Setting up satellite antenna: briefing on setting up a plate on a satellite with your own hands

Satellite television provides a potential user a few great opportunities in terms of visual entertainment than a standard type TV. True, modern technologies are already bringing society to completely abandon any antennas and use exclusively small modular consoles.

But while satellite television reception remains in demand. And therefore remains relevant and configuring satellite antenna in an independent organization of TV reception. We will analyze this moment more details.

In the article, we examined in detail the question of choosing a place to install the “plates”, its installation technology, and also disassembled a phased antenna setting for satellite broadcasting.

Types of television signals

Analog TV is quite old and rarely used. Its essence is as follows: The signal is transmitted from the television station to the antenna, which broadcasts the picture and sound on the TV.

Advantages disadvantages
Any TV can take analog broadcasting Low image quality
An image and sound is even with a weak signal A little canals
Large reception radius Frequent interference

Digital television is transmitted and television or radio center to the antennas and receivers. It is almost no different from the analog. Digital broadcasting can be transmitted via cable or satellite, in which case more channels are broadcast.

Advantages disadvantages
High quality image and sound Expensive (450 against 370 competitors)
telepremium. This is due to binary coding, when several TV channels are broadcast on one frequency If the station is far away, then the picture on TV can distort or disappear
Noise resistance, T.E. The signal comes to the TV in the same quality as sent All TVs can receive digital broadcasting, so you need to change TV or purchase a special console

In analog TV, when interference, the picture is superimposed on the sound.

In addition, there are different types of airborne broadcasting: cable, satellite, essential television and Internet.

Cable. signal to TV is transmitted via cable. This uses a special coaxial wire for which broadcasting is carried out on TV.

When connecting cable TV and Internet, two different cables are used.

Cable television can be analog and digital. The latter view is used more often due to high quality image and large number of channels.

Digital TV is better for the provider, When non-payment services subscribers can not watch TV. What you can not say about analog.

For digital cable TV, a special console or TV with support for this type of broadcast is used. The disadvantage of this type of broadcast is the insufficient prevalence, which makes it impossible to connect it in the villages and villages.

Internet broadcasting is also available only in the city. In this case, the connection of the home Internet is required from the operator through the router. In this case, the subscriber receives high-quality broadcasting, a large number of different TV channels and the ability to choose a suitable tariff plan.

Satellite broadcasting is carried out by receiving the signal to the “plate” from the satellite, and it transmits it to a TV or console. So that the image and sound are high quality, it is necessary to correctly install the antenna and pick it up.

  • Many TV channels.
  • The ability to install an antenna far from the city, broadcasting through satellite.
  • You can configure paid channels, as well as additional free.
  • Large equipment and installation costs.
  • Permanent service required.
  • The signal may be distorted due to bad weather conditions.

Another type of television broadcasting is interactive. Today it is often used. In essence, this is an additional service provider, t.E. Access to the catalog with films, serials, etc. The main difference is that it is possible to put broadcasting by pause, turn back or record.

How to set up cable, digital and satellite channels on LG TV

Digital and cable channels. What you need to know?

The digital signal allows you to watch channels using a conventional antenna, but requires tuner. The cable signal connects to the TV on the cable from the provider.

  • Setting the cable and digital channel similar. To configure the channels, you will need a signal cable and a remote control.
  • Click on the Settings key to enter the settings menu. Go to the “Channels” section, click “OK”, then “Autopoysk” and again “OK”.
  • In the “Auto-search” menu, when selecting the input source, mark the antenna and cable TV items.
  • Select your operator from the list or click “Other Operators”. In the window that opens, enter the data you can find on your service provider website. Click “Next”. If there are difficulties with filling, seek advice on technical support provider.
  • Now you need to select the search parameters. Mark the types of channels you want to watch. In most cases, it is necessary to note “only digital”. Click “Run”. Exact requirements can be found on the site of your operator.
  • Search takes a few minutes. When it is over, click “Finish”. TV setup is over. Happy viewing!

Satellite Channels. What you need to know?

Satellite signal is fed through a satellite antenna. You need to know the introductory data on the operator and the satellite plate to set up the channels on the TV.

To customize satellite TV, follow 1 and 2 item above. Next, in the “Auto-search” menu, when selecting the input source, check the checkbox only the item “Satellite“. In the window that opens, enter the data that the operator provided to you when connected.

WebOS programs allow you to expand television functionality. You can also watch Youtube videos and use IPTV.

How long does the satellite antenna configure

Installation time and equipment settings depends on the termination of the installer itself. So, the newcomer can take at least 3 hours. If professionals are taken for business, then the whole process takes no more than an hour, provided that the place for installation is available for work.

How long to configure an antenna yourself

Most of the difficulties in people who took place for installation and tuning Telekarti with their own forces causes the choice and correct positioning of the kit. For most areas suitable plate with a diameter of 0.6 m. If the reception is weak, it is better to buy a larger receiver. 0.9 m.

If the neighbors already have a tuned antenna of Telekart, then the case is greatly simplified. only you only need to repeat the position of the receiver. You can also request the desired coordinates of the provider from the provider, but then at least Compass will be needed when configured.

If the degree of reception is sufficient, it remains only to configure the channels on the TV. But before this it is necessary to reset the receiving-receiver. The whole procedure will take no more than an hour.

When it is still to contact a customization specialist

But no matter how much the desire to cope with the connection of satellite TV without assistance, sometimes without a specialist can not do. Especially when it comes to installing the receiver in a house located on distance from the settlement or in complex geographic location.

Often, the problem itself causes the tuning of Telekarta, or rather the TV channels. Sometimes the desired satellite is not highlighted in the list and you have to enter data in manual mode.

How to connect to lg tv

Today, many TV manufacturers produce models with built-in satellite receiver. These include popular brands like SAMSUNG and LG. It is convenient. there is no need to purchase the console additionally, the built-in equipment itself decrypts the channels and enters them into the memory TV.

For decoding, a module is needed, where the access card is inserted. The module, in turn, is attached to a special connector located next to the standard antenna entrance. The connector is easy to distinguish with a threaded connection.

How to set up satellite channels on LG TV

When buying a new LG TV, the owner must produce its initial setup, as well as program channels. Modern models of LG TVs have standard TV channel settings; Minor differences may be in the name of the parameters depending on the TV model.

What channels are in LG Smart TV TVs

It is important to connect the television channels on the LG TV in accordance with all broadcast standards.

The ways of delivery of the TV signal to your TV are distinguished:

Channel transmission over the cable is carried out using the module itself, the TV must be with support for the DVB-C standard. To receive IPTV Internet television, you need a TV prefix provider. In addition, if the Internet will disappear, then the television signal is also. Satellite television gives a digital encoded signal that runs from the satellite to the receiving antenna (plate), the TV is supported by DVB-T2 format, as all current LG TV models. In this case, the user has access to a huge number of TV channels.

All modern LG TV models support the SMART TV option, which means that such a TV is capable of connecting to the Internet to gain access to large volumes of different content. To configure the channels in Smart TV on LG, you need to have an account and Internet access.

The “smart” TV TV from LG has a number of weighty differences from competitors:

  • a large number of Russified applications;
  • Comfortable and understandable navigation with remote control;
  • Clear synchronization with all devices by Smart Share.

Thanks to the LG Smart TV capabilities, you can access any information on the Internet, communicate on social networks, view movies and serials at your request, as well as enjoy other services at any time. DLNA technology gives access to content from other your devices (laptop, smartphone and so on).

How to connect satellite television in LG TVs

Despite the development of digital broadcasting and IPTV, many are still preferred to watch satellite television. How to configure them?

LG TV settings can be made automatically. Almost all models have the function of the auto-service available TV channels. Search on LG TVs is simply carried out, you only need to specify the necessary parameters and confirm the start of the search process, and the channel found will be saved in the TV.

Setting up satellite channels on LG TV: Step by step instructions

Before setting, it is important to indicate the initial parameters. the country (Russia, Germany or Switzerland), language, date and time. To install free satellite channels, you need to make the following actions:

satellite, setting, samsung, television, example

  • Make sure the antenna cable is inserted into TV or console.
  • Click the button with an asterisk “Settings” on the remote control.
  • Go to the “Channels” section.
  • In the “Channel Search” window that opens, select “Receive Mode”. “Satellite”.
  • Next, select the “Satellite Settings” tab and specify the parameters according to your satellite antenna and port, where the cable is placed on the rear panel of the TV (frequency usually 9750/10600; Item “LNB” must be active).
  • Press the “Finish” button.
  • Having finished with the settings, return to the channel search section and click “Automatic Search”. Customize the search can also be manual if necessary.

After completing the search, the corresponding window will appear with the message. The operating system of the TV will automatically assign television channels sequence numbers that can be changed by desire. Paid Channels will be available only to CI Cardholders.

Problems that may occur when setting up satellite channels on LG TV

Often, users of LG TVs may experience problems when setting up satellite channels. Consider the main ones:

It is necessary to make sure that the equipment is connected correctly, check the cables and inputs to integrity, and is also true an antenna is located. It is possible to change the country in the settings, or, as an option, carry out manual channel search.

Check the correctness of the installation and connecting the digital console, as well as the cable input. If everything is in order with the equipment, contact the operator and check about problems.

How to set up a TV without a remote / TV console

Broke or lost the remote? No problem. You can configure the TV and using the mechanical control buttons located on the front panel of the device. Each model provides its own algorithm of actions described in the instructions for technology.

We recommend when setting up TV without the remote control the following nuances:

  • The MENU button is not on all models, so the volume keys are used to go to the settings;
  • The selected action is confirmed by the Menu or OK buttons.

Features of searching and setting up channels without remote control

Do not panic and get upset if the remote control from the TV is lost or stopped working. You can cope with the situation and configure the technique using the control buttons whose functions are described in detail in the instructions for the technique.

When performing the tv setup without a remote control, the following nuances should be taken into account:

  • MENU key is far from all devices. Sometimes in order to get into the settings, you must simultaneously click on the buttons controlling the volume;
  • To confirm the steps, you can use the “OK”, “MENU” or “VOL” buttons;
  • On the Sony brand TVs, run automatic search and setting up channels can be prolonged by pressing the “MENU” button;
  • Philips brand TVs can not be configured without remote control.

In recent years, Russians have almost completely abandoned ordinary antennas, preferred more modern and high-tech receiver. Special digital accrehensions that receive a signal from a satellite or via the Internet. Such devices are working by analogy with smartphones or tablets: they have an operating shell (Android) installed, in which the setup and channels with channels were carried out using mobile applications. Download the required software Users can be in the PlayMarket Store.

What problems may arise

In some cases, the independent connection of satellite antennas ends with a call to the wizard, because users have serious problems with installing and setting up a plate and related equipment. If the subscriber has never come across such tasks, you should know what errors may arise. In the future, these knowledge will help you avoid troubleshooting.

So, what problems most often occur when installing and configuring antennas:

  • Subscriber used passage outlets. Do this in no case cannot be configured to configure satellite TV. Otherwise there may be a gap signal.
  • Experts are not recommended for satellite TV use splitters.
  • Many connections. The more connections, the worse there will be quality. Make sure that there are no compounds in areas with high humidity.
  • Do not use cheap cable and conduction products. Chinese wires of dubious production will not last long and will not provide reliable equipment connection. Choose a high-quality coaxial cable in the network equipment store.
  • The user picked up the antenna is not the diameter. If the diameter of the plate is chosen incorrectly, this will lead to the fact that the quality of the image and sound accompaniment will become quite low. In particular it will be noticeable in bad weather. The problem is eliminated by purchasing other equipment.
  • Error. no signal. With this problem, each user of satellite television periodically faces. Usually the essence of the problem is that the receiver is not connected to the TV.
  • It is impossible to watch encrypted TV channels. The problem is solved by purchasing a special SMART card, which is access to such channels.

satellite, setting, samsung, television, example

Independently install satellite equipment easy. The main thing is to take into account the nuances and act in stages.

Setting up satellite television, why is it so difficult?

About this and story, specifically, satellite TV and satellite equipment and most importantly, it is advisable to know before your trip to the store.

And all because to avoid unnecessary costs for not necessary or unsuitable equipment.

I will start with the fact that the satellite antenna (plate) is approximately installed south and not as north.

It must be considered before going to the store.

Because confusion may happen, your apartment balcony has no exit to the south. It is also necessary to take into account the possible obstacles before the antenna.

They should not beat. The angle of elevation of the main satellites, approximately 20-30 degrees above the horizon level. You can install the satellite system hard, only one satellite with a multifide.

This is a device that allows you to secure several converters on one plate. So you can build a satellite system. Able to take a few satellites per one antenna.

I note without reconfiguration antenna!

The advantages of such an installation is that it is relatively cheap and more reliable. He himself was convinced when he refused motor-suspension.

The system is spinning for quite a long time and if you need to go from ViaSat, it turns out to be waiting for an antenna to turn.

But there is an advantage.

You can adjust the antenna, although only horizontally.

Now, I use stationary satellite antennas. It is usually made of galvanized sheet steel. It is covered with powder spraying with subsequent melting. (chromatation, polyester).

On this antenna, you can organize a simultaneous reception of Viasat, HotBird, Astra, NTV-Plus / Tricolor and T.D. Very convenient in conditions when several plates put there is no place. But I would like to look like a big set of satellites.

If you plan on one antenna to receive a signal immediately with several satellites. Then you have to use several converters (heads). To connect to one receiver (there is one cable) you will need a special device. Diseqc.

Dysik or Simply put, switch, is engaged in what allows the receiver to switch between heads. While depending on which channel included the user setting, I do not say, the correct connection, read here.

satellite, setting, samsung, television, example

Setting up satellite television, when choosing a satellite antenna.

Undoubtedly, the main parameter is its diameter. From its size depends on which satellites you can take in your area.

To receive NTV channels plus there will be enough plate with a diameter of 60 cm. To receive channels from the HOT BIRD satellite. 90 cm.

However, I note, for confident reception in bad weather, it is better to put a plate of 1.2 meters. Of course a lot, but the signal from the satellite will not be lost in rich snowfall.

Satellite antenna setting the process is not easy. Can of course call specialists and for good money they will do everything.

But, friends, a lover of satellite television should be able to do everything himself, for the sake of creative satisfaction. We look like!

The main element in the antenna system.

In my argument, the converter is.

Another name LNB (Low Noise Blockconvertor) or MRSA (a little noisy device). This is a receiving device that is attached to the focus of the signal reflected from the satellite antenna.

That is, an electromagnetic signal running from a satellite is projected on its irradiator.

On the example, a circular polarization converter with two outputs. Great for NTV-Plus Package and Tvolor TV Programs on 2 TVs. Thanks to the new architecture and high-quality components, this head provides a higher conversion gain. Tom has the lowest noise number and the best phase distortion performance.

Compared with standard converters. Inverto Black Pro provides a much better and stable me, even in a weak signal.

DVB-S2 (HDTV) compatible.

Noise coefficient: 0.3 DB Low phase noise, DVB-S2 (HDTV) Compatible High Frequency Stability Input Range: 11.7. 12.75 GHz Output Range: 950-2000 MHz Single Gomegenodine: 10750 Waterproof Housing Number of Outputs: 2

Satellite broadcasts signal at a very high frequency, approximately 10.7GHz-12.75 GHz. The converter lowers this frequency at 10GHz. If it were not, then the attenuation of the signal was already on 1m wires from the antenna.

We would not be able to transfer the signal to our receiving device, Special cable with small attenuation at frequencies to 2 GHz is required to transmit a satellite signal. about the converter here.


When installing, as well as the maintenance of satellite antennas, it is not anywhere from cables. The signal level of the signal is directly dependent on the quality of the seashed cable. The worse the cable was embedded, the stronger the signal will weaken on the transition. We read, (connector, connector) type F here.


Almost all satellites have free channels, however, there will not see anything interesting. Paid (encoded) channels, broadcast in various encodings, such as Viaccess, Irdeto, Betacrypt, Nagravision.

To see them will have to get cards. Or buy a receiver from the operator (NTV, Tricolor). However, such receivers do not shine capabilities and mainly work only on a specific operator. Example, Interactive Prefix VA 1020

For other receivers there are two options.

The most common cardscharing, I call him aunt shura. Another, this is a purchase of a module and there already insert a card from a specific operator. I note that the receiver should beat the use of the module under the Ci example, Amiko 8250 and Amiko 8260 plus