How to download and install ForkPlayer for different SMART TV models

Haier has developed and installed on their TVs a unique EVO TV application that saves time when searching for films, helps to choose content and shows which online platforms can be viewed. The application works on all models of the company with support for Android TV Haier in Russia.

  • Why EVO TV is relevant for users
  • How does Evo TV saves user time
  • Other advantages of the EVO TV application
  • How to run EVO TV on your TV

How to determine whether “Hyer” supports DVB-T2 format?

A new line of TVs of the average price category was released by Haier. Due to the low price and relatively good quality, new models are in great demand among the population.

This is due to the fact that it practically does not have significant drawbacks. And the advantages can be attributed to:

  • Low cost.
  • Multifunctionality. It is possible to view digital TV, Internet access.
  • High quality image.

The most frequent question that the owners of TVs are in recently associated with digital television support. You can find the answer to it in several easy ways:

  • View in the instructions. In the section on technical specifications should be the item in which the support of the digital standard is written. If it is available, the TV supports digital TV.
  • Find a description of the product in the online store. You need to open the section “Specifications”, then subparagraph “receiving a signal”, in which it should be written about support for DVB-T / T.
  • In the absence of instructions, as well as descriptions of the characteristics of the TV on the Internet, you can find the necessary information in the manufacturer’s service center.

How to configure Smart TV Haiter?

If the pin code window on the screen “hangs”, try clicking on the DISP button and hold it for a very long time. sometimes it is enough to remove the lock from the TV.

channels, haer, main

How to remove the channel lock on the TV?

Sometimes helps: Press the DISP button on the remote and hold it for 10 seconds. If it does not help, then: a regular remote control according to the instructions. There is no protection against children on the TV, but there is no regular remote control (remote control) or lost.

  • Go to the TV menu, go to the channel section.
  • Select an antenna reception mode, ether or DVB-T2
  • Next, select the auto parts of the channels.
  • Type of CVTV or DTV channels for search Only numbers.

Automatic channel configuration


If you connect Cable TV in England, you must connect to the TV Cable Receiver. If you select DVB-C, then the selection will be provided with the scan type: Full or accelerated (Full and Quick Way. respectively).

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After that, the channel setting will be launched, which will last 2-3 minutes. Real-time reflects the download process and the number of channel found.

channels, haer, main

After that, the channels will be placed in the specified order. You can edit them in the PROGRAMME EDIT menu. Standard password. “0000”, as a new password, this combination cannot be re-selecting.

User manual

After removing from the LED-TV Haier you need to install on the support or hang on the wall. With wall mounting you need to pre-protect the front surface of the screen from negative external influences. The bracket is fixed on the back panel, in special screws for screws. Depending on the model, the distance between them will be 200 mm for devices with a diagonal of up to 43 inches or 400 mm for 55/65 inches TVs. It can only be placed on the capital wall.

Haier TV is included with both the physical button located on the lower edge of its frame and the remote control.

The navigation menu for control consists of a crossbar with a central button and 4 elements by its perimeter. These are elements. Doubles for an emergency. The main control is performed by a remote control.

When you first turn on, certain actions are assumed.

  • Select language.
  • Install the start password. by default 0000, but you can enter your.
  • Select work format. In demonstration mode Shop Volume will always be the maximum. It is worth choosing Home Mode for home use.
  • Configure network connection.
  • Choose DVB Type Antenna, Tuning Mode, Country. You can set these parameters automatically.
  • Find TV programs. The search will be executed in the TV, DTV, Radio range. If this is not done, the default on the TV screen will be the inscription “No Signal”. It appears if there is no broadcast due to prevention.

Upon completion of the primary configuration, the home screen of the TV will boot. From here you can choose the source type: DTV, ATV, HDMI 1, 2 or 3, AV and others. In the Applications ribbon you can find and launch applications.

  • configure image settings;
  • Correct the sound;
  • Balance the channels of the acoustic signal;
  • Enter and set a network configuration (Wi-Fi, cable);
  • run autopoys wi-fi signal;
  • activate subtitles;
  • Turn on the blue screen mode;
  • Get access to PVR file system
  • Update software for USB;
  • Run to the factory settings.

To enable YouTube from your phone on TV Haier, you need to connect two SMART gadgets to 1 Wi-Fi network. After that, it will be enough to go to the app on TV and click in it the icon in the form of a house. On the phone you need to enter the same account, go to the settings, select the “View on TV” item. If everything is done correctly, the image from the display of the smartphone will be translated on the TV screen.

Block the channel for viewing can be directly in the menu. Enough to use the Up and Down buttons to switch between programs, and then click OK. Disable secure mode and proceed to setting the channels again by entering password. It must be inscribed in Lock Menu. Universal default code. 0000. If this combination does not work, you can use a supervisor password 9443.

Setting up digital channels on AKAI TVs

If the user does not know whether its TV receiver supports DVB-T2 format, it is recommended to visit the website of the Watch.RU. Here you need to go to the tab with the title “Check your TV”, where to specify the name of the model and the series. In the case when the TV is equipped with a built-in decoder, you will not have to buy a special console. To configure digital channels, it is sufficient to connect the DMW antenna to the receiver, and after turning on the device itself, and use the remote control to go to the main menu. Akay TV setting is performed by two methods.

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The first way is more convenient and simple, as the channels are configured in automatic mode:

  • On the remote control you must click the transition button to the main menu.
  • By activating the “Left” button, a section called “Channels“.
  • Next, you need to select the “Auto Setup” item and click the “OK” button.
  • The next step is the choice of broadcasting format. To search for 20 free digital channels indicates the option “DVB-T2”, for cable television. “DVB-C”.
  • It is necessary to choose your own region, it is recommended to specify “Russia”.
  • Now it remains to click on the “Search” button and wait until the equipment will scan access to available TV channels.

If the channels were not found, the reason can be both in the TV itself and in the antenna structure. The latter is selected not only on the basis of the supported range, but also depending on the distance to the nearest television. When the distance exceeds 20 km, you will need an antenna with an amplifier, and better if it is an external type device. Also well-established structures known as the “Polish antenna”.

In the case when the automatic search did not bring the desired result, you can try to configure the digital channels in manual mode. To do this, you should find out the frequency of multiplexes and channel number. These data are presented on the RTRS website.RF, where using an interactive map should find its own region, and then. the most blonde from the house repeater.

For manual search, you need to go to the main menu using the IMPUT button and select the desired broadcast format, and then the desired setting option. Special fields are entered by the data obtained on the page with an interactive map, after which the manual scanning mode is started. After the channels are found, the user needs to keep the result.

Configure Digital Channels on TV Hyer

Now let’s see how to configure Haier TV for digital television. The company was engaged in the production of televisions before digital television worldwide appeared. Therefore, models that still work with users for almost decades may not be able to maintain digital television. Especially for them it is necessary to purchase digital decoders (TV tuners).

Channel settings on Haier TV. automatic and manual

To set up digital channels on your cheerful intelligent TV and watch digital TV, locate the MUNI button on the remote control and press it.

Then locate the channel option and click OK.

Go to DVB Antenna and select Cable or Antenna.

Then select Automatic Setup or Manual Search.

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In the Auto Tune section, select Options.

Select DTV for digital channels and ATV for analog channels. If you want to use both digital and analog channels, select DTV and ATV.

Then you must choose a country, leaving Russia.

channels, haer, main

The operator enters another, you do not need to select operators from the list, just enter the other and all.

Search type Select Full if you know the frequency of your operator, then install the network and go through the settings below.

Then turn on the automatic search and wait for digital channels on your Haier TV (Haier).

What you need to know the owners of Smart TV from Haiter

How to configure digital television on the HYER TV, equipped with Smart TV and DVB-T2 standard? In this case, everything is a little simpler because you do not need to buy an additional receiver:

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  • Connect the antenna to the appropriate antenna connector on the Smart TV.
  • Connect the TV to the power supply.
  • Using the remote control, press the Muni button and in the “Channel” open menu.this is good”
  • Select DVB “Antenna”. or “cable”
  • Click the desired setting type “Automatic”. or “user manual”
  • Installing DTV and ATV to “Setting the Mode”
  • Ride the country.
  • Skip the element with operators by clicking “Next”.
  • Click on “Auto Determination”. and wait for the completion of the process.
  • Detected TV channels are automatically saved in the television memory.

Do not press any remote control button during channel search. Otherwise, the search will be canceled, the TV will remember a small number of channel found, and the entire procedure will have to be repeated in accordance with the instructions.

Frequent errors and their solution

If the TV Haiter is an outdated model, then you need to purchase an appropriate console that makes decoding digital equipment.

Outdated software

Frequent cause of the absence of the signal is the irrelevant software. Modern models update the software using the Internet, but you must make sure that the automatic update function is active.

Also this problem is relevant for the prefix with the DVB-T2 tuner. In this case, it is necessary to re-flash software.

Antenna malfunction

It is necessary to check what state is the antenna, the cable that connects it to the TV and connectors. If a malfunction is detected, then you need to fix it.

Check if the signal amplifier works correctly using the radio and TV channel settings.

Variate the position until you reach the best signal strength (70%).

If you have all the necessary equipment and it works properly, then according to the instructions you can easily configure the TV to receive digital channels.

Recently, digital television causes a large excitement, this is due to the availability of content. This area is actively developing, multiple offices that provide services for the maintenance and connection of digital TV. Independently set up the TV even a novice will not be very difficult.