The best webcams for streaming

Webcam. it is an indispensable piece of equipment for online broadcasting. Streams that show the author himself are much more popular than usual. In essence, the camera helps viewers perceive the content that is shown on the screen as something new and unique, and not just footage from the game. It also helps build and strengthen the bond between the streamer and the audience.

Next, we’ll take a look at a few of the most notable webcams currently available and try to figure out which one is best for live streaming.

Logitech C922x

Our list will be captive webcams from Logitech, and a new, updated version of the C920. one of them. The model has some improvements over the previous version, although some people will definitely find these improvements useful.

Logitech C922x. a more expensive option for those of higher standards. The design is very similar to the C920, although it undoubtedly gives the impression of a more premium product thanks to the completely black glass body.

Like the C920, the camera can shoot at 1080p, boasting a 15MP sensor, complete with a high-quality lens and video compression. However, the C922x performs better when it comes to light correction, making lighting more natural.

Again, as with the C920, the C922x is equipped with two microphones, although they are noticeably better as they record much clearer sound with little to no background noise. This is by far one of the best microphones you will find on an internet camera, although it is still not a competitor to a good external microphone.

Overall, the C922x is very similar to the C920, and the key improvements are the microphone and lighting correction, although the problem is the same: the C922x is usually a little more expensive than the previous model, albeit not by much, so you have to spend.


    Full HD video recording; Improved quality with superior light correction; Excellent stereo microphone.


Logitech HD C270

Another product from Logitech. Although the device is much more modest than the C920 or C922x, the C270. it is a simple webcam with a plastic body that does NOT have any Special Benefits, except for the fact that it is a very reliable and affordable device.

The C270 can record 720p video, which is the standard for most webcams today. While the device has a seemingly meager 3MP camera, Logitech’s excellent software plays a big role in helping your webcam deliver crisp quality.

The camera includes Logitech Fluid Crystal technology and automatic light correction. The first technology improves video on all fronts: sharpness, color, contrast and overall clarity. As for the automatic light correction, it has the same function as in previous webcams: improving video / image quality in low light conditions.

When it comes to microphone, this is a regular monaural microphone. And while the word “mono” may sound discouraging at first glance, the microphone is still pretty good. at least for video calls. It uses noise cancellation to provide clear audio during video calls, but very little for streaming.

The only real problem we run into with the C270 is that it’s a little tricky to install. This is not such a big problem for desktop users, but should be taken into account when using a laptop.

Overall, the C270 offers the quality we’ve come to expect from Logitech and represents a pretty good price-performance ratio, both in terms of camera and microphone. Therefore, those on a tight budget will definitely find the C270 an attractive product.


    Excellent video quality; A surprisingly good microphone Good value for money.


    Somewhat unstable when mounted.

Logitech BRIO

Logitech BRIO. amazing and high quality webcam. It features a sleek, futuristic design, and offers video quality that beats previous Logitech webcams, which of course comes at a price.

If you thought the C920 and C922x were pretty good with 1080p recording capabilities and lighting correction, just wait to see what BRIO can do: the device shoots in 4K and supports HDR, while Rightlight 3 technology ensures the camera shoots. user in the best possible light (no pun intended). BRIO is capable of recording at higher frame rates at downscaling. Although the device can only record 4K footage at 30fps, it is 60fps at 1080p and 720p. 90 frames per second.

As you would expect, the camera comes with a stereo microphone, but any streamer will inevitably want something better, no matter how good the built-in microphone is.

The main disadvantage of BRIO, as you would expect, is the price. ). very expensive for a webcam, but it pays off in terms of quality. Other than that, the mounting clip isn’t as good as you’d expect, especially given the aforementioned price tag, and as with the C270, it might seem too weak when installed on laptops.

If you want a better device and are willing to splurge, there is a better webcam than the Logitech BRIO. Stunning video quality. key point, the mic is great too, although the mounting clip leaves a lot to be desired.


    Beautiful 4K quality with HDR; High quality microphone; futuristic design.


    Mounting clip is poor; very expensive.

Logitech HD Pro C920

The Logitech company was founded back in 1981 and for all the time of its existence it managed to turn into a rather well-known and prestigious company, which we love for its high-quality equipment. The first product, which we will consider next, is fully consistent with the company’s reputation.

Logitech HD Pro C920. it is a state-of-the-art webcam that allows you to capture high definition video and take the same quality photos. The model is compact and flexible, therefore it is suitable for performing any tasks, largely due to a large number of very useful and convenient functions.

Model C920. This is the only webcam on our list capable of capturing high definition 1080p video. But when it comes to the quality of shooting, the number of megapixels is far from the main thing that is worth paying attention to.

Most importantly, the model comes with a Carl Zeiss glass lens, which is equipped with smart autofocus. This means that the “picture” will always be in focus, no matter how often you move away from the monitor or, on the contrary, approach it.

Full HD resolution was realized thanks to the H.264 codec. The video is automatically transcoded while shooting. This allows you to greatly save the space available on the memory card, while not losing the quality of the video itself.

Unlike most other webcams, the C920 is equipped with a stereo noise canceling microphone instead of mono. Therefore, the device is perfect not only for video calls, but also for online broadcasts. Plus, having an extra microphone is never superfluous.

Due to poor lighting, the final video quality can drop even lower than using a cheap webcam. We all know very well this analog grain, which greatly spoils the “picture”. Fortunately, the Logitech HD Pro C920 has an automatic color correction feature. Because the camera adjusts the lighting on the fly, the result is always a bright shot, regardless of ambient light.

The webcam is fully compatible with Windows 7 and later operating systems. The model also works with devices based on Mac OS 10.6, Chrome OS, Android 5.0 and higher.

Logitech HD Pro C920 Ranked on our list of the best webcams, so it has a higher price tag when compared to other devices. On average, you will have to pay about 6869 rubles for a webcam. While the total is slightly more than the average streamer can afford, buying the Logitech HD Pro C920 is an investment in the future. over, if you plan to develop in the field of streaming and further.

    Full HD recording; Clear and bright picture; Quality stereo microphone.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

So, here is a webcam from one of the world’s most famous IT companies. Speech at Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, which ranks third on our list and whose name speaks for itself.

webcam, stream

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema differs from most other webcams in its cylinder-shaped body, which strongly resembles a real movie camera. Actually, on account of this, the model got its name. It features a sturdy construction and a black / silver finish with a top-mounted microphone.

Although the webcam records 720p video, we know that resolution is far from everything. In fact, the strong point of this model is the wide-angle autofocus lens. This allows you to achieve a sharper and deeper picture.

In terms of software, LifeCam Cinema uses TrueColor technology with Face Tracking. This gives the device more precise focus and exposure control tools that allow you to record clear videos, showing you only in your best light.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema features a top-mounted noise-canceling mono microphone. And overall it can be called pretty good for a webcam.

The webcam is fully compatible only with operating systems of the Windows family (version 8 and later). If you connect the device to a Windows 7 PC, some functions will not be available. In addition, problems may arise when connecting with some versions of macOS 10.7-10.10.

Due to its unusual design, the webcam is not suitable for every laptop and can easily fall over. Obviously, the device was designed for flat-panel LCD and LED displays and is NOT intended for computers whose screen constantly changes its position from a strictly vertical.

Autofocus becomes overly intrusive at times, especially in dark rooms. This is far from the most serious flaw, but the constantly changing sharpness of the image is really annoying.


  • Wide angle lens with wide viewing angle
  • High-quality assembly
  • The microphone is better than the average camera
  • Good value for money
  • Poor fastening;
  • Poor autofocus, mostly in low light.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Next on our list is another webcam from Microsoft, albeit NOT as bright as the previous LifeCam Cinema. The LifeCam HD-3000 model can be called a budget option, although it would be more correct to consider it as something between the middle and low price ranges.

Externally, the device corresponds to the LifeCam line, therefore, it has a body painted in black with silver reflections. This is far from the best webcam for live streaming, but it does an excellent job.

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 records video in HD 720p, albeit with a simple plastic lens. And although the model has autofocus functions and TrueColor support for Windows 8 and higher, the webcam cannot boast of other features that are found in more expensive products from the LifeCam line.

The webcam is equipped with a conventional mono microphone with noise reduction. Although at first glance it does NOT differ from others in the LifeCam line, in fact it is noticeably worse. In general, the microphone is suitable for video calls, but it will not be enough for online broadcasts.

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 webcams have exactly the same compatibility options as the LifeCam Cinema model: it fully supports Windows 8 and later, partially works with Windows 7 and computers based on macOS 10.7-10.10.

Almost all cameras allow you to select and change the tilt angle. This is a really important thing, especially if you are sitting at a table that is too low or too high. Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 doesn’t allow this, so it’s really difficult to place it at the right angle.

Like the LifeCam Cinema, the HD-3000 suffers from the same mounting issues. It is difficult to install a webcam on the monitor so that She does not move. Again, this is a minor drawback for desktop PCs. But a serious problem for laptop owners.


  • Good quality video for your money;
  • HD 720p recording.


    Difficult to mount on the monitor and adjust to the correct angle.

Logitech HD Webcam B525

Another device from Logitech, which proved to be the leader in this segment. The B525 model is notable for its affordability: a webcam can be purchased for three and a half thousand rubles, and it is cheaper than most items in this collection.

As for the technical characteristics, the device records video in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, is able to automatically focus on the user’s face, is firmly attached to the monitor and, in general, perfectly performs the tasks assigned to it.

You can only complain about the microphone, which, although it can boast of good sensitivity, weakly suppresses third-party noises: Stream viewers will hear Not only your voice, but also the sounds of the environment.

We can’t call the Logitech HD Webcam B525 a professional streamer tool, but as a starting point, this gadget will do just fine.


    FullHD video recording; Swivel mount.


Canyon CNS-CWC5

A relatively inexpensive webcam, which is useful for Skype conversations, video conferencing in Zoom, and as a working tool for streamers.

It records an image at a resolution of 1920×1080 with 30 frames per second, automatically focuses and adjusts to the lighting, but in some cases you will have to try to fit the camera to your needs. auto adjustment sometimes fails and chooses the wrong brightness.

But this model has a good microphone with high-quality noise reduction, and if you do NOT plan to use a separate device for voice capturing, then the Canyon CNS-CWC5 is perfect for you.


    FullHD video recording: Good noise reduction.


Logitech StreamCam

Even the name of this webcam hints at its purpose: yes, it is a device aimed at content creators and offers a wide range of possibilities.

Among them. high resolution video recording, stabilization, mounting on a monitor and a tripod, tracking user movements, autofocus. In addition, the software allows you to create a variety of scenes, specify capture zones, add chroma key, watermarks, text and effects, and much more.

Logitech StreamCam uses a dual microphone configuration for better audio pickup and noise reduction.

In addition, the gadget is available in two colors (if it matters to you) and is not worth treasured top solutions from Logitech and other manufacturers.


    Good video and sound quality; High-quality noise suppression; Installation on a monitor and a tripod; functional software.


Genius QCam 6000

Here are the advanced models back to the “folk”. Genius QCam 6000. of these: this camera is not accompanied by functional software and does not know how to “Follow” the user, but it costs less than three thousand rubles, records video in FullHD and writes sound well.

Of course, professional content makers do not need such a tool, but those who stream “for friends” are just entering this path and are wary of buying top gadgets, and not knowing how successful it will be, the budget model from Genius will be affordable.. and according to needs.



    NOT the best mic; Sun additional functions.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Microsoft’s Lifecam Studio is slightly more expensive than LifeCam Cinema. the reason for this is the ability to record video in FullHD. Nevertheless, users will find high quality image capture, a functional mount with a swivel mechanism, support for TrueColor and Clear Frame technologies (the former provides realistic colors, and the latter adds clarity to the image), as well as automatic focus.

Sound recording also does NOT fail: the microphone in Microsoft LifeCam Studio is sensitive enough to catch even a whisper, but it has problems with filtering extraneous noise. take note of this. However, if you want to connect the device and immediately start working with it. Microsoft’s webcam will be one of the best options.


    Video and sound recording quality; Good color rendering and elimination of blur.


    The microphone picks up extraneous sounds.

Defender G-lens 2693

Another budget option for those looking to save money while still getting the thrill of 1080p video and a sensitive microphone. The Defender G-lens 2693 does everything a webcam should do, not empty the user’s wallet, and overall it delivers a pretty decent quality.

However, there were no compromises: autofocus does not always work correctly, and the microphone can hardly cope with the suppression of noise. This is a good and inexpensive option, but over time you may want to purchase something more efficient.



    Problems with autofocus and noise reduction.

How to choose the best webcam

As always, the choice of device is highly dependent on cost, and therefore on your budget. That is why we have compiled a small guide in which we will tell you how important certain functions are and which ones you should pay special attention to if you want to choose the perfect webcam for your needs.

Do you need Full HD resolution

We all know this obsessive desire to buy only new items made with the latest technology. And yet, only those whose budget is really limited ask themselves whether all these “newfangled” functions are really needed or can you do without them??

First, evaluate for what purpose you will be using your webcam. If you just want viewers to see your face while streaming, then the choice between a device that supports recording in 720p or 1080p is unlikely to be critical for you. Because such a video will occupy only a small part of the monitor. And in order to notice the difference between HD Ready and Full HD resolution, it needs to be stretched to full screen.

Based on this, the maximum available video resolution does not have to remain a key factor when choosing a device. If you can afford to overpay for 1080p, then go for it. over, such a webcam may be more reliable in the future. But if the budget is strictly limited, then 720p resolution will be enough for streaming.

Difference Between Plastic and Glass Lens

Premium webcams differ from cheap ones in that they are made of more expensive materials. Although in fact, their use does not greatly affect the picture quality. It would be more appropriate to doubt between plastic and glass Choosing glasses or lenses, but NOT a webcam lens.

Do I need a microphone

As we said, in webcams there are quite ordinary microphones, which are unlikely to surprise you with their characteristics. The only reason they exist at all is the desire of manufacturers to make video calling more convenient. And in this they do an excellent job.

On the other hand, if you want to stick out, then you will need an external microphone anyway. What for? Simply because it will be much better than the built-in one anyway, greatly affecting the overall sound quality. Plus, external microphones often offer additional functionality.

How color grading works

Automatic color and light correction technologies affect the overall quality of the “picture” much more than you might think. In fact, it is poor lighting that often becomes the main prerequisite for poor quality videos. In addition, most people simply do not know how to properly organize a workspace.

Fortunately, some webcams are equipped with special features to automatically correct the image, resulting in a clear picture, even in a dark room. But keep in mind that just because a webcam has this functionality does NOT mean that it will help you achieve the desired result, like any other device.

Best webcam for streaming

If we had to pick the best webcam on the list, the favorite is the Logitech C922x, offering users the best value for money.

So what exactly makes this webcam the best?

First of all, the device really offers the best value for money. As we described earlier, the C922x has all the Key Features: 1080p video quality, crisp recording quality, great built-in microphone, excellent light correction, and overall sturdiness. All this makes the webcam quite promising, not to say that it looks pretty good, since it has a smooth glass front panel.