Setting up Smart TV console android

Pretty many people after purchasing Smart consoles on Android wonders. how to configure it correctly. To avoid this we recommend buying the Internet TV console in the store When buying in our store you will get a fully configured and ready for the work of Android SMART TV. Full setting included in the cost of the product. If you bought in another store and you have a naked prefix. There is nothing wrong. After reading this article to the end. With the setting there will be no problems even in an inexperienced user.

In general, the standard process of setting up SMART TV consoles can be divided into several small stages. First. Localization, second. Installing the necessary applications for television and movies. The third. Binding Google Account to Device and Applications.

1) Localization includes the installation of the device and temporary belt. All this is done through the settings menu. Find in the Android menu consoles icon “Setting”. gear and click on it.

Setting Smart Consoles

You will display menu items on the screen. Find the inscription “Language” and go to the language selection menu.

After opening. Select a rusky language and clict on it.

Everything, language settings are installed, and all menu items should be displayed in Russian. Next stage. Setting the right time. In the SMART settings menu of the console, you must find the item “Date and Time”:

Choose, move down, city corresponding to your time zone. For Ukraine there are two options for time zones. Summer time. Choose 3 (Minsk, Moscow. ) Winter time 2 (Athens, Istanbul. ).

SMART TV Prefix will automatically tighten the correct time via the Internet. Manually set the clock and the minutes is not recommended, since some applications can work incorrectly, but not at all. All, with localization is completed.


As already mentioned, TV prefix h96 is supplied in two grades:

The amount of permanent memory can be enlarged using removable SD cards, up to 64 GB.

The device runs on the basis of the Android 7 operating Nougat, on the previous model was Android 6. The amlogic S905W four-core processor works with a clock frequency of 2 GHz. Graphic processor. MALI-450MP with a frequency of 750 MHz. Plus, the device is equipped with a set of modern codecs with 4K and frequency of 30 frames per second.

The device is connected to the Internet using an embedded Wi-Fi module or using a network cable.

SMART TV Box Corps made of durable plastic. Dimensions of the device. 82x82x17 mm. Bottom on the case there are rubber legs, as well as holes for mounting on the wall. On the left side are USB connectors and a slot under Micro-SD card. On the back, there are connections for power cord, HDMI, AV, as well as input and output for an additional IR receiver.

How to connect and configure TV boxing? Full instructions in Russian.

Administration Support Published: October 27, 2017

If you have become the happy owner of the device called Smart Prefix. Surely there have been a lot of issues related to work. With this instruction, use it will be much easier. We will try to consider how it can be considered more from the most elementary steps with the Internet connection to more complex issues. In order for the management complemented and increasing, ask us questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will be happy to answer.

Before using the console, it is best to reset to factory installations, it will help get rid of glitches that could arise after the factory firmware. In 10% of cases, this happens and as a rule, the user notices not dear only after complete configuration, setting the program, accounts, etc. What will be disappointing if everything is necessary to delete and do again. If the purchase was carried out in our store, it is not necessary to reset, since we check all devices before selling.

Use only the original power supply that is included in the kit, do not try to connect third-party, it can lead to a device failure and will not be subject to warranty repair. In the home Wi-Fi router exactly the same power connector as on most consoles, but instead of the desired voltage in 5V, 12V is fed, after this connection fails the Android TV Box controller.

  • Connect the console to a TV using an AV cable or an HDMI cable, the second most preferred, turn on everything into the outlet. On the TV, select the appropriate mode. AV or HDMI. It is also worth noting, the cable that comes in the kit, as a rule, do not differ in high quality, and in order to reveal the full potential of your SMART consoles we recommend using better Cable with gold spraying.
  • To connect the receiver, we recommend using the following scheme: To connect to use HDMI, media player. receiver. TV set.
  • Do not save on Air Mouse, Purchase along with the prefix, such control will be an order more convenient. In the presence of aeroms, insert a USB transmitter into a free connector.
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Connect to the Internet. To do this, go to the settings, select Wi-Fi or Ethernet. In the first case, you will need to find your home network and enter the password to it, which should be somewhere recorded. Ethernet means wired connection if the cable goes directly from the router, then in the setup settings, activate the plot or switch “On” position and everything will earn. If you connect a direct Internet cable that comes to your house, you may need a call to the provider in order to report that you have a new device to which the Internet needs to be submitted. It all depends on the method of providing the service provider. In the simplest version, you can just call. In others, you may need a manual entry of the IP address and other parameters. But since you bought a prefix, you probably use another computer, smartphone and so on. It will not be convenient to constantly switch the cable into each device, without buying a router you can not do. The connection method is still important to choose from your needs if you plan to watch movies in maximum quality, the size of 10-15 GB, it is better to connect a cable from the router. From the Ethernet RJ-45 cable itself, also depends a lot, they are different categories, and each of them has its own speed limitations. The most optimal version is Cable 6th category, He is not expensive and supports 1000 Mbps.

  • Now go to a complete list of applications (apps) and find a SpeedTest program there, if you didn’t find it means a console bought not from us, download from Play Market and start testing the speed of the Internet. If the result is more than 25 Mbps, the speed is satisfactory, but of course above. it is better. If the provider still states 100 Mbps, and it does not reach the console, the problem may hide in a weak Wi-Fi flight. You say that the computer works well, the phone too, and the prefix slows down. Yes, if your box costs about 50 and the computer and the phone costs more than 200, hence the answer, in not expensive consoles less strong Wi-Fi receiver. They are better to connect the cable, use a stronger router or immediately buy a more expensive gadget.
  • An important point, if the time on the screen is not correct, go to the settings for the fix. Date and time, if there was a check mark “Network Time Zone” remove it and set the value of 3 any country (Ukrainian summer time) or 2 (winter). Do not try to remove a tick with the “Date and Time of Network”, this will lead to the fact that all programs and the Internet will not work on the console.
  • Having bought the prefix with us, the language of the system will be Russian, if in other stores. English. For shifts, go to the settings (Settings), Item Languages ​​Input. Languages. Russian.
  • First check updates. To do this go to the setup. About device. System Update. In separate models, this item can be organized as an application. Return to the desktop, button “Home” Go to Apps (Apps) and try to find something like “Update” or “OTA”.
  • In any of these cases, you will find the Check Update button (Check, Check Update). The system will say that you have the latest version (LATEST) or offer to install a new. On some consoles, as a rule, cheaper can beat the error, this means that the update for this model is not provided by the manufacturer. The best SMART consoles, in terms of the quality of firmware and the frequency of its update, are Minix and Zidoo products, as they constantly release updates that come “by air”.
  • Log in or register Google account. Applications. Play Market. Follow the instructions on the screen. Google account means email with an ending If you are already owner of Gmail, it is possible that it is used in an Android smartphone or PC, boldly enter it on the console, here you have to remember or restore password. If one Akanut will be installed on all gadgets, all your interests, mail, bookmarks in the browser will be synchronized. it’s comfortable. If it happened that at the registration stage you can’t enter the day / month / year of birth, the best at the beginning to register through the computer, then enter ready-to-use. Adding additional mailboxes occurs through the settings, the account “Accounts”.
  • After successful registration, the Play Market Application Store opens on the screen. Immediately recommend installing Google Chrome Brazore. Through it we will update Google Play Services, without which half the applications do not work. Of course, over time, the services themselves request updates, but why wait =). We go to the brazore in the search bar We write Google Play Services, as a result of the search you will see a series of color squares (images) One of which will be Google Play Services, click on it if the system offers to choose how to open, click on Play Market, then “update”. If the colored squares did not see, close the browser, we open again, we write again.
  • If when you start any program, you will see a notification of the new version, immediately update, follow the instructions on the screen. This is required for stable applications, is not connected with the firmware.
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How to set up a prefix

After starting, you need to configure X96 TV BOX. In the settings you need to set the date and time, language, as well as configure the Internet connection. If you do not know how to configure the console, use the instruction that goes complete.

Also do not forget that the device runs on the basis of Android, so you need to log in or create a new account in Google. Immediately it is worth noting that create a new account conveniently on the computer. Adding new accounts is carried out in the Accounts section. Follow the Google Play service updates if you do not have the current version, some applications may not work correctly.

Setting up remote

As described above, the equipment of Rostelecom equipment includes a universal remote control. In order for your coffee table, another remote control, the TV and the prefix can be configured to one device. Setup can be made in two ways.

  • Take into the hands of the Universal Remote Control and press the two “OK” and “TV” buttons at the same time. Hold them clamping until the “TV” indicator does not blink twice.
  • On the digital panel, the flow panel type the combination “991”.
  • Locate the button to switch the channels and slowly go through the channels until the TV detects the appropriate code and does not turn off.
  • When the code is selected, save the changes. The indicator on the “TV” button must twice twice.
  • On a universal remote control at the same time, press two buttons “OK” and “TV”. Wait until the latter burns 2 times.
  • Enter your TV code on the remote panel. The PD indicator should blink 2 times.
  • If the code is entered and received by the receiver, you can change the volume on the TV. If nothing changes, the procedure will have to repeat.

Where to get the code to set up a universal console? It can be viewed in the instructions for TV, on the site of the manufacturer or in special tables.

SMART TV console facilities selection criteria

Usually the prefix is ​​used to work with the Internet, install applications and other services. So that the performance and speed of work remained at a high level, there were no sudden errors during operation, pay attention to the models in which the multi-core processor is installed.

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Common view. dual-core processors, but, if you search, it will work out to find both four naders (for example, Quad Core). The more powerful the processor, the higher the speed of processing and transmitting information.

Now you need to solve how to connect the device to TV. Most of these consoles are connected via HDMI ports. But if it is missing on TV, select SMART TV connected via VGA or AV.

External design of the console presented by two options: as a rectangular box or flash drive map. The principle of work they are the same. The first type is greater in size, but you can additionally install the USB connector, VGA and PR. If this moment is not important for you, select Compact Flip Prefix.

Connecting to the Internet. another criterion that takes into account when buying a device. Modern Smart TV consoles are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, providing the ability to connect and exit a local network.

If you already have a router, then just put the router closer to TV. This is due to the fact that adapters of the consoles are not distinguished by high power, and you need an uninterrupted signal. Connection used and LAN cable. Then look for a console with an Internet port. In the absence, select a special LAN-USB adapter.

The prefix reads and decrypts files of different formats. Frequently used considered MP4, WMV, MKV, WMA, DivX. If we talk about memory, you can buy a device with internal memory from 4 or more GB. However, this parameter is not paramount. At any time, you can connect a hard disk at any time. But the RAM must be at least 1-2 GB DDR3.

Some consoles will additionally go in one set with remote control and keyboard, which is very convenient when operating.

Last Moment, this is a power SMART TV console. For most models, the use of a standard block 220V. But on sale there are and consoles feeding from TV using USB port.

How to connect

Connect homemars Tv easier than simple: Call the free number 8-800-250-00-50, name your address and make sure that you can connect in your home. Next Leave an application for connection, and within a few days a specialist will contact you to clarify the dates of the connection. We advise you using the information below, to decide in advance with the type of equipment that you want to be used. Equipment can be rented and pay for him a monthly small rent, as well as buy out, paying once a certain amount.

Usually the specialist itself connects and sets up equipment, but if you have fallen a fate of an independent connection, then see the following video. Various details and instructions are given below.

Internet connection method

Another point, worthy of attention is the type of network connection. In consoles, there is an adapter for connecting to Wi-Fi by means of which the connection occurs, but usually they are not famous for its power.

Therefore, if your house has a Wi-Fi router, then place it as close as possible to the TV.

If you are connected using the usual RJ45 cable, select the console with the corresponding Ethernet port.

But if you didn’t find such, do not worry, because you can use the LAN-USB adapter. It serves as a certain adapter with the usual USB connector on the cable RJ45 connector.

Selection Smart console

We decided with the possibilities, now consider what you need to pay attention to when choosing the console.

Data playback speed

Since they are designed to work with the Internet, different services and utilities, should have a good and fast performance.

In order for the data processing and performance speed, choose the prefixes with multi-core processors. at least two, but better four.

TV connection method

Also, consoles are distinguished by the way to connect to the TV. The most high-quality pictures and sound you will receive by connecting through the HDMI cable.

But not in all TVs there is such a port, so before buying, be sure to install which connection method will suit you.