It is possible to switch the remotes to the automatic code selection and synchronization mode. To do this, we find the number “9” on the panel and, without lifting our hands, press it 4 times. As a result of entering the ID, the TV receiver should turn off. As soon as it reboots, the re-collection of channels will start. this is a slow procedure that can take up to 15 minutes. We successfully put the TV into sync mode, but at this stage our work is not over.

Setting up a universal remote control for Samsung TVs. LG, Philips and the like:

  • Turn on the TV if it is inactive now.
  • Direct the remote control to the receiver and click on: for Supra. the power button (holding it for 5-6 seconds), for HUAYU. “Set” and “Power” (release at the same time) and click on “Power” again, for others. the TV key (hold down to the LED light signal).
    universal, remote, sony
  • Press and hold the mute button. If the TV responds, everything went well. In the case of HUAYU, we additionally exit the programming mode by double clicking on “Set” and only then check the operation of the remote control.


If we managed to successfully find the code for our own TV, we can relatively easily pair with the remote control.

How to connect the universal remote to the TV:

  • We go into the programming mode: for Supra. by the power button, for HUAYU. by a combination of the power key and “Set”, for Beeline. by a combination of “C” and “Setup”. In the first two device models, their controls must be held down. In the Beeline remote control, we can release the buttons after a couple of seconds. The successful transition to the setup menu is indicated by the LED indicator.
  • Enter the TV code. After a couple of blinks of the diode, we can exit the setup menu.

How to set up a universal remote for a TV? Instructions

Everyone is already accustomed to using the original remote control suitable only for one device. As home improvements are made and more electronics are purchased, controls begin to pile up. External and structural differences between several analogs are not too significant. This suggests that it is appropriate to replace the cluster of remotes with one, but multifunctional. We propose to delve into the features of the device in more detail and consider options for how to set up a universal remote control for a TV.

Codes for universal remotes

All TV models have a unique character set from 3 to 5 items. These codes are required to establish a connection between the remote control and the TV. The best way to find out the correct code is to study the technical documentation for your TV, which is always included in the kit. There is also a faster way, the essence of which is to study the code table for universal TV remotes. True, the list includes only the most popular device models.

Helpful! Unique identifiers are not just a hassle that complicates the configuration of the GAL universal remote control. Supra, Huayu and other manufacturers. They have 2 key purposes: increasing security and distributing signals between different devices. Without codes, all TVs in the house would respond to pressing the remote control.

Instructions for connecting a universal remote control:

We begin the procedure for synchronizing the remote control and the TV with the most banal, but still necessary procedures:

  • Installing batteries. Remote controls are often sold without power supplies, although they may come in the box. If you want to never buy batteries again, we recommend choosing a battery right away. He only needs periodic recharging, but the device also costs more.
  • Start the TV set intended for pairing with the programmable remote control. It should also be put into setup mode using the TV button. Often it is placed separately on the device. Press the button and hold for about 3 seconds until the light identifier appears on the front side.

The next steps may differ depending on the TV model and the way of pairing. Since we can set up codes for a universal remote control for a TV in different ways, we offer a choice of automatic and manual options. There is also an alternative method that does not require the use of code.

What is a universal TV remote control?

Visually, the universal remote control (remote control or remote control) does not differ much from the factory counterpart from the TV box. In addition to the visual differences (the location of the keys and the shape of the case), the internal structure makes it unique. precisely, the ability to change the type of infrared radiation. Thus, it becomes possible to adjust it to work with a specific device.

Helpful! The original remote control from the TV box, air conditioner, etc. is not universal. Features of its design do not allow adapting to control, set up digital television on another device. It can only work in tandem with a specially adapted device. For example, the TV Supra control tool will not work with LG. over, controlling the 2014 model using the 2012 remote control will also not work. By the way, the manufacturer produces semi-universal and fully programmable remotes to work with all models of their TVs and not only.

Without using code

Most programmable remote controls have a universal code selection tool. If id is unknown this is the best way to work.

  • We direct the remote control towards the active TV and press the keys together: “TV” and “Ok”. In most models of the remote control, you need to hold the buttons for a couple of seconds. The highlighting of the numbers can testify to the success of the event.
  • Slowly press the “CH” key, we usually switch channels with it. Continue until the TV turns off, which indicates a successful selection of the code.
  • Click on the “TV” panel item to save the parameters.

By the way! We can try to download a universal TV remote control to a smartphone. The application allows you to select the TV model, and performs the selection of the code using its own databases. True, for everything to work, the phone must have an infrared port.

Want to use your smartphone as a TV remote? All that is required for this. this is to install one of the TV Remote Apps for Smart TV.

How to set up a universal remote for a TV?

The process of setting up the console involves establishing a strong connection with one or more devices.

How to program a universal TV remote control (the simplest and most common way):

  • Turn on the remote control and TV.
  • Find and hold down the “Ok” or “Set” key, depending on the control tool.
  • We indicate the code and release the buttons pressed in the last paragraph.
  • We check the performance of devices.

If the action does not help, we recommend that you check the correctness of the specified code and whether the programmable device supports work with a specific TV. When everything is correct, but there is no result, we recommend that you refer to the instructions for the remote control. It describes in detail all the necessary measures for synchronization, which may differ from the standard ones.

How to connect your phone as a remote control to other TVs. dexp, panSonyк, sharp, toshiba

For other TVs, you need to download universal remote controls.

If your TV model Samsung, Sony, LG or Philips does not work with the above applications or you have a TV of a lesser known company for which there is no special application in the market, then you can try using the “universal remote control” type. There are several of them. I recommend. Universal TV Remote or Sure Universal Remote.

The operation of these apps is a little more limited compared to those intended for certain brands, but thanks to this you have the ability to connect to a device that is old or not recognized by other programs.

The idea is the same: using Wi-Fi (or infrared port. IR port) we connect to the TV, connect it to the phone, and then use the touch screen interface to control the TV.

Depending on the application, we will have access to more or less functions.

How to use your phone as a Sony TV remote control

For a Sony TV, you need to download the application. Video TV SideView: Remote. This is an official product that allows you to control your Sony TV from your Android phone.

Download the app and launch it. it starts scanning the Wi-F network for the TV. When the TV is found, select it and then confirm on the TV that you want to connect the devices.

The application interface is pretty simple and straightforward. On the main screen, you will find standard remote control functions such as changing channels, changing the volume or the standard “cross” with arrows.

Programming Your GE Universal Remote Control to ANY Device

If you want to control the mouse pointer with the trackpad, select the mouse tab at the top. Similarly, this should be done in a situation where you want to enter something. just select the text field on the TV or go to the tab using the keyboard.

How to use your phone instead of a remote on a Samsung TV

For Samsung TVs, you will need to download another application. Smart TV Remote. The principle of operation is the same as above. After launching the app, tap the power icon in the upper right corner of the app.

You will be taken to the device pairing screen. Select the first option “Network”, that is, search for a Samsung device on the wireless network.

When you find the TV connected to the Wi-Fi network, select the pairing option. On the left you will find standard buttons such as changing channels or adjusting the volume.

Slightly more precise functions are available in the “Smart” tab, which is displayed on the right. When you touch it, you will pull out the main part of the interface, divided into three tabs. Text, Smart and Media.

On the “Smart” tab you will find a standard “cross” view with arrows on the remote control, as well as four colored buttons (red, green, yellow, blue).

If you hover over a text field (for example, in a web browser) and want to print something, swipe from left to right to go to the Text tab.

Here you can enter any text and click “Submit” to send it to the active text box on your TV.

In turn, if you play, for example, an MP4 video file through the built-in player on the TV, you can control it in the “Media” tab.

How to connect your phone as a remote control to your Philips TV

For a Philips TV, you need to download the Philips TV Remote app. Of course, it works the same way as in the case of other applications. both the TV and Smart must be paired with the same Wi-Fi.

After pairing, the phone completely replaces the remote control, providing access to change programs (excellent integration with the TV. the application displays TV channel icons for individual numbers) and controls SmartTV functions.

As with other apps of this type, we can also enter text using the touch keyboard.

After selecting a text field, the keyboard should pop out automatically, giving the user access to fast text input.

You also have the ability to control movie viewing functions with the built-in player.

After opening a movie file (like MP4), you can customize various items such as choosing a subtitle file.

How to control your TV with an Android phone

With the right app, you can use your Smart to control your TV. For example, for LG TVs, there is an official remote control app that displays the trackpad on the phone screen. with it you can move the mouse cursor on the TV just like you do on a laptop using the touchpad.

over, when you select any text field (for example, the address bar in the browser or the search field in the application), you can enter text into it using the touch keyboard of your phone.

You no longer need to select individual letters using the arrows on the remote control. Similar apps have been created for other TV models. some are unofficial but work just as well.

This means you don’t need to purchase a wireless keyboard or mouse to use your Smart TV more often.

All applications require Android phone and TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (sometimes can be controlled via Bluetooth and IR port).

Only then will communication between devices become possible. When both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, the next step is to download the appropriate app to the phone.

How to connect your phone as a remote control to your TV

Using a standard remote control in Smart TV is cumbersome, but you can use an Android phone LG, Samsung, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Xiaomi, toshiba, LG or huawei as a remote control for Samsung dexp, philips, Sony bravia, LG, panaSonyk TVs. sharp.

You can make a remote control for the TV through the phone not only for those listed above (these are the most popular), but also for everyone else, since there is a universal remote control application, which greatly simplifies the task due to the ability to enter text on the touchscreen keyboard of the smartphone.

Once upon a time, an ordinary wireless remote control was used for a regular TV with a CRT, with which we changed channels.

With the development of TVs and the introduction of Smart TVs, the way we interact with it has changed. TV remotes, however, have not changed much and are still similar to the ones we used 20 years ago.

On a regular TV with Smart TV you will find an Internet browser, as well as services such as YouTube, Netflix and others. Support for some of them is not the easiest, because it is extremely inconvenient to enter anything into the address bar of the browser or into the YouTube search engine using a regular remote control.

Therefore, it is much better to use your Android phone or tablet and turn it into a TV remote control. the main thing is that the TV supports bluetooth, WI-FI or an IR port.

How to connect your phone as a remote control to your LG TV

You just need to download the LG TV Remote app from the market. After launching it, select the key layout. for smartphone (Phone) or for tablet (Tablet).

Then you need to connect your TV to your phone. Select the “Scan for devices” option. The Wi-Fi TV discovery screen appears.

Select your TV from the list (make sure it is turned on and connected to the network). If you try to pair, the confirmation code will be displayed on the TV screen. Enter it into your phone.

After successful pairing, the remote control screen will be displayed. Here you have access to the main buttons to change programs or volume.

If you are interested in Smart TV, you can click “My Apps” to delete the list of apps.

At the very bottom you will find the mouse cursor icon. Touching it will pop up the trackpad. you can now move the cursor by swiping.

If you touch any text field, your phone will automatically display a touch screen keyboard, which you can use, for example, to enter a page address in your browser.

How to use your phone as a TV remote control. conclusion

Remotes tend to disappear mysteriously. You are sure you put him in the same place as always, but when it comes down to it, it turns out that he was in a different room.

If you have such problems, the smartphone is in a hurry to help. after all, we almost never part with them.

Losing the TV remote control is not one problem, it could be damaged as well.

Modern smartphones are applications, it is thanks to them that we can fully use the potential of our device.

Operating systems no longer belong exclusively to personal computers and telephones. TVs with Internet access have also joined this group.

Most Smart TVs take advantage of Android and most smartphones available on the market.

Just add these dependencies and you already know how to connect your phone to your TV. Unfortunately, not everyone has a TV with internet access. Therefore, there are two ways to connect:

  • modern Wi-Fi. if you have a Smart TV, then it should be simple. All you need to do is download the appropriate app to your smartphone and then connect the device to your TV. It is important that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, otherwise communication will be impossible.
  • Obsolete IR is, of course, the classic infrared-based communication method, commonly referred to as “infrared”. All remotes work on the basis of this standard, both Smart TV and older models. There is only one problem. in order to connect to a TV via an infrared port, the smartphone will also need to have this function. Modern phones are increasingly turning away from this, because for manufacturers supporting this standard can be unprofitable.

In the case of Smart TVs, things should be simple, because each of the manufacturers predicted that people would want to make remotes from smartphones. Some of the programs also support infrared function.

To make it easier for you, I have prepared a small cheat sheet. Certain manufacturers’ TVs have customized apps and work best with them.

If, on the other hand, you want something more versatile, then there are such apps on Google Play as well. I recommend the Universal TV Remote or Sure Universal Remote programs by myself, that is, as the name suggests, a universal remote control for all TVs.

In this case, you can decide for yourself whether you want to connect via Wi-Fi or infrared. In addition to basic TV functions, the Sure Universal Remote can also use your phone as a TV keyboard or mouse to view awkward TV menus. Success.


This option requires a pairing code. Follow the steps in this order:

  • turn on TV;
  • hold down the “C” and “Setup” keys;
  • release when the indicator light responds;
  • enter the code in the window that opens;
  • confirm;
  • check operability using the volume control keys.

How to set up a universal remote control for a Philips TV: codes, instructions

How do I set up a universal remote for my Philips TV? UPDU is a fairly popular gadget. Its advantage is that it fits perfectly with different TV models and is easily reconfigurable. This does not require the involvement of specialists, or training in certain skills. All that is needed is the instructions and the device itself. An alternative option is to use a smartphone for remote debugging of control over processes and commands.

How to find the TV code

The first step is to find the pairing code. It is different for each company. You can find the Philips TV code for the universal remote control:

  • in the instructions for the remote control itself;
  • in the paper version of the manual;
  • in the online manual on the manufacturer’s website.

For the selection method, use the following values: 0021.0061.0151.0291.0301.0331.0391.0661.1021.0931.1391.1401.1571.1081.2511.

For each company and model, these combinations are different, so you need to clarify on the official resources of the manufacturer.

Smartphones with universal remote function

A good alternative to the UPDU is a regular smartphone. Almost every phone has a pre-installed software that will help you find contact with an air conditioner, a multimedia set-top box, a music center and other equipment with an interface. There you don’t have to use a code to find a contact, you just need to point the infrared port in the appropriate direction.

No code

There is only one option for pairing without code. automatic debugging.

Setting up a universal remote for your Philips TV

There are several ways that will help to establish contact between the UPDU and the equipment:

  • automatic. scanning starts here and the contact is automatically detected;
  • manual. for manual pairing, you will need to specify some parameters;
  • without code. using quick debugging or using the built-in remote control on a smartphone.

The performance and the number of available functions do not depend on which debugging format you choose.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know


To quickly connect your universal remote to your Philips TV, it’s best to use Auto Debug.

Take the remote control in your hands and dial 9999. When you press the “9” key for the last time, hold it down and hold it until the TV turns off. This method is used if the code for the brand of your device is not in the list of brands. Further actions are performed according to the following algorithm:

  • turn on TV;
  • direct the source of control to him;
  • press the power key, and hold this key;
  • when the volume icon appears on the screen, click to increase or decrease the sound level;
  • if there is a reaction, then the setting was successful.

If you don’t get the result, try repeating the action a few more times.

Tatiana Kamaritskaya (Articles written: 94)

Philips TV model 21рт5420 / 91. And the remote control is non-versatile model HUAYU RM-L11956. How to connect it.

Hello, see the instructions in the article.

List of codes

Below are the most popular brands of digital technology.

Samsung 2051 0556 1840
Lg 1840 0714 0715 1191 2676
Sony 1825
Philips 0556 0605 2485
PanaSonyк 1636 0108
Toshiba 1508 0154 0714 1840 2051 2125 1636 2786
Acer 1339 3630
  • Corting 098.160
  • Koyoda 004
  • KTV
  • Cuba Electronic 097
  • Kura 097
  • Radiola 018.161
  • Radiotone 071.161
  • Radix 108
  • Rank Arena 017
  • Record 149
  • Revox 018
  • Rex
  • Skye 018
  • SUPRA 025

Setting up the universal remote control DEXP

There are two types of debugging. automatic and manual. If you have not previously configured such devices, then it is better to strictly follow the instructions. The points are simple and straightforward, and their implementation will not take much time.


Auto tuning takes place according to the following principle:

  • turn on the technique;
  • point the remote control at the infrared port of the set-top box;
  • press the “Set” key and hold it for 2 to 7 seconds;
  • release Set when the indicator lights up;
  • click on the channel search;
  • then the automatic bulkhead starts;
  • when the icon goes out, quickly click on “OK” to save the value.

How to connect the DEXP universal remote control to the TV: codes, instructions

How to set up the DEXP universal remote control is not known to everyone who first purchased it. That is why we have compiled step-by-step instructions on how to do it quickly. The DEXP company itself is a well-known trade mark in Russia that sells electronics, computers and household appliances. By right, it occupies a leading position, and continues to develop rapidly. For example, at the end of 2017, smartphones from this company entered the top five most popular brands. And in terms of the number of TVs sold in 2018, the corporation took fourth place, having won 9% of the market.


Next, we will consider connecting the DEXP universal remote control to the TV manually. If in the automatic method the device independently selects the key for pairing, then here you need to refer to the instructions and take the value there. Step-by-step instructions for manual debugging:

  • start the encoding mode by pressing “OK” and “TV” at the same time (they should be held for up to five seconds);
  • if everything turned on correctly, the “TV” key will be highlighted;
  • enter a four-digit key;
  • confirm;
  • test control functions. press any key and make sure it responds.

How to find the TV code

The indicator that you will definitely need is the codes for the DEXP universal remote control. Usually they are in the instructions for the remote control, but only the most popular models are collected there. If your equipment belongs to the category of rare, or vice versa. a novelty that has not yet been included in this list, then the secret combination for pairing should be clarified on the manufacturer’s website.

The main purpose of this combination is to link third-party devices with the remote control. It is possible to find out this value on the TV itself according to the following instructions:

  • log into YouTube;
  • open the main settings by clicking on the gear in the menu;
  • choose a method. connecting to the phone;
  • go to “Connect manually”, and you see the blue code there. it is he who will be useful to you.

No code

If you don’t have any code, then we recommend using automatic debugging. Since its principle allows you to use the current information from the TV memory, but with the manual version, you will need to register all this yourself.

An alternative option is to use the remote control on your smartphone. Modern phones have a lot of built-in and third-party utilities that can be easily and easily connected to equipment. speakers, TV, air conditioners, players, etc.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

No code

  • Start the TV set and hold and hold the buttons on the remote control. “TV” and “OK”.
  • All buttons with numbers should light up.
  • After that, start slowly flipping through the channels. the “CH” button.
  • TV will turn off soon.
  • Click on “TV” and check the setting made, for example, change the channel or change the volume.

How to find the TV code

Initially, you must find out the code for your Sony Bravia TV. This will allow you to program the remote unit for your TV model and set specific commands. The code consists of three or four digits. For this:

  • Take a look at the technical data sheet.
  • Look at the manufacturer’s official website.

It should be noted that not all situations require codes. If you cannot find the passwords you need for your TV, then you can perform automatic setup. Each universal remote control has a built-in function that independently selects the desired code. To activate it, you need to enter a specific password, after which auto-selection will start. Such devices use impulse code modulation as a communication method. The main feature is the use of a three-bit sequence. Let’s say:

  • 000. turn off the TV.
  • 001. enable next channel.
  • 010. return to the previous broadcast.
  • 011. add sound.
  • 100. turn down the sound.
  • 111. turn on the telly.

Thus, each time you press a button on the remote control, the built-in circuit activates the IR LED, which is guided by the pattern. “111” ON, ON, ON, where the step length can be 3 milliseconds.


For auto-tuning, enter the code. 9999. In this case, the last nine must be clamped, hold it until the TV set-top box turns off. Then the auto-selection of channels will start. The procedure itself can take up to 15 minutes.

This option is used if you cannot find the codes you need for your TV. But, in the process of using the UPDU, problems may arise, for example, a key conflict. That is, when one button, programmed for a specific function, spreads to other devices in the house. The problem cannot be fixed if you used the combination 9999.

The setup procedure will be different for different brands of UPDU. For example, connect a universal remote to a Sony Bravia TV when using the SUPRA model:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • Turn on the telly.
  • Point the remote unit at it.
  • Click on “Power” and hold it until the indicator lights up.
  • You will see the sound change icon on the screen.
  • Check the controls, for example turn down the volume. Working? Auto tuning worked.

HUAYU implies the following instruction:

  • Start TV.
  • Press the “Set” and “Power” key. Hold them for a few seconds.
  • Then click on “Power” again.
  • The sound adjustment should appear on the screen.
  • To exit the setting mode. press “Set” twice.

If the instructions did not work, then try the third option:

  • After turning on the TV, hold down the “TV” button until the indicator lights up.
  • Then hold down the “Mute” key. This will start a search.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete and check the control.

Setting up a universal remote for Sony Bravia TV

First, you must make sure the remote control has batteries. Often these devices are sold without a power supply, which means you have to purchase them separately.

The second step is to turn on the TV. On the remote control, turn on the desired mode, in our case. TV. Hold this key until the light comes on. Next, we will consider the process of setting up three types.


Each TV set has a special password for pairing. If you know this code, you can easily program any key on the remote control.

  • Turn on TV.
  • Press and hold “Power” on the remote.
  • Enter model code.
  • The indicator will blink twice. Release “Power”.
  • Hold “Power” and “Set”. The light should be on continuously.
  • Enter a four-digit code.
  • After entering the password, the light will go out.
  • Click “Set”.

How to connect a universal remote to Sony Bravia: codes, instructions

How to set up a universal remote control for a Sony TV is a question that interests many TV viewers. The remote control is often lost or broken, then there is a need to purchase a new one. Basically, users buy universal remote controls, but how to adapt them to a specific TV model? In the article, we will consider how to connect it to the device and the setup process.

The universal remote control can be used for any device or for several at once. The main advantage of such a device is that you can configure it for a TV, set-top box and multimedia equipment, and put all other remotes in a drawer. You just need to register the main functions. Some people ask the question, is it possible to make an ordinary remote control universal? That is, configure it for another device. No, despite the external similarity, inside they differ in schemes.

Bogdan Grishanov (Articles written: 71)

Sony bravia TV kdl-40cx520 for universal remote control what activation code?

Hello, you can find such codes either in the technical passport of the TV, or on the website of the equipment manufacturer, or in special reference tables. It is called that. “Code for setting up the remote control”.

How to choose a remote control for any TV. expert advice

The breakdown of an old television remote control or its poor working condition leads to the question of choosing a new correct control device. It is a mistake to believe that all remote controllers are identical and will fit any TV model. However, for a specific TV model, you need to choose your own special remote control. Of course, you can take the same model that you had earlier, but this does not guarantee that all available functions will be supported. Next, let’s dwell on how to choose the right remote control for the TV.

Selecting a remote control by TV model

How should you choose the right remote control for your TV set? As a rule, there is a manufacturer’s logo on the front of the TV device, and a sticker with a specific model on the back. Based on this, it will not be difficult to choose a TV remote control according to the TV model. To do this, you need to visit one of the outlets and consult with the seller. You can also search online for a suitable specification of the remote control device.

To acquire control for a technique, you will need the following sequence of actions:

  • If the “remote control” breaks down, then on its front panel the brand should be determined, and the model of the device will also be on it. This data can be located on any part of the device, even under the battery compartment cover. In the absence of any information, you can use the information about the manufacturer of your TV equipment;
  • There is no need to throw away a remote control that is out of order at once, it will come in handy for selecting a new device;
  • If it is not there, then you can simply study the instructions for TV. It contains detailed information about the model of the remote control of the equipment.

If your remote control is compatible with another such device (usually this is indicated in the parameters), then it will appear as a result of the search query as suitable for your TV. To find out the serial number of equipment, for example, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, etc. open the instruction manual of your TV receiver. It often contains enough information to help you make your choice. You can try to find a suitable device by the selection method. It often happens that friends still have old, but working remote controls. Try to use them, if their microcircuits are similar, then it may work.

Choosing a universal remote control

If the above recommendations did not bring the desired result, and you still do not understand how to choose the right remote control for your TV, then universal remote controls will come to the rescue. They are easy to match to your TV set. Such a remote control captures the signal of the TV (or other equipment) to be controlled, and then reproduces the identical one. over, such a device can simultaneously control different equipment, since its memory allows you to record several signals. Setting up a universal control device is not difficult. These actions usually consist in the introduction of some kind of numerical combinations. All information will be in the instructions, which will need to be strictly followed.

Which universal control device to choose for your TV depends on what look you prefer, its price and features. The LG device is the best for reliability and cost. The main advantages of this brand are:

  • Reliability and durability of equipment;
  • Moderate price category;
  • Variety of functionality.

It must be remembered that the more careful and careful the attitude to the technique, the longer it will last. If you sometimes clean the contacts of the control panel, and also do not drop it or expose it to various contaminants, then it can serve for a long period.

The most commonplace way to purchase a remote control for a model of any equipment is to determine the model number of the device, which is indicated on the stickers. If finding the right model in the search engines turned out to be not an easy task for you, you can resort to searching by the external characteristics of the device. Open the list of vehicles of the required brand and choose a model. Descriptions, images and other data that are usually present on the page with the device will help in the search.

Interchangeability of the remote control of television devices. You may not always find a remote control like yours, but that shouldn’t be a cause for frustration. One device can be replaced with another. For example, LG remote controls have series: AKB and MKJ. Within these series, they differ only in some buttons, so they can completely replace each other. You have the opportunity to choose which remote control is suitable for your Samsung TV. He also has several series of remote controls, which also perfectly replace each other. Their difference lies in the presence of Smart-TV and 3D keys. If these buttons are not present on the remote, these functions will not be available, and basic operations such as on / off, channel switching, volume control and menu control will work.

Setting up a universal TV remote control. procedure

The universal control panel is a useful invention for those who have a large number of household appliances at home. For example, several TV sets powered by a receiver, a home audio system, DVD and other devices that provide for remote control. In such a situation, the advantage of a universal remote is that all home electronics are controlled from it alone, which will eliminate confusion. The article will discuss how to set up a universal remote control for a TV. without this it will not work with either TV or other equipment.

How to find the TV code

To set up a universal remote control with subsequent pairing with a TV from Samsung, LG, Philips, Toshiba or some other, you will have to get the model code of the TV receiver. As a rule, each brand has several combinations at once (if one does not fit, try another).

There is also a command that starts auto-selection. The TV code for subsequent connection with the remote control is taken from the model’s data sheet or on the manufacturer’s website. The UPDU itself is also usually accompanied by a handbook, where the main codes are indicated.

The TV code is listed next to the general information.

Setting up universal remote controls

The remote control must be powered by installing batteries or rechargeable batteries in it. Batteries are not included in the kit. they are purchased separately. Batteries are recommended, although they are more expensive, they provide for recharging.

Next, they turn on the TV with which the PU will be used. Press the “TV” button for 3 seconds, which is set to the mode (TV, DVD, Audio or PVR), until the indicator on the front of the TV set lights up.

Further steps are different. If the code is known. perform manual configuration, if not. automatic.

Difference between original and universal remote

If the subscriber is connected to digital television, he probably has a receiver and a complete remote control (universal or sharpened for a certain model). Outwardly, it is similar to a standard remote control: a plastic case with buttons, inside which there are microcircuits, LEDs and a power supply. The peculiarity of the universal remote control is that it can be “tied” to different equipment. The wiring diagram of the device allows you to program several devices into it.

It works like this: the IR remote control sensor transmits the code to the technology sensor. The device is given certain commands, whether it is the choice of another TV channel, setting the sound volume. One remote control for all home electronics is convenient and eliminates the accumulation of remote controls on the cabinet, in which it is easy to get confused.

How to set up a universal remote

Visually, an ordinary remote control does not differ from a universal one. The fundamental difference is in microcircuits. How does a conventional PU work:

  • The user presses the button, thereby activating the microcircuit, where electrical impulses occur.
  • The pulse arriving at the diode is converted into an IR beam and transmitted to the associated equipment.
  • The TV receiver contains a phototransistor that receives this signal and converts it into a pulse, which is transmitted to the control unit. As a result, the command chosen by the viewer is executed.

The method used to control electronics by means of a remote control is called pulse code modulation. Its distinctive feature is that each team has its own 3-digit code.

Universal consoles are learners. They are customizable for any equipment, which is convenient if the complete remote control is lost. The microcircuits in it contain special software with a code base, which makes it relevant for controlling almost any TV model.


In this case, you need a pairing code. After entering it, they perform specific actions, depending on the model of the remote control.

  • Supra. The PU is pointed at the TV receiver, the “Power” button is pressed, after which a window will appear on the screen where the code is entered. The LED will confirm by flashing that the correct combination has been selected. “Power” is released;
  • Huayu. Hold down “Power” and “Set” until the indicator flashes. Enter a 4-digit code. When the diode goes out, press on “Set”;
  • Beeline. Clamp “C” and “Setup”. The diode will blink 2 times. initialization is complete. The buttons are released and check the “bundle” by adjusting the volume.

The TV code must be entered within 1 minute. After that, the device is transferred to normal mode and you will have to repeat the procedure again.


Press “9999” on the remote control, and do not remove your finger from the button until the TV restarts. If everything is done correctly, the auto channel search will start, which lasts up to 15 minutes. The method is working and relevant if the code was not found in the reference books.

This is how channels are searched.

For new TVs Samsung, PanaSonyk, LG, Philips usually take a universal PU from Supra. How to set it up:

  • Turn on the TV and point the remote towards it.
  • On the remote control, hold down the “Power” button for 5. 6 seconds until the LED lights up.
  • The volume icon should appear on the display. If it can be increased or decreased, the setting is completed successfully.

“Set” button on the remote control.

  • Turn on the TV set.
  • On the PU they press “Set”, then “Power”, after which they are simultaneously released.
  • Press “Power” again.
  • The volume icon will appear on the display.
  • To exit the settings, press “Set” twice.
  • Turn on TV.
  • Press the “TV” button until the LED lights up.
  • To activate the search, hold down “Mute”.
  • After the end, they check whether the TV reacts to pressing the remote control.

No code

If there is no digital combination, you can pick it up. How to do it:

  • Turn on TV and direct the remote control towards it.
  • Press “TV” and “OK” for 2. 3 seconds. At this time, all buttons on the remote will light up. You should wait until everything goes out, except for those that highlight the numbers.
  • Without haste, they press the button that switches the “CH” channels until the TV turns off, which will indicate a successfully selected code.
  • To save the parameters press “TV”.

There are no uniform settings for a universal TV remote control. each brand has its own algorithm of actions. But there are some similarities that can be gleaned from the described guidelines. In any case, the UPDU is a convenient device used to control all electrical equipment in the house.

The difference between a simple and a universal remote

The difference between a simple remote control and a universal one lies in the ability to flexibly configure the latter to control any device.

The work of the remote control is as follows: when the user presses a button, the remote control sends a signal to the TV using an LED. The latter reads it and performs the appropriate action.

Each team is assigned an individual three-digit code. Different models and manufacturers of TV, DVD players, TV set-top boxes, audio players, air conditioners and other household appliances have different codes. Therefore, the standard TV remote control included in the kit is most often not suitable for controlling a device of another model or category.

The universal remote control with infrared port allows you to manually program codes for each action, thanks to which the device can be configured to work with different devices. There are also remotes that connect via Bluetooth.

They do not need to be manually paired with each individual device, however, they can only be controlled by devices that support this technology.

How to find the TV code

Before setting up the universal remote control for your TV, you need to find out the code for your TV. It consists of 3 or 4 digits. You can watch it in the documentation for the TV or on the manufacturer’s website. The presence of the code will simplify the automatic setup, but if you cannot find it, do not be upset, because there is a way to pair the remote control and TV without using it.

Ways to connect and configure the universal remote control to the TV

The universal remote control is popular because it allows you to control all the TVs, DVDs and audio players in the house at once. Thanks to this device, you do not have to constantly get confused in many separate remote controls and buy batteries for each of them. Setting up a universal TV remote is a simple task that in most cases takes a few minutes.

Manual setting

To manually configure the device, you need to know the codes for the control functions of your TV. You can see them in the documentation for the TV or on the manufacturer’s website. The tuning algorithm is as follows:

  • Press the POWER button and, without releasing it, dial the TV code on the digital panel.
  • When the indicator lights up and blinks, remove your finger from the power button.
  • Check the main functions by clicking all the buttons in turn.
  • If, after the manipulations performed, not all keys were activated, they must be configured separately by holding down the desired button and entering the code corresponding to the function.

Setting up without code

If for some reason you could not find out the TV code, use the following instruction:

  • Press the TV and Ok keys at the same time. The buttons on the device should light up. Hold them down until all keys stop lighting except for the numeric keypad.
  • Press the CH key repeatedly, intermittently, until the TV turns off. With each press of the button, the remote will cycle through the possible pairing codes. Disable TV means that a suitable code has been found.

Rating of universal remotes

A large number of UPDUs of different price categories and with different functionalities are presented on the market.

Models to look out for:

  • One For All URC7955 Smart Control. Suitable for controlling TV, set-top box, DVD player and other devices. Recognizes devices from over 700 manufacturers such as “Samsung”, “Sony”, “Toshiba”, “PanSonyk”, “LG” and others. Has a manual learning option, so you can write commands into it yourself. The signal range is 15 m.Sold at a price of 4000 rubles.
  • Rombica Air R5. This model is designed to control home appliances that support Bluetooth connectivity. Has an extended set of options for Smart TV. Radius of action. 10 m. Cost. from 1300 rubles.
  • One For All Evolve. Universal remote control with infrared port that supports learning function. Designed primarily to control Smart TV and related equipment, such as TV set-top boxes. The length of the infrared radiation is 15 m.Price. from 1700 rubles.
  • Samsung Smart Control. An intelligent remote control for Samsung Smart TVs and related devices. Works via Bluetooth. Price from 5000 rubles.
  • HAMA Big Zapper. A budget model supporting over 1000 devices. Able to store in memory settings for controlling each device. Has a learning function that allows you to customize additional commands. Sold at a price of 600 rubles.
  • INVIN I8. Universal remote control with QWERTY-keyboard and touchpad, designed to control TV, PC, smartphone and other types of equipment. Price. from 900 rubles.

One For All URC7955 Smart Control. Remote Control.

Below is a comparison table with the main characteristics of each device.

Parameter One For All URC7955 Smart Control Rombica Air R5 One For All Evolve Samsung Smart Control HAMA Big Zapper INVIN I8
Interface Infrared port Bluetooth Infrared port Bluetooth Infrared port USB, infrared, Wi-Fi
Range of action, m 15 ten 15 6.5 ten ten
Price, rub. From 4000 From 1300 From 1700 From 5000 From 600 From 900

How to set up a universal remote control

To use the device, it must be powered up and synchronized with the equipment.

How to connect a new remote control to the TV:

  • Turn on the TV to pair with.
  • Press the TV button on the remote control and hold it until the indicator on the remote control flashes.

Further settings are made either automatically or manually. Also, the algorithm will be different if the TV code is unknown.