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The most popular smartphone today. is the Samsung Galaxy S8. A huge AMOLED display, rounded edges of the screen, spectacular design and a lot of great features. These are all reasons why this smartphone is getting more and more positive reviews. And there’s certainly no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were the most anticipated Android smartphones of 2017.

All the basic features of the Galaxy S8 such as the 5.8 inches and a 12MP camera, we already know very well. But the hidden features and those that may suddenly prove useful. is a completely different conversation. We’ve chosen 10 features of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which you might not have guessed, but they will make your life and work with your smartphone much easier and more interesting.

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The rounded edges of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s display look impressive, but looks. isn’t their only purpose at all. In fact, it is in them that hides access to numerous additional features. One of these features. is quick access to your favorite apps and contacts.

This menu is easy to access and configure. To do this, you need to expand the panel on the right edge of the screen by pulling on it. The panel with the most frequently used applications is displayed. If you click on the gear, you can customize your app list, and some other features like appearance and content.

In all, there are more than a dozen different panels pre-installed. with weather, news, sports information, calendar and so on. And additional panels can be downloaded separately, so you can quickly access exactly what you need.

It’s incredibly convenient, especially for those who prefer not to waste time unlocking the smartphone and searching for the necessary information.

Smartphones, of course, allow you to move between applications, but due to their small size and for other reasons, we can only work in one application. That is, we can’t watch a movie and read the news at the same time, or we can? Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a split-screen feature. That’s the merit of a large and wide display, which we never get tired of praising. This time it really deserves praise because now you can run and use two applications at the same time.

Of course, this is not very convenient for games, but in order to watch a movie without losing track of events, and at the same time to read quite.

To start a dual screen, you have to open the applications, then click on the button with two squares (multitasking button), in each of them. And voila! You have access to both applications at the same time. You can drag the border between applications to resize windows or go back to full screen mode. Really comfortable!

Setting Up Your Samsung Galaxy S8 For the First Time

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is packed with biometric measures to protect user data. It’s a fingerprint scanner, and iris scanner, and facial recognition. In addition, you can connect an ordinary pin code, pattern or password the old-fashioned way. You can protect yourself by all measures, but even in a secure situation it takes a long time to unlock the device. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8 this is not quite true.

If you activate the special Smart Lock feature, in a totally secure environment. At home or in the car, for example, your smartphone will automatically unlock itself. Of course, the function is customizable, so you can choose the conditions under which the smartphone will not ask you for a password.

You can turn on and configure SmartLock in the settings, in the “Screen and security” section, that’s where you will find this function. It is especially convenient for owners of Samsung Gear watches, because you can set the unlocking depending on the proximity to the watch.

This feature is convenient for those who trust their home, and prefers comfort.

No matter how you look at the quality of photos no matter how modern smartphones may give us, they are still far from the cameras.

Even the Samsung Galaxy S8’s 12-megapixel main camera, which itself is one of the best on the market, won’t take the same photos as a DSLR.

This is still relevant, but it doesn’t mean that with some knowledge, you can’t tweak the camera settings on your smartphone as well. At least on the Samsung Galaxy S8 it absolutely can.

The camera on this smartphone allows you to open the Pro mode and discover the first step into the world of photographic terminology and all the complexities that go along with taking pictures.

From ISO to shutter speed, from focus to white balance. all of these settings are now in your hands. In addition, you will be able to adjust the exposure exactly as your shot requires.

Photos from this camera are sure to add popularity to your Instagram account.

Sometimes a smartphone can be a lifeline. Not literally, but in an emergency situation, it may very well be that it is a smartphone will save someone’s life.

And for this purpose it is not necessary to dial the number of emergency service and to explain for hours, what happened, the main thing is. To understand in advance what to do.

To begin with, you will need to activate the emergency messaging function. And in this regard, the Samsung Galaxy S8 goes further than many competitors.

To set up an urgent message, go to advanced settings and select the menu item “Sending an SOS message”.

That’s where you’ll be able to select an urgent contact. The number of the person who can help you in an emergency, and select which message to send. You’ll be able to send text and attach a location to the message, an image that the smartphone’s main and front-facing camera will automatically take, and a 5-second-long audio message.

We hope you will not need this feature, but you should have it in mind.

Disable notifications for individual apps

Sometimes notifications are very handy: news, messages, weather information and so on. But some apps tell you too often about things that aren’t very important. You’re even more likely to be added to a group chat and spend hours messaging each other, distracting you from your work or leisure. To avoid this kind of hassle, you can simply turn off notifications for one or more apps. over, you can not only turn off the pop-up messages, but also simply mute them for a while.

In the settings of the smartphone you will find a notification item, where you will see a list of all applications and each can be configured separately. The same can be done even easier. press and hold the notification itself.

This feature is incredibly handy, especially if you’re the kind of person who sometimes prefers to take an hour or two to yourself, taking a break from technology and communication.

And it is also very useful for those who like to play games, but do not want to be distracted by constant notifications.

A display that always works. It is really very functional: you can always check the time, new messages and information. But it is. Not everything you can get from this convenient technology. The manufacturers have taken care of you by designing several different themes for the display. You can download them from Samsung Apps. It can be a calendar, clock, image, and more. You’ll be able to choose exactly what suits you or characterizes you, almost like a case, but for the screen.

You can set a suitable theme in the display settings and wallpaper. There you can also find themes suggested by users and manufacturers.

As we mentioned earlier, with the SmartLock function you will have the opportunity not to lock your smartphone at home. However, what to do if you do have something to hide? Samsung has found a way to hide some important data from all prying eyes. Protected folders are designed specifically for this task. This folder will allow you to hide files, photos, and applications. Even if your smartphone is unlocked and used by someone other than you, you’ll need a password, pin code, fingerprint, or iris scan to access such a folder. Quite good, just like in spy movies.

To set up a secure folder, go to the Samsung Galaxy Store and download the Secure Folder app. After that, all you have to do is set access requirements, hide all compromising files and enjoy full data protection.

If you like to create, send and receive Gif images, then this feature will be a real pleasant surprise for you. Smart Select mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is designed precisely to create a Gif from anything. From your own videos to YouTube clips. The potential for entertainment is almost limitless!

To make a Gif-image, swipe your finger from the edge of the screen and choose a frame “Animation”. Then you can choose a frame. Boundaries of the desired video and click on record. The resulting video is easily converted into the Gif format, and then you can do with it everything you want: share with friends, post on social networks and so on.

A great feature for all Samsung Galaxy S8 fans with a great sense of humor.

Gorgeous, bright and huge screen. This isn’t the first time we’ve characterized the Samsung Galaxy S8 display this way. But it’s the screen that’s proving to be the most power-hungry feature of this smartphone. This means that even the powerful battery of the Galaxy S8 would last much longer if not for the screen.

Nevertheless, Samsung offers the user several modes of the device, specifically designed to match what you do.

Among the available modes are Game, Entertainment, and High Performance.

Last mode sets all settings to maximum. high resolution, high brightness, etc.

Game and Entertainment modes will adapt the processor to your activities (games and entertainment).

In order to select a mode, go to the device maintenance section (it’s in settings) and select the performance mode option.

When it comes to battery saving modes, you can choose from “Mid” (Medium) and “Max” (Maximum). The first slows down the speed of your device, suspends synchronization of inactive applications, and the second reduces almost all indicators, saving most of the battery, so it is useful in case you have less than 10% of battery left, but need to stay in touch.

Samsung has provided its users with a huge number of new handy features. And, if you didn’t know about these ten, we hope they help you get even more out of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy C8 and Samsung Galaxy C8 Plus how to solve the problem with the annoying Bixby key

The good thing is that the citizens of the USA may benefit at least from Bixby, while the CIS citizens find this function only a hindrance. If you do not know what Bixby is, it is a kind of photo analyzer, which helps to find the right product or thing with the camera. just point it at the desired object. Samsung is so proud of this invention that it has a separate button for it. Is this right or not. a silly question, because there is a button and it is necessary to do something with it, but somehow it can not be reassigned. For a while there was a program lying in the bowels of PlayMarket that helped reassign Bixby to the camera call, but Samsung quickly spotted the shenanigans and in the next update closed the possibility to somehow affect the purpose of the button, which monolithically adorns the side of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

All Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus secret codes

Do you remember how a long time ago (at a time when cell phones were becoming more or less a mass phenomenon) secret codes were a kind of extra entertainment it was interesting to dial some combination and see something new on your phone.

Time goes on and modern smartphones have so many functions, one would think, what are they for now, these secret codes? However, some actions are still attached to these numerical combinations and at some point their knowledge may come in handy.

So here’s the full list of secret commands for the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphone:

  • #06# find out IMEI (serial number).
  • #0011#, #32489# diagnostics and service mode.
  • #9090# additional diagnostic information.
  • #9900# Android dump mode.
  • #7412365# camera firmware menu.
  • #0228# gets battery data, also used for battery calibration.
  • #12580369# basic information about Galaxy S8 (software and hardware).
  • 27673855# full content and settings reset. There are other ways.
  • #0# various system tests (screen, brightness, vibration, camera, microphone, etc.).д.)
  • #7353# quick service menu, almost similar to the previous one.
  • #1234# find out Samsung S8 firmware version.
  • #7780# easy reset. Restores factory settings.

All commands are entered in the same way you would dial a number during a regular call.

samsung, galaxy

Warning! Use these codes with utmost caution. If you do not know what it is, it is better not to try.

If you know any other secret codes, or if any of these commands do not work with your Galaxy S8, write to the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section. Happy to supplement the article!

Galaxy S8 manual

On this page you will find the user manual for the Galaxy S8. Instructions found on the internet, presented electronically. Download it to your computer. We try to find instructions in Russian for you, but sometimes this is not possible, then the instructions in English are posted. If you’ve purchased an item from us and have any questions, contact us at the phone number you see at the top of the site or write to the online consultant chat during business hours. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Good luck to you!

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How to set up Bixby on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8

Samsung has finally launched Bixby worldwide today. Voice Assistant can now be used by Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 owners in over 200 countries. Now we’ll walk you through the process of setting up Bixby on the Galaxy S8.

The official announcement from Samsung was made this morning, but Bixby is already starting to roll out gradually and the first reports from countries where Bixby is already working have surfaced.

Tap the Bixby button on your smartphone to see if it’s already available to you. You may have to update the Bixby app from Galaxy Apps if you haven’t already done so. Be sure to sign in to your Samsung account before doing so.

Bixby will greet you with a welcome screen live on your device. The screen appears when you press the Bixby button. Bixby Voice guides you through the entire setup process.

Choose your language. Bixby Voice only supports English (US) and South Korean. Samsung plans to add more languages in the future, but currently only two are available.

Follow the instructions provided by Bixby Voice as you explore different ways to interact with the assistant.

Help Bixby recognize your voice by providing some samples. You just need to speak a few sentences at a steady speed loud and clear.

Set your voice password. It helps Bixby unlock your phone when you give it a command on the lock screen. Keep in mind that voice password is less secure than other screen unlocking methods.

Teach Bixby your pronunciation by saying five sentences.

So that’s it! This concludes the Bixby voice assistant setup. The whole process takes a few minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 review

Hi. A week of heavy use of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 has been fruitful. There’s a lot to talk about, and I’m going to talk about this smartphone, answering the most popular questions. Here’s our plan.

What to take the Galaxy S8 or S8? How to live with the 18.5:9 screen? Which Galaxy S8 to buy: the Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8895? What’s up with the software on the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017? How much has changed the quality of photography and video? What about battery life? All the tricks: the new home button, Bixby, and the face and eye scanner. Breakthrough or not a breakthrough?

Which to take the Galaxy S8 or the S8?

In my opinion, you should buy the Galaxy S8. With a claimed screen diagonal of 6.2 inches, this smartphone has optimal dimensions. For perception, it can be compared to the old-style smartphones with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, only in the case of the Galaxy S8 smartphone body is neat and everyday tasks on it can be freely performed with one hand. As for the “classic” Galaxy S8, I think it’s a very miniature device. If you’re looking for a compact smartphone and want to get the most out of it, then yes, the regular S8 is your option. But given that it was Samsung that developed our love of big screens and to some extent forced Apple to make smartphones with big screens, the choice towards the Galaxy S8 will be obvious.

Many people wonder why the company now release the Galaxy Note 8, when there’s such a cool Galaxy S8? There’s some logic to this question, but still the Note is positioned differently and the sequel is worth waiting for.

How to live with the 18.5:9 screen?

Lives better than the LG G6, for example. In the Galaxy S8 and S8 immediately implemented an adaptive image, even waiting for some software producers did not have to. For example, the same YouTube, which in the settings of the display can not be adapted to the new format, anyway software very successfully stretches all the video and it looks cool. On the LG G6 you can not do this and will have to wait for a backlash from Google.

In games you will have to be patient, although again, I was not uncomfortable with the new aspect ratio. You just have to keep in mind that Samsung’s new screens, with the claimed 5.8 and 6.2 screens, are not the same screens as before. Other proportions, other scales. In theory, this aspect ratio should have had a negative impact on the working area of the screen, but Samsung has done everything right. If the LG G6 compared to the iPhone 7 Plus has approximately the same amount of content displayed on the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S8 holds significantly more information, even in spite of the presence of the on-screen buttons, which take up some space in the working area of the screen.

Samsung’s screens are made with SuperAMOLED technology, they greatly embellish reality. Looking ahead I want to say that while testing the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 you should definitely look at the pictures not only on the screen of this smartphone, but also on the screen of other devices. There is a phrase, “look at the world without rose-colored glasses. So, looking at photos from the Galaxy S8 screen, you look at it wearing ten pairs of these glasses. It’s not bad and it’s not good. Just a feature that a lot of people like. People love juicy colors and a riot of color, Samsung gives you that.

Here’s a real life example, I post a photo on Instagram taken with Galaxy S8 and it looks very juicy. Afterwards, I look at this same photo with an iPhone 7 Plus and it doesn’t look as “juicy”. It doesn’t mean the iPhone screen is bad. You just need to keep it in mind and understand the difference. The iPhone screen is the golden mean in terms of color reproduction and white balance. Samsung has its own world in which you are shown a picture in colors, and these colors have gone far from reality. Just go out, take a picture on the Samsung and the smartphone picture is much more beautiful than in reality. For people who want to see everything beautiful, don’t do photo processing and don’t demand “honesty” from the smartphone screen, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an ideal choice. It is a pleasure to watch videos on it. Photos, too. But do not be surprised if the same content will look unsightly on some “designer” monitor with fair color reproduction.

The maximum resolution of the Galaxy S8 screen is 2960 x 1440 pixels, the so-called QHD, but by standard the smartphone works in FHD resolution, which is 2220 x 1080 pixels.

It’s done to save energy. There’s a special “High Performance” option in the notification bar, this mode raises the screen resolution to QHD and increases the maximum brightness by another 10% above the possible maximum on the automatic settings. This mode is recommended to use in games and when using a virtual reality helmet.

The curvature of the screen is not as “extreme” as it was before, no accidental presses now, and the rear window of the smartphone is done in the same way as in the Galaxy Note 7, it is also rounded. Because of this, tactilely the smartphone seems very thin.

Which Galaxy S8 to buy: the Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8895?

I had the opportunity to try both options. I will say this, Snapdragon 835 has no advantages. Samsung made its own Exynos 8895 the same in terms of power efficiency and speed. In benchmarks even faster. This is a bad wake up call for Qualcomm, now they don’t have any clear advantages.

Exynos is good in games and in the interface. I played Implosion, a pretty demanding game, and everything literally flew. The remaining nuances that may arise in heavy video games, it is a question of Android and the optimization of a particular company.

Interace in the Galaxy works noticeably faster than in the same Galaxy S7 Edge, the response is faster, switching between programs, too. I tried to load the system with the maximum number of applications, and the memory of the device was crammed to a fault.

To my surprise I did not manage to achieve noticeable brakes. And it used to be possible to. And yet I had a test sample of the Galaxy S8, not for sale, in which there will still be many updates and corrections.

Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T feel faster, but there is a question of animation rendering, Samsung went to the trouble and made a lot of beautiful effects when moving the sliders brightness and volume. When you open the programs as all produces a beautiful, smooth and unobtrusive.

What’s up with the software on the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017?

About the software features of the Samsung shell, I will not write in this article. They are many and they ask for a separate long text.

I’ve talked to my hobby colleagues and we concluded that Samsung finally brought its graphics shell to normal condition. If I were to keep my smartphone, I would only change the keyboard. It’s just that Gboard, after all, is a classic. Otherwise, everything looks so laconic and “licked” that the eye pleases to use.

A very successful combination of elements of pure Android 7 and the Koreans’ own developments. Stylish, minimalist and tasteful. If you are interested in a separate review of Samsung Galaxy S8 graphical interface, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How much has changed the quality of photo and video?

Let me quickly explain what happened to the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The first few days I didn’t think there was much change. But the more you shoot, the more you notice the difference with the same Galaxy S7 Edge.

Separately, I’ll write a comparison of the camera SGS8 and iPhone 7 Plus, and describe why these smartphones can not be compared head-to-head.

For me a very important parameter in a smartphone camera has always been the continuous shooting. This is very important. You press the button and take a burst, then you pick the best shot. Android smartphones have always had a problem with this and that’s why I chose the iPhone.

Now the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the leader in this matter. It captures 16 frames per second with a maximum burst of 100. The iPhone does 10 frames per second, with a maximum burst of 999 frames. It’s the speed that counts, not the maximum amount of bursts. Yes, I would like to see more photos in one batch with Samsung, but in any case, you should have enough 100 frames to shoot some “action”.

Oversharpening. It’s always been an issue for amateur photographers. It’s been kept to a minimum. I will not go into details, I think the topic can be closed.

There is a noticeable improvement in the quality of photos in the dark. But here smartphones are still not so smooth. The aperture ratio is ok, the detail is good, but color rendering is somewhat off; moreover, there is something wrong with the white balance of the test model. This should definitely be fixed in the final version. I’ll check again after the sales launch.

[creativ_media type=YouTube url=https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=hAOrIUjLunYfeature=youtu.be]

Another interesting feature, while recording an hour-long video, I found that the Galaxy camera split the file into two parts. The first half hour, and the second half hour. This never happened before.

The Galaxy S8 camera has a very cool power saving score. An hour of FullHD video recording takes 27% from the battery. The iPhone 7 Plus will have a 40-45% battery drain.

They reduced distortion in the camera, but left the software correction straight.

What’s up with the battery life??

My record is 5 hours and 30 minutes of screen time. Works for a day, if you don’t “bog down” the device with games. There is a fast charging, in 30 minutes charges the smartphone to 50% and another 50 minutes to 100%. By the way, wireless charging, which can be purchased in the kit charges the smartphone from 0 to 100% in 2 hours. My iPhone 7 Plus takes over 2 hours to charge from the wire. Funny.

Features: new home button, Bixby, and face and eye scanner.

The new home button below the screen works well, but slower than the iPhone’s. There is a noticeable delay. Vibro recoil is different than what Android smartphones used to have, but hasn’t yet reached TapTic level. But not bad, not bad at all.

Bixby Not my thing, not my thing at all. I find the presence of a physical key on the body a nuisance. Always randomly tap. I want to raise the volume and my finger goes right on it. On the go, when smartphone in hand, always activates Bixby and it cannot be turned off. Anything you try to slip Bixby into the camera lens is bound to be compared to the showcase Now Bixby is a big special project of Samsung and Pinterst. Bixby takes a long time to get the hang of, was it worth it? Apple has been “suffering” with Siri for a year already, while Samsung is just getting down to this path. You can not say right away that it is a “breakthrough”, but time will tell.

Many people confuse the face scanner in the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the IRIS scanner. There’s even a video online of a guy unlocking the Galaxy screen with his picture. So, the scanner that recognizes the contours of the face, it’s simply the work of the selfie camera, it allows you to fool the system with a photo from 100 times. Iris scanner. that’s another story, you can not cheat it, but it works slower. It’s up to you, you want fast and less secure. put the smartphone lock by face outline, you want capital, but slower. IRIS.

And the biggest inconvenience is the fingerprint scanner. It works fast, but reaching for it on the Galaxy S8 is no easy task. On the regular “eight” is easier. Samsung even tried to add gestures to this scanner, like Huawei. For now you can only pull out the notification curtain. Perhaps in the future it will “hang” more functions.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a fresh take on the modern smartphone. It’s good that the company keeps this whole market on track and, to some extent, even gives everyone a kick in the pants. Now getting the hang of it. I wrote a piece on why I won’t buy the Galaxy S8, even though I really liked it, read it for sure. And yes, after the Infinity screen, looking at old smartphone screens is somehow unaccustomed, like a past century.

A complete list of problems with the Galaxy S8 and methods to solve them

The Galaxy S8 has been on people’s hands for quite some time. I used the smartphone for about a month, also talked and interviewed other buyers of the smartphone. Given that there is no such thing as a perfect smartphone, the Galaxy S8 has its flaws, some of which are apparent from the first days, others take time to. Today, let’s gather in one place all the “sore spots” of the cool flagship and naturally see how to solve them.

Over time, the shell of the Samsung Galaxy S8 begins to work with a delay. This is not a revelation of this particular model, in most cases, Android smartphones “slug” because of the accumulated information. In this case only a complete reset of the smartphone and a thorough analysis of the installed programs will help. To understand what software most of all robs the system resources, you can look in the settings of the Galaxy S8, the company has created a separate tool for this, but with this tool you can only identify undesirable software, but all attempts to optimize will not help. Therefore, if after a long time your Galaxy S8 lags, do a Factory data reset in the system settings.

Some users who bought the Samsung Galaxy S8 in foreign online stores, faced with incorrect color reproduction of the screens. The color palette led images to a pronounced red tones. The problem was solved with the following firmware update. Also, the screen could be “corrected” by going into the image settings, selecting one of the available modes: Adaptive mode, AMOLED Cinema, AMOLED Photo. Try switching these modes and see how the screen reacts. If you return the mode to “Adaptive” the red tint should disappear (does not work for everyone).

Some users have problems with 3G/4G, sometimes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth do not find the network and devices. Similar software crashes happen with GPS.

Resetting network settings helps in all cases. If a wireless device is not connected via Bluetooth, the most common help is to “Forget device” and reconfigure.

The most common flaw with Galaxy S8 owners is the device’s short battery life. Fast charging, of course, saves, but in any case I have to charge my device 2-3 times a day with, as it is called, active use. This problem not only occurred to me, but to all the colleagues I interviewed. How to fix it?

  • Disable NFC
  • Disable Always-on Display
  • Check your screen resolution. If it is the maximum value, set to the factory setting, which is initially slightly below the maximum mark in the settings.
  • Delete Don’t even ask why. Want a long running smartphone on any OS, just don’t install the client
  • Do a complete reset of the network settings, very often the poor autonomy is due to a weak GSM network reception signal. Here is an example, on the same mobile operator my Samsung Galaxy S8 lives longer in other cities than in Odessa, just in my hometown there are constant problems with cell towers and the smartphone does not switch from edge to 3g and back. This causes a failure in the network smartphone and have to do a complete reset of the network settings, if I leave the city.

Problem when taking photos at night.

The main problem of Galaxy S8 camera appears at night, the camera algorithms are trying to squeeze out of the photo maximum details and suppress maximum noise, due to which the white balance is completely lost and the photos appear unnaturally yellow. It is impossible to cure it, but it is possible to shoot with the manual camera settings, adjusting the shutter speed and adjusting the Focus by hand, you get the most honest shots without loss of quality with the correct white balance. Yes, this process takes longer and requires a certain skill, but the result is better than the automatic settings.

Annoying Bixby key.

This problem was solved by third party software, later Samsung tried to cover the loophole. Now everything works, but the next firmware update brings new restrictions. These restrictions prevent third-party software from assigning actions to the Bixby button. At the beginning of July this update was received by the American handsets sold in the Verizon network, in early August the firmware will start to spread to other regions.

If you know other problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and methods of solving them, share with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Samsung Galaxy S8 SIM card usage guide

You’ll need the right SIM card for the Galaxy S8 and S8 and use it correctly.

This guide will tell you: what size applies, how to insert and change the SIM card, and how to use Dual SIM in Dual SIM versions.

Download Galaxy S8 manual/instruction manual in Russian

On this page you can download Galaxy S8 manual / manual in Russian. The manual is suitable for the following models of Galaxy S8: SM-G950F, SM-G950FD, SM-G955F, SM-G955FD and is available for download at the link below.