How to set up a router via a phone using the example of tp-link

Modern gadgets have a wide functional purpose for most tasks, such as watching videos, pastime on social networks, listening to music, can replace laptops, PC. Any smartphone makes it possible to enter the Internet through a wireless connection installed by a device called a router (router). After its acquisition, some settings are required. In the absence of a computer, consider how a router can be configured through the phone. The stages of this process are set forth by the example of the TP-Link device and a smartphone on the Android operating system.

If the router is new, then it should be attached to the cable of the provider providing the Internet service. To do this, you need to perform a sequence of actions:

  • On the back panel is the port “WAN”, painted in blue. Insert the cable connector into this chip.
  • Connect the power cable with the router through the special entrance to Power’s power to the left of the “WAN” connector.
  • Turn on the power plug.
  • If the indicators on the case did not light up, then you need to click the “On/OFF” button on the back panel.

After the power supply, the Wi-Fi (WLAN) indicator should light up, indicated in the same way as in the phone.

The most common mistakes and problems

Now let’s talk about typical problems. Among them:

Consider each problem individually.

There is no operating network connection

One of the solutions to the problem is multiple turning on/off Wi-Fi module.

Does not help? Remove yours from the list of available networks and perform the process of connecting again.

To do this, it is necessary to implement the sequence of actions:

If after the introduction of all the settings again, the connection will not work, then most likely the reason in the device itself or on the side of the Internet provider. And this is impossible to eliminate on your own.

Wi-Fi is displayed gray

The next option is when the Wi-Fi word burns in gray and the slope of the switching does not react, it is necessary: ​​it is necessary:

As you can see, the steps to fix it is necessary to go a lot. If you are not sure that you yourself can cope with this task, it is better to take the device to the service center to a specialist.

What you need to connect

To connect to Wi-Fi, you need two things: to be in the area of ​​the network signal, as well as know its name and password. When you connect a mobile phone to your home Internet, all the necessary information can be viewed on the router. To connect to the network in the cafe, you need to find out the password from the administrator. For a non.parallel connection of WPS, access to the router is necessary. In some cases, additional information will be required: IP address or the address of the proxy server to configure Wi-Fi on the phone manually.

It is necessary to deal with the configuration on the router not only if there are any malfunctions.

router, signal, smartphone

Only this method of setting up the router is suitable for many users due to the lack of a laptop or a regular computer. To do this, just run the browser on the smartphone.

It doesn’t matter which brand of your phone. You can configure Wi-Fi both from the iPhone and from the Android girl.

router, signal, smartphone

As a rule, in addition, it is worth opening instructions for your router. If you do not have it in stock, it is worth downloading it via mobile Internet.

Also, before setting up, make sure that the wire was connected correctly, and also turned on the router in the mains.

After activating the Wi-Fi network on your device, go to the list of available connections.

We have a router correctly

It may seem strange, but there are users who consider it a worthy place to accommodate such that it does not catch the eye or the presence of a nearby outlet. They do not think about how the router is located and how it will affect the reception/transmission of the signal. If the device is installed by a specialist, then he already knows in advance how to properly place and install equipment.

So where the ruter antennas should be located and how it should be correctly standing? Obviously, the best position in the center of the room.

This is partly so. If the apartment is And if the rooms are two or three?

If there is a dividing wall, then the router is the very place in the largest room on the wall that shares two neighboring rooms. But there are restrictions. Household devices such as refrigerator, microwave, stabilizers and other electrical appliances will interfere with the spread of the radio signal. Therefore, it is better to stay away from all such devices.

It will also not be superfluous to take into account where the Internet client is located in neighboring residential premises. The most profitable installation point is at an equivalent distance from all network consumers. In this place and it is best to have your device.

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Acceleration of loading web pages in Google Chrome

Simplified mode in Google Chrome allows you to load web pages in a pre-compressed form, which allows you to save mobile traffic and speed up their loading. Google Chrome can invite you to use a simplified mode. If this does not happen, do the following:

Open Google Chrome and click on three points in the upper right corner.

Open the “Simplified mode” section.

Transfer the switch to the “inclusive” position.

Subsequently, the information in the graphic and textual form about saved traffic will be displayed here. It will look something like this:

The Opera Max program has similar functionality-according to the developers, its use allows you to compress traffic to 50-60%.

How to update the work of a radio module

If the reason why this phone does not work, or due to which the signal level weakens from the router is not determined (other equipment of the same type in this place works steadily, and the new firmware did not help), the problem may be hidden in the radio module. It is not necessary to change this block, it is often enough to update its software. This requires:

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  • Find Radio files on the phone.IMG and Android-Info.txt;
  • Transfer them to a separate folder;
  • Rename the folder (assigning it an arbitrary name that is not related to the program) and archive using ZIP;
  • Move the folder to a reliable storage (to the memory card, SD-disk, computer hard drive);
  • Completely turn off the phone (preferably taking out the battery from it), wait 5-10 seconds;
  • Turn on again, while holding the volume level of a decrease in the level of volume;
  • When a request occurs on the screen, whether a new firmware is required, send confirmation by pressing the volume increase key;
  • After the installation process is completed (automatically), reload.

Check the work of the phone. If the signal quality has changed (increased), the problem was in the wrong or outdated firmware of the Wi-Fi module on the phone.

Find out which point of access to Wi-Fi is the best

One way to do this is to use the Wi-Fi Analyzer application, in which there are three useful functions. First, finds the best channel used for your specific network. Without going into details, it allows you to optimize the network, which means you should not understand the technique to do it.

Wi-Fi analyzer can give you a quick look at which wireless network nearby is the best

Secondly, he evaluates that the network in your area has the most stable connection, and which is not, which your phone is connected by default. Finally, he offers simple access to information about the network, such as the IP address of your network gateway, DNS, etc. D. This is optional, but useful for experienced users.

We analyze Wi-Fi ether

Possession of information about the state of the network is a very important factor in solving the problem with Wi-Fi. This will help to decide on the choice of a method that will enhance the signal. For such purposes, the Wi-Fi Analyzer application is useful. Using this application, you can find a relatively free channel for your network. The program will also help choose the most powerful sitting down, for example, in a public place.

Choosing the most “loud” access point

Using the Wi-Fi Analyzer application or the like in a public place, you can see the level of signal of each access point. And to determine which of them a Wi-Fi signal is getting better. This will be displayed on simple graphs in the program window. After you figured out what point is the most “loud”, just switch the phone to it and enjoy the better Internet.

The material within the framework of a small article does not allow us to talk about all the nuances. But even with a cursory review, it becomes clear that the development and maintenance of the wireless network has quite interesting nuances. On the one hand, you need to deal with the mutual influence of the signal sources, including by reducing the power of access points. On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain a signal level at a sufficiently high level for a sustainable connection.

This contradiction can be circumvented using the special functions of the wireless network controllers.

It is also worth noting the fact that ZYXEL is working on improving everything that helps to achieve a quality connection without resorting to high costs.