How to set up the Internet distribution through a Wi-Fi laptop

Distribute the Internet through Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi router. This is familiar to almost everyone and everyone is used to it, but there are times when there is no Wi-Fi router, there is only a provider’s cable or a 3G modem connected to a computer/ laptop and other devices requiring the Internet (computer/ laptop tablet, smartphone). The question arises: how to distribute the Internet for all devices (computer/ laptop tablet, smartphone) by Wi-Fi? And is it possible to do it at all? POSSIBLY. This is what will be discussed in this article.

Before starting to set up the Internet distribution from a laptop/ computer, you need to make sure that Wi-Fi adapter is turned on. On most laptops, the WLAN-adapter activity indicator is present on the case, otherwise the adapter should be turned on in the network control center and total access.

Wi-Fi distribution from a computer under Windows

What you need before setting up access point:

    Your computer/laptop (from which the Internet will be distributed) must be connected to the Internet! For example, using a USB modem (3G, 4G), along the dedicated line (LAN cable), etc. (approx. : just many users admit this “oversight” with this. And they are perplexed later: “Why is the Internet not distributed?!”);

If nothing works after all the operations, then make sure that you have the latest drivers on the network adapter. Without an Internet connection, you can do this with the help of utilities that work in offline mode and specialize in network equipment. One of these programs is 3DP NET. Download it on the official website, throw it on the USB flash drive and run it on any device. Soft will automatically select the necessary drivers from the database.

To enable Wi-Fi distribution in Windows 10, the developers added a separate function-“Mobile hotspot”. In order to activate it, open the “Start” menu “Parameters” and click on the “Network and the Internet” icon.

A window with the parameters associated with the network will open. Here in the left menu, find the “Mobile point of the hotspot” and click on it. Now, in the right field you will see the current parameters of your future wireless network, its name and network password. Ask the names and network key to you.

If you do not want someone to have the opportunity to turn on Wi-Fi remotely on Blutooth, then turn off this function in this window.

Now you can activate the wireless network. To do this, click on the switches at the top of the settings window. So that the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network gain access to the Internet, it will be necessary to give access for the newly created network, as we indicated above, going into the menu “Adapter settings” (at the top right in the same window) and configure access in the cable properties Connections.

In this case, this is a network with number 13. So that the devices can connect, reboot PC.

We create an access point: three best ways

Distribution through the existing Internet connection

Distribute Wi-Fi through the existing Internet connection by the operating systems of Windows 7 and 8.

In order to make an Internet distribution, you need to follow these points:

  • Start.
  • Control Panel.
  • Network and Internet.
  • Networks control center and total access.
  • Change adapter settings.
  • Wireless network connection 2. Rename it at will. As you wish.
  • Find our own active connection. It is mainly called the connection on the local network. Virtual wi-fi may also be called.
  • In the properties of active connection, you should find the “Access” tab and cross it. In this tab we put boxes, that is, we agree with all points. Namely:
  • We allow other users to use this network;
  • We allow other users to control the connection to the selected network.
  • From the list, select your active connection. That is: connection on a local network (or the name in which you renamed the connection).
  • Press the OK button and restart the computer.
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If you want a smartphone, tablet or laptop to use this access point, you should only start the Wi-Fi distribution program. And on the devices that will be connected, you need to enter access passwords to the network.

A way to configure Wi-Fi distribution using a command line

The above methods work little if it is necessary to distribute Wi-Fi from the computer on which Windows 10 is installed.

What does the command line look like on the laptop screen

Stages of distribution of wireless networks using a command line:

  • Check the possibility of distribution. It is necessary to run the command line on behalf of the administrator and enter the Netsh Wlan Show Drivers command in it.
  • Read the item “Support for the location” (if the settings in English, then Hosted Network will be written). The word “yes” should be indicated there.
  • The next point on the command line we write: Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode = Allow Ssid = Remontka Key = Secretpassword. At the same time, the team has such instructions as “Remontka”. This is the name of the wireless network (you can write your own, spaces are not used). Secretpassword is a secret password for Wi-Fi. You choose it yourself.
  • After all the data is entered, enter the command: Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork.
  • With the right button, make a click on the menu on the Start desktop and select “Network connections” there.
  • In this list, select the Internet connection that is now used. Clicking the right mouse button open the “Access” tab. Allow access to other users.

We set up the capabilities of the network through the command line

How to connect your Laptop to Wifi

In the end, a notice will appear on the screen that the wireless network has been launched. If no errors and failures have occurred, then you can connect phones, tablets and laptops to this network. They will now have Internet access.

Fix WiFi Not Showing in Settings On Windows 10 | Fix Missing WiFi

Access point with Windows 7: network “Computer-computer”

In order to organize a wireless connection on Windows 7, you need to create a computer computer-computer network. In the lower right corner of the screen (where the clock, date, fast starting icons are located. This is called. tray) find “Internet connection”. Click on it, and then select the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”.

A window will appear. In it you need to select the item “Setting up a new connection”. And click “Setting up the Wireless Network” Computer Computer “and” Next “.

Going to the “Networks and total access control center” in the section “Changing additional general access parameters” set the flag on “turn on” on all points. Do not forget to put a check box at the moment: “Remember the network settings”. Click the “Next” button.

After the system sets the distribution of the Internet via Wi-Fi, in the window that appears, it will be necessary to click “Turn on the overall access to the Internet connection”.

The setting was successful if after that the computer can freely distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi

How to enable Wi-Fi distribution by Windows

You can give out wireless Internet from a laptop using Windows. This does not require any programs and applications. In the “Networks Management Center” using the “Master of the installation of a new connection”, a wireless network computer is created. Following the prompts, the main parameters of the network are introduced:

  • name, only Latin and numbers are allowed to use;
  • Type is preferable to use WPA2-Personal;
  • A rather complicated password consisting of at least eight signs.

To operate the network, you need to provide it with general access and configure its parameters at the control center. For this purpose, network detection and overall access to files and printers is turned on.

Windows products are suitable for Wi-Fi distribution

internet, distribution, wi-fi, laptop

How to give the Internet with Windows 10

If you use Windows 10 with an anniversary update (Update Anniversary) V1607, then you are lucky. With this update, Windows now has a simple way to be used to distribute the Internet with Windows 10 and turn any PC with Wi-Fi into an access point. And it does not matter whether the connection to the Internet that you want to share, wired or wireless.

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Run the parameters in any way convenient for you: by clicking I on the keyboard, through the Start menu by pressing the icon on the main page of the settings, click the network and the Internet button.

internet, distribution, wi-fi, laptop

Next, with the editing of the side, go to the Mobile Hotspot section and allow the use of the Internet connection there by turning on the switch.

Further, if you want, you can set your own network name and password. To do this, click on the button to change.

In the window of changing the information about the network, set the name of the network and enter your password consisting of at least 8 characters.

That’s all that needs to be done in Windows 10 to distribute the Internet from a computer via Wi-Fi. This is one of the best features of the anniversary update of Windows 10.

How to enable the wireless access point in Windows 10 settings

To configure the wireless access point in Windows 10, you can do without special programs and entering commands into the console. It is enough to make a couple of clicks in the “Parameters”.

  • Under the data data, click on “Change”.
  • In the form opened, set the name of the network and password. their users will be entered to connect. Save them.

Ready. By the name of the network and password, you can connect up to eight devices to hot. And you can disable the distribution of the Internet in the same place where wirelessly is disconnected. in the “network” window on the taskbar panel.

And little life hack: so that the hot spot does not work idle, you can run it remotely from another device. The function is activated in the same access point settings and works if you turn on Bluetooth on both devices and connect them to each other.

What to do if mobile hot spot on Windows 10 does not turn on

And here the most interesting part begins. Setting the wireless access point in parameters is very simple in theory, but in practice to many users the system gives one of the mistakes.

The author, for example, turned out “it is not possible to configure a mobile hot spot. Turn on wi-fi “. Judging by the requests in Google and the topics on the forums, this problem is often found and its reason may lie in the Wi-Fi Adapter driver.

There are several options for solving the problem.

  • Reset the settings: “Network and Internet” → “Status” → “Network”.
  • Delete a Wi-Fi drive and download the new on the manufacturer’s website. If the manufacturer has not released drivers for Windows 10 (as in the case of the author’s five.year laptop), you can download the driver for Windows 8.
  • See if there is a Microsoft virtual adapter in the “Device Manager” list, and turn it on.
  • Spit all this and configure hot spot on the command line.

How to distribute the Internet from one computer to another on a local network without a router

The router is not always at hand, but if we are talking about a laptop, then in the latest models an adapter is already built in, which allows you to distribute Wi-Fi. If the computers are united by a common local network, then the process of distribution of the Internet is simplified several times.

On Windows 7

  • Open the application “Perform”.
  • In this application, find the “network connection” folder. To do this, force the computer to execute the NCPA command.CPL “.
  • Using the right mouse button, call the context menu in the network connection.
  • In the menu you need to select the section “Properties”.
  • In this section “Properties”, select the values ​​for the mask., gateway., IP address- and DNS.

After pressing the OK button, check for access. On the second computer, install the same parameters, except that in the line of the IP address you need to indicate 1 unit more than on the main computer. For example, if the first device costs, then on the second should be Access to the network is set after rebooting all computers connected by it.

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When setting up a new local network, in the section “Change general access parameters for various network profiles” it is necessary to put checks next to the lines starting from the words “turn on”. Other users should also have access to the network, it is connected manually by installing a checkmark next to the desired line. If this is not done, then even when performing all the designated steps, the Internet will not appear on the second computer.

internet, distribution, wi-fi, laptop

Important! The main computer replaces the router. When it is turned off or off the network cable, the connection and accordingly of the Internet distribution are interrupted.

Setting the receiving and transmitting device on Windows 7

On Windows 8

You must first connect the Internet to the main computer. For this, a special wire is used, one end of which must be connected to the router, and the second with a PC or USB modem. You should check if the necessary driver is installed. To do this, you need to open in series:

The last section should contain a mark next to the “Wireless Connection” count. If it is, drivers are installed. Further:

  • Click the Winx simultaneously.
  • Select “Command Stand (Administrator)”.
  • Enter the command “Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode = Allow SSID = F1comp Key = 12345678” (the numbers are a password from the network, they can be any of the letters located in front of them. it is also selected at the request of the user).
  • Click on the Enter keyboard.
  • After the information on the fact that the changes have occurred, enter the Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork command.
  • Press Enter again.
  • Close the window.

The access point has been created, it remains to allow another computer to use the Internet and a common network. To obtain permission, you should:

The computer is ready for Internet distribution. Now other devices can use it.

note! To restore the wireless network after rebooting, it is enough to enter the Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork command.

The window where you need to work when setting up

On Windows 10

  • Click the right button to the folder that is not yet publicly available;
  • Click alternately “properties”. “access”. “expanded setting”.
  • Put a checkmark next to the line on the opening of the general access.
  • Click “OK”.

The total access on the Internet is tuned to the Internet. On the second device:

  • Open “Network”.
  • Find the name of the network that coincides with the one already included on the first computer.
  • Find the desired folder.
  • In the section “Network and the Internet”, it is necessary to set the flag next to the inscription “Turn on network detection”
  • Agree with changes and open overall access for users. If this is not done, the general network connects the device, but using the Internet on the second device will not work.

You can also use the proxy programs, for example, Analogx Proxy Server. They work on any versions of the OS.

Mobile hot spot in Windows 10

Previous versions of Windows

But how to distribute the Internet from a laptop if Windows 7 is installed on it, which does not provide convenient staffing funds to organize an access point? A little more complicated, but there are at least two ways to solve the problem:

  • The fastest and most convenient option will be to use specialized programs. There are a considerable number of them, both paid and free: Mhotspot, Virtual Router, Connectify and others;
  • Through the command line using the command of the Wi-Fi virtual network. This method is more complicated, but the implementation of general access through it is somewhat more stable. over, it is not necessary to use applications, which, often, is a decisive factor.

So, the question “how to distribute the Internet through a laptop” is no longer worth it. as you can see, it is not at all difficult to do it at all. Recall that these instructions are applicable to a personal computer, managed by the appropriate OS.

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