Terms of use. First charge

Charging is the first thing they pay attention to in the instructions, so as not to break the gadget just by buying it. Immediately after purchasing a fitness bracelet, you should perform the following manipulations:

  • Unpack the device and carefully pull the tracker out of the strap (it happens that the tracker comes in a separate package, then this procedure is irrelevant).
  • Take the charger and install the Mi Band 2 into it, but so that it is in contact with the inside. Don’t overdo it when installing the tracker. It is important that it fits neatly but adheres tightly.
  • Further, the bracelet needs to be charged, and this can be done if it is connected to a computer port or to an outlet. But the option with a computer is preferable. The fact is that the gadget is very sensitive to voltage surges that often occur in the network, therefore it can break.
  • Leave the gadget for about two hours and the charge will be full. To check at what level the charging of the Xiaomi bracelet is, just look at the charge level indicator. When the bracelet is able to work at full capacity, the three LEDs on the fixture will shine with a uniform light.

Interestingly, two hours is the time for the first charge. The use of subsequent charges will take much less time if everything is done right now.

Installing the Mi Fit program and registering an account

After the device is fully charged, the gadget should be connected to the smartphone. This is an obligatory stage that allows you to take full advantage of the capabilities of Mi Band 2, since without this it is only a decoration that does not bring almost any benefit, except for decorative.

Mi Fit. Installation and Setup Guide

That is why it is so important to download and install the Mi Fit program on your smartphone. Here are some features of working with this application:

  • To download an application to an Android smartphone, you need to go to the Play Market and find Mi Fit among the applications;
  • For owners of Apple smartphones, the application should be searched on the App Store;
  • After the application has been downloaded, further settings should be carried out through the browser or on the smartphone itself, depending on who is more convenient.

You can proceed to activate your account right in the program itself, so as not to search for a site on the network. The setup is pretty straightforward, even if the user first encounters such a gadget. On Mi Band 2, the instructions of which are now being considered, it is very easy to both configure the program and register in it.

But there are some restrictions both when registering from Android smartphones and from Apple products. In the first case, the smartphone must have at least Android 4.3 operating system and a working Bluetooth 4.0 module. But in the case of Apple, the situation is that the smartphone must run on an operating system at least iOS 7.0, that is, be at least iPhone 4S.

Program setting

In order to ensure the normal operation of the program, it is necessary to synchronize the tracker and the smartphone. And this can be done using the instruction manual, which indicates the initial settings and when to do them.


So, if the program has started, the person who plans to use it should specify the following data. In this case, it is advisable not to cheat and indicate the most reliable information:

  • The first step is authorization. Since you have already registered an account when you downloaded the application and made the first settings, you will cope with this task.
  • The second step is to enter your name.
  • Further adjustment requires specifying the gender of the owner of the bracelet, since men and women have different pulse rates, and other processes in the body take place in different ways.
  • Date of birth is also important, because thanks to it, the program finds out the age of the owner of the bracelet, adjusting its indicators to age.
  • The fifth step is to indicate growth. This is important for counting steps and distance traveled.
  • And of course, the true weight should be indicated. It’s in your best interest, otherwise there will be no point in using the tracker.
  • Be sure to include your daily purpose for using the gadget. For example, the exact number of steps to be taken throughout the day. If the desired number of steps has already been taken, the wearer will feel the vibration.
  • After entering personal information, from the list of proposed devices, click on “Bracelet”.

It works as follows. the program calculates the distance traveled and calories burned, taking into account the approximate stride width. And if the goal is achieved, then the gadget vibrates.

If the settings were made successfully, then using Bluetooth, the smartphone will update the firmware of Mi Band 2. After that, the system time will start to be displayed on the tracker display, steps will be counted and other parameters will be monitored.

Instructions for the Mi Fit application in Russian

When buying smart devices, be sure to read the instructions for them. The same applies to working with a seemingly simple gadget like the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet. It is a smart sports tracker that, using a special Mi Fit program, establishes a connection with a smartphone. And on the smartphone, in turn, all the physical indicators of the person wearing the bracelet are visible. But for all this to work, you need to correctly install the application and make the correct settings, and without the help of instructions, not everyone is capable of this.

But the company sends instructions in Chinese, so it’s too difficult even to figure out what is written in the dictionary. But I am glad that craftsmen have translated the manual for Xiaomi gadgets, making it much more convenient to use the Mi Fit application. At least now you don’t have to do all the settings, trying to guess which of them will allow you to calculate the athlete’s heart rate, and which is suitable for tracking his steps.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi Fit program

The application is a very important part of the successful operation of the bracelet, therefore, you need to study its interface well. For example, when you tap on the home screen, three tabs will appear:

  • Activity;
  • Notifications;
  • Profile.

Each of these tabs has several functional sections. For example, click on “Activity” and you will see subsections: “Sleep”, “Statistics”, “Weight”, etc.

There is also a tab with notifications, where you can synchronize incoming messages on the bracelet. So when a notification arrives on the smartphone, the bracelet will show it.

But the menu with a profile allows you to view personal information that was entered at the time of setting up the program. Also, with the help of this program, the removed bracelet is easy to find, as it starts flashing and beeping, which greatly helps in the search.

Although it should be borne in mind that the instruction in Russian to Mi Fit is rare (unless you specifically looked for one). There are many more options on the web in English. So if you don’t know him, stock up on a dictionary.

Flash on call

Today, a flash on a call is clearly an upward trend, which not many people use or do not know how to do.

Flash on call will not only help you stand out among the crowd, but will also help you not to miss an important call in silent mode. After all, the flash is very easy to notice and for this it is not necessary to hear vibrations, etc.

It is possible that this flash is taking away your battery power, but it will not flash for several hours, it will literally be a minute. Therefore, you will not notice the discharge of the battery.

In some gadgets, this can be done in the system settings. For example, on new Xiaomi models or on LG.

  • Go to settings
  • Special Opportunities
  • We put a tick on “Flashing warnings”

(in different devices the words may differ, but the meaning is the same)

But if you do not have such settings, you can use special applications. There are many of them and they are all similar to each other, we will tell you about the leader.

Flash On Call is an application with flexible settings. In this utility, you can activate the flash for calls, SMS messages, for individual contacts, etc.

This setting cannot be made in the system settings of the phone. Therefore, if you want to set the flash for individual events, you must download this application.

In the application settings, you need to configure:

  • Flash on incoming calls
  • Flash on messages
  • Flash flicker interval
  • Flash frequency for calls and messages
  • Adjustment in different modes of smartphone operation (normal, street, vibration, no sound)

How to turn on the flashlight on Android

In this article, you will learn how to turn on the flashlight on your smartphone. We will also tell you how to use a flashlight on Samsung smartphones. Many have seen an interesting trick on the Iphone with a flash on a call, and so, we will tell you how to apply this “bun” on Android.

  • On the desktop, we hold our finger in an empty place
  • Select the section “Widgets”
  • We are looking for a flashlight here
  • After that, we place the flashlight widget in any convenient place.
  • Click on the widget and your flashlight is activated. To turn it off, click on the widget again.

Using applications

But if you do not have such an icon, no question…. Open the Play Market and enter “flashlight” in the search.

  • We choose any application, preferably with the highest rating, in order to avoid crashes, which is already so unlikely.
  • Download and install it
  • A virtual flashlight with a button opens in front of you, when you press it, the flash turns on. About a miracle! …. If you don’t have money for a flashlight, here’s a decent replacement for you, and even with a button))
  • Now, if necessary, turn on the flash, just go to the downloaded application. Most modern applications have a function to access the flash through the notification curtain. Therefore, you can manually add a flashlight icon to the curtain through the application.

How to turn on the flashlight on a smartphone without apps

Almost all modern smartphones have a separate button for a flashlight in the curtain of quick tools. After all, today, a flashlight is an integral part of our life. But, if you have an old gadget or a “special” shell, it doesn’t matter. there is a way out! We will talk about this below.

If you have a modern phone model, just open the tool shade and select the corresponding “flashlight” icon

Remember, your smartphone is not designed to be used as a flashlight for hours.

The flash was designed to enhance the pictures taken with the camera. If you use the flash for a long time via the built-in flashlight button, you will quickly run out of battery. And, if you use the downloaded applications to activate the flashlight for a long time and without interruption, your smartphone will heat up, which can lead to its breakdown.

Flash activation apps are not dangerous unless used for several hours at a time. Absolutely all similar programs heat the smartphone.

Therefore, if you do not have a flashlight, it is better to purchase one, but you should not fully exploit the smartphone for the purpose of a flashlight, because this can ruin it and disable it.

Mi Fit: installation and use

The Mi Fit app is a popular service designed to make a wide range of Xiaomi accessories work. With it, you can configure, connect and manage gadgets. Mi Fit provides comfortable work with devices such as:

  • Sports bracelets (Mi Band 2 and older);
  • Smart watches (various analogues of Apple Watch);
  • Floor scales, a feature of which is their synchronization with a smartphone;
  • Smart shoes that can perform a complete examination of the whole body.

But to synchronize them, you need an application and a registered Mi account. Mi Fit registration involves downloading and installing the application through the Play Market or App Store. And here two options arise:

  • If you have a previously created account on the Mi platform, you simply enter your authorization data into the application;
  • If you did not have such an account, you need to create it by going through the registration procedure on the Xiaomi website.

Mi Account and its benefits

To ensure the interaction of all their gadgets, the user needs to create an account that will give access to the smooth use of all branded applications. A registered Mi Account will allow:

  • Use services such as Mi Credits, Mi Wallet, Mi Pass;
  • Use one of the most useful data collection services Mi Cloud;
  • Remotely control your phone;
  • Receive updates, change and track new firmware in the language you are interested in;
  • Receive information from smart scales and fitness bracelets through the Mi Fit app;
  • Change the design on your smartphone.

How to register a Mi Fit account and create a personal account

Today, Xiomi is becoming a fairly serious competitor for many well-known global manufacturers of electronic equipment. She continues to work on her smartphones and many other gadgets such as sports trackers, smart scales, and applications for them.

Mi Account registration methods

Speaking about the most common option, namely, creating a new account, then for registration you will need to provide your mobile phone number or mailing address through which you will authorize.

As for the mail, then you need to follow the link https://account.Xiaomi.com/pass/register and fill in the following fields:

  • Country of Residence. It is necessary to provide truthful information for better service;
  • The email address must also be up-to-date, in connection with the authorization of the Mi account through it.

After that, leave a mark if you want to receive news from Xiaomi and move on. The next step is to set a password, this requires 8-16 characters in a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters, after which you confirm your actions.

Registration via mobile phone number is also possible. To do this, when entering the site, you must click on the transition button. In the window that opens, write your number and the confirmation code from the picture. After that, within 30 minutes, an SMS notification will be sent to the phone with a confirmation code consisting of 8 characters (numbers and letters), which will need to be entered into the appropriate window. After that registration is complete.

There is also a less common way to create a personal account on a Mi account. registration through the application. Such an application must be installed in advance. For Xiaomi products, it is included in the standard set of programs. It will allow you to register without going online through a browser. The only significant disadvantage of this method is authorization via SMS notification. You will need to send an SMS message abroad and of course it will be quite expensive.

For more comfortable use, it is possible, by logging into your account, to perform the following actions:

  • Change the initial data in your personal account. After that, you will need to confirm your actions using your phone number or by mail;
  • Recover forgotten password using the same authorization tools.

The question regarding the mandatory creation of a Mi account to use the Mi Fit application arose relatively recently. With the advent of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 on the market, the developers have made adjustments that oblige users to have a personal account on the Mi service. Although registration in Mi Fit is quite simple, the question of how to register your Mi account is quite often asked by users in a search engine.

Errors and their solutions when registering an account

In this regard, a number of problems arose when registering or logging into a Mi account. You can solve them by following these steps:

  • Clear data in Mi Fit app;
  • Use VPN to forward IP addresses to Chinese;
  • Restart your smartphone or app;
  • Sometimes, due to the influx of users, the service can be overloaded, so you just have to wait;
  • If a more serious problem, you need to reinstall, update or even reflash your smartphone.

If the registration was successful, the user in his personal account must fill in the personal data (up to weight, height, and so on). All this is necessary for the full operation of gadgets and an adequate assessment of your condition.

Changing the launcher

Launcher is a graphical interface with which you control your TV set-top box. If you do not like the factory launcher, then you can change it to any other by installing the application. The most popular and convenient. Nova Launcher, allows you to make a standard Android desktop. You can install it using a USB stick or download it on the Internet via a STB. After installation, you need to go to the settings, then the Home screen (icon. house) and select Nova Launcher from the list.

Setting up Android TV set-top box X96

If you bought a TV box based on Android and it is not configured, or you did a factory reset and do not know what to do next, then this article will help you how to set up everything from scratch. For example, we have chosen the most popular and best-selling model called X96, but in general, the information presented is suitable for all modern TV boxes with the Android operating system.

Date and time setting

It is important to know that incorrect setting of the date and time can affect the operation of the TV set-top box. There may be errors in applications, problems with access to the Google Market, errors in the browser, some applications may stop working, problems with Internet access, etc. The date and time settings must be: use of the network date and time. enabled, 24-hour format. enabled, the desired time zone is selected.

Setting the language

On the desktop, click on the Settings shortcut, then Settings. Next, we see the advanced settings of the TV set-top box, scroll a little lower and go to the Language input section, in which we click Language and select the desired language. Ukrainian or Russian. The language will change automatically, but some menu items and the center page may contain English words.

Internet connection via Wi-Fi

We go into the settings further Wi-Fi and look for the name of your router in the Available networks list (you will see a list of all the nearest W-Fi points), select the necessary one and enter the password. If everything is done correctly, the message Connected will appear in the status of your network.

Note! In some cases, it is necessary to additionally configure the router if the TV set-top box cannot connect to the Internet. To do this, go to the router settings, select the W-Fi section, then Basic settings and set Channel 9 or 13 (the default is Auto), as well as the Maximum number of clients 3 or more. After restarting the router and trying to connect the TV box again.

How to set up an Android Smart TV box set-top box?

Installing Applications

Any application for Android TV box can be installed from a flash drive or memory card, and using the APK installer program, this is done very quickly. First, you need to transfer the necessary applications to removable media, insert a set-top box into the TV, run the APK installer, put a checkmark on the necessary programs and click install in the menu. Everything will be installed automatically. A list of useful applications for Android TV set-top boxes can be found here.

You can also download applications through the Play.google.com service, but for this you need to have a Google account, you can use an existing account or create a new one. If you use the Gmail mail service, then you already have an account and you can use the login and password from the mail to access the applications. Some useful applications have been removed from Google Play and need to be installed from a USB flash drive.

Note! In the process of using the TV set-top box, applications must be updated. In most cases this happens automatically, you only need to agree to download the update and click Yes. Some programs may stop working without the latest updates.

Acquaintance with the interface and capabilities of the application

Mi Fit is the official app from Xiaomi. The program tracks your activity using smart devices. Such as: Mi Band bracelet, Amaz Fit watch or Mi Scale. All information from the gadget is stored in the Mi Fit application in your personal profile. The application stores data about:

  • Pulse
  • Dream
  • Distance covered
  • Calories burned
  • Activities per day

Mi Fit can be downloaded on both Android and Iphone.

Scroll below to learn more about all the features.

“The last dream”

Here you can track and analyze the last dream. By swiping left or right, you can select any day for which there is sleep data. Displays:

  • Number of hours of slow sleep
  • Number of hours of REM sleep
  • Wake up time

In addition to this data, there is an analysis of the quality of sleep and recommendations on how to improve it. In addition, there is comparative data with the sleep of other users. Honor has it that the Mi Fit app does not take into account daytime sleep. You can also evaluate your well-being using emoji. In the future, this will help you understand how you felt when you went to bed at 5 in the morning, and whether it is worth doing it again.

Below there are 2 more additional tabs:

  • Sleep History. Displays detailed sleep data for the last month / week / day

Change sleep. opens the ability to enter data about the last sleep time manually


All data on the change in heart rate for the day are located here. For example, if at some time you did exercises, then in accordance with the heart rate data, you can adjust the exercise intensity.

Displays the average heart rate for the day. Shows data in the form of a monthly graph. Plus a list below with an indicator for each day.

Mi Fit application for the Mi Band bracelet: what it is, how it works, an overview and instructions where to download for free.

“Activity today”

Shows detailed information about today’s workout.

Attention! It is imperative to enable the activity in order to see the data about it in this section in the future. If you do not activate the activity, then the data about it will not be saved.

  • Activity name
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Calories burned

over, if we click on any past activity, we will get its full analysis and analysis:

“Energy Today”

Shows a graph of the calories burned for today. By the way, he compares lost calories to ice cream spoons. If you go to this section, you can see at what time, for what time and how many calories were spent. The distance traveled during this time is also indicated.

“My workouts

Another tab with a bunch of useful information. Here we see:

  • Number of steps
  • Activity today
  • Energy today

Mi Fit app: full instructions and answers to questions

There are many guides and instructions on the Internet for setting up and working with the Mi Fit application, but since it is often updated and changed, we decided to make a new instruction for this popular application that is relevant for 2020.

How to update Mi Fit?

  • We connect the smartphone to the Internet.
  • Open “Mi Fit” and go to the “Profile” tab.
  • At the very bottom, select the “Settings” menu.
  • Click the item “Check for Updates”.

If there is a new version of the application, you will be prompted to download and install it.

Registering an account in the Mi Fit app

Open the application installed on the smartphone and press the button “Create an account”

  • Choosing a country
  • Enter your email address (enter your real Email, as it may be needed in the future to restore access to your account)
  • Enter the password (must contain at least 8 characters and consist of numbers and Latin letters)
  • Enter the confirmation code from the picture (captcha)
  • We agree with the “Privacy Policy” (checkmark below the “Register” button). Below the policy there is also an item “Join the quality improvement program”, it can not be activated, unless, of course, you are eager to make your modest contribution to the quality improvement program.
  • We press the button “Registration” and wait for some time.

In the next window, you need to fill in the profile data:

  • Name;
  • Floor;
  • Date of birth;
  • Growth;
  • The weight;
  • Activity goal (the number of steps you set for the goal to walk in one day. WHO recommends that you walk at least 8000 steps per day).

These data should be specified correctly, as they affect the accuracy of the sensors. For example, the accuracy of counting steps and distance will depend on the specified height.

In some cases, this step may display the “Synchronization Failed” error. This problem is solved, most often, by enabling VPN. To register an account through a browser, you need to follow this link: https://account.Xiaomi.com/pass/serviceLogin?_locale=ru_RU and then repeat everything described above in steps.

Application interface

The program interface is very simple and intuitive. The main menu is divided into three tabs: Training, Friends, Profile.

The Workouts tab is, in turn, divided into 4 submenus:

The Walking, Running and Cycling tabs are designed to monitor these types of activity using the GPS module of your smartphone. The trajectory of movement on the map, speed, distance, pace, duration, etc. will be recorded here.

The “Status” section contains all data about activity, sleep, heart rate, etc.

By touching one of the parameters, you go to a page with detailed statistics for a particular activity indicator.

Steps, distance and calories

On the main page, you can see a pie chart of the daily goal in steps, the number of steps taken during the day and the remainder to reach the goal. In detailed statistics, you can view the number of steps by the hour, the distance traveled and the calories burned. There is also an analysis of activity for the last 30 days and a grouping of statistics by day, week and month.

This menu provides information about the state of sleep for the past night:

  • Falling asleep time;
  • Wake up time;
  • Total sleep duration;
  • Slow sleep;
  • REM sleep phases;
  • Moments of awakening.

Below the graph, you can see sleep analysis and tips to improve sleep quality. By clicking the “History” button at the bottom of the interface, you switch to sleep statistics for all previous time of use.

In this section, you can view all data on heart rate:

You can go to the data for previous days by swiping across the screen from left to right.

It is clear that the bracelet itself is not able to determine the weight, so its recording is done manually by pressing a special button. You can add several users at once and switch between them.

The app will calculate your BMI, physique index, ideal weight, and also show a graph of your weight change.

The second tab of the Mi Fit interface is “Friends”

This service allows you to add your friends and family members, share your achievements with them and track their progress. You can add friends by scanning the QR code, by invitation, by account ID. Also, this function allows you to exchange messages and “Greetings”.

What watches and fitness bracelets do you need the Mi Fit app for?

Without exception, all generations of Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelets are paired with smartphones using this application. Also, some smart watches produced under the Amazfit brand, such as Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite, work with this application.

How to install Mi Fit on a computer?

In some cases, it becomes necessary to install an application on a computer or laptop. But, the problem is that the Mi Fit application was originally developed for the Android mobile platform, so it will not work with the Windows operating system. The problem is solved quite simply for this you need an Android emulator, for example, Bluestacks, and 10-15 minutes of time.

Download the emulator from the Bluestacks website, install it on your computer. After installing the software, go to the Play Store and download Mi Fit to your computer.

How to sync data?

If Bluetooth is enabled on the smartphone and the Mi Fit app is open, the data is automatically synchronized. If this does not happen, drag down the list of data on the main screen of the application, synchronization will start.

If the synchronization fails, try closing the application and restarting it. If that doesn’t work, please restart Bluetooth or restart your smartphone.

Data is not syncing during exercise!