NFC in Xiaomi phone what it is and how to use it?

Good afternoon, friends. NFC in Xiaomi phone what it is? NFC can be deciphered as Near Field Communication. In other words, this function is a proximity sensor. It is used to pay for purchases using the phone. Of course, purchases are paid for with a plastic card. But, the phone replaces the card, which should be attached to the terminal. I think it is clear to you that in order to pay this way, the store should have a device that supports the technology.

In order to pay, the phone should also have an NFC sensor. This method of connection is the same for different smartphones of this company, for example: Xiaomi Mi 9T, Redmi Note 8 Pro, and others.

How to check whether there is NFC in your Xiaomi smartphone

A full-fledged NFC chip cannot be added if it’s not in the phone. It is not possible to remove it, if it is already there. Therefore, if the presence of the sensor is important to you, carefully choose a new Xiaomi smartphone.

There are several ways to check the presence of the chip on the phone.

  • You can look at the documentation of the device or technical specifications on the site of the manufacturer. If it says there is a chip, then you don’t have to worry
  • Go to Settings, go to the “connect and share” menu item. Look for the NFC section in the list. If it is not there, then the chip is not installed, and using it to pay will not work
  • You can download the Google Play app NFC Check and use it to check the presence of the sensor
  • There is usually an inscription “NFC” on the cover of the smartphone with the chip installed.

How to enable NFC on Xiaomi (Redmi) for data transfer and contactless payments

Many models of Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphones have a built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, designed for transmitting data over very short distances (up to 10 cm). Due to the fact that the distance of operation is minimal, the chip consumes very little energy to work, and its initiation takes place without electricity through a magnetic field created by the participant-queryer.

In other words, enabling NFC on Xiaomi does not reduce the battery life of the device and does not affect battery consumption.

Mainly NFC on Xiaomi is used for making contactless payments with the help of Google Pay or similar systems, for example, Mi Pay (at the moment of writing this article doesn’t work in Russia).

The site already has several articles that detail the nuances of working and setting up NFC on Xiaomi:

In order to enable NFC on your Xiaomi, just go to the “Settings” menu item, which is either on the desktop or on the lowered screen curtain, in the upper right corner as a gear icon.

In earlier versions of Xiaomi you need to find the section “Additional functions”, in recent models it is called “Connection and sharing”. Swiping all the way to the end, you’ll find the “NFC” section. By turning the switch to the active state, you can configure this function based on the manipulation you need and the data you have.

How to add a card to Xiaomi NFC

Check if your Xiaomi smartphone has an NFC module, so you can add a card to it and make purchases in stores by bringing it to the terminal.

Adding a card to Xiaomi is not difficult, but before starting the procedure, you need to do a quick preparatory work. You have to make sure the NFC settings are correct, otherwise you’ll be like me when I first encountered the technology, standing at the cash register vainly bringing your smartphone to the terminal and not understanding why the transaction is not happening.

In order for your gadget to be able to function as a bank card, it must have a firmware version of at least Android 4.4 at the latest, it must have a special enfsi module (NFS), which is a chip that stores the owner’s payment information.

When it is activated, the phone creates and broadcasts a special signal to the receiving terminal. This parameter is always specified in technical specifications of a device.

There should be a section in the instructions called “Security Item Location”. Without this module the Andriod Pay app will only be useful if you pay in online stores.

The main requirements for the correct operation of the application are:

Today there are a number of Xiaomi models which support contactless payment function. These are the Redmi Note 8 and 9 Pro lines; Redmi K30; Poco X2; Mi 10, 9, 8; CC, Mi Mix and Mi Note, as well as the Mi 6, Mi 5 and Mi 3 series of smartphones.

How to use NFC on your phone to pay

Paying for purchases with NFC

To pay for your purchase with NFC, follow these steps one after the other:

  • Wake up the smartphone from sleep mode,
  • Bring it to the terminal with the back of the card
  • Unlock it with fingerprint, graphic key or password. This is when the transaction is confirmed
  • If the amount of transaction exceeds 1,000 UAH The merchant may ask for confirmation by entering the PIN code of the card or by signing
  • They wait for a couple of seconds until the tick appears on the screen. It informs that the payment via NFC was successful. There is no need to run the installed application.

It is possible to pay with the phone in any place, where contactless payment is accepted. In this case it is not obligatory to turn on the mobile Internet. Pin the NFC-enabled icon in the notification bar, so you don’t have to look for it in the settings.

If payment failed, try to bring the smartphone to the reader by its lower or upper side. Bring it close, hold it for longer. If nothing changes, check to see if the store accepts the app you have installed.


File and data transfer with NFC

Through NFC module it is possible to transmit information as through Bluetooth. But the transmission speed here is much slower. So it is reasonable to transfer only small notes or contact cards. Android Beam technology is used here. It does not need to be installed separately, the smartphone with the NFC module is there by default. But in some models it has to be turned on manually by moving the slider.

For file transfer go to: “Settings” “Wireless Networks” “NFC”. Check the box next to “Allow sharing when paired with other devices”. Start the file that is going to be transferred, put the smartphones with their backs to each other. Wait until a window appears on the screen inviting you to send the file. Confirm the operation. In the same way it is possible to transfer the contact list during phone changing.

NFC tags

To program a tag, you also need to install an app. You can find it in Google Play or App Store.

Tags come in different sizes and types. They are inexpensive and can be installed in any convenient place. Then program it by making it do one of the tasks:

  • Have mobile Internet access over Wi-Fi on your PC by sticking a tag on it. To connect to the Internet, you just need to bring your smartphone to it
  • By sticking a tag on the back of the bed one can set a function to turn the silent mode on or off
  • In a car, you can activate GPS, map launcher, or player by bringing your phone to the tag Use it as a pass

To use it as a pass or a badge, one ties real documents to the smartphone. After that, you bring your smartphone to the terminal and pay the fare.

Replacing a key or badge

In RusGuard access control system you can use your smartphone as a pass. To do this, using the RusGuard Key application. installs it and opens. Adding a new card. Select key type. The smartphone generates it itself. The user copies it to the clipboard with a special button and sends it to the ACS administrator. It adds this key to the employee’s card.

NFC and wireless payments via Google Pay do not work on Xiaomi (Redmi): how to fix and set up

NFC module users of Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphones use for contactless payments through bank terminals. Most of the problems with NFC are related to the fact that it is impossible to make a purchase, while the person is at the cash desk, most likely there is a queue behind him, he is worried and does not know how to fix it and why NFC has stopped working.

I will save you from this stress and show you the correct settings of NFC on Xiaomi, which allows using the service Google Pay to pay for goods in a second.

Make sure that you have entered the data of a valid bank card in the settings of Google Pay.

How to Activate NFC on Xiaomi Phone

The instruction for setting up NFC is made on the phone Xiaomi Mi 9 SE with the firmware MIUI 11, if your smartphone is installed MIUI 10 steps will change slightly, but in principle everything will be the same, follow the same steps and with you Google Pay will work.

Go into general settings and look for “Connectivity and sharing”. Find the item “NFC” and activate it to make the module work. Now enter the “Security Item Location” menu.

You will see two options: “HCE Wallet” and “SIM Wallet”. Usually they recommend choosing HCE, and indeed this option worked for me on my Mi 5 phone, but on the Mi 9, SIM mode is selected and Google Pay payments go fine.

Now enter the “Contactless payment” setting. Make sure Google Pay is selected in the “Pay by default” menu. In the item “Use the application by default” set to “Always. Next, we need to configure the program for payment, to do this in the general menu, select “Applications”. Then click on “All apps”. In the search bar, type “Pay” and as a result select the program from Google. Go to “Other permissions” menu. Make sure that the item “NFC” has the value “Enable. For reassurance choose the item “activity control”, it is not obligatory, but if the payment does not pass, it is worth checking it too. Select “No Restrictions”. After the manipulation, restart Xiaomi and try to make a purchase, now NFC works.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a special technology that is designed for the fastest possible transfer of materials, as well as instant payment. This is a special technology of contactless communication, which is designed for rapid exchange of information between devices no more than 10 cm from each other. It is relatively new, but is gaining popularity. often than not, users are attracted to the second feature because it is easy to replace all physical cards with this one.

Xiaomi implements this chip not on all devices. Mainly it is a premium-class devices.

In order to use NFC technology on Xiaomi to pay:

  • Install the special application Google Pay on the device.
  • In the program enter all your cards.
  • Activate the NFC function in the settings.
  • To confirm identity, bring your gadget to the terminal. It is possible to use Face ID or a fingerprint.
  • Then make a purchase.

For your information!

The payment systems can be used in different ways, in Russian smartphones it is Google Pay, in Chinese. Mi Pay.