Daewoo TVs: characteristics, best models, operating and repair tips

Often, user problems can be solved without calling the master at home. For your convenience, a TV setup is organized.

How to record a television program from the air

In DTV mode, click the “REC” button, the REC option menu will be displayed on the screen, and the system begins to record. Press the Reveal button to stop the recording and exit; After the recording is released, press the “Index” button, the recorded list will appear, select the file that you want to lose, you can read the file information by clicking the “green” button or delete it by pressing the “red” button. Click OK for playback.

Designation of the main buttons on the TV panel

All household appliances controlled by remote control are equipped with a panel with buttons for control and configuration. At first it was considered the main one, and the remote control was considered a convenient application. But gradually the size of the panel decreased, and the number of buttons was reduced. They began to make less and hide on the sides of the case or in the forefront. The dominant role in the management of the TV passed to the remote control.

Due to various circumstances, the remote control may not be at hand (lost, broke), so it is important to familiarize yourself with the buttons that are built into the TV housing and understand what each of them means.

Key and its designation The functions that it performs
Power The main button designed to turn on the TV. Can be located both on the control panel and separately
Menu By clicking on this button, the control window all the functions of the TV device opens
OK or Input With its help, the execution of the selected action is confirmed
Ch and Ch- These buttons are designed to switch translated channels, as well as choosing a certain function in the settings menu
Vol and Vol- Allow you to adjust the volume of sound, add or reduce it.

Different manufacturers try not to change the design of TVs, and maintain the location of the built.in control panel. For example, in Samsung models it is located on the front surface of the case, and in Philips. on the sides or back.

L p i measures.

Installation of batteries in remote control. 6

Connecting additional equipment. nine

Bszdijep of high temperatures, moisture, dust, vibrations

Install the TV so that bright sunlight does not fall on the screen.

Do not expose the TV exposure to vibration, moisture, dust or high temperatures.

Protect the TV from spray and drops.

Daewoo & Tcl crt tv service mode

The TV must be installed in a good ventilation place. Do not close the holes for

ventilation located on the rear panel of the TV

The TV can be put on the stand, or attached to the wall if you install.

The TV using the crown of mounting to the wall, you need to securely fix it.

Do not lower extraneous objects, such as needles and coins in ventilation holes.

Always disconnect the diet and antenna from the TV during a thunderstorm.

During cleaning, always disconnect the TV from the AC network. With a soft clean cloth

Wash the dust from the screen and TV body. If necessary, additional cleaning of the screen

Clean it with clean wet fabric. Do not use liquid cleaners for cleaning

Or aerosols. Do not use hard objects for cleaning the TV, as they can

Do not remove the rear panel of the TV, as there is a danger of electric damage

If the TV does not function properly, connect it from the outlet and contact it with

Preparation, nodcoednhehne Antennas, Cetn Pepemehgogo current

6 m a c 0 0 1 1 2 0 d p i 1 0 0 l p i

Installation Batapeek B Pula RemesTistyppeo UPR AVLEPI

remote control and open the department for

batteries. Install batteries (two 1.5 V, RO3 or type

Make sure you have inserted batteries in accordance with

the polarity indicated inside the department.

To avoid a possible leak from batteries, remove

If you are not going to use the IMN during

Cetn pepemehoghogo current

Connect the adapter plug to the input nest of TV 12B.

Connect: the other end of the cord to the power outlet of the power supply 100-240 b. 50/60Hz.

Sub.eater^no antenna directly to the TV

Connect the antenna cable (coaxial cable 750m) to the antenna nest located on the rear

How to connect 2 or more old TVs to the prefix

If there are several antenna connectors, then connect a couple of TVs to one prefix. To activate the method, you need to buy a special device. splitter. All TV will be synchronous, since the signal comes from one receiver.

There is another option to use one device through the “tulips” and activation of the second through HDMI. This method also works if a device with two tulips. If the device is without tulips, then you also need to buy a high.frequency modulator. a miniature device that offers a separate decoding of the signal. But take into account that the price is rather big. If you want to activate work without a prefix, you need to purchase a new TV model.

How to set digital channels on an old TV

Connecting digital TV to the old TV occurs using a prefix (DVB-T2 tuner). The tuner receives a signal and converts it into a supported format. It’s cheaper and easier to buy a prefix than the new TV, but there are also your nuances. you can not always configure a digital console.

For which TVs are the digital consoles suitable

Almost every modern TV is equipped with a connector for a special cable that transmits a signal. New TV can accept and process it, as well as use additional functions of such broadcasting. Old samples cannot do this, but if there is a tuner, then this task is assigned to it.

It is important to understand that the old ones mean models that were released in the late 90s and early 2000s or later. These already have connectors that allow you to connect a tuner to them.

old models, for example, Soviet tube, are not suitable for receiving digital broadcasting, even if you use a tuner. The old.style models simply do not support the connection of third.party devices.

See what kind of TV you have. If it has SCART or Tulip connectors (multi-colored cables, usually red-yellow-white), then this means that it is suitable for receiving television channels.

If your TVs have such connectors, then you can easily connect a digital console

In case of their absence, watch TV will not work. No additional adapters or connectors, to which it would be possible to connect a tuner on very old (until the 90s) models do not exist.

Connecting a console for digital television on an old TV

To watch digital TV from the old TV, [highlight] make sure you are suitable connectors [/highlight]. After that, you need to buy DVB-T2 prefix. Any is suitable for the old TV, they can differ in the number of channels. Before buying, you need to understand what is your connector. There are two types:

Through the Scart connector

It looks like a plug. Combines sound, video and other connectors. In order to connect to it, you need to buy a special adapter (if the tuner is no longer equipped with such a cable).

through “tulip”

3 connectors of different colors, mainly red, yellow and white (other variations may occur). Most tuners are equipped with just such an entrance.

So, you have decided what you have a connector and whether you need additional adapters for connecting. Now, we will learn how to connect a digital console to an old TV.

Setting procedure. connection instructions

Turn on the TV to make sure that it is operational. We take our DVB-T2 tuner and connect the antenna to it. For this we have a special cable. To connect, screw the cord into the tuner, make sure that the cable adjacent to the entrance. Then you can start connecting the tuner to TV.

How To Rescan Channels On A Samsung TV

There are two options-a SCART slice or “tulip”. If you have a “tulip”, then just connect three wires to the TV, and then to the prefix. It is important to do everything in accordance with the colors, that is, white to white, yellow to yellow and red to red.

If you have a Scart connector, then you will need an adapter in order to connect “tulips” to it. On the one hand, the adapter has a SCART connector, and on the other, the entrances are tulpana.

By connecting the tuner, check if it works. To do this, turn on the TV and tuner. A separate remote control is supplied to the tuner, so now you will have to constantly turn on the TV and the tuner separately. If you did everything right, then he must earn, and you can take broadcasting and watch channels.

Ways to set up channels on TV

Automatic setting is performed by a remote control. The user must find the “menu” button, and use it to display the context menu to the TV TV screen TV. Then you need to select the items “Settings”. “Automatic Settings”. When the auto.installation process is over, get a list of digital channels. TV automatically keeps Russian and foreign channels. Looking for a TV using the built.in antenna. Sorting is the one that the provider offers. TV finds channels itself.

Automatic channel tuning on the TV is performed by a remote control

You can install it manually. To do this, you need to know in advance the initial data of the TV channel. Then you need to use the PDU, select the “menu” key, and display the context menu to the TV TV screen TV. Then you need to select in order: “settings”. “manual setting”. Choosing “manual setting”, you need to enter the values ​​of the channels. Next, you need to select “Save”, so you will work to start the process of searching and preserving the necessary television channel in the memory of TV. Such manipulations must be performed with each necessary channel of digital broadcasting.

Ways to connect an old TV to digital television

If the user has a Soviet or lamp TV, then the methods of connection by means of plugs will not be effective there simply.

It is most logical to buy another more modern TV than to buy and redo various devices.

Those who want or are friends with technology, then other ways.

The use of RG 6U or SAT cables. The tuning is made by connecting the cable antenna to the TV and the prefix using the RG 6U or SAT cables, which are actively used in the manufacture of old TV models. That is, take the usual cable of the desired length and at the ends, fix the usual plug “mother” and “folder”, accordingly. Connect one to the console, the other end to the TV. Bought a prefix with an antenna output.

Problems may arise in different stages, so ask yourself if you are ready to spend your time on this. Here is the video more detailed for connecting to the old TV record.

Set the Daewoo TV without a remote control

If with the help of TV keys there is no way to enter the settings menu, then buy a universal remote control and tune your Daewoo.

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