Why the Internet does not work on the ASUS phone

Rarely who did not come across a similar problem. It should seem to be all right: the phone is good, “SIM card” is inserted, the contract with the provider is concluded. but there is no access to the Internet. And here is. so he was still, and after a minute. no matter how. Familiar situation, is not true? If the Internet does not work on your phone, then you should not despair and ride in the service center.

Putting very little efforts, really cope with the problem and without someone else’s assistance. Internet on the phone is configured somewhat differently than on the usual personal computer and it often causes users difficulties. What are the elements of the intees are responsible for setting up the connection? What are the possible reasons for refusing access to the network? We will consider all these questions in our note. On the most banal reasons for the least pay attention. And completely in vain. Here are their brief list:

  • Internet on the phone is disabled for non-payment. That is, you have a negative balance on your account.
  • The phone does not connect to the Internet because you are outside the network zone.
  • Data transfer option.
  • In the rest of the rest, a working mobile phone has not passed the automatic registration procedure.

The probability of listed is quite high. It is from checking these options and troubleshooting data that we will begin our fight with the disappeared network.

MTS Internet Setup

To settings. Mobile Network Access Point (APN)

Add a new point wide access by clicking

Name: MTS Internet APN: Internet.MTS.RU Proxy: Port: Username: MTS Password: MTS Server: MMSC: MMS Proxy: MMS Port: MCC: 250 MNC: 01 Authentication Type: APN Type: Default, SUPL

Leave the default values ​​for all empty fields shown above.

On this page you will find information How to Enable or Disable Mobile Internet on ASUS. Also below will be a link to detailed instructions with pictures as on ASUS to switch the Internet to the first or second SIM card through the settings. If your tariff plan provides you unlimited internet or a large Internet traffic package, then you can use the high-speed Internet from your phone, for example where there is no possibility to connect to Wi-Fi. If SIM card or SIM card with tariffs without internet or with a small amount of Internet provided, it is better to turn off the mobile Internet on ASUS to avoid large write-offs of money from the account or for economical Internet spending to extend the Internet on the phone. Also you can share mobile Internet with other devices using a smartphone as a Wi-Fi access point, look below. Information on the inclusion of the mobile Internet shutdown We take with ASUS Zenfone Max Pro, must come to other ASUS models and similar android devices.

And so that to completely disable the mobile Internet on ASUS or turn on the Internet you need to open the menu to quickly access the most useful features of the phone. To do this, pull from the top edge of the screen down until the menu opens. If there are no icons with signature in the menu that opens. Internet “, then you need to open the menu completely, for this stretch the bottom of the menu down or click on” “As shown in the first screenshot below. If there are no Mob icons in the full menu. Internet “, then most likely this icon is on the second page. On the presence of the second page indicates two points below the menu as shown in the second screenshot below, to get to the second page you need to pull from the right edge to the left or vice versa. Now the menu has already exactly need a mobile Internet icon by clicking on which we can include or completely disable mobile Internet on the ASUS phone. Look at the third screenshot.

I hope the information helped you understand how to disable or include mobile Internet. Do not forget to leave a review and specify a smartphone model or a tablet to which it has come or not the information that useful information remains from you. If your mobile Internet is connected on your device or turns off in a different way, we ask you to share the information below in the reviews, maybe it will be the most useful.

  • We will be happy if you add feedback, useful advice or additional information.
  • Thanks for the responsiveness, mutual assistance and useful tips of the article!

All without exception, the owner of mobile phones from time to time with their help goes online or chat in ICQ. If you are new to the same as a smartphone with an Android operating system, configure the Internet

, Read on. In modern 3G and 2G networks with the Android operating system, the first time connecting to the network, the settings of the Internet access point from the operator comes automatically.

But in some cases this does not happen. This is possible if the phone was imported from abroad, it is “gray” and T.D. In general, if the information of this kind is in demand, it means that this article necessarily comes in handy. So, consider Read more 3G / GPRS settings for Android OS, if they were not automatically exhibited. Go to “Settings”, then click on “Wireless Networks”, after open the “Mobile Network” item. Here try to enable automatic definition of settings. Perhaps earlier you were inadvertently shot down. To do this, you must click on the “Communication Operators”.

How to enable mobile internet smartphone asus. Ways to connect the Internet on Android

But in some cases this does not happen. This is possible if the phone was imported from abroad, it is “gray” and T.D. In general, if the information of this kind is in demand, it means that this article necessarily comes in handy. So, consider Read more 3G / GPRS settings for Android OS, if they were not automatically exhibited. Go to “Settings”, then click on “Wireless Networks”, after open the “Mobile Network” item. Here try to enable automatic definition of settings. Perhaps earlier you were inadvertently shot down. To do this, you must click on the “Communication Operators”.

Now the phone will begin to search for cellular network operators available in your region. In the event that the operator was found, the services of which you use, select it from the proposed list or simply click “choose automatically” (it is better to use the second option). Settings can also be requested from the operator using SMS to a specific number or call to its help (to find out the number, go to the operator’s website). If all of the above actions did not help and the settings of the access point were still not determined, it means that you will have to enter them manually.

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To do this, click on the “Access Points (APN)”, then. on the menu button and select “New Access Point”. Here enter the access point data after learning them on the operator’s website. In most cases, only such fields are filled as “name”, “APN (access point),” username “, as well as” Password ” name is written any Username: For megaphone and Tele2 is not introduced; For Beeline. Beeline, for MTS. MTS APN (Point Access): For MegaFon. Internet, for Beeline. Internet.Beeline.RU, for Tele2. Internet.Tele2.RU, for MTS. Internet.MTS.Ru Password: for Tele2 and megaphone is not introduced; For Beeline and MTS. exactly the same as “username” (Beeline and MTS, respectively). If you did not find in the list of your operator, see the settings on its website.

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How to connect mobile internet: full step by step instruction

Hello! Today we have another interesting question. how to set up the Internet on the phone. I will immediately say that the Internet on Android and iPhone to customize (in 95% of cases) is not needed, and just insert Sims into the phone. When working the phone and the system itself, failures may occur, then to connect to the Internet, you need to make some manipulations about which we will talk in more detail below.

It also needs to be borne in mind that it is the user under the word “Internet”. Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. Since both of these options are configured differently and have different ways to work. First look at the desktop in the upper right corner you have seen a mobile network connection icon. If you are crossing the cross from above, do not scare. it means that the mobile Internet is simply disabled.

NOTE! If there is not a single division of the mobile Internet, then perhaps you just moved the SIM card. pull out and insert it back again.

Find your finger from the top of the screen. down to open the “Shutter” menu. Find there icon “Mob. internet “and activate it. If you have an active Wi-Fi Network. deactivate it to check the work of the mobile Internet.

Now you just included the Internet on Android. Check the connection by going to any browser. If there is no connector, then try to set it in more detail. Another option. you just forgot to pay that package of services that is connected to your phone. Remember. to use the Internet, on the balance sheet should be at least some means.

How can I change the APN on my router?

How to configure APN parameters for 4G LTE modem

  • Run the web browser on the device connected to the modem
  • In the Login field, enter the modem password and click the Login button
  • Select Mobile APN Settings.
  • To add a custom APN profile, click the Add button.
  • Enter the settings for the new APN profile and click the Save button.

How from the phone on Android make a mobile Wi-Fi access point?

The global web was rapidly broken in our lives, and now many simply do not imagine their lives without the Internet. We have become dependent on it, and with this, in most cases, nothing can be done. Almost every person has a modern phone that is connected to the mobile Internet.

But sometimes the Internet ends or does not work because there is no network coverage. Accordingly, you have to solve some specific tasks, for example, how to distribute the Internet to your friends through the phone, if they have run out of money and the Internet has turned off.

This time we will tell you how from the phone on Android make a mobile Wi-Fi access point.

Why do you need to distribute the Internet from your phone?

In addition, there are the following cases when you need to create and configure on the phone C Android Mobile Wi-Fi Access Point:

Example 1: You come to relatives who have no Internet. Yes. yes, and this also happens, for example, my grandmother has no Internet, and sometimes it takes to work at a computer. I take my laptop and connect it to the mobile Wi-Fi access point. I just did from my smartphone asus and slowly work. Of course, with a normal Internet to compare meaninglessly, but you can work.

Example 2: You are working as a taxi driver and often meet guests from other regions of Russia or foreign guests. There is such a concept as “roaming”, as a result of the arrival of the tourist, the Internet problems begin. Or he does not catch at all or the Internet works, but money will be disappeared at the speed of light. Therefore, if in your taxi you run your Wi-Fi access point, at least, customers will be very grateful to you, and maximum. can leave good tips.

Situations when the Internet needs to share with friends and others may be a lot. I just showed the simplest and tribal cases when you need to create a Wi-Fi access point from your smartphone. The most interesting thing is that the creation does not take you a lot of time: a maximum of two minutes.

What is required in order to create an access point on the phone?

So now proceed directly to the process. Namely, tell how to make a phone with the Android operating system Wi-Fi access point. To do this, we need a smartphone with an operating system Android 6.0 and above. It is also necessary that the Wi-Fi module is present in the phone. Module 3G or 4G. And in the future it will still be added 5G, 6G and so indefinitely.

It is easy to guess that all new standards “G”, whether it is 3G / 4G / 5G / etc. Improved in the direction of an increase in the speed of the Internet and increasing the range of communication from the base station, all other principles remain the same. Therefore, that the more “G”, the faster the Internet will work. This allows us to instantly download sites and view video without brakes.

Currently, in almost any modern smartphone, the latest Android operating system is installed and there are all the necessary modules (Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G / 5G / etc.). Thanks to this, you can enable mobile access point on the phone. We will configure on ASUS ZenFone 3 phones (Android version 6.0) and Alcatel A3 Plus (Android 7 version.

Enable and configure Wi-Fi access point on Alcatel A3 Plus phone (Android 7 version.0).

Go to the phone settings. In the wireless network, usually at the bottom, there is an item “”, choose this item. Next, select the modem and router mode.

Choose the Wi-Fi Router item. Next, go into the Times settings and exhibit on “Always” and click Cancellation. Perhaps the window will close itself. Next, we go to the settings of the Wi-Fi router and change or leave the name of the network “Alcatel A3 Plus 3G”. Next, in the security type, select “WPA2 PSK” or “No”. If you choose “No”, anyone who is nearby may be connected to your network. At the same time it will use your Internet, and this is not very good.

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First, the more people connect to your access point, the slower will be loaded the Internet. This is due to the fact that the channel is divided between all network participants connected to the access point. Secondly, the traffic is quickly spent and the battery will sit on the phone. However, it may not be critical for those who have unlimited tariffs with Internet traffic. Thirdly, it may be unsafe. Since a person may turn out to be an attacker, and using your Internet, create its own “black things”.

That is why you need to choose in the security type “WPA2 PSK”. After that in the field below, enter the network security key. This key must be at least 8 characters. If you are straight too lazy to invent a password, you can enter the simplest “11111111”. “12345678” or enter your cell phone number. He will definitely be more reliable and you will not forget such a password. For convenience, you can put a tick “Display Entered Signs” to accidentally not mistaken when entering the password. And the last thing you need to do is choose the maximum number of connections. In this case, 8 maximum connections were selected.

This setting is complete, let’s turn on our access point. We switch the slider with “Off” to the “On” position, from now on, our access point began to work and other devices can be connected to it.

Possible problems when setting up and operating an access point.

If you connected to your access point, for example from a computer or other device, there is no Internet, then check whether the data is enabled on the phone with the data transfer point! If this feature is disabled, you will attach to the access point, but you will not have the Internet until you turn on the data transfer on the phone. To enable data transfer on the phone, for this we go to the settings, in the wireless network, select “Using Data” or “Data Transfer”. Depending on the phone, this item may be called in different ways. Furtly, we are looking for data transfer (mobile network) and translate checkpoint to the included state.

How to configure Wi-Fi access point on ASUS Zenfone 3 smartphone (Android version 6.0).

  • We will unlock our smartphone, then open the top “curtain” with the main settings and choose the gear (settings). In the “Wireless Networks”, usually at the bottom, there is an item “”, choose this item. Next, select the modem mode.

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Methods for connecting and configuring the Internet on a smartphone

Today, mobile devices are in great demand, they are literally everyone. They are used not only for calls to relatives or sending SMS messages, but also to access the global web. Unfortunately, when buying a device, consultants rarely explain how to configure the Internet on Android or iPhone, and the owner has to deal with it.

In the modern world, the phone without internet is surprisingly surrounding

To solve the urgent problem, the owner of any portable device is required to independently determine exactly how access to the global web. Today there are several options for getting access to the network:

Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi. Wireless Network, which can be easily connected in specially reserved places, such as houses, in the subway, in fast food networks. Unlike the 3G Internet, Wi-Fi provides a much greater data transfer rate, and the connection is free.

In order to connect your own smartphone to such a network, the owner will not need any special programs or utilities, as the procedure is quite simple and takes a minimum of time. First you need to open the main menu on the iPhone. Next, in the list of all applications, find the “Settings” parameter and go there.

A new window will appear, where there will be a list of available Wi-Fi connections. If not, then the user needs to switch the slider into the position. It remains only to choose the type of Wi-Fi to which you need to access. It is possible if the network is blocked, you will have to enter a password.

If all data is entered correctly, the smartphone can be connected to the network and use it.

Mobile Internet connection

Connect to the network phone through mobile operator (mobile Internet). the most popular service. The fact is that the owner of the smartphone with this service can be connected everywhere. Perhaps this is the only substantive advantage of such an Internet. In this case, the prerequisite is the availability of traffic from the user and the means on the iPhone, however, this method provides the ability to receive data everywhere.

In most cases, the owner of the device receives all settings automatically when the first connection is connected, but it happens that this does not happen and everything has to be done manually. For manual adjustment of such a type of access to iPhone, you must open the “Settings” menu and go to the “Mobile Network” section. To begin with, you need to find a service provider. This is done in the menu “Communication Operators”. Using the “Search” button, a list of all available connections will appear. Select it follows from the communication operator and the type of connection you want to get (2G, 3G).

It happens that this option does not help. In this case, a complete manual setting will be required. On the smartphone in the Mobile Network menu, you must select the “Access Point” parameter and create a new one. Here you will need to enter the following data:

  • Connection Name. You can specify any.
  • APN. for each operator different (specified in the format. Internet.Beeline.RU).
  • Username. Complies with the name of the operator (Beeline).
  • Password. also corresponds to the name of the operator.

All data for manual configuration can be found on the official service provider website. If the entered data on the smartphone is correct, then you should go directly to connecting. To do this, it is enough to spend your finger across the screen from top to bottom, and in the menu click on the “Mobile data” button.

Compound through computer

In the event that there is no Wi-Fi network nearby, and 3G on the iPhone is not capable of performing the necessary tasks, a personal computer with the Internet can come to the aid of the user. This will also need a USB cable by which two devices will be connected.

To begin with, you need to open connection settings on the computer and go to the “Advanced” tab. Here the user needs to make only one action. put a tick on the point “Allow other network users to use the connection”. This is necessary in order for the Internet used by the computer, can be transmitted and used by other devices in the same network. After that you need to download and install a special utility. USBTUnnel on smartphone and AnroidTool on a computer.

Telephone in debug mode is connected to a computer via a USB cable. Upon completion of this operation, you need to run the Androidtool program and update the list of devices using the Refresh Devices button. In the SELECT DOMAIN NAME list, you can specify any name, and transfer information to a mobile device using “Show Android”. The program can clarify whether the user has the necessary rights to give a positive answer.

Next, when the smartphone and PC are synchronized, it will only be left to the “Connect” button and proceed to the use of global web.

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Summing up, one can say one thing. the way to connect to the Internet on the iPhone can be absolutely any. Each of the options, naturally, best suits some specific circumstances, but at the same time it can be said that no one in our time will definitely remain without the Internet on the smartphone.

Ways of distribution

Almost everyone knows that wireless Internet can be distributed not only with routers or modems. Today, these functions can be performed by smartphones, tablets or laptops having Wi-Fi modules. For them, this task is secondary, as they are aimed at receiving signals.

Important! You can create an access point in a stationary PC, but for this you need to purchase a special adapter connected via USB or PCI inteeis.

Before you start giving some instructions on setting up, you need to understand which methods of wireless distribution have. The main are:

  • Software from third-party developers. As a rule, it is necessary for devices released on old platforms and OS. There are no programs for organizing distribution of the Internet in their standard set, so third-party solutions are needed;
  • Software from the developers of the OS. Almost all modern devices include special utilities in their standard set, allow you to organize wireless data transmission and create access point. Device on Android or iOS create access points in the standard device settings;

We connect the Internet on Android. Tablet via USB. Cable

If suddenly it happened that the smartphone without Wi-Fi module, you can always connect the Internet on Android from a computer via USB.

First you have to install a special program on the phone. for example, Reverse Tether. Already after that it will be possible to connect to the network via PC. After installing the wire on the device, we lower the curtain (spend on the screen from top to bottom and fall in the quick access menu). In the window that opens, select the “Internet Connection” item, subparagraph “Connection via USB”.

Instead, only the inscription “Connection” can be confirmed.

Now on the computer you need to enter the control panel and select “Network and Shared Access Center”, where to change the adapter parameters.

Photos about: Network and Shared Access Control Center

To do this, select the name of the network, click on it right-click and in the “Properties” remove the checkboxes from the first line on the “Access” tab, confirm. Then we go into the properties again, in the same tab we set the first tick and select “Connecting on a local network” or simply put a tick opposite this item. Reaffirm again.

After a couple of minutes, the phone will connect. If an error occurs, the actions algorithm must be repeated.

Important! It is best to disable Windows Firewall, restart the phone before connecting, allow ROOT rights when requesting from the phone.

Sometimes it may be necessary to install drivers for your smartphone model on a computer.

Internet on Android phone through

Instructions, how to connect the Internet on Android on the phone or tablet differ only on the location of the settings and (sometimes) their name, and the algorithm is completely the same.

The easiest way to access Internet via Wi-Fi wireless connections.

First you need to turn on the wireless network module on the phone. it is usually in the quick access widget or “hiding” behind the curtain. it is enough to spend on the screen from top to bottom to detect it.

Wi-Fi module icon looks like three or four curved strips. To turn it on, you need to pull over the slider to change the inscription on ON or simply touch the module icons. it will be highlighted, it means that the module is on.

Important! Even if all further instructions are executed, but the Wi-Fi module is not turned on, the Internet connection will be unavailable!

After turning on the module, the phone should search all available networks. They can be viewed through the settings. for this it is enough to touch the Wi-Fi’s inscription itself in the settings and the phone will show a list of available connections, and they are protected by a password or not.

Select Network. If it is free (not protected by password), the smartphone will connect automatically. If the protection is there, the password entry window will appear.

After it is inscribed, you need to click the “Connect” button and the connection will be executed.

Important! The password includes the letters of the Latin alphabet in different register (large and small), numbers, sometimes punctuation signs. Need to be attentive to not be mistaken.

If all the steps are made and the password is entered correctly, the phone will connect to the Wi-Fi access daughter and it will be possible to start working on the Internet.

Communication operator

Connection through wireless networks operator communication occurs somewhat more complicated due to the fact that you need to prescribe access points, different for each operator. If the user is experiencing configuration, you can always contact the operator for help.

In general, when you first turn on the smartphone with a new SIM card inside, the network must automatically arrive, after which the Internet connection occurs after 4 (LTE), 2 or 3G.

Important! If the SIM card is new and just purchased, an employee of the communication salon should activate it, without this it is impossible to make calls, nor enter the Internet.

Connect the Internet on Android through 3G is simple enough (all other networks are connected exactly).

This can be done without Wi-Fi, at any time and any place:

  • go to the settings of the smartphone;
  • Next. section “Wireless networks”;
  • Subsection “Mobile Communication”;
  • In the “Communication Operators”, include “choose automatically” or from the list.

Important! If there are no customs or settings among the submitted operators (changed), they can always be found on the official website of the operator or receive by calling or sending a short SMS message with the appropriate command to the technical support service.

If you could not automatically set the settings, you must go to setting the mobile networks to the “Access Point” or “APN”.

We select the “New Access Point” string and enter the data corresponding to your operator:

To connect to the MTS SIM card, you need to enter the following data:


If your tele2 operator, some rows in the setting are not filled.

It remains only to confirm and select this access point for connecting.


Beeline transmits all settings automatically always and manual input will be required only if the settings were shot down.

It remains only to confirm and select this access point for connecting. Sometimes it is necessary to additionally enable CHAP authorization, for this in the mobile network settings we go to APN, “Beeline Internet” and turn on authentication.


MegaFon subscribers most often have to be connected manually.

It remains only to confirm and select this access point for connecting.

Ukrainian operator Life requires to connect the following information:

It remains only to confirm and select this access point for connecting.