Getting into a giveaway: conditions and methods

The first condition is to connect the giving phone to 3G/4G mobile Internet.

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There is also a third, variable condition. technology support. Almost any modern smartphone can distribute the Internet to other devices in at least one way, but more often in two or three.

Distribution can be organized through:

  • USB cable connection. This method is suitable for stationary devices like computers, laptops, TV, etc. д.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot. This option is suitable for mobile and stationary devices equipped with the Wi-Fi module.
  • Bluetooth. Similarly to the previous one in the presence of Bluetooth support in the receiving devices.
  • NFC. If you thought that NFC is only for payments, here is an interesting fact. Phone with such gizmo can do much more, including connection to a global network. The technology has been around for a number of years, but it’s not widely used, mostly in smart home devices.

The method of distributing the Internet via cable is probably the easiest. And the most stable. the wired connection suffers less from interference, the phone is simultaneously recharged. The only drawback. the number of devices to connect to the network = 1. But it’s easy to bypass this limitation if the device you want to connect is a laptop or router that can run a Wi-Fi access point.

Procedure on Android:

  • Connect the phone you’re giving away and the device you’re connecting to the Internet with a USB cable.
  • Run the system utility “Settings” on your phone.
  • Open the section “Other wireless connections” in the menu “Wireless networks” (USB is a wired connection, but on Android 10 is here for some reason). In other versions of Android this section may be called differently.

Procedure on iPhone:

  • Go to the system settings and open “Cellular communication” or “Cellular data. Ensure that your device is connected to the mobile Internet.
  • Go to “Modem Mode” and move the “Allow Others” slider to the active position.
  • Connect the iPhone with the cable to the USB port of the PC and run the iTunes application on the latter.
  • If the mobile device prompts “Do I trust this computer?” confirm trust.

The Internet is available. If the receiving device is not automatically connected, go to Network Connections (in my example, on a Windows 10 laptop) and click on the connection field. The “Network and Internet” section of the “Options” utility is opened.

If the device you are sharing is an iPhone or iPad, update your computer to the latest version of iTunes.

Also make sure there is internet on the phone, and the USB cable is not jammed and supports data transfer (not just charging).

How to distribute Internet from your phone to other devices

Technology does not stand still, today you do not need to have a router to use the internet, all you need is a smartphone. In this article we will tell you how to give out the Internet from your phone, whether it is effective?

How to share Wi-Fi on your Android phone: step by step guide

Owners of smartphones with Android use the functionality of their device at 30-40%,” he said. They watch movies, read news on the Internet, make calls, install applications, and perform other tasks. But these are not all of the features available. For example, few people know how to share Wi-Fi from an Android phone to other devices. PC, laptop, smartphone, etc. д. Here are instructions on how to transfer WI-FI in different ways.

Share via USB to your computer

Not all users have a laptop that supports Wi-Fi connection. Also the previous method will not work for desktop computers, so a regular USB cable comes in handy. To do everything correctly and avoid mistakes, use the following guide:

  • Activate the mobile transmission on the phone.
  • Connect the device to the computer via USB cable.
  • Go to the settings of the smartphone, and from there go to the tab “Advanced Features” or “Advanced Features”. Note, that for example we use Xiaomi Redmi, so the name of the sections may be different on your phone.
  • Move the slider to the right next to the “USB modem” line.
  • It will automatically load the necessary drivers, provided that the operating system Windows 7 and above is used.
  • Enter the network connection section and select the desired network.

As you see, you can connect the smartphone as a USB modem in a few steps. With limited mobile traffic it is strongly recommended to monitor its consumption, so that the Internet distribution via USB does not lead to serious expenses.

How to share the Internet via Wi-Fi hotspot

The easiest and most convenient way to share the Internet with another phone or laptop is Wi-Fi hotspot mode. This way, you can distribute the Internet to other devices equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

In hotspot mode, you can share Internet from one smartphone to several devices at the same time, and use it on the source smartphone.

How to set up a Wi-Fi access point

Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone:

  • Activate the data transfer on your smartphone (turn on the mobile Internet)
  • Go to your smartphone settings (swipe down from the top, opening the notification curtain, and tap the gear in the upper right corner)
  • Go to “Connections” (may be called “Connection and Sharing”)
  • Tap on “Mobile hotspot and modem” (“Wi-Fi hotspot” or similar)
  • Next, move the switch opposite “Mobile hotspot” (“Wi-Fi hotspot”) to the active position
  • Clicking on “Mobile hotspot” you will see the connection settings: the name of your device, the password you will need to enter on the other smartphone to connect to your hotspot (you can change the password if you wish), and the connected devices, if any.

Please note, the hotspot mode consumes the battery faster, so when you are done distributing the internet, do not forget to turn it off.

It does not matter what version of Android you have and what kind of smartphone (Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.) you have.д.), the hotspot is enabled the same way on all phones! In order to distribute the Internet you need to turn on the access point:

  • Open the settings and go to “Connections”.
  • Go to “Mobile hotspot or modem”. Maybe called a little differently, but “hotspot” should be:

Done! You have successfully enabled the hotspot and your smartphone acts as a Wi-Fi router. In order to find out / change the network name, password and range, just click on the mobile hotspot and you will get a page like this:

To change your network name or password, simply click on the appropriate field and enter your new name/password.

Also, at the bottom of this page there is a section “Connected Devices” where you can see and control all the connections:

In the lower left corner there is another very handy button/function “QR Code”, when you click on it you open a QR Code on the whole screen, pointing at which other users can connect to you without entering a password:

Just in case you want to write: on the device you want to connect, you should simply turn on your camera and point it to this QR Code.

If you want to distribute the Internet from the phone another way, then in the settings, section “Mobile hotspot” you can enable “Bluetooth modem” or “USB modem”:

Thus you can use your telephone as a modem for a computer and other devices that have no possibility to connect via WI-FI.

Video instruction with a clear example of how to create an access point and use a USB modem:

How to connect a modem on Android smartphones to distribute mobile traffic

Android has built-in Wi-Fi router functionality, but it can be disabled by some mobile operators, if your tariff plan does not provide this. The following guide will work for all Android phones: Samsung, Honor, Redmi, etc. To find the menu of this function, open the settings screen of your smartphone, select the option “Advanced” or “” in the section about wireless networks and open “Modem mode”. In this section you will have available options for distributing Internet connection.

Wi-Fi hotspot

Open the option “Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot”, there are all the configurable parameters for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on your gadget, including the network name and password. Do not touch the WPA2 PSK security setting unless you are going to connect a device with an outdated operating system that does not support this encryption standard.

After changing the settings for the access point, move the slider next to the network name to the active position. This will start the wireless hotspot process on your phone to connect your laptop, tablet, TV, or any other device.

Bluetooth modem

To use Bluetooth to hand out communications, your desktop must have a built-in or removable Bluetooth module (which most devices have). Connect Bluetooth on your phone and laptop and then start streaming the Internet through the Bluetooth modem.

First you will need to establish a Bluetooth connection between your desktop and your smartphone. On Windows, run the Bluetooth settings page and see if your computer is ready for pairing. On your smartphone, open the Bluetooth management page and search for available connections. If necessary, wait a moment for your laptop to reflect. As soon as it appears, tap on it to start the pairing for data exchange. Once the connection is established, the screens will ask you to enter the confirmation code. Enter it and establish communication between the devices.

Now that they are paired, you have one last thing to do to use the Bluetooth modem. Go back to the “Modem Mode” page on your smartphone and, by moving the slider, start Bluetooth sharing. Go back to the computer by right clicking on the Bluetooth icon, and the next click will open the option “Join Personal Network.

When the dialog box appears, your phone will be displayed. Click on it, then select “Connect with” and then “Access Point” from the dropdown menu in the top horizontal bar. As soon as the connection is detected, the confirmation window will pop up. That’s it now the Bluetooth connection is ready to be used for internet surfing.

The USB modem

Connect your smartphone to the computer via USB-port, and immediately the option to modem via USB will become active. Start it. The operating system of the computer will automatically see the new type of connection to the network, will install drivers, if necessary, and will make it possible to receive data. Bam! Connection established and it is now possible to connect to the Internet.

Actions on the computer

To successfully connect to the new access point you must perform a few simple manipulations on your computer. Unfortunately, different PC are characterized by their own interface and their own set of settings, which is determined by the operating system, so it is difficult to find a universal instruction.

As soon as the wireless network search item is opened on the laptop or computer, and the modem mode is enabled on the smartphone, the hotspot data should appear in the corresponding window. The user must see the Network with a given name, for example, the personal data of the owner or the name of the smartphone.

After that, it is necessary to click the left mouse button on the selected network and make the connection by entering the appropriate cipher. After a few seconds the device should connect to the Internet. At the same time on the display of the smartphone should appear the appropriate notification of a successful connection. You only need to go to any browser and make sure that everything is completed successfully.

How to Share Mobile Internet to Another Mobile

Note that some Android versions have a limited number of possible connections. To change it, simply go to the appropriate settings item.

You do not need any special skills to disconnect from the connected connection. Reversal requires much less manipulation and can be done in a couple of seconds. The first thing you will need to do is to disable the handout on the wireless transmitter, i.e. е. on the smartphone. To do this, you need to move the lever “on” to the opposite position. That’s all, the smartphone will no longer distribute the Internet, and the external device will be disconnected from the network.

As for the password to provide free access to the network, it shall be kept secret and distributed to certain individuals only. Otherwise, unauthorized persons will be able to connect to the access point, which will lead to unreasonable costs, as well as reducing the speed of Wi. Fi.points.

How to share internet from phone to tablet over WI-FI?

So, to connect the tablet to the Internet via another phone via WI-FI you will need to do the following steps (in the example we consider the configuration of devices with the operating system “Android”):

  • on the “giving out” smartphone go to “Settings”, where the list of sections will open: “Wireless networks” (“WI-FI networks”)/ “Bluetooth”/ “Mobile network”, etc.д. and find below the subsection “” (“”);
  • then open the “Modem Mode” window and click on the “WI-FI hotspot” item;
  • window “WI-FI hotspot configuration” will appear: enter the “name” of the created network, security type (the best variant is “WPA2-PSK”), choose security key (which length will be not less than 8 symbols) and save the settings;
  • network created: to connect to the Internet from another phone or tablet search for available “WI-FI networks”, select the access point you created and simply connect to it (using the security key).