What can make a fitness bracelet and how its main functions work

In connection with the fashion for a healthy lifestyle, more and more people acquire and wear fitness bracelets. gadgets that allow you to monitor the current health and control of energy consumption. Silicone straps of these devices are easily adjustable. Thanks to this, they can wear people with any wrist size, including children.

To obtain more reliable data regarding their own physical activity, right-handed should wear a device on the left hand, left-handed. on the right.

How to set up time on the M3 tracker

M3 bracelet is popular. His main advantages are excellent design and inexpensive). Despite the low price, it has all the functions that are needed for sports.

As well as in order to use fitness device as a full wrist watch. The housing has a classic shape with a single touch button at the bottom of the screen. It is made in the form of a small deepening, in which the user’s finger is cozy.

To set the time on this fitness bracelet:

  • Click on the case button to display the main menu;
  • Go to section with device information. It is almost at the end of the menu list;

The time set by default is 12: 3

This is the time when you need to customize the tracker to set it without the help of the application. Other ways to manually set the date and time. To install an accurate date and time to M3, you need to connect the device to a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

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To do this, download the Lefun Health application on Google Play and connect the smart bracelet to the smartphone with it. Time to customize separately. It is synchronized with time on the phone.

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Is it possible to use a fitness bracelet without binding to the phone

The owner of the fitness bracelet can use it without tieting to a mobile device. However, the number of available functions will be limited.

The owner will be able to receive data on passed steps and pulse indicators. He can also use a bracelet as a wristwatch.

The work of the bracelet is limited to the measurement of data throughout a certain period of time. The amount of memory in the device is limited, and also has its own small operating system.

What and what functionality?

The device is suitable for lovers of outdoor activities and athletes, and those who watch their health. The bracelet is popular in people of all ages, as it is easy to use and equipped with a variety of useful features.

With Mi Band 3 in real time possible:

  • follow the state of health;
  • adjust the quality and number of workouts depending on the tasks set;
  • increase their motor activity;
  • adjust the time of sleep and recreation in accordance with your own biorhythms;
  • Always be in touch with the notifications of incoming challenges, reports in social networks and messengers;
  • and much more.

The standard Xiaomi Mi Band 3 supplied set includes:

Universal fitness bracelet setting

Setting up each model of a fitness bracelet depends on the features of the system menu specified by the manufacturer. There are universal options, how to set up a smart bracelet:

  • Charge a tracker and phone.
  • Download and install an app for pairing tracker and smartphone.
  • Specify all parameters.
  • Synchronize devices via Bluetooth.

After pairing and synchronization, you must enter the date and specify the notification settings. In order not to be shot down the data: a pulsometer, a pedometer and so on, it is important to prevent complete discharge of the bracelet.

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Are there any restrictions in the functionality without binding to the gadget?

Fitness bracelets have a small memory, and the small dimensions of the gadget do not allow the use of additional drives. Therefore, bracelets measure the parameters during limited time. Then erase the old data and replace them with new.

  • Take advantage of the smart alarm clock. it controls the duration and phase of sleep, gives recommendations on its organization;
  • View statistics in the dynamics. the device’s own power is not enough;
  • Save data on the characteristics of the body. a large amount of information is not placed in memory;
  • Get advice on improving the health of the health and organization of lifestyle. the function is not in every model and only works from the smartphone.
  • Count steps and distance traveled,
  • Measure the pulse,
  • make it possible to use the stopwatch, timer and conventional alarm clock.

Trackers with their operating system will work independently, but also with restrictions. For example, communication with the phone will allow you to display incoming messages on the bracelet screen and read them, without breaking away from sports.

Which tracker models can be used without binding

Most of the smart devices, people use without synchronization with a third-party apparatus. Such fitness bracelets include:

  • FitBit Blaze has a large set of functions that are limited without connecting to a smartphone. If you do not synchronize the gadget, the user applies a pedometer, calorie counter and distance measurement. In this case, there will be no profile settings, SMS notifications and calls, as well as software updates.
  • Xiaomi Mi Band of any model allows you to use the alarm clock, counting calories and steps, but without synchronization access to the advanced clock settings, receiving notifications and preservation of information is limited.
  • In Fitbit Flex 2, all possibilities are used in autonomous operation of the device. Connecting to a third-party device is necessary to install updates, correction of the profile and storing health information.
  • Each version of Huawei Honor Band allows you to use the tracker, as for the clock, view the distance and reminder passed. For detailed settings, saving statistical data and using a smart alarm clock will need synchronization with a smartphone.
  • In Xiaomi Amazfit and Samsung Charm, many features open without connecting, except for setting up parts and statistics.
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Each device is distinguished by its functional features with connection and without it. Parameters depend on the choice of the gadget model.

Which models of fitness bracelets can be used without reference to the smartphone

On the market you can find a large number of different fitness bracelets that can function without synchronization with an additional gadget. Below are the most popular models.

  • Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band. With it, you can count the spent calories, use alarm clock and clock. The functions of the smart alarm, statistical information, receiving notification, as well as complete device setup will be limited without reference;
  • Accessory Huawei Honor Band. This device has reminders and alarm function. Without binding, the owner will not be able to use the statistics data, as well as settings and smart alarm clock;
  • Bracelet Samsung Charm. This device will give the opportunity to use most functions, but it will not be possible to fully configure it.

Main conclusions

Any fitness tracker is needed primarily to measure some body parameters. But for the correct operation and obtaining the most accurate information regarding your body, you need to wear it correctly and wear. It should be understood immediately before starting to use it.

It must be located on any hand in the wrist area. You can wear almost all the time, but sometimes it is still recommended to shoot. The capsule should be located up and down the sensors down, fit tightly to the body, not allowing transmission.