How to set up navigator on your mobile phone: step by step instructions

A person who has not previously used navigators may seem that both the technology of navigation and this device itself is quite complex during operation. In practice, it turns out that even the question of how to use the navigator remains relevant, the solution is quite affordable for understanding even inexperienced user.

Installing and configuring together with the subsequent use of the device refers to the number of fairly simple cases. In addition, the set of each navigator includes instructions, explaining all the necessary moments in detail.

What is GPS simple words

GPS is a global positioning system that is a satellite navigation system. Thanks to her, you can measure the distance, calculate the time, determine the location with any weather and location at any point of the Earth.

GPS Navigator takes data from satellites at near-earth orbit. Using this function is absolutely free and running instantly. The speed of work depends on the mobile device and modes. On the same iPhones and top android radar turns on lightning.

How to turn it on

Geolocation on the Android phone turns on through the quick access panel, which falls down when holding a finger on the screen from top to bottom. In this menu you need to activate the function using click.

Another method. go to the settings and find the location item or Geolocation, activate the option using the slider. In the Android phone settings menu, you can also go to the “Google” item and find the location item, then activate geolocation.

For a more accurate definition below, tick the item “For all sources”.

Stage 2: Using the Navigator

Now let’s turn directly to use the main functionality of the Yandex Navigator application:

  • To build a route, use the “Search” button at the bottom. Also, the route can be asked by voice commands. To do this, use the microphone icon or the universal command: “Listen, Yandex”.
  • In a new window, you can choose a category of places that plan to visit or use search for your travel history. You can also simply enter the desired address in the upper line or enter it using the voice command “Listen, Yandex, how to get to (address / name)”.
  • After the application finds the specified place for you, you will be offered two routes. one is the fastest, the other is the most convenient. Select among them those who prefer to use in this situation and click on the “drove”.

In Yandex Navigator, you can simply view important information or impose it on the route. By default, some of this information is hidden in order not to create visual overload cards. You can enable the display of certain elements on the roads:

  • First of all, you can turn on the display of traffic jams and problem areas on the roads. To do this, click on the light icon, which is located at the top. In addition to displaying road workload, covered areas will be shown, places where road works and / or an accident occurred.
  • You can simply turn on the display of specific signs with commenting on the road site. For example, display cameras, places where road works are underway, an accident occurred and.D. Additionally, Комментарии и мнения владельцев are connected to these icons. To enable the display of these icons, click on the triangle icon on the left side of the screen.
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Let’s see how to save the previously specified route:

  • Click on the “My Places” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will be shown two default route templates. “House” and “Work”. You can also add a new template. In the first cases, use the “Add” buttons to edit addresses, and in the second “Add Address”.

This is the main instruction on using the Yandex Navigator application for Android completed. Next, consider how to use some additional features of the application.

Setting and using navigation

The above describes the settings. In this point, we will continue and tell about them in more detail.

To enable and configure the GPS module, you need to go into common settings, select “My location” item and activate the following functionality:

  • Access to my geodan. Item obligatory. If it is not included, then the definition of your location will be impossible.
  • Sources of location data:
  • according to GPS satellites (activated first of the same queue when working with navigation);
  • On the Internet and Wi-Fi (for accelerated location definition and for downloading cards).

Yandex. Cards are good by the fact that they are able to accurately display corks, it is possible to download cards to the phone, and then use them. Working with satellites is a little worse than Navitel. Free.

Google Maps is a standard from which everyone starts. Cons are described above. But if there is nothing else, then this option is perfect.

Summing up, re-set the question and will answer it briefly. How to configure navigator in android? Configure and enable GPS, install the desired program.

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Connection sequence

The user can use consistent instructions and conduct a procedure yourself. In loading Yandex.There is absolutely nothing complicated card. Car owner Recommended:

  • Go to any search engine and gain a combination “M” in the browser.Ya.RU / YMM / ». The key feature of this service is to its versatility. It interacts remarkably with any operating systems and models of devices.
  • Then this program will need to download and, drawing on the application prompts, install it on the phone.
  • If the mobile device is not equipped with a built-in navigation system, the user will need to separately acquire the GLONASS receiver. You can buy external GPS.
  • Through Bluetooth, you need to connect the device to the gadget. To begin with, it is recommended to activate the detection function.
  • Upon completion of the process, mobile phone should be rebooted.
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Now you can use your own mobile phone not only as a means of communication and sending messages, but also as a navigation system.

Real Mobile Expert! He writes useful articles and instructions for mobile themes by simple and understandable language, gives the right and left the most most. Watching the section “Articles and Lifehaki”.

Configure the device for yourself

The correct configuration of the device will make it the most convenient for the user and will expand its functionality. So how to set up navigator for yourself and your preferences? To use the navigator brought the greatest comfort, you must take the following:

  • Adjust the rotation of movement. This option is extremely useful from one point of view that after its activation, the view from the machine window will be repeated on the device’s screen. To configure this option, you need to walk along the path: “Menu”. “Settings”. “Maps”. “top of the card”. “Rotate by movement”.
  • Choose your own type of transport. The navigator serves as a reliable source of orientation not only for a motorist, but also for a pedestrian, as well as a motorcyclist. If we are talking about a car, it should be specified as a vehicle in the “Navigation” section.
  • Car Positioning on the Road. For this corresponds to the menu item “Attraction”. Optimal value is 50 meters.
  • Setting the route. The navigation system will offer the user several types of routes, for example, fast or short. This will allow the device to drive a car by the fastest or short way.
  • Setting the exceptions from the route. In the section “What to avoid when laying a route” it is possible to specify that the device will ignore, making the path for the user. These can be paid roads, loaded transport junctions, roads that do not have asphalt coating (primer).

Important! It is worth remembering that the system is striving for laying the shortest road that it does not always benefit for the driver, so the navigator setting implies the possibility of adjustment

How to install the navigator on the Android smartphone for free: Step by step instructions

A huge number of applications in the Play Market online store applies free of charge, including navigators of many companies. If you want to install the navigator on your touch device, we will show how to do it. The only problem that expects you is the choice of the application, because there are a lot of them.

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In this article, Yandex will be used as an example.Navigator: the app is free, constantly updated, has a lot of functions and t.D. In short, a worthy choice. You can use any other navigator to your liking, the installation process will not change from this.

On the desktop we find the Play Market application and launch it.

In the search writing “Yandex Navigator” (without quotes).

Or just “navigator” if you have not decided on the choice. In this case, the choice will be huge.

Well, before us opened the page of the selected application. Click “Install”.

The application downloads. What time it takes depends, as a rule, from the speed of your connection.

After downloading the data starts installing the application. You do not need to do anything from you, the whole process is automated.

How to understand what the application has been established? On the screen you will see the “Open” button, and next to it. “Delete”. Delete we, of course, we will not, but better start the navigator.

Actually, this installation is over, so you can start using the navigator, without forgetting to accept the license agreement.

And familiar with some important data.

Do not forget to provide him with permission to the location of your device, otherwise the data will not be as accurate.

When setting is needed: Curly MediaTek

Today, MediaTek (also known as MTK) is one of the leaders in the production of mobile processors. Even grants such as Sony, LG or HTC, today create smartphones on MTK processors. But there was a time when the processors of this Taiwan company were used only in poor iPhone clones or two-minute “calls”.

In 2012-2014, MediaTek produced quite worthy chipsets, but they constantly observed the problem: the wrong operation of GPS. Satellites with such devices behave according to quotation: “It is difficult for me to find, easy to lose”

It was all the case in the settings of the subsidiary service EPO. This service developed by MediaTek helps to expect the navigation satellite orbits in advance. But the trouble: Preintended by default in Chinese phones, the EPO data is calculated for Asia and when used in Europe give failures!

It is fixed in modern models easily. Recall all these instructions are suitable only for smartphones on MTK processors:

  • Download and install the MTK Engineering Mode Start application, allowing you to log in to the engineering menu of the smartphone (https: // / Store / Apps / Details?Id = com.Themonsterit.EngineERStarterhl = RU).

Yes, this is not the simplest procedure. Depending on the MTK processor version (we described actions for the MT6592 platform), the procedure may differ somewhat, but essentially remains the same. But after these actions, GPS on the smartphone will work wonderful.