For which objects should FPS be maximum?

➫ Video surveillance of car traffic;

Why is it not recommended to use DVR with 15 fps FPS in critical places?

The answer is simple! The fact is that with such an FPS, the action of a clever attacker may simply not remain on the record. For such objects, you need to use Real Time recorders capable of recording video with a frame rate of 25 fps or special IP cameras with an increased frame rate of 50 fps.

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HD-SDI DVR (1080P class) Full HD real-time HD-SDI DVR with universal hybrid input (8 / 16Ch) ezP2P ™ Cloud Service without any complicated network settings.

USB-RS232 adapter user manual

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Important parameters common to NVR and DVR

7 Mini Tablet User Guide

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Fit Clip Plus Portable Media Player

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You can copy the recorded files to a computer for storage. Copying can be done directly from the SD card, previously removed from the recorder when the power is off. Or, simply by connecting the DVR via a USB cable with a memory card inserted. The device appears on the computer as a removable disk or flash card.

Attention! In order not to damage the SD card, before disconnecting the recorder from the computer, you need to click “remove device” in the taskbar.


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In video mode, there should be a video camera icon in the upper left corner.

In video mode, press the “menu” button to enter the “Settings” section (Video settings).

To select a setting item, use the “up” / “down” buttons, to change the item, press the “OK” button.

Volume: Recording resolution: 1080P (1280 × 720) / 720P (1280 × 720) / VGA (640 × 480)
Date Stamp: Displays shooting date and time stamp: On / Off.
Motion Detection: Automatic Recording: On / Off.
Loop recording: Recording duration 1 min / 3 min / 5 min / 10 min / Off.
Microphone: Sound recording: On / Off.

Manual for car camcorder fhd 1080p dashcam

Download PDF

Nowadays, cameras with high resolution are becoming more common. Therefore, the instruction manual for the Full HD 1080p DVR is a must. This will allow you to use the device to its maximum potential. The use of such equipment will facilitate the search for a participant in an accident, because the level of shooting allows you to see the numbers at a considerable distance. If you are faced with the task of choosing the most effective device for recording your trips, then it makes sense to pay attention to this group of cameras. They are usually not expensive. for them fluctuate in the middle range.



The device is controlled using buttons. With their help, you can configure all the parameters available in the device. The interface is intuitive. This allows even an inexperienced person to make adjustments. The following accessories are included in the package:

    Video recorder;

You should start by formatting the memory card in the recorder. For intensive use, it is recommended to format once a month. Installation and removal of the card is performed when the DVR is turned off. It should be installed without much effort. If the card does not insert, then check its correct position.

The DVR is designed to work from a car charger. To do this, it is connected to the cigarette lighter. It is also possible to charge via a USB cable connected to a computer.

The video mode turns on simultaneously with the power supply. Some models allow the use of the delay start function. In this case, the start-up will be carried out 10-20 seconds after the power is turned on. Video recording is controlled using buttons on the body. With their help, you can zoom in / out, change the viewing angle. It is also possible to take a photo without stopping the recording. There is a separate “photo” mode.

Press the Mode button to enter playback mode. The selection of files for viewing is carried out using the corresponding keys. Playback starts with the OK button. The buttons “Right”, “Left” help to slow down the image or vice versa to speed up it. In this case, the corresponding symbols appear on the display.


The instruction manual of the Full HD 1080p DVR begins with a description. This camera has an excellent 5 megapixel performance. Its viewing angle is 100-120 °, this makes it possible to securely record all the events taking place around. GPS-module allows using satellite navigation with video link. Thus, in the event of an accident, you will be guaranteed to receive compensation from the insurance company in full. There is a loop recording function for smooth operation.

Unboxing/Installing AUKEY Dash cam, Dashboard Camera Recorder with Full HD 1080P

In this case, after the memory card is full, the next files are overwritten. It is possible to connect a USB cable. All such DVRs allow the use of micro-cd cards up to 32 GB.

Full HD 1080p DVR User’s Manual. Briefly about the main thing


You can customize the device in the most convenient way for you. This allows you to use the DVR in the most efficient way. First of all, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Resolution. The higher this indicator, the better the recording will be. It is not recommended to use the maximum quality with a small memory card installed;
  • Date and time, timestamp;
  • Cyclic recording. It is usually recommended to split files for 5 minutes;
  • Scenario. The shooting mode is selected here. It is best to choose “auto”. In this case, the recorder will independently select the appropriate mode, depending on the lighting;
  • Show coordinates. This will allow, if necessary, to prove that you were in the exact place.

Conclusion. Modern recorders are rather complex devices. Despite the efforts of manufacturers to make the interface as clear as possible, the abundance of functions makes the management rather difficult. Therefore, the instruction manual of the Full HD 1080p DVR will allow you to properly use the functionality of the camera. This way, you will be able to set it up correctly, which is the main thing to work correctly.

Duration of shooting

Cyclic mode refers to more functional orders. Recording is not carried out in a continuous file, fixation is carried out in small fragments in length and volume. When the memory is full, old files are deleted and new video materials are recorded in their place.

Positive characteristics of loop recording:

  • Registration is carried out regardless of the amount of memory that does not overflow.
  • The time is set in the range of 1-30 minutes for recording a file from 1 to 30 minutes. 5-10 minutes are selected. such an adjustment of the Chinese DVR independently leads to the recording of new segments over the previously deleted ones.
  • Provides protection of files from being overwritten or erasing due to the triggering of the shock sensor.

Loop mode is inconvenient in the sense that it is impossible to record continuous shooting of a large amount of information. Some models do not provide a continuous flow of events when using the cyclic option, allow frame drops.

Recent developments are free from this drawback. A new gap is recorded when the commit of the previous one is not completed. overlapping files prevents interruptions. Manufacturers set the recording duration arbitrarily, the user adjusts the recording time at will.

A name in the form of an ordinal number is assigned to each fragment stored in memory, which makes it easier to find a recording for viewing. The cyclic method is very popular with motorists.

How to set up a mirror DVR

After installing and connecting the mirror recorder, the main camera will start working. Turning on the device is manifested by a short-term appearance of the captured image on a reflective plane. The operability of the device is indicated by a light signal from the built-in diode.

To set up a DVR with a rear-view mirror, you need to use the dedicated buttons on the case:

  • “PWR”. allows you to manually reset the system by long pressing;
  • “Menu”. allows you to enter the setup menu;
  • “”. sequentially switches between shooting or viewing modes;
  • “⇐”, “⇒”. are intended to move through the menu items.

To confirm the selected parameter, you must press the “Menu” button again.

Lane Border Control System

An important question is how to configure the DVR with a warning about going beyond the restrictive lane markings or LDWS. The system began to be implemented in registrars 6 years ago. Previously, this option was built into premium segment cars at the production stage. Its essence lies in the fact that the sensors read the road markings and warn the driver about crossing the lane. This is done for driving safety. In the event that a motorist falls asleep while driving or is distracted from the road, the car can go to the oncoming line, causing an accident.

To learn how to configure the camera on the DVR in LDWS mode, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Enter the optional menu of the device and select the item responsible for the calibration of the sensors.
  • Run fine-tuning and wait for the appearance of the image from the lens, with the alignment stripes applied over it.
  • The top line should be aligned with the horizon.
  • Try to match the bottom line with the contour of the hood.

Each time the lens focal angle changes, the system will need a new calibration to stop false alarms.

Factory reset

If the device begins to respond to commands for a long time and issues various malfunctions, a forced rollback of the system to the factory settings can help. Updating the data cache by cleaning the internal space will allow the device to return to its original speed and responsiveness to the owner’s wishes.

It is recommended to save all important information on a removable memory card before formatting system files.

  • Find the item “System parameters” in the menu.
  • Select the sub-item “Return to factory settings”.
  • Answer affirmatively to the system question.
  • After rebooting, set the desired parameters again.

If the restart does not help, you will have to contact the manufacturer-authorized service center for warranty service.

The main goal of any DVR is to record video, respectively, the better it copes with this task, the better. Video technology is developing rapidly and car recorders are also in a hurry for progress. If today the DVR cannot show a decent quality of video recording, then tomorrow it will be replaced by a mobile phone, so every self-respecting manufacturer is trying to increase the clarity of the image, get rid of glare and, of course, increase the resolution.

Resolution is the maximum image size in pixels available to the camera. Each pixel is a point that informs about the color and brightness of the image at this very point, and the whole picture is made up of millions of pixels. When it comes to video resolution, they write the ratio of the number of pixels vertically and horizontally, for example. 1920x1080p, or the name of the FullHD 1080p resolution (with this designation, the number of dots along the vertical is indicated, that is, a smaller number).

There is such a thing as interpolation. stretching an image programmatically to the desired resolution, this method increases the size of the image, but does not add new details and does not improve it in any way. Therefore, you should not chase only high resolution, because honest and high-quality FullHD will be no worse, or maybe even better, than interpolated Super HD.

The main resolution formats for car recorders today are HD 720p, FullHD 1080p and Super HD 1296p. The concept of HD includes ever higher resolutions, being a kind of base that is expanding and modernizing. Today, in HD format with a resolution of 1280×720, they shoot, perhaps, additional cameras in those DVRs that support more than one channel. Of course, the quality of videos shot in HD resolution will be worse than any higher resolution.

FullHD 1080p with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p is the most common format for car recorders. High-quality FullHD is quite enough for good visibility of small details (for example, license plates of cars) while driving and for a clear, not blurry picture of the environment.

Super HD 1296p with a resolution of 2304×1296 is even more advanced HD and is currently implemented on a relatively small number of DVRs. Honest (not interpolated) Super HD is quite rare, and Karkam Q7 or CARCAM COMBO 5S hybrid video recorder can be cited as a good example.

4K or Ultra HD at 3840 × 2160, which has four times the pixel count of FullHD. Of course, this helps to increase the clarity of video recording, such a picture can be scaled while viewing without losing quality, thus significantly increasing the readability of car license plates. Until 4K resolution has become mainstream for DVRs and is extremely rare.

To summarize, we can say that resolution, of course, is one of the key parameters when choosing a DVR. However, it is always worth remembering that a really good device is not where the highest resolution or the newest processor is, but where all the factors are correctly balanced and each element of the device interacts correctly with all the others.

Time and date

The date and clock are set to record a time-based chronicle from the scene. The indicators are checked regularly to exclude a failure. The correct time and date will prove the event is valid and will help to avoid mistakes. The process for setting metrics differs depending on the device type, but the basic steps remain the same.

You can set the time on the DVR by following the steps:

  • you will need a recorder, computer, SD flash memory card;
  • the card is removed from the recorder and connected to the computer;
  • a message appears on the monitor about the connection made and the start of work;
  • the card is formatted, all information is erased until it is reset;
  • a new file is created in text format, for this you need to enter the map and assign a name to the new data area;
  • the time and date valid at the time of setup are entered into the text of the new file;
  • the record is saved, the card is removed from the computer;
  • the flash drive is inserted into the recorder, the car gadget turns on. it indicates the required time, date, year, month.

The information is transmitted by satellite, the exact time and date are stamped on the broadcasting monitor. The time zone can be set correctly, by default manufacturers use UTC4 (Russia).

Powered by battery, USB device or adapter. At the top left there is a sign showing the remaining energy for the operation of the device. The adapter is connected to the navigator, the gadget works and the battery is charged at the same time. Connecting to the USB port allows charging in the stopped state of the module.

The GPS navigator orientates the car using a satellite receiver and indicates the position on a map with coordinates. After determining the location, the device automatically selects the best path to the destination.

  • The gadget models use the latest developments in navigation maps. After a while, the information ceases to correspond to the true location of roads and buildings.
  • The navigation device only provides a possible route of movement. The driver often finds his bearings in a familiar place better than the device and determines the road that passes with the least cost.
  • Tall buildings distort the meaning of the signals. The accuracy of the readings is affected by the weather or signals from other satellites. This leads to inaccurate orientation, causes a malfunction of the navigation system.

Video settings

Now we need to adjust the quality of the video.

First, set the resolution. Modern recorders shoot in Full HD with a resolution of 1920x1080p. Most models offer a choice of recording quality, thereby saving space on the memory card. But we recommend staying at the maximum quality. in the event of an accident or emergency, the registrar will be able to capture all the details of the incident in the smallest detail.

You also need to choose the duration of the videos. Most often, drivers set the duration of 3. 5 minutes. this is the most optimal value. If the memory card runs out of space and starts overwriting old files, then the loss of information will be small.

Motion Sensor

The module provides a useful option in the recorder. The recording starts after activating the function and detects movement in the camera’s field of view, and in the case of a trip, the device is triggered automatically. The manual mode of switching on provides for starting the camera when the driver presses the button. Forgetfulness is often the reason for missing important moments when driving.

The DVR settings for automatic sensor activation allow registering events around the vehicle while parking. The sensor is triggered at the beginning of the movement and reveals the identity of the offender on the record. The device turns off in quiet mode, saves battery power and memory space. The sensitivity of the module is set in the range 1-8, the optimal value is 3.

Other functionality

New models of recorders are equipped with additional features that are also useful on the road:

  • With the help of the GPS module, the recorder determines the coordinates of the vehicle. Then you can view the route of travel on the map using special programs.
  • Laws is a lane control function. Calibration is required before use. Also, the calibration should be repeated after each rotation of the camera.
  • Wi-Fi function allows the DVR to sync with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Depending on the DVR model, you will be provided with many useful functions: remote file transfer and settings management.

How to set up a DVR

How to set up the DVR correctly? After you turn on your device for the first time, it may behave differently. Some models offer to format the disk. In the event that this is about your model, click on “Yes”. After this point, you can go to other settings.

Among the main settings is the choice of language. The Chinese, of course, will set either their own language or English by default, but most Russians are more comfortable if the device speaks their native language. However, please note that not all models can correctly translate their content into Russian, so be prepared for the unexpected.

The next important point is to remember to set the time and date. A video recorder is needed primarily in order to record a chronicle from the scene. It will be very strange if the time on the recorded video is dated, for example, 1920. Make sure that the correct date and time is indicated on the registrar. You can install them in the system settings of the car DVR. find the item responsible for the date and change it; as a rule, it is called “Date and Time”.

Constantly check the data of the established indicator for reliability. the correct indicators will help you, if necessary, to defend your innocence.

How to independently set the correct DVR settings

Setting the video quality and resolution

The settings of the DVR also imply such an item as setting the desired quality and resolution of video recording. Many modern models allow you to set the optimal mode. Full HD quality, but for a good picture, you will only need to set the quality at 1080p. all the necessary details can be seen in this mode.

Pay attention to the need to adjust the exposure for the recorder. This greatly affects how light or dark the picture is. The answer to the question of what an exposure is, namely, what is an exposure in a DVR, you can find on the Internet. This is the amount of light that hits the mirror of the recorder.

Sometimes referred to as light level, exposure allows you to switch between day and night shooting. The higher the number, the brighter the picture will be. Avoid over-exposure or under-exposure. it will be difficult to see anything in the picture. The best option for buying will be models with automatic setting of this item. in this case, the registrar will be able to independently switch from day to night mode.

Next, I set up the sound recording. The sound on the car recorder is often recorded. this is especially important if there is a disassembly with road service employees or inadequate drivers. Sound recordings help not only to see how the incident happened, but also to hear the necessary arguments that can prove you are right.

How to reset the car recorder to factory settings

It often happens that the car dashboard ceases to meet the requirements of its user, “glitches” or behaves very strangely, and the user begins to be tormented by the question of how to set up the dash cam in this case. Either a repair or a factory reset can help here.

How to reset the car recorder to factory settings will be discussed below. It’s quite simple. you need to find the desired item in the system settings. Usually it is not hidden deeply, just for those cases so that you can urgently resort to it.

If you have to use this method, remember that the settings are completely reset, and you get an absolutely “clean” recorder, on which there will be no information. Adjustments that have already been made will have to be repeated or revised and others installed.

The best option is when the settings are reset by someone who can later return them to their place, i.e. remembers what and how he set up.

After the desired item is found in the menu, all videos have been successfully downloaded and saved, you can proceed to further work. You click on “Reset to factory settings”, wait a while (note: the reset can take a long time, get ready to wait), and when the settings are reset, you are holding a practically new recorder in your hands.

First of all, we expose the already familiar, main settings: language, date and time. After that, you can adjust the rest of the elements: resolution, quality, day and night shooting, sound quality and other data. Please note that here we only tell you about those vital elements that are installed in the first place. After that, you can configure the motion sensors, if any, set the navigator functions and notifications about cameras. How to install these elements on the DVR, you can find out from the user manual. there is enough comprehensive information.

In the event that resetting to the factory settings did not help you and the recorder still fails, there is nothing left to do but return it for repair.

Only after all the settings have been set, it makes sense to proceed to mounting the device on the glass or the rear surface of the rear-view mirror. these are the most popular places for attaching a car DVR. Occasionally, the recorder is placed on the dashboard, but this method is gradually becoming obsolete. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the angle at which the recorder should be.

A few more settings will be discussed below. Among other things, you can pay attention to several specific settings that will make the picture taken by the recorder of higher quality.

Frame rate is a parameter that demonstrates the number of frames that a device can record per second. The higher the value, the smoother the video will be. As a rule, in modern registrars, FPS indicators can vary from 15 to 60.

The viewing angle is one of the most important parameters. The wider the angle, the more you can shoot. Sometimes this is a key parameter, but you need to pay attention to it even at the stage of buying a device.

Stabilization is another parameter that you need to look at before buying a navigator. While driving, the car can drive over bumps and bumps, and the stabilizer will smooth the image and remove a significant part of the jerks.

Description of Full HD 1080p dash cam with WDR function

Car enthusiasts are often interested in: WDR. what is it in the DVR, why is this system needed.

It is possible that even the best car DVRs can shoot low-quality video. The frame may turn out to be too bright due to the strong light flux, and, conversely, with a lack of light, the shooting will turn out to be dark. This is due to the fact that the camera must simultaneously capture both light and dark areas.

What is WDR in an auto registrar

If Honor has a dashcam working in difficult lighting conditions, then most of the captured frames should be obscure. Both intense light flux and lack of it contribute to poor-quality shooting.

This problem is solved with the help of the modern WDR function, which began to be installed in recorders. WDR stands for Wide Dinamic Range (translated as extended dynamic range). Thanks to this system, the camera combines 2 frames with different shutter speeds.

Further. how this function works. Shooting the first frame, the camera maintains the minimum time. Due to this, the stream of light does not have time to illuminate the image. The next shot, on the other hand, is taken with a maximum shutter speed, during which the camera has time to capture all the darkened areas. As a result, 2 images are obtained: the first is adapted for illuminated objects, and the second is for darkened ones. When they are combined, there will be a high-quality frame without flaws with a balanced contrast across the entire surface.

The video picture can be of poor quality when shooting in the evening or at night, as well as from the dazzling light of oncoming car headlights. Video captured by a recorder without WDR function will be impossible to view.

Until recently, only high-end professional car recorders and video surveillance systems provided such an extension. Nowadays, almost all devices, even the most inexpensive ones, have the WDR function.

In some modern DVRs, along with the high dynamic range system, they use gamma correction, thanks to which the recording becomes even more comfortable for viewing.

WDR auto recorder Full HD 1080p

Let’s take a look at the WDR system using the example of a Full HD 1080p car recorder. This device is suitable for those who value the most effective video shooting. Full HD 1080p is perfect for our weather conditions. Thanks to this function, the shooting illumination is corrected in places with different lighting.

For example, when leaving a tunnel, the lighting will be leveled, while the video quality will not be affected.

DVR Technical Manual:

  • manufacturer. China;
  • properties. automatic WDR function in the DVR;
  • camera. 5 megapixels;
  • memory card. mocro SD;
  • shooting mode. day / night;
  • menu language. in Russian.

The device is accompanied by instructions, according to which the buyer can easily configure all the necessary functions of the device:

  • resolution is a very important indicator, since the quality of shooting depends on it, respectively, the higher it is, the better the video will be;
  • setting the date and time;
  • cyclic recording (files are usually divided by 5 minutes);
  • the shooting mode is usually set to automatic, so that the recorder himself selects the appropriate lighting;
  • availability of coordinates. if necessary, you need to prove your place of stay.

WDR is also called HDR. high dynamic range. There is another method of using the WDR function, which is PIXIM technology. The human eye sees much better than a CCTV camera. In a conventional camera, the picture quality deteriorates greatly, and with this technology, the optimal light illumination is selected for each pixel.

FHD1080p Chinese Dashcam English Instructions and menu explanation