What does the call is redirected. Advantages of conditional call forwarding

Call Forwarding is a very convenient service for those who are constantly required to be in touch. These are not only ordinary users of smartphones, but also Internet sites, set up internal telephony for receiving calls from potential customers. Consider all ways to configure incoming calls on modern gadgets.

Forwarding is an incoming call to another number or voice mail, if the subscriber did not answer the call. Forwarding automatically produced by the built-in smartphone functions or connected operator options.

If the forwarding is internal and the call goes, for example, the number of the same operator, payment is charged in accordance with the tariff plan established. External translation means that the service is paid according to the rates of the company who provided such an opportunity.

Change forwarding on phones is not always possible. Some models may not support this feature due to outdated hardware or software part. On all modern smartphones, the option is available.

How to enable call forwarding on android?

In this article we will tell how to make redirection from one number to another on any available cellular operator, including MTS, MegaFon, Beeline or Tele2. True, there is one important nuance. you will need a smartphone based on Android. In this case, call forwarding will be carried out using the basic settings of the Android operating system of your phone. At the same time, the forwarding of SMS messages is possible only after connecting the appropriate service from the communication operator.

Find the phone application on the desktop and open it.

A small menu appears, select “Settings”.

Forwarding can be configured for each SIM card if several are used in your smartphone. In the desired subsection, tap on the “call forwarding” line (in our example, the redirection will be included for SIM 1).

Choose an option to redirection call. Suppose you want to forward to another number all incoming. click “Always redirect”.

Next, specify a number for redirection and tap “Enable”.

Ready. Please note that as the first digit number we indicated 8, but the system automatically replaced it to 7. and it is correct.

Ask someone to call your check number. In our case, everything works perfectly. when calling a call to another number. over, the device from which the redirection takes place is recorded.

To disable the function, click “Always redirect”.

The above is an example for Honor / Huawei devices. On samsung instruction is not very different. Open the phone application.

And whether it is necessary

Regular funds

On Android, open the phone application “. Press the button in the form of three vertical points. Select: Set up redirection for each SIM card. Go: Select where to send calls. To redirect to another number, go: specify the number.

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Second way

In the settings, in the search bar, write the word: other actions similar to those discussed above. For verification, ask for friends to call your number.

Specialized by

I do not want to understand the phone settings? Install a third-party application. Download only from official sources. For example, Play Market.

Simple Call Forwarding

On the phone, download and run the application. Specify the number in a special field, specify the time through which call redirection will start.

USSD teams

The way does not provide for changing the settings on the phone. Operator services are used. List of teams look at the official website. For example, for Vodafone This is: 61 number #.

How to make call forwarding from the old number android?

The question is how to make the call number redirection is solved as follows:

  • Open the phone application from which you usually call. In the upper corner, click “Settings”;
  • Next, open the “SIM card and network” tab, and then “redirection”;
  • You will display a menu with four call forwarding options:

Constant. redirected will be all calls;

  • Select the optimal option, after which you specify the number to which forwarding will be carried out;
  • It remains only to press the “Enable” key.

After setting, it is recommended to check the correctness of the forwarding. Often, the incorrect number format is introduced, where redirection should occur.

How to make redirection on Android through the application?

Using third-party call redirection allows you to get some additional features:

  • Saving a list of addresses for redirection,
  • Swimming on and shutdown widget Desktop,
  • Call log.

You can select a suitable application in Play Market using the “Call Forward Force” search request. For example, Easy Call Forwarding allows you to quickly activate call redirection for each of two SIM cards. Additionally, the USSD commands of the operator are configured if the default is not suitable.

How to make redirection on Android through the application?

Using third-party call redirection allows you to get some additional features:

Select a suitable application in Play Market. Using the search query “Call Forwarding”. For example, Easy Call Forwarding allows you to quickly activate call redirection for each of two SIM cards. Additionally, the USSD commands of the operator are configured if the default is not suitable.

Methods for installing the forwarding function

Users are given the opportunity to choose from several ways the most optimal option for making calls on their Android.

Execution of forwarding through Android settings

A fast and easy way to enable forwarding call forwarding can be implemented directly using the available settings in the mobile device. This will require a number of simple actions, namely:

  • Click to “Settings”, located at the top of the screen in the form of vertically arranged Troetchi.
  • Next in the displayed menu select “Calls”.
  • After you need to go to the “Call Forwarding” section, in which 4 options will be presented.

When choosing one of the options, you must specify the number to which calls will be redirected. To work this function, after designating the phone number, you must certainly click the “Enable” button.

Forwarding, installed using applications

For those who do not want to dig in the settings of their mobile device or for some reason, you need to often make a shift sim card, you can use available applications. You can install them, directly downloading with Play Market. One of the optimal options for applications that can be redirected is considered to be Simple Call Forwarding.

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Thanks to the designated application, you can enable and disable the function using a widget that will be installed on the Android desktop. But you can use any other application to choose. Play Market has quite a lot of similar proposals. To do this, it will be necessary to simply enter the request “Call Forwarding” request.

Forwarding performed using the operator

You can also connect the designated function by contacting the mobile operator or make a request using USSD commands if such a service is provided. With the first option, everything is simple, enough to call the operator and ask to include the forwarding service. The second option provides for the implementation of simple steps consisting of the displayed commands.

  • For all calls. 21 phone number. To check, you need to click #, and cancel the service.##;
  • In the absence of a response. 61 phone number. To check, you need to register #, and you can cancel the command. ##.
  • In the event of the subscriber inaccessible. 62. You can check the check command #, and cancel. ##.
  • In the case when the subscriber number is busy.67. To implement the scan, you need to display the command #. You can cancel the request in the form of such a team. ##.

If you need to reset the previously installed forwarding, then the user of the mobile device must be sent SMS with the #command. Presented command requests are valid for such mobile operators as megaphone, MTS, Beeline and Tele-2.

Therefore, if a person uses the services of another cellular operator, then find out which commands are responsible for redirection can be directly from a consultant or on the official website of the operator providing mobile services.

Is it possible to remove SMS messages

Install the call forwarding service simply simply, but is it possible to redirect SMS in the same way. Such a task is quite solved, but a little more difficult in terms of choosing ways to implement.

The thing is that the redirection of SMS cannot be executed, for example, through the telecom operator and cannot be installed in the mobile device settings. Assist in this case can special applications that can be downloaded from Google Play.

The easiest to use is the SMS FORWARDER application. The notable designated program is considered:

  • Installation is free;
  • There are no rapid advertising blocks;
  • Exercise SMS redirection to the specified number or email.

It should also be noted that in Google Play you can find many similar applications, although not all of them are free.

Advantages and deficiencies of forwarding

Forwarding phone calls has a number of advantages and disadvantages that must be denoted. For example, the benefits can be attributed to such a fact that when making a forwarding installation, you can not only redirect a phone call, but also hide the main phone number.

As for the deficiencies indicated, they are not so much, but they still have. One of the main things is considered to pay the cost of calls between numbers. That is, a person will have to pay for a call to the phone, to the one that the call is performed and the cost of the call to the phone on which the redirection.

But it is worth considering that in the absence of funds on the balance of the intermediate mobile device, the call forwarding will be simply impossible.

As noted, the presented methods for making call forwarding and SMS-messages are quite simple in execution. The only complexity can be the placement of settings options depending on Android models. Although there are no special differences, therefore, if you carefully read the prompts, you can easily install and configure the designated function on your gadget, namely the forwarding of incoming phone calls.

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Users of smartphones sometimes face the need to configure call forwarding to a specific number. Options when it can be useful, several:

  • You change the phone number and for a while he needs to redirect calls from the old number to the new one;
  • You are outside the access zone of one operator, but you are communicated through another;
  • You drove on a business trip, took a corporate phone with you, but they forgot to houses;
  • You lost your phone.

In each of these cases, you will be connected if you know how to make redirection on the phone. You can redirect the incoming calls yourself, through the phone settings, or use the service provided by cellular operators.

By the way, if you want to learn how to find the lost Android phone. You can read this in our material.

How to turn on redirection using the operator?

All the four largest Russian mobile operators use single USSD commands to include forwarding. So, to install it for all calls, you need:

  • Introduce the number of the type of 21 meter view in the dialing line, where the number is a Russian number to which forwarding, containing ten digits without codes “8” or “7”, and click the call button.

Important: To make forwarding if the subscriber is out of the access area, it follows in all commands, except for the latter, replace “21” to “62”; If the number owner does not respond. to “61”, and if the leak for the trimmer is occupied. on “67”.

MTS allows you to forward not only voice calls, but also messages. this is enough to use the USSD command 1112320 #, and then enter the desired number in the dialog box. To receive an SMS to a given number at the body 2, the “black” client of the operator can use the 2861 receiver call command, where the number is ten digits without an international code. Beeline does not provide additional call forwarding options. it is possible to install it, following the instructions above. The same applies to MegaFon: the client of this network will be enough for a simple set of USSD requests.

Redirection using the operator

In addition to standard methods, redirection can be done using the operator. This feature allows you to record a greeting for unanswered calls. Also the option implies a message entry for the gadget owner through voicemail.

  • Call Support. Also, the command is included via USSD request. The cost of connecting the redirection is written off, but the service will be disabled if it does not use more than 3 months.
  • In the settings of the smartphone, click the “Voice Mail” item.
  • Here enter the number that dictated a hotline employee. Enter the necessary additional. Settings: availability of vibration, delay time and t. D.
  • Open the Forwarding Subsection. Here, select the category and enter another number.

Setting completed. Now, to listen to the received messages, you need to dial special. number (its numbers depend on the selected mob. operator).