How to configure the ASUS RT N12 router in a repiter mode

The regimen of the repiter, or Wi-Fi amplifier is present in almost every ASUS router model. This function may still be called WDS Bridge. It is very useful if you already have a tuned wireless network, but the signal power is not enough to have a stable connection in some remote room. In such a situation, you can not buy a Wi-Fi amplifier separately, but configure as an ordinary ASUS RT-N12 router as the repeater, on which I will show how this is done.

What is the repeater mode on the asus router?

The regimen of the repiter, or Wi-Fi amplifier is a special condition of the router, in which he simultaneously accepts and retires the Internet through a wireless channel.

Although we do not change the router so often, in any case, the equipment is periodically updated. And somewhere in the closet the old ASUS router may probably fall over, which still has no application. And it was a pity to throw away. Here it will be useful to us as a signal repeater to enhance and expand the reception zone from the main point Wi-Fi.

Configuration of the main router for connecting as an ASUS RT-N12 amplifier

Before converting your ASUS router into a repiter mode, you need to make one very important setting on the main router, which has access to the Internet and from which we are going to relay the signal.

Namely, install one defined Wi-Fi channel. Without it, it is likely to achieve a stable and high.quality technique. About what it is and how to choose a channel described in detail in a separate entry on our website.

In this case, the manufacturer of the main device does not have to be ASUS, you can strengthen Wi-Fi from any model.

Nothing else needs to be done here if the Wi-Fi network is successfully working, then we will be able to connect to it and retranstate.

Which ASUS RT-N12 router can be used as a Wi-Fi repeater?

From the line of models of ASUS routers, I came across RT-N10U, RT-N14U, RT-N12 and several more, and all of them had the opportunity to use as a repiter. To activate it, you must first connect it to the computer and then go to the web-intenses of the ASUS router, which is located at http: //, login and password by default the same admin. If they are not suitable, then just make a full reset with the Reset button on the case anyway the previous settings you will not need it already.

ASUS router setting as Wi-Fi Repiter

The translation of the ASUS router to the role of the Repiter occurs in the administration menu. Here we put the flag on the repeater mode and click on the button to save. In some models, it can also be called WDS Bridge

How to set up asus repiter

So, we need to connect the ASUS router via Wi-Fi network to the main router in the repeater mode. We connect to it through a cable with a rj45 connector. This is the lace that usually comes with the router. We connect one end to the computer, and the second in one of the four identical ports in the router. As it shown on the picture

We connect a cable into one of four LAN ports (yellow)

asus, router, repiter, mode

ASUS router quick how-to: expand your Wi-Fi with a range extender

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If you go to the router from the laptop, then turn off the Wi-Fi network on it so that there is no conflict with the main router.

After that, in the address line of your browser, we score the speed of the router: If this address cannot be entered. try address If after that it is not possible to get to the router, then it is necessary to restore factory settings (see. Instructions for the router).

After connection, enter the admin login and the password Admin.

If the initial setting of the router has already been made, then you will open about this picture:

The main window of the ASUS router. To select the repeater mode, click on the button circled in red

Next, we need to switch to the repeater mode. This stage is also with the initial setting of a router, which we do not show. There we also select the repeater mode. After choosing, press the button to save in order to go into the settings of this function.

Select the repeater mode.

In the next step, you will open all Wi-Fi networks that the router found in a radius of its action. You need to choose the network to which you want to connect. That is, the network of your main router. At the same time, we evaluate the signal power so that it is not too weak. Otherwise there will be losses in speed.

When choosing a network, we can evaluate the signal level from the router-donor. If there is a choice, which network is connected to, then the best is clearly visible here

After choosing a network, click on it and enter the password to the main router. The one with whom you connect your phones and smartphones. Press the connection button

Enter a network key (password on Wi-Fi) to connect to the main router

At the next stage, you are invited to enter the name of the Repiter (Repeater) network and indicate what will be the password on the Wi-Fi network in the new device (at least eight signs).

We call the Repiter network that your phone will see and come up with a password on Wi-Fi

Connection occurs, and after the network is configured, you can once again see the entered data: network name, password, encryption type and internal IP address.

After you click further, the general instructions for connecting to a wireless network are shown.

At the setting stage-a brief instruction on how to connect to a new Wi-Fi network

Click to complete and we are opening the main window of the router already in the repiter mode, the so.called network map. If you compare the Repiter menu with the menu of the main router of a similar or similar model, you can notice that they are significantly cut.

Now all your phones, tablets, laptops and other Wi-Fi devices must be connected to the repiter. After that, when they are outside the zone of the action of your main router or its network will be weak, the Internet will go through a stronger Wi-Fi repeater network.


The router is equipped with two antennas with an amplification factor of 5 decibels, and the maximum wireless speed declared by the manufacturer is 300Mbit/s.

The main characteristics of ASUS RT-N12 VP B1:

Wireless communication protocol IEEE 802.11n with frequency 2.4 GHz
WAN connector (for connecting the Internet) one
LAN ports (for connecting user devices) 4, speed up to 100ms/s
Protection standards WEP, WPA, WPA2
Buttons WPS /Reset
The number of antennas 2 non.removable 5DBI reinforcement factor
Dynamic routing protocols IGMP V1, IGMP V2

TP-Link router and setting the repiter mode

Now let’s look at how to configure the repeater mode on the TP-Link router using the Archer C20 model. To do this, we go to his settings website using IP address or tplinkwifi.Net. Login for entering Admin. Password by defending-Admin.

After authorization, open the section of the menu wireless mode. If the TP-Link router is two-band, then you need to choose the range in which we will use the router in the repiter mode. I will consider the range 2.4 GHZ. Go to the main settings. there you need to find and put a checkplace at the “Turn on WDS” item. After that, the parameters of the configuration of the new mode will appear below. Click on the “Search” button. A list of available networks will appear.

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Choose the one to which we will connect, look at which Wi-Fi channel it uses and click on the “Connect” button. Now the parameters of this network should be registered in the web-intese fields.

We prescribe the password for connecting to the Wi-Fi of the main router and click on the “Save” button.

asus, router, repiter, mode

Now find the DHCP server settings section in the web-integer and disconnect it. Otherwise, the router and the newly made ranger of its signal will just interfere with each other to work.

That’s it, we tuned the TP-Link router in the Wi-Fi repiter mode, it remains only to check if he could connect to the main network. To do this, open the page “condition” and look at the line “WDS”:

There should be status. established. This means that the connection of two devices in one network segment occurred successfully. We need it!

We connect a phone or tablet to the repeater and check the Internet access. Everything should work.



I think that many will pay attention to the fact that in the given SSID network settings are not hidden. This can be considered a disadvantage. But there is an explanation for this. The network was tuned with a customer who does not put maximum safety at the forefront, but the simplicity of adding new devices required. Many may encounter this. If you are not an admin of a particular network, then ten times to explain how to add a PDA or a new laptop to the network very quickly. For this reason, I cannot say how convenient the distributed network with hidden SSID is in work.

WPA vs. WPA2

In an ideal case, you need to use maximum protection, t.e. WPA2. But most of the wireless printers, mobile phones, etc. have different sales of wireless modules, so often WPA2 does not allow you to connect almost the entire periphery. In your case, it can only be used by WPA2.

MAC addresses

I did not set up filtering at the MAC address of access points, for reasons similar to settled in I don’t need extra configuration problems. In addition, the network was homemade and did not require special security measures. P.S. As for Wi-Fi in the office. I generally against this. True, it happens that you can’t do it otherwise.

That’s all. Given that the setting of a distributed wireless network was the last time I did a year ago, I ask you not to scold me for the absence of any details or the presence of typos. As always, Комментарии и мнения владельцев are welcome. I note once again, when using ASUS firmware for using WPA/WPA2 encryption, WDS cannot be configured. It is necessary to configure the signal repeater of the main router.


  • Added 19.ten.11: After experiments with the firmware, the article “Restoration of the ASUS WL-500GP firmware” may come in handy.
  • Added 20.ten.11: to the heap: if you decide to use a router stitched in DD-WRT (others have not tried, if you know, tell) as a repeater, then you will encounter a bunch of ambiguities and at the end if you do it, it will most likely be the mode Repeater Bridge and the second wireless network, which will have to switch to wireless customers if they move from one network zone to another.

Conclusion: The simplest and most correct, in my opinion, is to use a special device, such as described in this article above the ASUS WL-320GE. It works. Unlike dancing, with whom I personally have encountered more than once or twice.


You can update the firmware if the ASUS RT-N12 VP B1 router “cuts” the Internet speed on Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to log in to the administrator panel and select the Administration tab in the left menu and switch to the “Microdper.Renewal”.

asus, router, repiter, mode

Next, in the paragraph “Firmware”, click the “Check” button. In the presence of fresh firmware, this message will appear:

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Excellent, there was a fresh version of the firmware, for the installation, click the “Update Microdemogram” button.

Important! When the power is turned off during the update, there is a chance to turn your router into a “brick” and it will stop working.

Next will download the firmware and its installation.

You can also go to the manufacturer’s website, and download the desired firmware (firmware). Next, go to the menu “Microderogram update” and load it manually.


Should pay tribute to the manufacturer and praise for the simplicity of the connection process. TP-LINK TL-WA850RE tuning is not difficult even among novice users. TP-Link put two copies of instructions in English and Russian in a box with the device, and also duplicated their electronic versions on the CD.

If the router is equipped with a WPS function, then the entire connection is reduced to the presses of these buttons on the devices.

To connect, it is necessary to perform such successive actions:

  • Insert a relay into a 220V network (you can use an extension cord or adapter if there is no outlet in the right room);
  • On the router, press the WPS key;
  • Now press the button on the rehearsal (the lock is drawn on it);
  • The repeater will light up the Light Indicator “Re”;
  • Ready. The device will connect with the access point and begin to broadcast Wi-Fi.

Note: After the actions performed, you can turn off the repiter from the mains and insert it into the outlet in another room, the installation of the connection with the router is already carried out in automatic mode and the user is already performing additional actions with pressing on WPS.

The device preserves in its memory the network to which it was previously connected.

Definition and principle of work

WDS (Wireless Distribution System) deciphens as a wireless distribution system, namely the mode of the bridge. Two different networks are connected by Wi-Fi to expand the coating area. Users often do not understand why WDS is needed. Basically, the need to set up the bridge arises in offices or large houses when the power of the current router is not enough.

  • Relative simplicity of settings.
  • Reduction in costs. Instead of tens of meters of wires, you can get by with 2-3 routers.
  • Client MAC addresses are preserved.
  • The signal is re.sent without additional processing, the data is simply sent to all ports.
  • It is difficult (impossible) to connect the equipment of different manufacturers into one network due to the use of different standards.
  • The access speed of the connection is reduced. This is due to the fact that the data exchange occurs between the only cable communication channel.
  • The security of the network is reduced, since only static WEP keys can be used. The generation of dynamic WDS does not support.


Concluding the topic, you need to consider how to reset everything configured. return the router to factory parameters. On the administration page, one tab “settings management”, except for reset, can be saved there and restore previously saved. The parameter “Factory settings” is responsible for the reset. After pressing the “Restore” button, the router will ask for confirmation, and then overloads, using the initial settings.

Old ASUS WiFi Router RT-N12 Repeater Mode

The router is popular and many reviews about the RT-N12 model are positive. Here are part of them.