost all LG models. Do the following:

  • Go to Menu, then Applications, and from there to Settings.
  • Click on “Networks”.
  • Then “Shared modem and networks” and “Wi-fi access point”.
  • Click “Create Access Point”.
  • Here you can change the name and set a password by touching the “Security” button. If you choose WPA2, the system will automatically generate a key for the network, it is recommended to write it down. If you select WPA2 PSK, you can set the password yourself.
  • Tap “Save Changes”.

On some LG smartphones, the menu item “Access point” is missing. this is not a problem of the Android system, but of the operator’s firmware, which thus prohibits the distribution of unlimited Internet. This is treated with root rights, you will find detailed instructions on the thematic forums.

Sony (Sony)

The instruction is written on the example of a Sony L1 phone, Android 7.0, but the principle of connection on other Sony phones is almost the same. Instructions:

  • Go to Settings, the tab.
  • “Modem mode and access point”.
  • In the item “Access point”, click on the switch on the right.
  • To configure the network, there is a line “Setting up a mobile hotspot” below, in which you can make your device invisible, connect using wps and enable the power saving function.
  • In the item “Setting up the access point” you can change the network name, change or remove the password and select the type of security.
  • Save changes and connect to the internet on another device.

Options for how to connect the Internet to a TV via a phone

Modern TVs must be able to not only display an image, but also connect to the Internet to watch videos and work on social networks. On old models, it will hardly be possible to implement such functions, but on new “Smart TV” it will not be difficult. In this article, we will figure out how to distribute the Internet from a phone to a Smart TV using an access point.

Setting up Wi-Fi “Hotspot” distribution on Android

This method is one of the simplest options for getting the Internet out of Android. Its essence lies in using a mobile phone as a Wi-fi router, to which several devices can be simultaneously connected. For implementation, we need a smartphone with access to the mobile Internet and a sufficient amount of traffic.


  • Go to the Settings of your device.
  • Depending on the version of the system and the phone model, select the item “Mobile networks”, “Modem mode” or something similar.
  • Turn on the function through the switch on top.
  • Then click “Configure Access Point”.
  • Here we indicate any network name you like, the type of protection and password if desired. If you are not sure which security to choose, WPA2 PSK is recommended. The network password is entered in Latin letters.
  • That’s it, the setup is over. Now any device within a certain radius, including a TV with Smart TV, will perceive your phone as a router that distributes the Internet.

When you try to enable the function, you will receive an SMS with a description of the problem on your phone, or the connection will occur, but the Internet on the other device will not work. Check with your operator for details. The principle of setting up distribution on all phones is similar, but in some respects it differs. Below we will analyze in detail the connection on different models of smartphones.

How to make a Wi-Fi hotspot from Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy how to share WI-FI. How to change the password and WI-FI name on the phone.

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy is able to distribute the Internet simultaneously to several devices, phone, computer, laptop, tablet and others. The more devices connected to your smartphone, the lower the speed on other devices, as the speed is shared among all devices. You can connect your laptop or computer to the internet from your phone wirelessly via the WI-FI hotspot on your phone.

Now let’s see how to make a WI-FI access point from Samsung Galaxy and distribute the Internet to another phone or other devices. 1) Open “Settings” on Samsung Galaxy and select “Modem and access point”. See the screenshot below, in it I highlighted this item in the settings.

2) Next, in a new window, we find the item “Mobile hotspot”. Look at the picture below.

3) Then we see the menu as in the picture below, in it I also highlighted the place where you need to turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot on the phone.

You can also set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on Samsung Galaxy. To do this, click on three dots at the top of the screen on the right side, after which a menu should appear as in the screenshot attached below. Also in the screenshot you can see how the included WI-FI distributor should look like. It changed color from gray to light greenish.

In the menu that opens, we can configure the name and password of the WI-FI hotspot in Android. In the picture, I have highlighted these points. It is better not to touch anything besides the name and passwords. In the picture, the name of Wi-Fi is “AndroidAP”, if you do not change the search for an access point on the Samsung Galaxy, then you need to look for Wi-Fi under this name, if changed, then the one you specified. After you have found WI-FI to access it, enter the password you specified. If you want to see the password, turn on “Show password” in the settings.

Also, on some Samsung androids, you can turn on the wai wai access point through the quick menu. To do this, you need to pull the screen from top to bottom and you will see a panel with icons for quick access to various functions. Next, by sliding the panel to the left or right, you need to find the access point icon and activate it by touching it. Below in the picture I have highlighted this icon, you can also go directly to the settings of the access point and also change the password and name of the WI-FI distributor.

If you connected via Wi-Fi to Android, but there is no Internet, check if the Internet is activated on the Samsung Galaxy to which you connected via the WI-FI hotspot, if the Internet is not turned on, then there will be no Internet on the connected devices.

Setting up Access Point on a smartphone

How to enable Internet sharing on a Samsung phone is described in the following algorithm:

  • The owner of a Samsung smartphone must go to the settings to create such an access point.
  • Going to the section related to connections, you need to select the line “Modem and access point”.
  • Then follow the link “Mobile hotspot”.
  • At the top of the screen there is a switch that must be turned on.

It is important to note that the network name, username and password are usually set automatically by the operating system. The set values ​​can be seen in the “Mobile hotspot” section.

If desired, you can install them yourself.

Important! To the right of the switch there is a button with three dots. If you click on it, a menu will be shown in which you need to select the ability to set the parameters of the network being created.

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In doing so, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Encryption method. If it does not match the settings of the receiving device, then the connection may not occur. The most common WPA2 PSK option. It usually fits all devices.
  • Choosing the right channel is important. It is necessary to choose the one that will be the least loaded. If you have difficulty, you can select the automatic selection option.
  • In this case, in the SSID field, you must enter the name of the network. It can be arbitrary and serves so that the user can choose a network among others.
  • Next, it is desirable to enter the security key. This is optional, but if you do not do this, an outsider may be connecting to the network. Eight or more characters are required for the password.

Some models provide additional features on how to distribute the Internet from Samsung:

  • It is allowed to set a list of allowed devices. In this case, a list of MAC addresses of those devices to which connection is allowed is entered.
  • The time-out function provides for the disconnection of the access point if there are no connected devices for a certain time.

This completes the setup. Now other devices equipped with a wireless adapter can connect to the created access point as usual. To do this, they will have to scan the networks operating in this place and find the one they need by name. Having chosen it to connect, enter the password. This completes the connection setup.

This scheme of how to enable Wi-Fi distribution on Samsung works in all smartphone models of this company.

It should be borne in mind that with this method of distribution, the distance to the receiving device matters. The larger it is, the worse the connection quality will be.

Bluetooth modem

You can use your smartphone as an access point using Bluetooth. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings, then to connections.
  • After that, go to the “Modem mode” page.
  • Among the options offered is the ability to install a Bluetooth modem. To do this, it is enough to make a mark in the corresponding line.

Now other devices can communicate with your Samsung phone via Bluetooth. Please note that this option can only be used by devices that are equipped with the appropriate adapter.

In order for the laptop to use this type of access, you must perform the following actions:

  • Go to Control Panel, then to Devices and Printers.
  • A new device needs to be added.
  • When it is found, you need to find it in the list of devices. Right-click on “Connect using” and indicate that we are talking about an access point.

You can set up Samsung as a hotspot to get a connection via WI-FI, Bluetooth, or USB. It should be remembered that in order to ensure communication, a smartphone is actively spending its traffic and energy. However, in some cases, this feature can be very useful.

In this short tutorial, I will show you how you can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from a Samsung phone. I had the opportunity to write an instruction using the example of a Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone with the new Android 7.0 Nougat system already installed. Same as Samsung Galaxy S8 and other models. I think this article will be relevant for a long time and will be useful to many. In fact, setting up Hotspot & Tethering on Android 7.0 is very simple, just like on other versions and devices. But many users still have questions about this function.

We will distribute mobile Internet via Wi-Fi network to other devices. It will be possible to connect other smartphones, laptops, TVs and other devices. We will have a Samsung phone as a router. In the “Access Point and Modem” settings, you can also distribute the Internet via Bluetooth and even via a USB cable. Bluetooth is not very relevant now, but cable may come in handy. For example, if you need the Internet on a stationary computer that does not have a Wi-Fi adapter. You can use your phone as a wired modem to access the Internet through a mobile operator.

How to share Wi-Fi from Samsung phone

Smartphones are rich in functionality and can even work as an Access Point (AP). Hence the question of how to distribute Wi-Fi to Samsung will not be superfluous. You should read the instructions below to get the setup done quickly and smoothly. The main thing is to know that the smartphone can be used as a USB modem or access point.

Smartphone as USB modem

This guide assumes that your computer is running Windows 7 or later.!

In Samsung models, the “USB modem” option is available, which allows you to receive Internet traffic from a SIM card via a USB cable. However, with a PC in this case it will be impossible to distribute a signal to other devices. for this task you will need a router.

To distribute Wi-Fi to PC and laptop from your phone, you will need the following:

  • Configure the necessary Network settings on Samsung and enable data transfer on the smartphone.
  • Connect the communicator to a PC or laptop using a wire. Windows will search for the appropriate drivers if they are not currently available on the system.
  • On the phone, you need to open “Settings” and go to the “Connections” section. If it is absent, you can proceed further.
  • Go to “Modem and access point” / “Other networks” or “”.
  • Find and turn on “USB tethering”. The corresponding icon should appear in the notification panel.
  • It will take a few seconds for the Network connection icon to appear in the Windows system tray.
  • Android system will be responsible for data transfer and Internet access will be open.

If there is already a connection icon, but there is no access to the Network, the reason may lie in the settings. Most often, this is due to a lack of funds on the SIM card or a low signal. In extreme cases, you will need to reboot the phone and PC, and then repeat the operation again.

All instructions can be viewed in the following

If errors appear on the computer, you should ask for help from the Windows developers or the PC manufacturer.

  • the phone is charging at the same time;
  • the speed will be higher compared to the second option, which will be discussed further.
  • if connected via a non-original wire, the speed may decrease;
  • only one device can be connected to the Internet via a Samsung smartphone.

How to set up Access Point on a smartphone?

If the default settings of the access point are not suitable, you can change them at your discretion. To do this, you need to disable the “Mobile hotspot” and go to “Configure hotspot”. You can change the following:

  • SSID. network name displayed in the list of available connections;
  • Security. enable the need to enter a password (WPA2 PSK) or provide public access;
  • Password. must be set if WPA2 protection is selected in the field above. The number of characters is 8, numbers and Latin are allowed;
  • Hiding device. SSID will not be displayed and must be entered manually. Not recommended for beginners;
  • Transmission channel. allows you to change the range of traffic transmission. You can just leave “Auto” if there are no problems with the distribution.

When the configuration is completed, it remains to click “Save” and start the AP again. In addition, you can use two more options:

  • allowed devices. only those devices whose MAC address is stored on the phone will be able to connect;
  • timeout settings. automatically turn off Wi-Fi distribution if nothing is connected to the phone for a certain time.

As you can see, nothing complicated. If your router breaks down or your ISP has problems, don’t worry! You can always use your smartphone to connect to the Internet for your home devices! We are waiting for Комментарии и мнения владельцев and questions! Bye everyone!

A Samsung smartphone is not only a telephone, but also an almost full-fledged computer. It can not only be connected to the Internet, but also used as a modem for a laptop or other devices. How to share Wi-Fi on Samsung. detailed in this article.

Sharing the Internet via Wi-Fi

In most cases, the Internet is received via a cable from your ISP or by connecting to an existing wireless network. However, sometimes problems can arise with this:

  • overload or disconnection of the existing network;
  • conducting technical maintenance at the provider;
  • breakdown of used equipment.

In this case, providing a connection with the worldwide network using Samsung will help to get out of the situation.

It is convenient to use a smartphone as an Internet connection provider if its package is cheap enough. Usually, in such a situation, there is a very rapid consumption of traffic. This can be beneficial only for a short time or if there is an unlimited package.

If the connection to the Internet in the house occurs through a cable from the provider, then many use a home router for wireless distribution to other available devices. Sometimes it fails to provide a connection. This can happen, for example, due to insufficient signal strength. The situation can be corrected by Samsung, which is used as an access point. How to distribute WI-FI on Samsung. will be described in detail below.

Use as an Access Point

When using a smartphone as an access point, take into account the following:

  • Tethering represents outbound traffic. Incoming comes through the network of the mobile operator. It is usually limited. Before turning on the access point, you need to check the remaining traffic.
  • Not all operators allow distributing WI-FI. Some of them impose a ban on such actions.
  • In some packages, a slowdown in communication may be provided in such cases. over, it is allowed to make it fast enough for a fee.
  • When the smartphone takes on additional load as an access point, it significantly increases power consumption. The charge can run out much faster than the owner expects.
  • On hot summer days, you should take into account that operating in the access point mode can lead to overheating of the device and its breakdown.

When the phone helps other devices to access the World Wide Web, traffic consumption usually rises sharply. This way of providing communication can be more expensive.

Program for distributing Wi-Fi from Android phone

Specialized software has been developed that creates a full-fledged router from a phone. The best of them are discussed in the article: “Software for distributing Wi-Fi from a smartphone”.

How to share Wi-Fi from an Android phone

Imagine the situation. You need the Internet, but there is no router nearby. How to get online? It turns out that a smartphone is capable of organizing a wireless network for distributing the Internet received over a mobile network. Let’s take a look at how to share Wi-Fi from an Android phone.

Sharing via Bluetooth

To share Wi-Fi from your Android phone, go to: Select an item: Set the switch to ON. Depending on the phone’s firmware and model, the mode is activated in the settings in the “Connection” section. Confirm the connection request. It will be displayed on the phone screen.

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How to share over Wi-Fi

Find the item: “Modem mode” or “Access point”. It will differ depending on the model and firmware of the device. The item is located in the main section of the settings. Internet distribution will begin after activating the switch to the “ON” position. Find the new one in the list of wireless networks. It is often called the same as a telephone. Pay attention to two settings: password and frequency range. If the password was set randomly, write it down, or change it to a memorable one. Most smartphones operate at 2.4 GHz. Set this frequency in the settings. The 2.4 range in multi-storey buildings and offices can be loaded. Then set the frequency to 5 GHz. If desired, change the name (SSID) under which the network appears in the list of wireless networks. Encryption type, item “Protection”, leave as in the screenshot.

Is it necessary

Imagine the situation. We left the city, for example, to the country house. There is a high probability that the Internet is not there. What should I do? Share Wi-Fi from your smartphone. The provider is performing technical work, or an accident has occurred. It is at this moment that you need to distribute Wi-Fi from your phone to a PC, or another device.

What to do first

Android phones can function as a router. Before distribution, make sure that the mobile Internet transfer function is activated.

If the smartphone is equipped with two SIM cards, check that the card with the Internet is correctly installed.

Activate the transfer via the quick access bar. Swipe down from the top of the screen.

USB connection

Use to distribute the Internet to a PC or laptop. Then the smartphone will temporarily become an analogue of a USB modem. On the phone, go to: The driver installation will start on the PC. Next, click on the bottom right on the PCM network connection icon, select: Go to: Click on the link: A new network will appear. Right-click on it, activate the “Enable” item. Use internet traffic activated on your phone.

How to connect

  • Wi-Fi. A good way to provide network access to a PC or tablet;
  • Bluetooth. The data transfer rate is slow;
  • USB. Use the Internet to distribute from your smartphone to your PC.

Let’s take a closer look at how to distribute WI-FI from an Android phone.

How to share Wi-Fi from your phone

A modern telephone can perform a wide variety of functions, thereby replacing a large number of other devices. For example, a phone can replace a Wi-Fi hotspot. To do this, you just need to configure the distribution of Wi-Fi from the phone to other devices.

How to share Wi-Fi from an iOS phone

If you have an iPhone, then in order to configure the distribution of Wi-Fi you need to enter the settings and open the “Modem mode” section. If this section is missing, it may mean that your phone is not enabled or configured for mobile Internet.

In this section you need to activate the “Modem Mode” function. To do this, move the switch to the on position.

In the same section of settings, you can see the password that you need to use to connect to Wi-Fi.

This completes the iPhone setup. Now you can connect to the created Wi-Fi network.

How to share Wi-Fi from phone to Android

In order to share Wi-Fi from your Android phone, you need to open the Android settings. This can be done by launching the Settings app in the list of all installed apps. You can also open the settings using the top curtain or the icon on the desktop.

how to share wifi from phone to phone how to share internet Wifi from android phone to phone

After opening the settings, you need to go to the “Other networks” section. It should be noted that in your phone this section may have a slightly different name. If you cannot find this section, look through all the settings sections that are next to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.

Next, open a subsection called “Modem and Access Point”. Again, the title of this section may differ slightly on your device. It can be called “Modem”, “Modem Mode”, “Access Point Connection” or simply “Access Point”.

After that, you must activate the “Portable Access Point” function. To do this, move the switch to the “Enabled” position.

After activating the portable hotspot, you will see a pop-up warning that Wi-Fi is turned off. In this window, click on the “Yes” button.

This completes the setup, now your phone is distributing Wi-Fi. You just have to look at the password for accessing the Wi-Fi network created by your phone. To do this, open the section “Portable access point”.

After that, a window with information about the access point will open in front of you. Here you can view and change the name of the access point and password.

How to Share Wi-Fi from Phone to Windows Phone 8

If you have a phone based on the Windows Phone operating system, then in order to distribute Wi-Fi you need to open the “Settings” application.

After that, you need to open the “Shared Internet” section.

Then you need to move the switch to the “On” position. After that, information about the name of the access point and the password for accessing it will appear at the bottom of the screen.

This completes the Windows Phone setup. Wi-Fi network works and you can connect to it.

What is important to remember?

Not all mobile operators have favorable conditions for distributing the Internet. Therefore, when using a mobile as a router, it is important to first find out the existing tariffs. It is advisable to disable the software update function or default loading of other information in the laptop or tablet beforehand. This will significantly reduce cash costs.

In addition, there is another important problem. Using a smartphone as an access point drains its battery very quickly.

To avoid sudden discharge, it is advisable to turn off the modem mode immediately after use and not connect more than 8 devices to it.


Now let’s talk about Xiaomi users. It is not for nothing that they love the proprietary shell of their manufacturer: it has many interesting settings that are not available on “bare” Android. Yes, yes, this is exactly the case that we talked about in the article “5 cons and one plus of shells on Android”. The process itself is simple and repeats the one described above, that is, the “guest” device scans the QR code in which the password is encrypted. In order for the “master” device to generate this code, we perform the following steps:

  • go to Settings. Wi-Fi;
  • we touch the name of the home network and see a pop-up window with a QR code, we suggest scanning it.
  • if the reader is also a Xiaomi smartphone, you can use the built-in Scanner application.

That’s all. Finally, we note that such methods of transferring data from their home network are even better than just dictation of the password, because at the same time the connected user does not recognize the key itself, in which important data is often encrypted or which can be used in other accounts (in this place there is no it will be superfluous to remind that good passwords are unique, long and absurd).


Another analogue. only with a simpler interface and in Russian. But not a single program will do its own thing. So choose any, download, use. But it is better to learn how to do it without third-party software. there is less risk of carrying some infection to your phone.

When you need it?

There are three most likely reasons to learn how to distribute mobile traffic over Wi-Fi. First, you can leave the whole family out of town. Chances are good that there is no wired Internet and a router there. At the same time, not all family members can buy a package of Internet traffic. In this case, you can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from the smartphone, which has the cheapest traffic at the moment.

Secondly, the Internet does not always come to our routers in the proper volume. Sometimes technical work can be carried out, in other cases some kind of accident occurs. all this leads to the fact that the Internet disappears. It is at this moment that the ability to distribute traffic from Android to a computer or another smartphone will come in handy. This feature is especially important if you work as a freelancer. And other family members will be grateful to you. they will not have to connect a package of Internet traffic in order to go online when there is no Wi-Fi at home.

Thirdly, family members will not complain about the lack of Wi-Fi in those moments when you decide to load the router in full. For example, you can download several films, weighing 10-15 GB using a router, while distributing the Internet to household members from your smartphone or tablet.

Third party applications

There are quite a few third party apps available for this purpose that can be downloaded from Google Play. However, many of them are paid or require root access.

| NO ROOT | Share WIFI Internet without password 102% work( 2017 )

PdaNet supports Bluetooth and USB tethering on all Android phones, and WiFi tethering only works on some phones.

For iPhone and iPad owners

Officially, you cannot share the Internet on the iPhone in hotspot mode. In different versions of iOS, this function is present and then disappears again.

Even if there is no access point in the settings of your smartphone, you can still share the Internet using a simple life hack.

First, make sure you have a 3G or 4G connection.

Then follow these steps:

  • Open Settings and go to the “Cellular” window;
  • Find the item “Cellular data” and open it;
  • Next, at the very bottom of the window, open the “Modem Mode” tab. The “APN” field will appear in the window that opens. You will see several text boxes in which you need to enter the value “internet” (without quotes);
  • Now in the main menu the section “Modem mode” is guaranteed to appear. Open it, come up with a network name, and a password.

On the second device, turn on the Wi-Fi network you just created. Check the Internet.

If there is no connection, make sure to activate your tariff plan or Contact the operator.

Features and restrictions on the distribution of traffic

How to distribute the Internet to another phone, laptop or computer. this request has become a leader in search engines. Whatever tariff plan the client chooses, almost all operators impose significant restrictions on the distribution of mobile traffic. If you want to share traffic. pay for the service.

The main feature of the service is the condition. distribution of mobile traffic for other devices is allowed only on tariffs with unlimited traffic, with the restriction of using the phone as a modem or Wi-Fi access point. You can connect the distribution of traffic for 1 hour or 24 hours on tariffs with prepaid and postpaid billing systems.

If subscribers do not want to spend extra money for distributed mobile traffic, you can bypass the restrictions at your own risk, use a number of tricky alternative methods.

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It should be borne in mind that operators perceive these actions as a violation of the contract and can apply penalties to their clients. There are several advanced ways: correct TTL on devices, remove ban on modem distribution through VPN settings, remove restrictions on torrents.

How to bypass torrent restrictions through VIDALIA.

general information

The mobile Internet of the present time is characterized by a high data transfer rate, which opens up ample opportunities for users to transfer messages and large files, make online calls, and also solve many other problems. At the same time, most providers guarantee a vast area of ​​3G or 4G coverage, giving their customers access to high-speed Internet even in the most remote regions where there is no fixed cable connection.

Based on the above, it is not surprising that many users want to know how to distribute Wi-Fi from an android, because sometimes you have to establish a connection to the World Wide Web from a work computer, laptop or other device.

How to used the Hotspot to share WiFi internet on Samsung A10, A20, A30, A50, A51

It’s no secret that the Android operating system is one of the most popular and adaptive in the world. Even the oldest versions support the function of distributing the Internet to other devices using a wireless Wi-Fi interface. over, if you learn how to distribute Wi-Fi from an Android phone, this will allow you to instantly launch a point on any smartphone with this platform.

How to give distribution from phone to phone?

To establish a Bluetooth connection:

  • Turn on mobile internet on your phone.
  • Open the settings, go to the “” section (“Other networks”).
  • Select “Modem Mode”. Click on “Bluetooth modem”.

How to share Wi-Fi from phone to tablet?

How to share the Internet using Wi-Fi from an Android tablet / phone.

  • Find and click the “Settings” button.
  • In the Wireless networks field, click “”. “Modem mode”.
  • Switch the slider in the Wi-Fi hotspot field to the “On” position.

How to connect to the mobile Internet of another phone?

Set up the other device to connect to the network via Bluetooth. Swipe down from the top of the phone screen. and hold it. Switch on the Bluetooth modem. Important!

  • Connect your phone and other device with a USB cable.
  • Swipe down from the top of the phone screen.
  • Click on the “Access Point” icon
  • Turn on USB tethering.

How to distribute the Internet via USB?

How to connect an Android smartphone as a USB tethering

  • Connect your phone to PC via USB. If this is a new device, wait until the drivers are installed.
  • Open your smartphone settings. In the section “Wireless networks” (“Network”) find the item “Modem mode” (“Modem and access point”).
  • Activate USB tethering.

How to distribute the Internet from a phone to a stationary PC

PCs usually don’t have a Wi-Fi module. This means that it makes no sense to create a wireless access point for him. But you can do it differently: connect your smartphone via a USB cable. And just use it as a modem.

Another exotic method is to use Bluetooth to connect to the Internet. Connect the two devices as you usually do, and enable the blue-tooth network in the access point settings. The speed will be much slower, but it’s better than nothing.

How to distribute the Internet from a phone: create a Wi-Fi network

If you need to go online from a laptop or tablet, but there is no 4G modem, you can distribute the Internet from your phone to any device with Wi-Fi. Here’s how to do it.

If you often access the Internet from a laptop, PC, or like to watch movies via Smart TV, buying a 4G modem would be the ideal solution. Take a look at our selection, where we have collected the most popular models. And more recently, we studied unlimited tariffs for modems. we went through the main operators and found out who has cheaper.

But there are times when buying a modem is impractical. For example, you are going to work for a couple of days from your country house. you need internet for your laptop only for this time. In this case, you can distribute it from your smartphone.

Create an access point

We move the curtain down. You may also need to swipe it to the left. We are looking for such an icon and click it.

Must-do before distribution

Learned from experience, we recommend that you first take some steps before putting the phone on distribution.

Remove the cover from it. The smartphone will warm up, and it does not need extra “clothes”.

Connect the charger. Dispensing will drain the battery quickly, so power will be required.

Disable cloud sync on your laptop. If you’ve recently uploaded large files to the cloud and rarely turned on your laptop, the information may automatically sync. This will take a lot of traffic.

How to distribute the Internet from your phone?

This is not difficult. On our screenshots. version of Android 10, but on earlier, the interface is slightly different. In general, you need to do everything the same.

Additional options

If you have a tariff plan with a traffic package, it will be extremely useful to set a limit for a one-time connection. It is also useful to use auto power off when there are no disconnected devices.

Set a password

If you are in the remote Siberian taiga, you can skip this point. In other cases, it is better to set a password so that lovers of free Internet do not connect to you. To do this, click on the icon and hold your finger on it for a few seconds. You will be taken to this menu.

You are interested in “Setting up an access point”. Go to this item and set the WPA2 security type, and then the password. If your phone supports the 5 GHz band, you can use it. By default, you will have the more popular 2.4 GHz installed.

Nothing works for me why?

It is not profitable for mobile operators that you buy a tariff with unlimited Internet and use it with the whole family. Therefore, they do everything possible to resist the distribution.

The same can happen when connecting a smartphone via USB to a PC.

If you decide to adapt an old smartphone as a modem, keep in mind that it probably does not work in 4G networks. That is, the speed will be noticeably lower than when accessing the Internet from a modern gadget.

We hope you will be able to distribute the Internet from your phone to your laptop and other devices. Happy surfing!

By the way, do you know which Internet is faster: distributed from a phone or from a modem? Read about it in our article.

Setting a password and other parameters

You can set a password on any smartphones of the company, but let’s look at how this is done on the Samsung Galaxy S860 and its younger model S850.

After setting up the access point, the choice of the distribution method pops up, we need “Use a WLAN connection”. The next menu will open, there you need to click on “Configure the main point of the wireless network”. Next, a window will appear in which you need to enter the desired name of the access point, its password and protection method, including WPA2 PSK and WPA PSK. When all the data has been entered, you need to click on the “Save” button.

After these simple manipulations, the Wi-Fi access point is ready and, importantly, protected from third-party interference. Now you can freely distribute the Internet to everyone to whom you provide your password.

However, this is not the only way to distribute the Internet. You can do this using third-party programs.

How to set up a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to Wi-Fi router mode

In order to distribute Wi-Fi from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, you need to follow a series of simple steps. The first thing that needs to be done is to connect to the mobile Internet, it is from it that the network that we are going to distribute comes from. For a stable speed, it is recommended to connect to 3G or 4G, as simple mobile Internet is quite slow.

This is done differently in different firmwares and smartphone models, but in each case, you first need to go to Settings and then click on the menu item. Further, depending on the firmware version, there may be different items: in one of the OS versions the item is called “Modem Mode”, in others it is “WLAN Access Point” or “Personal Access Point”. One way or another, the same function is hidden under this item, it is this function that allows you to make the distribution of the Internet work.

How to set up an access point, more will be said later.

Using settings

The modem function works on almost any smartphones, this applies even to fairly old models. So, even on Samsung Galaxy A1000, Wi-Fi distribution is carried out without the slightest problems and interruptions.

To securely enable hotspots on your Samsung Galaxy, you first need to set a password and change other settings. If this is not done, then anyone can connect, which means that this user will be able to waste your precious traffic or, even worse, try to enter the device and steal any data.

How to share internet via Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy. step by step guide

There are situations when the Internet is urgently needed, and it is, for example, only on a friend’s smartphone, since any modern mobile device from Samsung Galaxy has a modem function. This is a rather useful “feature” that helps to distribute the Internet to nearby devices, such as other smartphones or even a laptop. over, even a dozen devices can be connected at the same time, the main thing is that the Internet speed is enough for everyone. This function is quite simple to use. You can learn more about how to share Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy in the instructions below.

Using third-party programs

We’ve covered a basic way of distributing Wi-Fi on a phone, however, using third-party applications, everything can turn out faster. Some programs even increase the reliability of the connection. This will be useful for the distributor from the Samsung Galaxy phone, since no one can hack it, even if they try.

Osmino is one of the most popular hotspot applications. This application allows just a couple of clicks to create a secure point from which you can distribute Wi-Fi.

You no longer need to think about how to share Internet from Samsung Galaxy. All that is required is to download a small application, install it and run it. After that, the access point settings will open. There you can enter your nickname and the desired password, after that you need to click the “Distribute” button. These actions will launch the Internet Sharing from your smartphone.

The app is quite lightweight and will run on any company device, including the Samsung Galaxy A5000.