Internet on TV: how to connect with cable

Modern TVs with SMART TV can be connected to the Internet. You get accessible from the TV screen various sites, applications, viewing and listening to content online. To access the TV network, you can simply go to the “Wi-Fi” access point, and you can use a wired connection. through the router itself or direct connection (Internet cable directly to TV).

SMART TV Setup on Samsung TV via Wi-Fi

The first thing to do after buying a TV is to install it at a permanent place. After that you need to choose which way to connect to the Internet. There are such ways to connect to the network:

  • Connecting using a cable through a router;
  • wireless connection via Wi-Fi, using an adapter samsung-built into the SAMSUNG TV;
  • Using a Wi-Fi router, which connects to the TV via USB port.

To configure the Internet on the Samsung Smart TV TV via Wi-Fi, you will not need to make any additional actions.

Determine whether TV Wi-Fi supports

There are many ways to find out, provided in the specific model of the TV support Wi-Fi or not. The easiest of them is the study of its characteristics that are given in his passport. You can still familiarize yourself with the Internet resources of household electronics resources. To do this, you will need to simply specify the model of your TV in the search engine.

If it is “Wi-Fi” stands “” or “yes”, then it can work with wireless networks. If there is no passport from TV and it is impossible to familiarize yourself with its parameters on the Internet, then it is necessary to go to settings. If there is no item “Network”, then to connect to wireless Internet it will take to buy an external Wi-Fi module. It is simply inserted into the port of the TV and adjust.

Configure TV connection to Wi-Fi

Some owners of old TVs have an idea, is it possible to connect a Wi-Fi adapter to a TV without Smart TV. Some models really have such a function that is essentially useless. It is designed to update the firmware, but in reality no one uses it. Instructions for connecting TVs with SMART TV individual for each manufacturer.


If the home router has access to the Internet, and the TV is a built-in adapter, you can start the connection to be installed:

  • Enter the TV menu by clicking on the Remove the appropriate button.
  • Go to the “Network” section, subparagraph “Network Setup”.
  • Press “Next”.
  • Select the type of network connection “Wireless”.
  • Specify the network name to which the connection will be requested.
  • Press “Next”.
  • Enter a password.
  • Press “Next”.
  • Network Parameters will be obtained automatically.

The setting can be considered completed, which will notify the output of the Special Connection Special Window. If the parameters are not displayed, you need to enter them manually by clicking on the IP setting. After installing the connection with the Internet there will be plenty of opportunities. download playlists or applications from the Samsung store, for example.

Setting up LG TV

Connect the LCD TV LG to Wi-Fi Router is not more difficult than for the previous manufacturer.

  • On the remote control to click on the button home.
  • Cursor to “Settings”, select “Network” and network settings.
  • Select the “Network” section and the “Network Connection” item in it.
  • Click on “Configure Connection”.
  • Choose your own networks on the list, click on it.
  • Enter the password, confirm its input by clicking OK.
  • Wait until the connection occurs.

Click on ready and start work in Smart TV. On the newest models, the procedure does not actually change, only the network settings moved to the Advanced Main menu settings section.

Internet connection TV SONY BRAVIA

These TVs do not have an embedded Wi-Fi adapter, you need to connect the iThenet cable to the router that must be connected to the TV through the network cable.

Further setting is as follows:

  • Press home on the remote control.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Network” section.
  • Click on “Network Settings”.
  • Select the type “simple”.
  • Click on the “Simple Local Network”.

To complete the procedure to follow the instructions on the screen.

Possible problems when connected

From step-by-step instructions it can be seen that the connection of Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi is not difficult. When compliance with the algorithm for users, as a rule, it should not be issues. In another situation, it is recommended in more detail the “User Guide” to your TV. The problems that are not solved in this way are usually eliminated by the challenge of a specialist, but before you can try to cope with your own forces.

It is possible to have many reasons for problems with connecting SMART TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi, ranging from incorrect connection and setting up network equipment or TV and ending with software or services, as well as solutions. Let us dwell on the main faults and options for eliminating.

Table: Main faults and their solution

  • Checking the network cable connection to the router,
  • Reloading the router and TV,
  • Reset network settings,
  • Firmware update.
  • Verification of network selection,
  • Entering the right security key,
  • Enter manually network parameters IP, “Mask”, “Gateway”, DNS (you can find out from the provider).
  • Reloading the router and TV,
  • Firmware update.

To avoid many problems with connecting, place a router in direct visibility from your Smart TV and away from electromagnetic radiation sources (microwave ovens, phones), so you will avoid influence on the Wi-Fi interference module created by these devices.


We recommend using a wired connection to the home network, since wired connections are more stable than wireless.

wi-fi, router

1: To connect the TV to the network, follow these steps: Click the “Settings” button on the TV Remote Control and select: [All Settings] [Wireless and Network]

Select: [Wired or Wi-Fi] [Connect to Network].

Select the connection type you are going to use

Connecting through router

For example, you have a router, and there is no Wi-Fi on TV. We can simply make a network cable to the TV.

The router should be connected to the Internet and is configured.

Also, we need a network cable. The small cable comes with a router, or with a TV. But if you need a longer cable, you can make it yourself, as written here https: // F1comp.en / sovety / kak-sdelate-obzhat-krossover /, or go to some computer shop and ask for a cable of the desired length.

We connect one end of the cable to the router, in the yellow connector (I apologize for the quality of the photo).

On the TV, the second end of the cable is connected to the network connector (RJ-45). Better that the TV would be turned on.

If all is well, then immediately after connecting the cable on the TV, a window must appear with the message that the connection with the wired network is set (it quickly disappears).

All, the Internet on the TV is already working! You can use all SMART TV features.

How to connect to the network on Smart TV

Consider general connection schemes with wired and wireless method. They are suitable almost to all versions of Smart TV. And allow you to quickly perform the necessary settings.

Wired connection

The cable connection of the TV to the Internet gives the most reliable signal. It is much stronger than the connection through Wi-Fi Router. But the wires will have to “flood” the room. It is more accurate to spend them on the wall or gently hide into the plinth.

To connect, you will need a router that supplies the Internet, and the corresponding wire. The inclusion and configuration sequence is as follows:

  • Connect the cable into the WAN connector on the router. Prior to that, the equipment must already be included in the network. And it should be the wire from the provider installed in the Internet connector.
  • Routher settings. Often, for this you need to connect to PC via the Ethernet wire or Wi-Fi. These settings make operators connecting the Internet. But they have forgotten, or was not at hand, it is necessary to open any browser and in the search bar to enter a combination of the desired numbers. For example, (or
  • Check the router setting. To do this, it is enough to connect to the home network through a smartphone or laptop.
  • Take the second network cable or switch to the LAN connector to the TV. The second end should also be included in the same entry on the router.
  • After connecting the two-sided patch cord, which has the same “tips”, the corresponding indicators will light on the router. They are located on the rear panel near each entrance.
  • When everything is connected, you need to run the TV and start setting it up.
  • Take a remote control. Go to the main menu through the Menu or Keypad key.
  • Find the “Network” tab and its settings. There to select Connection through a cable or LAN.
  • Save changes. And check if the Internet has turned on on the TV. To do this, you can open any of the installed applications on SMART TV.

If you have a TV without SMART option, this method is not suitable for connecting to the Internet. TV simply does not recognize the signal source and will not be able to play the desired content. For such a technique you need auxiliary equipment, such as consoles.

Wireless Setup or Wi-Fi Connection

SMART TV connection via Wi-Fi to the Internet also takes some time. Before configuration, you must make sure that the router is turned on, and the home network is already configured. Next algorithm actions:

  • Go to the tv settings. Find “Network Settings”.
  • Select a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Enter the home network data, including the set password.
  • Save data and check Internet performance.

In this method of connecting SMART TV to the Internet there are advantages. So, do not have to pull the cable in the apartment. And additionally you can connect and use the smartphone instead of the remote control. For this, all types of equipment must be connected to one home network. And on the smartphone it is worth putting the appropriate application.

Connecting a TV with built-in Wi-Fi

It’s more interesting and much more convenient. If your TV model has built-in Wi-Fi, then you can connect without any wires to the Internet. The only thing you have to have a router, which actually will distribute this Wi-Fi. Well, or the neighbors already have, without a password :).

Just necessarily, check in the characteristics, is it possible to connect to Wi-Fi in the TV. And even better, ask managers (if you buy in the online store). or in consultants.

Very often, they write that there is support for Wi-Fi, but in fact there is no built-in receiver. There is only the ability to connect an external receiver to be purchased separately (about it below). Specify when buying!

With the help of a special, external Wi-Fi receiver

If you have no built-in wireless receiver in the TV, and there is only a LAN network connector, but you cannot, or do not want to lay the cable, then not everything is lost. Perhaps the external receiver can be connected to the model of your TV. Connects such a receiver as a rule in a USB connector.

But buy such a receiver separately. Yes, and they are not cheap. The whole chip is that you can only use the Corporate Wi-Fi Receiver. For example, for samsung, this receiver costs about 350 UAH. (1400). The people know how to make money :), you still look at how many branded webcams are there. Other manufacturers are not cheaper.

But if you have already decided to buy such a receiver, then definitely check if your TV model will work with it. You can call in support of the manufacturer of your TV and ask, they are accurate.

But there is one more option, I tell: what would not buy this expensive receiver, buy some cheap Wi-Fi router (yes, another one). For example TP-LINK TL-WR740N (costs about 150 UAH. (600)).

We put this router near the TV and connect it using a network cable to TV. Then we configure the bridge mode on this router (WDS). Read more, how to do it, it is written here https: // F1comp.RU / Internet / Kak-nastroit-besprovodnoj-most-WDS-MEZHDU-DVUMYA-WI-FIU-ROUTERAMI-ISPOLZUEM-ROUTERAMI-ISPOLZUEM-ROUTER-KAK-REPITER-NA-PRIMERE-ROUTERA-OT-TP-LINK /.

What we do: this router, which we installed near the TV, receives the Internet by Wi-Fi from your main router (which is installed in the corridor) and distributes it on the cable to the TV. Yes, and also enhances the Wi-Fi signal. All satisfied, everything works :). Maybe later write more about how to do it, with pictures and t. D.

TV can have a LAN connector, and built-in Wi-Fi module. then you can already connect how it is convenient for you.


I tried as much as possible and easier to explain the methods of connecting the TV to the World Wide Web. I hope I did it. Perhaps in the following article, I will tell you in detail what and how to do when connecting each way, I will write detailed instructions.