Panasonic TV setting on digital television

If you purchased a new panason TV or you just need to update it to receive digital channels, then it will not be difficult to do it.

Make sure your Panasonic TV takes a digital broadcast format, you can do this by watching the television documents, namely the passport of the device. It should indicate what formats the Panasonic TV supports. You can also clarify the information on your model on the site see the figure There is a list of all TVs with DVB-T2. If your TV does not support this format, then to view twenty free digital air channels you need to purchase a digital console.

The antenna corresponding to your remoteness from the transmitting tower is also needed.

Operating manual of a colored television receiver T.

Color television receiver-1481TS TX-2181TS

familiarize yourself with this management in detail and save it for the future.

  • Manual
  • Description and accessories
  • Check the presence of the following accessories.
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Adding local analog channels

Automatic Panason search is available for analog channels. At the same time, you will have to drop the previous settings. To add analog channels on the panason TV, the following steps should be performed:

Setting up a digital tv station

  • Using the remote control switch to analog program broadcast mode.
  • Go to the “menu”. “installations”.
  • Click the “Analogue Settings” menu “.
  • Click on “auto.building”.
  • Confirm the reset of previous settings.
panason, digital, channels

During the search on the TV screen, Panasonic will appear found television channels. As soon as the setting is over, one of the found programs found.


General algorithms setting digital and analog channels for various models of LCD TVs LG brand:

  • Press the button. “menu”;
  • Select in the menu. “options”;
  • Choosing. “Auto”;
  • Choosing the country. “Finland”; (Perhaps France, Switzerland, Sweden)
  • Select the signal source. “cable”;
  • Select. “digital“;
  • Click. “Search”.
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Settings are made in about 5-10 minutes.

A detailed description of the settings of digital channels on the TVs of the LG trademark:

  • In order to configure high.definition digital television channels in the vast majority of LG models, click the “Menu” (“menu”) button on the remote control, you will have a TV menu in which you will need to select the “Options” section.
  • Indicate the country “Russia”.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu, the “Auto Search” item and indicate the method of connecting to TV “Cable”.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Settings” and enter the following parameters: type of search: “Fast”; Frequency: 298000 (kHz); Skor. Symbols: 6875; Modulation: 256 QAM; ID networks: Auto.
  • If you have done everything correctly and retained all the changed parameters, then during the search you will be found channels.
  • An important feature of LG TVs is the function “Automatic Channel Update”. It must be disabled, otherwise the TV will periodically drop the channel you configured. To do this, go to the “Settings of the Digital Cable. Channel Auto Expert”: Off

To sort channels, select “Settings”. “Avtopoisk”. “Cable”. Remove the checkmark (√) from “Autonomation”. “Perform”. After setting up all the channels in the “Program editor” the necessary buttons will appear.

How to Scan for Channels on Panasonic TV

How to set up channels on Panasonic TV?

Forced reboot Panasonic TV TX-49CX740

  • Initially include the Panasonic TX-49CX740
  • When the TV is turned on, press the “menu” button on the remote control to open the menu.
  • Then use the button with the arrow down to scroll down and select the settings.
  • Then press the OK button on the remote control.

How to manually configure the channels on the TV

For all its visible simplicity of automatic setting, it has several significant disadvantages. Some channels can be repeated, have a distorted image or sound. In this case, the situation should be corrected manually. Here is a manual setting of TV channels:

  • In the “Channel Settings” menu, select “Manual Settings” with the navigation buttons and click Enter/OK.
  • Select the “Program” item and assign the serial number by pressing the digital buttons on the remote control.
  • Select the color system adopted in the region of your residence: Pal, SecM, NTSC or AUTO.
  • Select the sound system: 2.0 (stereo), 5.1 and t.D.
  • Make a “search” of the channel and if successful, make it in memory of the TV by pressing the “Save” button.
  • Repeat the same procedure for all the necessary channels.
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Manual channel tuning can look as follows:

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It should be remembered that all actions in the proposed instructions are confirmed by pressing the Enter/OK button.

Sound setting

In the Sound settings tab, you can adjust the sound. over, you can manage here both speakers and connected devices. In the tab it is possible to change the volume, mode and balance of sound, set high and low frequencies. At the same time, it is impossible to indicate the optimal parameters, because by setting up the panason TV, you should focus on the acoustic indicators of the room and select the characteristics experimentally.

Before you configure Panasonic, it is important to carefully study the operating manual and focus on personal preferences in order to get a high.quality image and sound. Search for channels is light due to automation, so even an inexperienced user will be able to cope with it.

AutoPoisk on Panasonic TV

The automatic search function will help to find at least 20 digital broadcast channels available in Russia.

If your TV has already been configured earlier, we will fulfill the reset. this will help to avoid further problems with the intersection of frequencies:

  • Click the “” button on the remote control.
  • In the menu opened, select “Installation” item.
  • Go to the subparagraph “System settings” (at the bottom of the list).
  • Using the “Vo” key, select the “Access” line.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “initial installations” line and confirm the action of the “ok” key.
  • A warning will appear on the screen about resetting set settings. To continue, click “OK” twice.
  • When the “Reset Completed” sign appears on the screen, turn off the TV using the button on the device case.
panason, digital, channels

Automatic setting of digital channels on the Panasonic TV is as follows:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • The language settings menu will display on the screen. Select “Russian” and click OK “.
  • In the new window from the list of available signal sources, select “DVB-T” or “DVB-T2”.
  • Transfer the slider to the line “Start auto.building” and click “OK”.
  • After the car is completed, the settings window will be filled with channels and close.
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Removing and sorting channels on Panasonic TV

Sometimes you need to change the channels in the general list in places, as well as delete repeated or simply uninteresting. Especially for this, Panasonic TVs provides a separate menu. Only a remote control and a couple of minutes of free time will need.

To begin with, you will need to open a list of installed channels with which further manipulations can be made.

  • Press the “Menu” button on the control panel.
  • Select “Installations” item.
  • Go to the “settings menu” and click OK “.
  • Select “Channel list editor”.
  • Move the slider to the channel that must be removed.
  • Press the red button (r) on the remote control.
  • To confirm the removal, on the same button.
  • Select the channel that needs to be moved.
  • Press the yellow button (G) on the remote control.
  • Using the keys “up” and “down”, move the channel to the desired position.
  • Click the yellow button to confirm action.
  • Sorting channels on Samsung TV
  • Select the channel from the list that you want to rename.
  • On the remote control, press the blue button (b).
  • Set the channel a new name using digital buttons on the remote control.
  • To save changes, use the “Return” button.

Possible difficulties in setting up and their solution:

If you purchased a new panason TV or you just need to update it to receive digital channels, then it will not be difficult to do it.

The antenna corresponding to your remoteness from the transmitting tower is also needed.