How to connect to the Internet via the phone from the computer

Sometimes PC has to connect to the Internet via a mobile phone if there is no possibility to go into the global network with the usual ways (using an ADSL modem, router or cable). Many users in the process of connecting a smartphone to the PC as a modem face various difficulties, so in this article disassembled the phone settings in detail, allowing you to distribute Internet traffic on PC on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth communication and USB cable.

Often problems with cable internet, ADSL or USB modem. In addition, in many areas there is no normal connection. In these cases, you will receive a mobile phone on the basis of OS android, with which you can distribute traffic on PC in three ways.

This allows you to access various resources. For example, use government services, remotely learns or work. In addition, the global web allows you to communicate with relatives every day, who live in other cities or countries. Thanks to this, you can also expand your circle of communication. Internet access also allows you to update the drivers, the operating system and the installed software, so the computer will work better. True before connecting you need to take care to be on your tariff there is enough traffic, since many of them provide packages of a certain amount. Therefore, it is desirable to have unlimited, since a big brother pumps a lot of information.

Step-by-step instruction entry into the Wi-Fi router

Congratulations if done right, I will see the router control panel.

What if the network name, login or password changed and do not fit?

  • If the name of the network is changed, then there is nothing terrible. Log in to the one that the router is distributed and you want to connect. Almost probably it will be a wireless network with the strongest signal.
  • If the login or password is forgotten, then there are two solutions. First. remember or learn from the one who has changed the default login and password. If the router stitches the provider, it is worth contacting technical support, see the contract for services. If it is impossible to restore access, it will help reset the settings to factory. Then the authorization data and network name, like the password, will become the same as on the sticker. But the rest of the settings will disappear, including the configuration of the provider to enter the Internet. So I advise you to cook the settings before performing a reset.

Start setting the router from the tablet

By default, Wi-Fi protection is not installed, and your network is open. Now we will connect the tablet to it (this is in my case, when I continue to write the tablet, I will have to have an introduction the device from which we carry out the setting).

We go to the settings of network connections (we need to enable Wi-Fi).

Next, we turn on the Wi-Fi network and on the right in the list are looking for our network.

Here, attention! It will have a standard name and will be open. It is important to choose exactly our network. If you doubt, just turn off your router from the outlet (turn off and turn on the Wi-Fi on the device itself). and see whether the network will disappear. If so, it means that this is your network, choose it.

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A window will appear. Just press connecting.

If everything is fine, then the status of “connected” will appear near the network, and the icon with network divisions will appear at the top.

All our tablet is connected to our wireless network. You can proceed to settings.

Customize the router through the browser on the tablet

We need to run any browser. He is exactly on your device. It can be Google Chrome, or some other, standard.

In the browser, press your finger to the address bar and enter the IP address of our rooter. Usually, it is, or You can see this address, and standard login / password, from the bottom of your router. They should be indicated there.

So, we recruit this address in the browser, on the tablet, and click the button Go (open, and T. P.).

A window will appear with a login and password request. We enter the standard, usually this is Admin and Admin, and click Login.

It’s interesting: via Wi-Fi router not played video, programs cannot enter the Internet, some sites do not open

So we got into the settings of our new router. The floor of the case has already done

Set the parameters for connecting to the Internet

First of all, we need to configure the router, to work with your provider. Whatever he can connect to the Internet and distribute it to Wi-Fi. To do this, we need to know the parameters that I betrayed you, your provider. You need to know the technology that it uses (Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE, L2TP). and already depending on the technology required parameters. All this data, you can clarify the provider support. At the same time, specify whether the provider is binding on the MAC address.

Attention! If the provider is binding to the MAC address, then you need to call the support of your provider, and ask, link the Internet to the MAC address of the router. View the MAC address of the router, you can from below, on the sticker.

This is the most important point. If you are here for a mistake, your devices will be connected to Wi-Fi, but the Internet will not work.

These parameters, you need to set on the Network. WAN tab. Opposite Wan Connection Type choose the necessary technology. And on the basis of a specific technology, set all the necessary parameters: Name, Login, Static IP, or DNS.

Then, when all settings are specified and checked, press the Save button to save the settings.

Pay special attention to the settings that I wrote above. As I said, they are the most important.

Next, go to the Wireless tab.

Opposite the Wireless Network Name item, we specify the name of your Wi-Fi network (write only by English letters, you can digits). This name will be displayed on all devices.

Opposite the Region, specify the country where you live.

Click the SAVE button to save all changes.

If the window appears, just click OK.

Install protection for wireless network

Open Wireless. Wireless Security.

Select WPA / WPA2. Personal (Recommended).

Opposite PSK Password item come up and write down the password. It will be used to connect to your Wi-Fi. Use English letters and numbers. Make a password minimum in 8 characters. Follow the case of letters, it matters.

Be sure to write down the password on a piece of paper and put it in a safe place to not forget. And then you have to discharge all the settings and configure again.

Do not forget to save the settings by clicking on the SAVE button.

Setting the router through the application

Another very convenient and easy way to go to or To configure Internet connection and a wireless network on a router. this is to use a special mobile application. Any major network equipment manufacturer now has such an application.

How it works?! Just open the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android smartphones and enter the name of the manufacturer of your router. Some manufacturers indicate a link to the program immediately on the box from the device.

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Setting the router via phone

The phone through the application finds the network of the router, connects to it and then you can configure manually or run a special master.

By the way, modern Wi-Fi Mesh systems are usually configured only through a mobile application from a smartphone or tablet. This is how special corporate software from TP-Link for DECO mesh systems looks like:

The main thing. always remember that if you did something wrong and lost access to the router, you can always reset the settings using the RESET button and do everything again! Detailed instructions can be found on our blog in the relevant section.

General Requirements for Routher Setup

Even in the absence of computer equipment, you can configure the router today easily and quickly using a phone or any other gadget. The most important requirement for gadgets so that they have the opportunity to connect to the network by Wi-Fi. Such possibilities are now put on tablets and smartphones operating on Android and iOS operating systems. If there is a choice, then adjustment is better to carry out the tablet, simply because there is more screen resolution, which is much more convenient.

If we talk about the process itself, it is similar to the actions of the computer. Honors when configuring will be the connection itself and several more nuances, which we will write below. The most important thing is to spend the Internet in a house or apartment and purchase a router.

Advantages of using the phone to configure the router

Among the main advantages that can be achieved when setting up through a smartphone are distinguished:

  • the ability to quickly connect;
  • lack of wires;
  • access to all device parameters;
  • Ability to verify the work of the router.

With the help of the phone it becomes possible to configure any router regardless of its functionality and type. You can connect including at a short distance (for example, through the wall), since the connection is carried out via Wi-Fi.

Setting up distribution Wi-Fi “Access point” on Android

First of all, turn on mobile Internet. So far, on the notification panel, the corresponding icon appeared.

Next, go in the settings, and in the Wireless Connections and Networks section, click on “”.

We choose “Wi-Fi Router and USB modem” (still maybe “pins. Access points “). In the next window, click on “Routher Settings” (or change. Access point Wi-Fi “).

Next, we need to set parameters for our mobile router.

  • Router Name (SSID), this is the name of our Wi-Fi. Indicate any name English letters.
  • Safety and leave WPA2.
  • Password. This password will be used to connect to your network. Minimum 8 characters. English letters and numbers.

We specify all these parameters, and to start a Wi-Fi router, put a tick near the “Mobile Wi-Fi Router” (Wi-Fi Access point). Tips for connecting devices, just click OK. On the notifications panel, the icon must appear that the router is running.

All, you can connect our devices to Wi-Fi.

How to distribute the Internet from the phone

Almost all modern models of smartphones are equipped with a modem functionality. The mode allows you to turn the equipment to the Wi-Fi router and distribute the Internet near the apparatus located: laptops, tablets, personal computers (equipped with a module) and. Distribution allows you to connect 10 gadgets at the same time.

The adjustment procedure passes according to the standard scheme with activation of the access point:

  • The mobile phone screen shifts down. there the system shows the battery charge level, time and network state.
  • Among the shortcuts, it is necessary to find the “Access point” or “modem mode” icon.
  • Change the status switch to the “On” position.

If the functionality is missing in the status bar, then the changes are made through the device debugging:

  • The menu finds the “Internet and Wi-Fi” sign;
  • Next, there is a movement in the “Access Point and Modem”;
  • Next to the block there is a switch to be translated into an active position;
  • The process of inspection of the performance of the line is completed.
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In order not to wonder how to properly configure the router from the phone, it is enough to explore detailed instructions for solving the problem and make a phased implementation of the scheme. Connect to network equipment is easy for inexperienced newbies.

Certified Computer Network Safety Specialist. Routing skills, creating complex network coverage schemes, including seamless Wi-Fi.

It is important to know when changing wireless network settings for Wi-Fi connection

Change the name of the wireless network, and also put a wi-fi password as well as described in the instructions for setting up the router from the computer.

However, there is one nuance that you need to know: Every time you change any parameter of the wireless network in the router settings, change its name to your name, install the password, the link with the router will be interrupted and in the tablet and phone browser it may look like an error When opening a page, it may seem that the router is hung.

This happens for the reason that at the time the network parameters change to which your mobile device was connected, disappears and a new one appears with another name or protection parameters. At the same time, the settings in the router are saved, nothing hung.

Accordingly, after breaking the connection, you should re-connect to the new Wi-Fi network, go back to the router settings and make sure that everything is saved or confirm the saving (last. on D-Link). If, after changing the parameters, the device does not want to connect, in the list of connections “Forget” this connection (Usually with a long pressing, you can call a menu for such actions, delete this network), then re-locate the network and connect.

Hello. Disappeared the Internet via Wi-Fi on two phones. The signal goes very strong, and the connection hangs on auto inclusion and nothing happens. Then the inscription appears that disabled. Or authentication error. I say I missed the password. But this can not be. I introduced a router with priests. Already the 3rd day I can’t connect to Wi-Fi. Before that there were glitches, failures. But at the time 2-1.5. While sitting at home everything is ok, the Internet flew. It is worth getting out of the house and on the return “Internet may not be available”. So for the last time there was such an inscription. Began to treat a reboot (used to help) and zero effect. I do not know what’s the matter. Failure router? Or with a phone something? Just so coincided that glitches began to change Samsung S3 on Samsung J5 (me) and J1 (Mom). True, if you need to catch Wi-Fi on the street, it catches without problems and everything is fine. The operator suggested that the adjustment will drive (I know them, the money came out once, but did not help, I had to configure-connect the very moment. connect), or fiber optic.

Hello. And passwords from behind on the router. they are not for Wi-Fi, but to enter the adjustment of the router, so it is possible that you and misinterpret. It may also be that the settings are dropped (it happens because of the power failures), as a result, such a result (and the Wi-Fi signal will be normal and in this case).

No Wi-Fi network when the router is enabled. How to enter the router settings through the phone?

Strange sure that there is no network? In this case, I can only offer to reset the router to the factory settings, and then go.