Satellite Antenna Satellite Configuration

Independent setting of satellite antenna is a completely feasible task. How difficult it is? Depends on the approach to this issue. And any question is always solved with the right approach.

I tried to set out the material in detail, step-by-step, accessible language. a kind of instruction for “kettles”. So that a person who even has no idea what SAT TV is also able to get a positive result.

Types of television signals

Analog TV is quite old and rarely used. Its essence is as follows: The signal is transmitted from the television station to the antenna, which broadcasts the picture and sound on the TV.

Advantages disadvantages
Any TV can take analog broadcasting Low image quality
An image and sound is even with a weak signal A little canals
Large reception radius Frequent interference

Digital television is transmitted and television or radio center to the antennas and receivers. It is almost no different from the analog. Digital broadcasting can be transmitted via cable or satellite, in which case more channels are broadcast.

Advantages disadvantages
High quality image and sound Expensive (450 against 370 competitors)
telepremium. This is due to binary coding, when several TV channels are broadcast on one frequency If the station is far away, then the picture on TV can distort or disappear
Noise resistance, T.E. The signal comes to the TV in the same quality as sent All TVs can receive digital broadcasting, so you need to change TV or purchase a special console

In analog TV, when interference, the picture is superimposed on the sound.

In addition, there are different types of airborne broadcasting: cable, satellite, essential television and Internet.

Cable. signal to TV is transmitted via cable. This uses a special coaxial wire for which broadcasting is carried out on TV.

When connecting cable TV and Internet, two different cables are used.

Cable television can be analog and digital. The latter view is used more often due to high quality image and large number of channels.

Digital TV is better for the provider, When non-payment services subscribers can not watch TV. What you can not say about analog.

For digital cable TV, a special console or TV with support for this type of broadcast is used. The disadvantage of this type of broadcast is the insufficient prevalence, which makes it impossible to connect it in the villages and villages.

Internet broadcasting is also available only in the city. In this case, the connection of the home Internet is required from the operator through the router. In this case, the subscriber receives high-quality broadcasting, a large number of different TV channels and the ability to choose a suitable tariff plan.

Satellite broadcasting is carried out by receiving the signal to the “plate” from the satellite, and it transmits it to a TV or console. So that the image and sound are high quality, it is necessary to correctly install the antenna and pick it up.

  • Many TV channels.
  • The ability to install an antenna far from the city, broadcasting through satellite.
  • You can configure paid channels, as well as additional free.
  • Large equipment and installation costs.
  • Permanent service required.
  • The signal may be distorted due to bad weather conditions.

Another type of television broadcasting is interactive. Today it is often used. In essence, this is an additional service provider, t.E. Access to the catalog with films, serials, etc. The main difference is that it is possible to put broadcasting by pause, turn back or record.

How to configure satellite tuner on the example of GI.S1025

It happens that you have already entered the settings, and something confused even without noticing this. Alternatively, you can reset the settings to the factory and scan channels from the satellite on the new.

Attention! Before resetting the tuner settings to the factory or so-called default, I recommend if you do not find a language selection tab in the settings in the settings.

As a rule, on non-operator receivers, after the settings are reset to factory, the default menu will be in English. The first thing you need to do is switch again to Russian.

The GI. S1025 receiver language settings can be reached as follows.

Come on the menu, select the third settings tab and click OK

In the new window, choose the first language “Language” tab, click “OK”. Language settings window opens.

satellite, setting, television, signal, level

Memorize the path to them, using the EXIT button, go out from the menu, and start resetting the tuner to the factory settings.

General instructions for setting up

To begin with, you can consider how digital TV is configured on TVs with the built-in receiver as a whole. The differences are usually concluded only in the sequence of certain actions and the names of items.

To connect the essential digital television, you should:

  • Connect to the TV antenna;
  • Press the “Menu” button on the console;
  • Go to “Options” and select Automatic Setup;
  • After that, you will appear on the screen, in which you will need to decide on the source of the signal. Mark the “Cable” and click “Start”;
  • Next to highlight another window. Here, from the proposed sources of the signal, select “Digital” and click on the “Start”;
  • After that, another window will be displayed in which you need to go to the search mode and select “Full”.
  • The graphs will appear before you, which will need to be filled with the following data and click the “Search” button:

Some models have the ability to network search. If it is, then enter the data, you do not need. It will be enough to simply select the search mode and run it. After that, your TV will start displaying 20 free channels.

Setting up satellite antenna with their own hands. Useful advice

Hello! Since many years I have been installing and servicing satellite antennas, I want to share my experience. Perhaps someone my experience is useful.First, I will introduce you to the best, in my opinion, assistant adjustment. He is called Satfinder. The varieties of the device are very much, but for one-time (and in my case there is far from one-time) installation in most cases is enough to have an analog device Functional for an experienced user is very wide.

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So, the device is simple. Two connectors, knob. twist and arrow indicator. Sometimes there are additional LED indicators, but they are not needed now. Connectors signed: to lnb. Converter is connected here. This is a plastic embodiment on an antenna. It is also called head, gun, eye.

Second connector to Reciever. Connects the cable to the LNB IN1 connector on the receiver. For example, this:

So, the procedure. Install an antenna, after finding out the approximate direction to the satellite. Here you can navigate through the antennas of the neighbors, and if there are no nearby, it helps the site mapsat. You can choose the desired satellite, to determine your location and see the line for the trimmer direction to the satellite. Picture for example:

There are also indicated all settings, but the newcomer to understand them is quite difficult. Therefore, still miss, they do not need so much, as it seems.Connect the cable to the receiver (to the LNB In1 jack), to the other end of the cable, connect the finder to the to Reciever connector. The scales of the device begins to glow, it means that the feed from the receiver goes. Thus, by the way, it is easy to check the cable for a break: if the scale does not shine, it means somewhere closure or breaking. This is one of the additional functions of this device.Now connect the converter to the second connector to LNB. Unscrew the handle before the appearance of a friend and set the arrow about the middle of the scale. By the way, if when the head is connected to the device, it immediately flies, then the problem is most often the problem in the agent of the receiver power supply: it lacks power to power antenna, only on receiver. So you can diagnose the power supply. This is another useful chip of this device.Now we need to customize the antenna. I will tell on the example of a tricolor as the most. NTV is configured in the same way. they have one satellite.Antenna We guide the “little” up. The angle is specified in the “Angle of Place” string on the site specified above. Here I will clarify. For my locality, the angle of almost 30 °, in other regions there may be another. In the south, I remember, the antennas almost look at the sky. This angle is specified for the line directed from the antenna to the satellite relative to the surface of the Earth. This dryer for trimmer is not the direction of the head from the center of the plate, do not confuse. If the imagination allows the school geometry about the angles of the fall / reflection, remember, then you can imagine how the dryer for trimmer from the sky at an angle of 30 ° falls into the center of the plate and is reflected from it into the head)) But easier, again, again, look at the neighbors antennas: for the next couple of hundred kilometers angle at the antenna is the same.So, put the vertical angle approximately, the bolts were slightly tightened and starting meeeled, in centimeters, moving the antenna to the left-right in the exemplary direction of the satellite. I usually look at the map of the rod of the roof of the neighboring house, the fence, road or wood. It helps well. At the time of capturing the signal, the device arrow will rise, the peak will be higher. If the arrow was up to the maximum, and the sound cuts the ears, stop, unscrew the handle counterclockwise, set the arrow again to the middle of the scale and adjust the antenna more accurately. Maximum achieved, tightened the horizontal tuning bolts and weakened the vertical. In the same way, focusing on the sound and arrow, tighten the maximum vertical. Tighten the bolts and, in principle, ready. After that, I’m still slightly pressure on different edges of a plate: it happens, Focus is slightly shot down or a cry of curve and a rough physical force can be slightly.Everything! Remove the device, secure cable and search channels on the receiver.

What are the disadvantages of the device?He, unlike digital, does not understand what satellite is configured. Oriented only at the signal level. Satellite parameters Specifies the receiver. I, for example, often got on such a joke: A little left of the Tricolorov satellite hangs another and the device reacts likewise on it. That is, the signal catches, and the channels are not configured. Frequency, apparently, also coincides. But it is worth turning a plate of three degrees to the right and here the satellite you already need.This device does not catch a signal very well on Telekart / MTS / Hotbard, as there is a linear polarization, and not a circular, as on tricolor / NTV. There you need to turn the head to a certain angle, the tricolor angle of rotation of the converter is not critical. In principle, you can configure, but you have to do so longer.How else I use this finder? He is my main device for diagnosis.First, I connect to the receiving, without connecting the antenna cable. If the scale is lit, it means that the nutrition goes. I exhibit the arrow on the middle, connect the antenna cable. If the wig, then I change the power supply or short circuit on the cable. If the arrow did not jerk, then a break.If a slightly rose, it means that the antenna setting is shot down.This is all driven out of the house, and then, according to the circumstances I go to the antenna.

tips that do not concern. The converter is spoiled quite rarely. Usually from impact on it, for example, the gathering of ice from the roof or a close discharge of lightning.The cable is spoiled often: insulation is scattered, it gets inside the water, rotates the central lived on the converter connector. Sometimes lightning breaks. Do not bring the cable to a bad condition: often the water on it comes to the receiver and requires expensive repair.The antenna is knocked down depending on many circumstances: an anchor / dowel is broken, checked or brought under the pressure of snow from the roof, weakened the bolts. Without visible problems do not touch the antenna. Often customers immediately climb the antenna, and then cause masters. And the problem, for example, in the receiver glitch. Accordingly, the wizard will take money for the diagnostics and configuration of the antenna, and not just for resetting the settings.From the banal problems that are called very often, but at the same time the customers themselves do not see:. a tree after five years of normal operation;. Soselka opposite the antenna;.loved cable;. Reflector. The text came out a lot, but I hope not in vain wrote. Perhaps someone will come in handy.P. S: anticipate that about the device will say: ha, toy. Professionals crawl megaphordmers for 5-10T.R. But I wrote for beginners who want to try in an independent installation. And buy the device for several thousand for the sake of one installation does not make sense. And the device is more powerful I have. I use them when installing without a receiver and for satellites 75 °, 85 °, 13 °. All success and direct hands!P.P.S: Interesting coincidences at the Bayanometer:

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How to update “Tricolor”: some nuances

There are no difficulties here. Main task. Connect the receiver to the Internet. To do this, behind there is a necessary connector.

If an update is released for your software, a proposal will appear on the TV screen. It must be taken. After the update is completed, the receiver will automatically reboot, and then another update will be proposed. It should be remembered here that various versions are required for different models. The table can be found below.

satellite, setting, television, signal, level

As you can see an independent configuration and connection “Tricolor TV”, it is difficult to call it impossible.

TV with built-in satellite receiver has some benefits.

Yes, so I wrote in 2013. year! In a word, some lyrical memories, or with what they worked not and long ago.

But, about the aunt “Sharu” you can forget that is not a disadvantage for owners of official access cards.

But if there is a built-in digital tuner with support for the DVB-S2 standard, it means that the TV will accept (if there is an antenna properly configured to satellite) Satellite channel signal.

TV with a built-in satellite receiver, however, be careful:

There can sometimes be confused, because there are other tuners with similar names that do not have anything in common with satellite TV in the panel.


Letter T denotes ground TV, letter with cable, and s is satellite. As you can see, the difference is only in one letter, and the tuner is completely different.

Installation of antenna equipment does not differ from the standard installation using an external receiver.

Televisions with built-in satellite receiver easily scan channels both in manual and automatic mode, but it will be exceptionally not coded channels.

Almost all modern TVs with a built-in satellite tuner support DiseqC 1 protocol.0, which means you can receive a signal at least four satellites using a 4×1 Diseqc switch.

One only the integrated satellite receiver and antenna will not be enough.

The fact is that almost all television channels broadcast from satellites are not in the open format, but in one or another encoding.

“AC PLUS”. in Crypt ON, TRICOLOR TV “- in Dre Crypt, NTV and many erotic oriental operators. in Viaccess, Rainbow TV and Continent TV. in IrDeto, Telekarta. in Conax and T.D.

And so installing the antenna and configuring the channels of a particular operator on the screen, on the screen, instead of the long-awaited high-quality image and favorite transfer, you will see only something like “Coded Channel”.

To solve this problem you need to purchase. And install the decoding device in your satellite TV. the so-called access module (CAM module and access card inserted into Si slot)

Have the mind that 90% of satellite TV channels are encoded!

And so TV with integrated satellite receiver

NTV Conditional Access Module Viaccess CI Configuring NTV-Plus Channels on DVB-S2 TVs of various brands.

Let’s start, for example, with samsung:

To begin with, it is desirable to reset TV to the factory settings:

Menu Support Self Diagnostics Reset OK.

After rebooting, go to the Antenna Channel menu, select the “Satellite” value.

Further in the same section: satellite. System. Enter Password 0000

Remove the daws from all satellites that are set by default (if it does not manage, you need to pull the CAM module from the slot and reset TV again).

Sheet and select the EutelSatW4 36E satellite, in the LNB settings, select the transponder 12130 R, the lower gene. LNB. 0, top. 10750.

Then we go to the “settings manually”, we are looking for the transponder 12130 R, turn on the “network search” and click “Search”. We are waiting for the completion of the search for the NTV-Plus channels and save the found channels.

Then you can sort the channels to your discretion with some Channel List Editor

If there is no EutelSatW4 36E satellite in the settings, do this:

Create your satellite (put on the bird) and save.

Next, the option “Power LNB” should be on.

We go into the LNB settings and configure the parameters: Diseqc. Off. Nizhny Gen. LNB. 10750 Upper Gene. LNB. 10750 ton 22 kHz Auto in the Transponder section. do not put anything, we will add them by hand. Next, we leave this submenu, we go to the section “Manual” section we see our newly connected companion and click “Scan”. In the Transponder section will be empty, choose “Create”.

We need transponder frequencies, flow rate and polarization type for each channel package.

11785 R, 11862 R, 11900 R, 11938 R, 11977 R, 11996 L, 12015 R, 12092R, 12245 R, 12284 R, 12322 R, 12341L, 12380 L, 12399 R, 12265 L, 12437 R, 12456 L, 12476 R, DVB-S2 / 8PSK11823 R, 12073 L, 12130 R, 12207 R


These frequencies have SR 27500 FEC 3/4 correctly set the polarization type (L) or (R)

We continue We drive the frequency (with diquses directly from the console), the transfer rate (also from the console) and select the polarization type (L or R). Click “Save”. The name of the NTV-Plus network appears by click “Search” and “OK”.

Channel package for this transponder is scanned and saved in the television memory. Next, everything is repeated for each subsequent transponder.

In the same place in the Manual Setup menu, click “Scan” in the Transponder section, create the following with your data and so on. All previous scored and scanned transponders with settings and channels are saved.

Instructions for setting up LG TV

Connect the cable running from the antenna from the converter to the connector on the back of the TV with the “SATTELITE” designation insert the DVB-CI CAM module with the inscription to you with the TV access card installed in it (card number)

Click on the “Settings” button on the remote control, and select “Channels” in the output menu. Click “OK”

In the opening arrow of the remote control, select “Software Mode”, click “OK” on the remote control. In the drop-down list, select and place the point on the inscription “Satellite” Go to the “OK” inscription and press the “OK” button on the remote control.

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Refusing automatic search.

In the “Channels” window, select the down arrow of the remote control “Satellite Setup” and press the “OK” button.

Go to the “Satellite” field with the specified satellite default arrow down the remote control.

In the window that opens, “List of satellites”, choose the satellite “Eutelsat 36 A / B 36.0 E »Click” OK “remote control.

Return to the window with settings for a satellite. In the “Satellite Setup” window

Connect antenna and configuration “Tricolor TV” yourself

To connect and configure, you will need to prepare some tool (armor, screwdriver, 10), as well as:

  • Select a place to install;
  • Install and connect a plate;
  • configure the receiver;
  • Correct satellite TV settings;
  • Register a tricolor receiver.

In this form, satellite antenna is purchased, but you can ask the dealer to collected it at the point of sale

Assembly and installation of antenna requires marginal care. In case of incorrect installation, malfunctions are possible or its failure. Manufacturer or supplier in this case in the execution of warranty repair will refuse.

Installing the satellite antenna “Tricolor TV”

First of all, choose a place, paying attention to how similar plates are directed at the neighbors. Install the antenna in the same direction. The main task is to provide a free review towards satellite. Here you need to imagine a dryer for a trimmer that connects the plate and satellite. She should not interrupt anything, for example, high-altitude houses, forest belt. If this happened, the plate should be raised above. It should be aware that even the glass will distort the signal. It will be optimal to install a plate on the roof or an outer wall of the building.

It is necessary to correctly arrange equipment during installation, otherwise a good signal reception is not guaranteed

How to connect “tricolor” to the TV on your own

In this work, difficulties will not arise. You only need to clearly follow the instructions that are attached to the antenna. In general terms, the following:

  • Connecting a cable to TV;
  • Turning on the TV;
  • LNB power activation (follow the start menu prompts);
  • Click “Exit” to exit automatic search.

Receivers may differ in appearance, but the logo on the “Plate” will always

Configuring the tricolor receiver: Nuances of performance

After a complete connection, you must go to the “Settings” menu where the PIN code is entered (by default “0000”), after which you need to specify the following data:

Next, we need the help of a second person who will monitor the signal level on two display scales, while the first must slowly move the plate first to the left-right (lower scale), and after finding the maximum level. down-up (top indicator on the TV screen ). After finding the maximum level, the plate is fixed. Detailed instructions, how to configure the “tricolortwall” antenna on its own, can be obtained in the 24-hour support service by phone specified in the documentation.

This is how the signal level indication on the TV screen looks

The device for configuring Tricolor satellite antennas: how to use it

Setting up “Tricolor TV” using a special device called “Satfinder” is simpler and does not require the help of a second person. Using an additional segment of the cable, the indicator is connected next to the antenna, and the signal level indicators are displayed on its scale, similar to what appear when tuning on the TV screen.

When working with “SatFinder”, the receiver must be included. Only in this case will the indicator will work (from the receiver 18 V voltage arrives

SatFinder. This duct will help you easily customize the direction of the antenna and catch the best signal

The only disadvantage of the device can be called the cost, which is pretty high. How about working approximately such equipment, you can learn from a very short video.

How the satellite antenna “Tricolor TV” is registered

After full configuration of the antenna and fix all attachments, the information channel should appear on the screen. If this happens, you should click on the “0” button. Now TV can be disabled, but the receiver needs to be left included.

The official website of the company Tricolor, which should register

This is where the new subscriber is registered

The most convenient way to register is filling out the form on the site “Tricolor”. The procedure is simple, cope with it for any novice user. This requires “at hand” of the number ID, the number of the receiver model, the serial number of the equipment, the individual number from the card coming in the kit, passport data, mobile phone numbers (if there is home) and email. After entering the data, click the “Get Code” button, which will come to a mobile phone as “SMS”. This code is entered into the corresponding field. It remains to wait for “SMS” with a login and password to enter your personal account. Now you can go to the activation of viewing.

The first SMS is entered into this field, after which the second with the login and password comes to the personal account

Turning on the TV, switches the channels until the “Coded Channel” appears, and wait. At the same time, the TV can be turned off, but the receiver must work. Setup can last for 8 hours. If during this time the channels are not activated, you should call the round-the-clock support service (the phone is specified in the technical documentation).

Parental control

No less useful feature of parental control, restricting access to individual channels. To establish limitations, you will need:

  • Find in the television settings section “Parental Control”;
  • Open option parameters by pressing OK and entering PIN code (0000);
  • Select the required age limitations by setting the right age (usually fit 18);
  • confirm the selection;
  • Next, you should find in the menu section of the PIN Code and create a new combination so that the settings did not manage to change.

It is important to take the last item especially carefully in order not to encounter later with difficulties. The new PIN code is better to record on a separate sheet so that you can freely change the settings without losing access to the equipment and television. If new numbers are lost or forgotten, it will not be easy to correct, therefore, simple combinations should be installed, for example 2021 (connection year).