How to install a memory card on samsung galaxy a01

One of the main advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A01 smartphone is microSD memory card support. This feature allows you to expand the internal storage with an external drive. Install the SD card on the Samsung Galaxy A01 is quite simple, but some users still arise difficulties. In addition, it is important not only to put the card, but also to configure it.

Due to the fact that the MicroSD card is characterized by a very small size, and the Samsung Galaxy A01 phone externally does not produce the presence of the connector, it is difficult to find the installation location. Therefore, it is recommended to operate according to the instructions:

    Inspect the device housing and find the tray. As a rule, it can be identified by a small hole located nearby (just do not confuse it with a microphone). Also the tray is a bit highlighted with its faces.

After executing the specified steps on the Samsung Galaxy A01 screen, an external drive is notified. Do not hurry to start using them, as it is also necessary to conduct preparatory actions.

Setting up applications on an SD card

Perhaps some users have already changed the location of data. But the application still loads into the phone‘s memory.

It is possible to bypass the system as follows:

flash, drive, phone, samsung, clean

    Who has not yet changed the settings for installing files in Android. open the settings;

Now all your downloadable files from the browser will be downloaded to the flash drive memory. But Play Market will still save files and program memory programs. We just have just configured this default parameter. It is also necessary for the next instruction.

How to move on Samsung to the memory card: photos, applications, data

As you know, the smartphones purchased by us over time begin to work everything slower. The journey of applications, service files, photos and updates consumes more and more system resources, which leads to a slowdown in the work of the device, the appearance of various failures and freezes. It concerns this and telephones of Samsung, reliable and functional, but also years of losing weight and stability of their work. An effective means of solving the problem is the release of the free space, which can be achieved due to the transfer of files from the phone on the SD card. Learn below, how to transfer the necessary data to an external memory card (photos, applications) in Samsung smartphones, and what will be needed for this.

As you know, the memory card (or SD card) is an important functional element of today’s phones, allowing you to expand their data storing capabilities. Memory Card Support is built into the functionality of the Android operating system, allowing 4.0 Save the data you need on the phone‘s memory card.

Features SD cards: Explanation:
Speed ​​class Each of the memory cards has its own speed class. Using an SD card on Samsung without proper class can be convenient if it is used as a basic storage of data we need.
Wrong selection of repository Extended features in the form of an HD video record, moving files or applications, can lead to decelerations, failures or errors in the phone. If you met with similar problems when working with SD, get a faster card.
You can choose any volume You can purchase an SD from 4 to 512 GB, insert it into your device, and save data on it you need. It is important to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the phone to clarify the maximum volumes of the repository supported by it.
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Below we will submit instructions for moving files (photo, video, ETC applications.) on the outer card for Samsung phones based on Android 7.0 and later models.

How to save photos on the memory card on Samsung

Thanks to the configuration of the camera application on Samsung, you can change the storage location for your photos and video set by default. The standard location of their storage is the DCIM folder in the phone’s memory, then thanks to our actions they will be saved in the DCIM folder, but already on the memory card.

Most of the Camera applications do not support the specified option. If the camera app on your phone does not support it for any reason, then you can download Open Camera apps, Camera Zoom FX or “Camera VF-5” with Play Market. Their functionality allows you to upload files to an SD card, and also has many other useful bonuses.

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Many modern phones work with memory cards that allow you to expand disk space on a mobile device. You can write any information on the removable media. photos, music, videos, documents and other files. Capacity of mobile memory cards can achieve even 1 TB.

To use the memory card, you must have a file manager on the phone. It allows you to view connected media, write, copy and delete files.

Saving files in Samsung immediately to the memory card

Judging by the issues in Samsung really has a problem with saving files immediately to the memory card via Bluetooth and application download.

In this case, try to do the following. We go to the settings, go into memory and select the default memory. Then specify where to save. Ready!

If there is no such options on your Android smartphone, then without root rights there are difficulties with the transfer of files, and it is impossible to get them in stock firmware (on Android 6).

Also, the impossibility of transferring to the SD card already installed applications may turn out if the developer did not provide for such a situation.

You can solve this problem with root-rights and installation of the Link2SD application. Only if you want to get the rights independently.

I do not want to describe how, because it does not always end it successfully. Yes, I fully answered the question “How to include a memory card on the Samsung phone”, but it is only because the built-in method, especially in the new versions of Android.

I also recommend watching the video instruction how to enable the memory card in the phone. Success.

What is a memory card?

Memory card is a physical mini-format information. It serves to store, transfer and read any data in the smartphone and not only. The memory card is often confused with flash drives, but these are different devices. They differ primarily with dimensions, secondly, the memory cards are intended for smartphones, and flash drives for computers. At the same time, the flash drive and memory card can be set anywhere, the main thing is to have a special connector in the device or adapter.

Looks like a memory card as a SIM card. It is small and easily placed inside the smartphone, because of which it is used in gadgets to expand the storage. This is how any memory card (Micro-SD) looks like, only the manufacturer and the amount of memory differs:

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On the back of the map are contacts for connecting. Inside can be stored any information you will write. At the same time, the card can act as the main storage facility and you can run applications, games and system. To do this, connect the memory card and configure it.

How to replace internal memory on an external SD card on Samsung Galaxy with Android 6

Replace, move internal memory

Smartphone on an external SD card NSAMSUNG GALAXY C Android 6.0.

Samsung DOS How to save to a memory card.

Ready! Memory on the device itself is released. To the place to say, if you compare the already presented two ways, we advise you to choose the second. using the Clean Master application. So you will spend much less time due to the fact that you will pick up several games not immediate programs.

How to save a memory card on Samsung. Simple instruction

The owners of smartphones are often asked how Samsung is to save photos, contacts, downloaded files, applications, and other documents to the memory card. Do it is not difficult if you have an action algorithm at hand. Below, we give the instruction that is relevant for many SAMSUNG. J1, J2 Prime, J3 and other models. But note that the name of the menu and transfer features may depend on the version of the OS, the phone model and other factors. In this case, the general principle almost does not change.

How to save photo and video on the memory card?

Most of the place in the smartphone occupy photos and videos, which quickly accumulate on the internal memory and brake the device. Ideal option. immediately reset files to a computer. But it does not always succeed due to lack of time. That’s why data transfer to an SD card is one of the best solutions.

Before saving a photo on a memory card in Samsung, you need to install an SD card to the phone. Next, the device must request information about changing the storage space photo. This happens when the camera is first turned on. If the appropriate inscription does not appear, take such steps:

  • Go to Camera Settings (Six View).
  • Find the storage location (default photo and video stored in the phone).
  • Click on this string.
  • Select SD card.
  • Make sure the choice is made correctly.

From now on, Samsung smartphone will save photo on the map. Note that the Guide concerns the standard program of the Camera, which is installed in the apparatus. If you use an additional application, the setting may vary. The advantage of transferring the SD card is also in the fact that in case of troubles on the smartphone, important data is saved, and they can be transferred to PC at any time. But there is another risk that the data on the SD card is lost due to damage to the flash drive itself.

How to save files from the Internet to Samsung’s memory card

If you do nothing, video, pictures, music and other data downloaded from the browser are saved in the internal memory of the device. As a result, it is quickly filled, and malfunctions occur in the device. This situation is easy to correct, if you know how to configure the Samsung in the phone, saving to the memory card.

Consider the situation for the pre-installed Internet program (Android OS 9.0). To save the data on an SD card, make these steps:

On Samsung with the version of Android OS from 5 to 8 to save the data on the map, do the following:

Now you know how to make files save on Samsung’s memory card. But note that the instruction is relevant only for the built-in program. These settings may not be if another browser is configured or there is no SD card in the smartphone.

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But it’s not a problem. For example, in Google browser to change the save path, it is enough to go to the program, click on three points at the top and select the section Downloaded files. Are pressing the gear icon at the top and change the location of the data. Similar principle is valid for other web conductors.

How to SAMSUNG save applications to a memory card?

The next question concerns applications that are installed on internal memory and quickly “scoring” it. The place where the smartphone will save the utility depends not only by the user, but also from the developer who writes the program. Unfortunately, many software is installed in the phone.

From this you can escape by transferring some programs to the SD card in Samsung. Only downloaded programs can be saved on the SD card (and not all). As for the default software, it will not be able to transfer it.

Consider how to save applications to the memory card on the Samsung series Galaxy. The algorithm is:

If the transfer button is not provided or software is not saved on the SD card for some reason, use a special check. Make the following:

If work has passed successfully, and the remaining programs cannot be kept, it means that the developers of utilities (those installed in the smartphone) did not provide for such an option. If the specified game failed to save on Samsung’s memory card, this may be two explanations:

  • The SD card has damage or incorrectly installed;
  • The Samsung phone does not provide for the ability to save data on the memory card.

As a last resort, you can install root-rights. Then with the transfer of applications and other data there will be no problems. But such work should be done at your own risk, because the device “flies” with warranty. In addition, there is a danger of failures in the operation of software and the need to flash the apparatus from scratch.

How to save contacts with samsung on memory card?

The following instructions allow the owner of the smartphone to significantly unload the device. Thanks to Android features, you can make Samsung so that everything is saved to the memory card (photo, video, applications, etc. D.). But there is another important point that you can not forget. Contacts. This information is stored on the SIM card or in the phone’s memory. Other option is not provided. But there are situations when you need to transfer data to a different device or restore them after full reset.

In such cases, you need to know how to save contacts with Samsung on a memory card. To perform this work, you do not have to put additional software. All work is performed using the built-in options. Algorithm actions such:

flash, drive, phone, samsung, clean

After reset or after replacing the phone, you can go in the same section and select Import from an SD card. It remains to wait for data download back to Samsung.

Connection memory card with internal memory

We disassembled above how to save everything to the memory card on Samsung. media files, applications, data from the browser and even contacts. Some phones with Android from 6.0 and above is an interesting feature that can not be bypass. This is the expansion of internal memory due to the SD card. Immediately note that the option does not work on all models, but it’s worth trying. Make such steps:

  • Enter the settings.
  • Go to the General tab.
  • Click on data warehouse and USB.
  • Click on the SD card.
  • Go to the three-point section and select Settings.
  • Click format as an internal carrier.