Heart rate measurement

Records heart rate characteristics in real time. The company has created a special TruSeen application, with the help of which the device continuously records the characteristics of the heart.

New phone settings

For research and options for a new phone, the built-in Tips application, which is indicated by the icon with the British letter i, will help. It will offer a description of the functions and links to controls. After a certain time of using the phone by the machine, prompts based on the scenario of using the phone by the owner are cut.

Enabling Call Alerts

In order not to miss calls, you need to go to the Options and characteristics folder. Here you can find detailed information about the utilities from which you need to receive a notification. Go to the Phone section, then click on the Enable button


Smart watches transmit notifications of various types, which are regulated, depending on the user’s preferences:

  • Missed and outgoing calls;
  • Text messages;
  • Letters on an electric box;
  • Social media;
  • Alarm;
  • Notes.

Continuous heart rate monitoring

The tracker user can set the heart rate measurement without the help of others. At the set time, the watch will start recording the pulse. The characteristics are shown on the display. As a result, the user can keep his state of health under control, just right to react to bad characteristics.

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Turn on without charging

It is curious that to connect the bracelet it is not necessary to connect it to the network. You can do this without charging. If there is enough charge, then when you touch the screen, it will light up. Same as when using the mobile application.

Configuring Honor Band 5 notifications

All notifications are configured in Huawei Health.

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  • Open the app.
  • Click Options.
  • Elect Notices.

Look at the proposed notifications and put them in front of Enable or Disable, depending on the need.

On-screen widgets

You can add, move or delete widgets on the home screen:

  • Add widgets: Press and hold an empty area to enter edit mode.
  • press and hold on a widget, then drag it to an empty area.
  • if there is not enough space, you need to add another window or free up space.
  • Remove widgets: press and hold a widget until the device vibrates. Move widget to “Delete” icon.
  • Move: long press on the widget until the device vibrates, then move it to the desired location.
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    How to connect headphones and other devices to your Honor phone

    Honor smartphone connects to Bluetooth devices: headsets, headphones, car multimedia system to use navigation services or listen to music while driving.

    You can also connect a Bluetooth-enabled fitness bracelet or Smartwatch to your device to record and manage exercise data.

    honor, watch

    What Bluetooth protocols are supported by the communication module of the Huawei Honor smartphone:

    HFP, HSP Making calls
    A2DP Playing music
    AVRCP Music playback control
    OPP File transfer
    PBAP Synchronizing contacts
    MAP Synchronizing SMS
    HID Bluetooth keyboard and mouse control
    PAN Modem mode
    BLE Connecting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices

    How to activate Bluetooth on Honor phone

    • On the working screen, you need to swipe down on the status bar;
    • Open the notification panel;
    • Turn Bluetooth on or off.
    • Press and hold on the Bluetooth icon to go to the Bluetooth settings screen.

    Honor Band 6 Amoled Display | App Setup,Firstlook.

    How to pair with a headset, headphones, or other Bluetooth device

    Unboxing Review and How to Setup and Use Honor Band 5 | How to Charge Pair And Update Honor Band 5

    • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone;
    • enable Buetooth on a headset, headphones or other device.
    • In the list of available devices, click on the desired one;
    • pair it according to the instructions on the screen.
    • Go to the Settings menu;
    • select Bluetooth settings;
    • click on the name of the paired device;
    • click on the Unpair button.
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    Connecting to a mobile data network

    Before using mobile data, purchase a tariff plan with an Internet package. The following guide will help you set up your Honor phone with a correct internet connection:. Tap down on the status bar to open the notification panel Tap on the mobile data icon to turn it on.

    The option is energy-intensive and actively consumes traffic and battery power. If it is possible to connect via Wi-Fi, then it is better to use it.

    On-screen navigation button

    To close the application and return to the home screen, use the buttons on the navigation bar at the bottom of the phone. You can customize your Honor phone with an active on-screen navigation button and operate the device with one hand. This will disable the navigation buttons at the bottom of the panel.

    How to activate the navigation button on the screen:

    • Go to the “Settings” application.
    • Select menu: “System” System navigation Navigation key.
    • Activate “Navigation button”.
    • She will appear on the screen.

    You can drag it to any convenient place.

    The navigation button supports the following actions:

    • Back: press the navigation button once to go back one step; press twice to go back two steps.
    • Active screen: click and hold the navigation button, then release it to go to the home screen.
    • View background apps: Click and hold the navigation button, then swipe left or right to see a list of apps that are running and running in the background.


    Configuring the display of notifications

    Notifications are important to quickly get information about your phone and its settings. When a new message or notification arrives, an icon appears on the status bar.

    How do I personalize my Honor phone? To do this, you can change your personal notification settings.

    • Go to the “Settings” application.
    • Select “Apps & Notifications Notifications & Status Bar”.
    • Enable Screen Activation on Notification. The screen off will be activated when a notification arrives.
    • Activate “Blinking LED” for the LED to flash when a notification arrives.
    • Select the menu “Display operator name and Display network speed”.
    • Configure “Notification Method”: enable “Badge, Numbers, or None” features.
    • Customize the display of the battery charge. “Near icon, In icon and Do not show”.


    How to set up contacts on Honor

    To search for the desired contact, you need to enter the Contacts application and follow these steps.

    • Select Contact Filter;
    • Click All contacts.
    • Swipe to the side of the index to quickly move through the list.
    • In the search bar at the top of the contact list, enter the name, initials, phone number, or email address of the contact.
    • Search results will be displayed below the search bar.

    You can enter several keywords, for example “Peter Ivanov”, to find a contact faster.

    If the search fails, on the contact list screen, you need to:

    • select Manage contacts;
    • click Restore contact list;
    • OK.


    New phone settings

    The built-in “Tips” application, which is indicated by the icon with the English letter “i”, will help to study and set up a new phone. It will offer descriptions of functions and links to manuals. After a while using the smartphone, tips are automatically turned on based on the scenario of using the phone by the owner.

    Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Honor phone

    To configure an access point, you need to click the Search menu to automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks. You can also add a Wi-Fi hotspot manually: swipe down on the menu, tap Add network. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter the Wi-Fi name and password.

    It is possible to connect to a Wi-Fi network using WPS:. Select on the Wi-Fi screen;. Advanced Wi-Fi settings;. WPS connection;. Press the WPS button on the router to establish a connection.

    If the router supports WPS, this is the fastest connection method that does not require a password.

    Main functions

    After synchronization and activation, the following functions are opened to the user through the functions:

    • Huawei TruSleep. Thorough sleep analysis by natural phases and tracking of major circadian rhythms;
    • Reminder. a mode to notify the user about the absence of movement. This information is given once an hour. The person gets up from the workplace to warm up;
    • Continuous Heart Rate Tracking. Heart rate tracking. During training, the tracker will let you know that a person’s heart rate is off-scale. You can practice in such a mode, which was set by the coach;
    • Alarm clock. here you can set up to 5 alarms;
    • Do not disturb is a function that allows you to preset time intervals during which the device will not react to what is happening. If acts occur in social networks, this will not affect the peace of mind of a person;
    • Notifications. activation of notifications that come from the phone. The list of applications is set. They will make the accessory reflect the deeds carried out and information about the received messages;
    • Weather reports. starts displaying the weather. You need to set the city or region, the conditions of which are of interest;
    • Bluetooth off notification. if a person often forgets the phone, the function will be useful. You can get a distinctive notification.
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    If desired, the Russian language can be configured on the Honor Band 4. The functions can be turned off or turned off. It is allowed to set the sequence of their change. You can carry out functions, after which you can control the options for obtaining information with a gesture or wave of your hand.

    How to connect Honor Band 4 to your phone?

    The bracelet will automatically turn on when it is connected to the charger for the first time (it is unrealistic to turn on the Honor Band 4 in any other way). And if you turned off the bracelet without the help of others, then you can turn it on in exactly the same way. by connecting it to the charger.

    After that, on the tracker screen you will see the inscription “Install Huawei Health on your phone and pair with your Band”:

    Install the Huawei Health app on your phone:

    After launching the Health application, you must click the Plus icon and select the Smart bracelet item:

    When asked to connect to the DPRK servers, you must give permission for the application to update the list of devices. If, suddenly, the Honor Band 4 does not appear on this list, turn off the VPN on your phone (if used) and try again. As a result, you will see the following:

    Select Honor Band 4 and press the Pair button. A window for searching for Bluetooth devices will appear, in which you need to select your bracelet:

    After that, on the bracelet itself, when it vibrates, press the round button and you’re done!

    For now, let’s take a look at what this fitness tracker can do, and later we’ll deal with its options.

    Setting up notifications on iPhone

    The implementation of the main options on the phones of this brand is more clear and simple. To be able to set up notifications and set alarms, you need to carry out the operations described above.

    The overall fitness device interface and custom services and features are intuitive. You can figure out the main principles of its implementation without any special problems. This is especially true if the device was obtained through a giveaway.

    How to set up Honor Band 4?

    All bracelet functions are performed in the Huawei Health app. To do this, you need to launch the application and click the bracelet icon in the upper right corner:

    Let’s go through all the settings and consider their purpose:

    • Huawei TruSleep. A detailed sleep analysis is cut in with a very accurate determination of sleep phases and an assessment of breathing (battery consumption increases markedly with all this).
    • Reminder. If this function is enabled, the bracelet will periodically remind you to get up and warm up.
    • Continuous heart rate monitoring. By enabling this option, the bracelet will detect the heart rate 24 hours a day (with a frequency of 2 minutes).
    • Alarm. Here you can add alarms (both ordinary and smart). Up to 5 alarms are supported in total. It is very comfortable if you have to wake up at a different time every day.
    • Do not disturb. Here you can enable a special mode in which notifications of calls and messages will not be displayed on the bracelet. It can be turned on for the whole day when the device is not wearing or on schedule. Separately, you can specify whether the function of activating the screen by raising the wrist during the Do Not Disturb mode should work.
    • Notifications. Here you can select the applications from which we want to receive notifications on the bracelet (you can also completely disable this function or allow all applications to duplicate notifications on the bracelet)
    • Weather reports. As mentioned above, one of the dials displays the current weather. It is activated directly by this setting.
    • Bluetooth shutdown notification. If this function is enabled, the bracelet will vibrate when the connection with the phone is lost. How the phone is again in sight. the bracelet will automatically restore the connection.
    • Function setting. Here you can remove unnecessary functions from the bracelet or change their order. For example, if you do not want to see the total sleep time on the screen of Honor Band 4, you can simply hide this information.
    • Activate the screen by lifting your wrist. By enabling this option, the bracelet screen will be automatically cut in as you turn your wrist towards you.
    • Turn to switch. This function is responsible for switching screens by turning the wrist. In other words, at first you make a gesture as if you want to know what time it is. The screen lights up and you see the dial. Repeating this gesture again scrolls the screen to the next function, for example, displaying the total sleep time or a summary of daily activities.
    • Automatic device update via Wi-Fi. This function is responsible for automatically checking and downloading updates to the bracelet.
    • Software Update. Here we can see the current version of the firmware of our own bracelet, also start a forced update check.
    • Reset options. Before selling the bracelet, you must use this function and reset all functions to industrial values.
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    The bracelet itself also has a number of traits that cannot be configured from the phone. To do this, you need to scroll through the bracelet screen to the “” menu and tap once in the center.

    Honor Band 4 review. The main functions and capabilities of the bracelet

    The bracelet itself is used only for collecting information. All its properties and reports should be considered in the Huawei Health application on the phone. On the screen of the bracelet, you can see the following:

    • Time, day of the week, number of steps taken and weather
    • Current pulse
    • Notifications (at least 10 pieces)
    • Total sleep time last night
    • Concise activity report for the current day (distance traveled, calories burned, activity time and number of warm-ups)

    By opening the Health app, we get access to all the functions of the fitness tracker. Let’s consider them in more detail:

    Pulse in Honor Band 4

    An optical PGG heart rate monitor is installed here, the only difference from other similar devices is the additional infrared sensor that measures the heart rate at night (when TruSleep is activated). Thus, at night, your sleep will not be disturbed by the brightly flashing green LEDs.

    In the bracelet settings, you can enable continuous heart rate monitoring. In this case, the bracelet will take measurements every 2 minutes, displaying both the general picture and the heart rate at rest:

    The bracelet is able to warn of an increased heart rate. In addition, here you can set up different heart rate zones, which will later be used during exercise:

    Honor Band 5 Review & Unboxing | HOW TO Setup | Featuring the Honor 9X

    When it comes to heart rate accuracy, you shouldn’t expect anything out of the ordinary, despite the nice marketing name TruSeen 3.0. Any software method rests on the limitations of the photoplethysmogram technology itself.

    At rest, the bracelet measures the heart rate with the accuracy of a chest strap. During intense activities, “random” heart rate values ​​can slip. In fact, there are no differences in the operation of the heart rate monitor from Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

    How to adjust the weather?

    To receive weather notifications, you need to decide how to set the weather on honor band 4. To do this, just execute the following annotation:

    • Smart tracker is activated;
    • Goes to the menu with options;
    • The line with the weather is selected and put in the active position.

    After performing similar manipulations, the user receives notifications on the current weather. Information on pre-established cities and countries will be issued.

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